American investing in their international first class product?

I generally try not to report unconfirmed news, though I’ll make an exception here. Someone in this FlyerTalk thread reported receiving pajamas in first class on an American Airlines flight from Dallas to London. Furthermore, they’re apparently now offering “turndown service” which includes a real mattress pad.

It might not sound all that significant to some, but this is the first time in a while I’ve seen a US airline really invest in their international premium cabin product, minus the seats themselves.

I flew American first class from Miami to London and back in June, and I’ll be starting my trip report on that next week. The most frustrating thing about the experience for me was the lack of decent bedding. Having flown Qantas first class the week before and having enjoyed their amazing bedding (the best in the sky, as far as I’m concerned), I was disappointed by the fact that American only offered a single pillow and blanket, the same they offer in business class. After dinner I asked the purser if they had any mattress pads/comforters, and he looked at me as if I was from a different planet.

So I’m hoping the above post is correct. And for you United flyers, if American does this I can almost guarantee United will match…

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  1. Did you also hear AA’s opening a separate first class terminal at DFW? It’s true, and they drive you to your plane in a privately chauffeured Chevy Silverado.

  2. I really enjoy UA’s new FC hard product, as well as the service and video product. I travel mostly their Asia routes out of Hawaii and the Narita based crews are terrific, much better than TG, and their Japanese meal is one of the best meals around, certainly much better than the food I had on LH recently.

    So while I suppose a duvet and pj’s would be nice, i really have no complaints regarding UA FC from my perspective out here in the Pacific.

  3. Lucky, I like reading your reviews, and you do take a LOT of trips, IMHO many of these trip reports are long over due 🙂 lately it’s been like you are on your 4 th trip of the month and we r still covering the 37,000 mile adventure

  4. @ Stargoldua — I apologize, I’ve been crazy busy lately and have been doing a lot of travel, though am finally catching up. I’m working on one installment per day, which should catch me up pretty quickly. I’m embarrassed by how long this has taken.

  5. It’s not just the bedding they have to improved. If AA and BA are trying to market their flights as one AA needs to do the following:

    Stock a supply of business, travel, fashion magazines onboard.

    Serve pre-flight drinks in glassware not those hideous plastic cuplets.

    Get someone decent to supply their washbags, goodness knows the US has some amazing cosmetic companies.

    Decent champage would be a good start.

    Change the menu cards. They are rather naff to be honest. They should be printed on good quality paper and in a modern type font. The present ones could have been knocked up on someones home printer. The signatures of the supposed artists are shocking. If you don’t believe take a look!

    Can we please have a desert offering other than ice cream sundaes.

    One thing I do like about AA which BA should follow is the cart service. It’s nice to actually see the food before hand and it’s enables you to make a better choice.

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