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As I first wrote about over the weekend, American’s first 757 featuring their new business class product is now flying. While American has been much quicker with starting to upgrade the rest of their fleet, their 757s are the last internationally configured planes to get a new business class product.

American will be installing the same B/E Aerospace Diamond seat on the 757 that they have on their premium transcon A321s. The catch is that they’re not installing personal televisions, but rather will be handing out tablets to business class passengers.

While I posted one picture of the reconfigured 757 with the last post, American was kind enough to send along a few pictures of the reconfigured 757. Here they are:

AA-757 Retrofit

AA-757 Retrofit

AA-757 Retrofit

AA-757 Retrofit

On top of that, here’s what they had to say about the project:

This retrofit program is part of our previously-announced $3 billion investment in the customer experience, which includes retrofitting aircraft to have a more modern look, newer technology and connectivity. We are retrofitting 24 aircraft in this program and they will have the new American branding, look and feel that includes the installation of new lie-flat Business Class seats. The aircraft also has new trim and finish, galley curtains and carpeting and a refreshed Main Cabin.

The new lie-flat seat is the B/E Parallel Diamond, similar to the seat you see on the A321T. Business Class is in a 2 x 2 configuration, with 16 seats total in the cabin. Main Cabin has a 3 x 3 seat configuration, with 160 total in the cabin. The aircraft are slated to be Transatlantic-bound to markets in Europe from the US. More will enter the fleet throughout the rest of the year and 2017. The project is slated to be complete mid-to-late 2017.

It’s interesting to note that American will only reconfigure 24 of their 757s (I imagine many of the others will be used for domestic flights and/or retired), and that the project should be complete in mid to late 2017.

However, until a good chunk of the fleet has been reconfigured, I’ll be making an effort to stick to the planes that give me better odds of a flat bed product in business class. All A330s, 777-300s, and 787s feature fully flat business class seats, while most 767s and many 777-200s feature the new business class product as well.

  1. Is this the same product that Delta uses on its transcon 757s? Because that’s a pretty good product for what it is.

  2. how convenient to leave out the part that AA’s Transatlantic 757 retrofit will have neither AVOD nor WiFi, just some half-baked Samsung tablet solution.

  3. The seats don’t have any personal IFE monitors, and that’s why AA sent you only pics showing the front view.
    Clearly they know not having personal monitors a big drawback.
    Why they are being so cheap with product investment is beyond me…so ridiculous.

  4. Yuck! What’s up with that orange trim on the seat in Main Cabin! Why have another type of seat and configuration that is inconsistent with the fleet? I personally avoid any LUS aircraft for this reason. No IFE or MCE or power ports. I very much miss the AA of yesterday. I feel like The New American is cutting costs in the wrong places. For example, I was in J on a321T LAX-JFK recently and the pillows were half the size with a disposible cover that felt like sandpaper. I know, #firstworldproblems though it qas a redeye and the cheapness of the pillow did make it more difficult to sleep. I have been PLAT for 5+ years and thinking that it is my last. Just need to find a way to use up 400k+ AAdvantage Miles. 🙁

  5. When do they give the tablets out? If it is at boarding, that is fine. I assume the seats have a tablet holder so you can view it like a monitor. If they make you wait for boarding, taxi and takeoff before they give the tablets out, that is terrible.

  6. How cheap. No Airshow, no large screen, no IFE when on the ground, power cables to deal with.

    Quite literally a new business class yet they have worse options than a low cost carrier like Norwegian, where all seats (not just business class) have built-in screens.

    Boo. They really deserve the reputation of the airline that lately can’t do anything right (bad punctuality: check; high cancellations: check; rude people: check; high prices: check; low satisfaction: check; idiotic advertising: check).

  7. What about the AA LUS Transpacific flights (e.g. HNL-PHX) with ancient F seats with no power, IFE or leg room??

    Oops. Stephen beat me to it above. But I hate everything about the legacy/cheap US Air services (including the cheap @ss executive staff). Why did I even qualify on AA to get stiffed when flying F?

  8. This would have been a great product 10 years ago, but it’s really, really uncompetitive now. Granted, it only flies on the shortest, least-valuable transatlantic flights with probably the fewest paid J-class passengers. Still, imagine the couple saving points and aspiring to the trip to Dublin, London or Paris from Boston or wherever and you get stuck with this. Honestly, you might be better off buying a row of three economy-class seats. I have no idea how the window-seat passenger in business-class is going to be happy whatsoever.

  9. I was going to say the same thing as Tony… I love how AA only sent pictures looking back towards the seat, to NOT show how the AVOD is missing. I love it!!

  10. @Tom – AA typically hands out tablets 20-45 minutes after take off, depending on the crew and turbulence. They collect it about 1 hour before landing. Yes, its one of the most absurd, awful, crappy, cheap un-premium things about their service. I don’t even bother on the ex-ORD TATL flights because of how stupid it is (and you inevitably get woken up as they try to grab everything off your tray or armrest).

  11. Transatlantic in such thing???? A narrowbody?? How the heck they think they can compete with normal airlines that fly with normal widebody planes? I would gladly pay double for not having to sit in that thing. Disgusting.

  12. This is a really tiny thing but indicative of the L-US management…

    The Y design (L-AA) had a very small piece of red trim across the top of the seats – it was understated and added a nice hint of color.

    Now under L-US control they add a garish red trim that overwhelms the peaceful look of the rest of the cabin.

    L-US management simply does not understand quality service, quality interiors – they simply don’t get it. They are, have been and always will be ULCC

  13. The lack of AVOD is not mere cheapness. It’s a result of these older planes being built without the necessary wiring. Retrofitting that would, I assume, be prohibitively expensive, particularly on older airframes that are in their last decade of service.

  14. How do I know if my 757 has been reconfigured or not? I’m looking at Lima for August. Through Mia or Dallas. Both 757

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