It’s Official: American’s New 757 Business Class

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Update: Here’s a review of American’s new 757 business class.

American has been working on updating their longhaul fleet, including introducing a new business class product on their 767, 777-200, 777-300, and 787. They’re even adding yet another new business class product on their 777-200 and 787 aircraft, since they had issues with the original new business class seat.

American also has a sizable fleet of 757s that they use for international flights, which feature angled seats as of now. While they’ve at least started reconfiguring the rest of their fleet, up until recently they haven’t updated any of their 757 planes. In 2014 they announced that they were planning on reconfiguring these planes, but it hasn’t materialized… until now.

American’s old angled 757 business class seats

American’s first international 757-200 with their new business class product is now in service. American is using a B/E Aerospace Diamond seat in business class on the 757, which is the same that they have on their transcon Airbus A321 aircraft.

American-Business-Class-A321 - 3
American’s new fully flat business class seats

American-Business-Class-A321 - 17
American’s new fully flat business class seats

However, unfortunately American isn’t installing personal televisions on these planes, but rather will be handing out tablets (this is the same thing they do on their 767s).

American-767-Business-Class - 23
Portable tablets, which business class passengers will receive on the 757

@AirlineUSA on Twitter has a picture of the first plane with the new seats.

American managed to install these seats without having to reduce the plane’s overall seat count. The plane still has 176 seats, including 16 business class seats, and 160 economy seats. It’s interesting to note that the first plane American reconfigured with the new product wasn’t even previously an internationally configured plane, but rather a domestically configured one. So I guess American is actually increasing their ratio of internationally configured 757s.

Hopefully they roll out these reconfigured planes pretty soon. Apparently American hopes to reconfigure the whole 757 fleet by the end of 2017, though it’s anyone’s guess if they stick to that schedule.

What do you make of American installing B/E Aerospace Diamond seats on the 757?

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  1. It’s about time. So depressing. This style was on Continental back in the day. Good for AA and that Irish soak Parker, but too late!

  2. They fly the angle flat international configuration 757 from Boston to Miami, before the plane continues to South America. It would be awesome if this flight got the seat upgrade.

  3. “American managed to install these seats without having to remove any seats from the plane”
    That’s impossible, they removed the old business class seats 😉
    And there’s a double space between American and managed.

  4. Lol @ not installing IFE. I know, I know – everyone has a tablet these days. But no doubt you’d prefer to be on a plane with IFE vs on without.

  5. The seat is similar to the 2nd generation Continental Airlines BusinessFirst. CO now UA has 16 seats as well in the 757. So really nothing new. And I am pretty sure UA has IFE on its previously CO metal 757s.

  6. @AaronP: I’m curious why you say.

    The 757 is still the worst plane to fly on for more than 2 hours in my opinion…

    So how do you compare it to other long narrow body planes such as the 737-800 and -900


  7. I guess it’s progress but I wouldn’t book a J ticket on one unless it were severely discounted. So many better options available for long haul flights, With record breaking profits one has to question why they are keeping the klunkers around and refitting them instead of investing in newer planes.

  8. What I find most interesting is that this plane still has the silver bird look. No new livery yet. Old exterior, new interior. Never thought I would see that on AA

  9. @Donna: There is no aircraft capable of what the 757 does at AA. At least the international ones. There just isn’t another plane that can do fairly long and thin routes like this.

  10. Now that the EQM scheme has completely changed and there is incentive for flying AA metal over the Atlantic this is welcome news. Do we know when and which routes the uogrades are planned for? This will certainly limit flying BA more and more…which is not necessarily a bad thing given its recent cost cutting moves.

  11. Me, @airlineflyer, and @airlineUSA were in that twitter conv you showed, was waiting for you to pick it up haha

  12. Disgusting planes. Flying 757 is a no. Flying AA is a no. Flying a AA on an old outdated 757 is absolutely unthinkable. If by all means it has to be Boeing then 747, 777 or 787.

  13. Why the hell did they decide against personal IFE monitors?
    Can they be any cheaper?
    This is a deal breaker for me.

  14. @Tom – I’d say you’re right here, it is about cost control. AA has a lot of demands on its limited funds at the same time, and they likely decided that, given the age of the 757s, it was necessary to upgrade the seats to remain competitive, but that the additional expense of IFE monitors wasn’t justified. Not sure I agree, but I can see where the cost-benefit analysis could lead to that conclusion, especially with these planes falling in the flight range where many passengers will still be satisfied with their own tablets or PCs.

    I think AA will look to convert A321neo orders to the A321LR variant, and I’d expect those to have IFE monitors.

  15. Neil

    757’s = “narrower bodied”; 737-800/900’s = “wider-bodied”. There is a difference per width dimensions and Boeing.

  16. I assume the IFE issue is the same as with the overhauled 767s: the planes were built without the wiring for modern IFE systems, and it is the cost of retrofitting that into the airframe which is prohibitive, not the cost of the IFE screens themselves.

  17. The 757 is a workhorse like no other, an amazing performer despite the age, and eye candy for the enthusiast. Just avoid the middle seats. It is cramped because overpowered and able to haul the heavy loads. Yes, performance matters when flying in storms.

  18. Currently on AA flight BOS-CDG on the 757-200 and I’m happy to report that they have the new seats installed. The catering looks good; the tablets are okay, though they do come with Bose headphones… I’d say certainly a fine way to get to Europe.
    Tail number: N183AN is upgraded already.

  19. Good to see the upgrade for PHL-STT. Those old broken down angled seats had to go! The 757 is the only plane that can get in and out of Cyril King with a full load of people, bags, and cargo. Huge power difference when compared to the 321. Great performing plane despite its age, which is while they’ll most likely stick around for awhile longer.

  20. I just boarded in first class from Philly to Lisbon. What a surprise. Pay an extra $4,000 for nothing. No more first class for me on this beat up airline. No wonder they are bankrupt. They obviously don’t realize they have competition.

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