Review: Air France First Class 777-300ER Paris To Houston

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Air France 636
Paris (CDG) – Houston (IAH)
Friday, June 30
Depart: 10:10AM
Arrive: 1:45PM
Duration: 10hr35min
Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER
Seat: 1A (First Class)

As I boarded through the forward door I was greeted by name by the chief purser and the first class flight attendant. I guess they could guess my name since I was the only first class passenger. I was escorted into the intimate La Premiere cabin.

Air France’s 777 first class cabin consists of a single row with four seats, in a 1-2-1 configuration. There are airlines with more advanced suites, but this has to be one of the most gorgeous first class cabins in the world. It’s simply so elegant and clean.

Air France La Premiere cabin 777

If you’re traveling with someone then there are two seats in the center section together, which are ideal. They’re close enough so you can actually talk and enjoy the experience together. In case you end up seated in one of the center seats next to a stranger, there’s a partition that can be raised.

Air France first class center seats 777

Air France first class center seats 777

I had assigned myself seat 1A. Stunning, stunning, stunning!

Air France La Premiere seat 777

As you can see, the seat might look exposed, though there’s a panel along the side of the seat that can be raised, and there are also curtains that fully enclose the seat, so you have utmost privacy. This is more private than any other first class product in the world, because for most first class suites, you can easily look over the doors and see inside.

Air France first class center seat

There was also an ottoman, which can double as a buddy seat, in case you’re traveling with someone and want to dine face-to-face. The ottoman has a storage compartment, which is where I kept most of my belongings during the flight.

Air France first class ottoman

The difference between good and great first class service is how good the crew is at anticipating the needs of passengers. The attention to detail here was phenomenal. When I boarded, the ottoman had socks, a shoebag, and a shoehorn already on it, and slippers right under the ottoman. This is a simple gesture, but shows the sort of effortless attention to detail that was present throughout the whole experience.

Air France first class center seat

There was a light blanket and pillow on the ottoman. The blanket added a nice splash of color to the cabin.

Air France first class pillow & blanket

In terms of the seat’s other features, there was a huge tray table that folded out of the side armrest.

Air France first class tray table

Then at the very front left of the seat was a storage compartment, which also had a power outlet.

Air France first class seat storage

Then at the back left of the seat was another compartment, which had the entertainment controller, headphone jack, and power outlets (both 110v and USB).

Air France first class seat storage

Inside the compartment were Bose headphones — it’s lovely that Air France offers these in first class, as so many of the world’s top airlines skimp on headphones.

Air France first class Bose headphones

At the top of this compartment were the seat controls, which were easy to use.

Air France first class seat controls

There were also window controls. There are four windows on each side of the first class cabin, and rather than having the typical shades you manually raise and lower, Air France installed automated shades.

Air France first class window blinds

Within a moment of settling in, Sandy came by to introduce herself and give me an explanation of the seat. She’d quite literally be “my” flight attendant on this flight, since I was the only passenger. Sandy was a delight, and perfectly summed up what I love about high end service in France — she was charming, professional, and confident.

She asked what I’d like to drink to start the flight. I ordered a glass of champagne, which was served on a beautiful silver tray with some packaged breadsticks.

Air France first class pre-departure champagne

Air France first class pre-departure snack

Sandy then brought out the pajamas and amenity kit for me.

Air France first class pajamas & amenity kit

Air France’s first class pajamas are so stylish and comfortable. These are among my favorite pajamas of any airline. However, do note that they run a bit small, so maybe order one size bigger than you’d usually order (if for no other reason than the seven course meal you’ll be enjoying in the air). 😉

Air France first class pajamas

The amenity kit was in a stylish hard-case pouch, and consisted of eyeshades, earplugs, a wooden comb, a very heavy pen, and several toiletries from Carita, including lip balm, eye cream, hand cream, etc.

Air France first class amenity kit

I decided to change into my pajamas immediately. The lavatory was at the front of the cabin, and there was a bench that folded down for changing, so you could sit on it, if desired.

Air France first class lavatory 777

Air France first class lavatory 777

Otherwise the lavatory was quite nice, and had more Carita toiletries.

Air France first class lavatory amenities

Once back at my seat, Sandy presented me with the menu and wine list for the flight. She explained that everything was on demand, so I could have what I wanted when I wanted. A few minutes later she checked with me if I was ready to order, so I went ahead and told her.

Air France first class menu & wine list

Sandy then brought by magazines and newspapers.

Air France first class newspaper

During boarding the captain came out to say hi to me and to apologize for the delay. He explained the reason for the delay, and said he’d do what he can to make up time.

Sandy kept my glass of champagne nicely topped up during the boarding process, and by 11:15AM the door was closed. At this point Captain Frederic made his welcome aboard announcement over the PA, explaining our flight time would be 10 hours. He also shared some other cool data about our flight, like our takeoff weight of 320 gross tons, initial cruising altitude of 30,000 feet, etc.

At 11:20AM we began our pushback.

View before pushback at Charles de Gaulle

At that point the safety video was screened. Air France has my favorite safety video in the world — it couldn’t be more French & chic.

After we pushed back it took about five minutes for us to start our taxi. The good news is that we had a very quick taxi to our departure runway.

Air France A380 Charles de Gaulle

By 11:40AM we were cleared for takeoff on runway 26R.

Waiting for takeoff at Charles de Gaulle

The inflight entertainment has a cool nose camera, so I watched that during takeoff.

Nose camera for takeoff

We had a long takeoff roll.

Nose camera for takeoff

View after takeoff from Paris

View after takeoff from Paris

The weather wasn’t great around Paris, so we hit a bit of chop on our initial climb. The seatbelt sign stayed on for quite a while — it was only turned off 40 minutes after takeoff. However, that didn’t stop me from getting comfortable right away. The seat has a shield along the side, so I raised that shortly after takeoff, and also pulled the curtains around my seat. Then again, it’s not like I really needed the privacy, given that I had the cabin to myself. I also found that the seat had exceptionally good padding — even in the fully upright position it was extremely comfortable.

Air France first class privacy shield

Sandy had already taken my meal order before takeoff, so the meal service started 20 minutes after takeoff. The menu read as follows:

The wine list read as follows:

I decided to continue with champagne after takeoff, which was served with caviar.

Air France first class — caviar & champagne

What stunning presentation — the blinis were warm, and I also appreciated the mother of pearl spoon.

Air France first class — caviar

Air France first class — mother of pearl spoon

And of course the Krug champagne didn’t hurt either…

Air France first class Krug champagne

About 10 minutes later my tray was set with great precision. I had the cream of asparagus soup to start, which was probably the best soup I’ve had on a plane. It was the perfect temperature, had an amazing flavor, and even had a kick to it.

Air France first class lunch — cream of asparagus soup

I also appreciated the attention to detail in the way everything was served, from the variety of vinaigrette, to the individual bread basket, to the La Premiere branding on everything.

Air France first class lunch — vinaigrette selection

Air France first class lunch — bread selection

This horse “drawing” is the La Premiere symbol, and can be found in everything from the bedding to the plating to the pajamas.

Air France first class — beautiful plate

I decided to order a glass of the bordeaux with the soup. By the way, I love Air France’s glassware — notice how all the glasses are curved at the rim. At first I thought I was just really drunk and seeing things, but then I realized it was actually the case (which doesn’t in any way negate how buzzed I was during this meal).

Air France first class lunch — beautiful glassware

Next up was lobster with coriander juice, which was divine.

Air France first class lunch — lobster refreshed with coriander juice

Per Sandy’s recommendation, I had a glass of the chablis with this.

Air France first class lunch — wine selection

Next up was the main course… what presentation!

Air France first class lunch — main course presentation

When I first saw the steak I wasn’t blown away. But then I tasted it. This was hands down the best steak I’ve ever had on a plane. Not only was it perfectly cooked, but it was served with a side of tomato jus, and with eggplant and avocado, which complemented it nicely.

Air France first class lunch — pan-seared fillet of beef

I’ve never had such a flavorful fillet on a plane. I didn’t even need a knife to cut it.

Air France first class lunch — pan-seared fillet of beef

Next up was the salad course (this wasn’t a mistake — in France it’s common for this to be served after the main course). No, this wasn’t your basic airplane salad. It had flaked cod, smoked salmon, asparagus, etc., etc. At this point I was so full, but I tried to still have a few bites to try it.

Air France first class lunch — mixed salad

Next up was the cheese course. What beautiful presentation, and Sandy did a great job describing each cheese, and also telling me the order in which to eat them.

Air France first class lunch — cheese selection

She also insisted that I have a glass of the other red wine on the menu to go along with the cheese.

Air France first class lunch — wine selection

I finished off the meal with dessert, which consisted of lychee and strawberry ice cream, as well as strawberries.

Air France first class lunch — dessert

I’ve taken a lot of flights, but I can with confidence say that this was the best meal I’ve had on a plane. Simply amazing. I’m not actually sure how my stomach didn’t explode, given that this was a seven course meal. Every single dish was executed perfectly, from the flavor, to the temperature, to the presentation.

Sandy was incredible as well. Not only was she friendly and charming, but the way in which she provided service was made to feel effortless. You don’t want to be served by someone who looks stressed or like they’re trying too hard. This was second nature for Sandy, and she was top notch.

Towards the end of the meal I asked to have my bed made. Sandy suggested she turn the seat across from me into a bed, which she promptly took care of. This is what the bed looks like without any of the privacy partitions up.

Air France first class bed

And here’s what it looks like with the privacy shield up and the curtains somewhat drawn.

Air France first class bed

This curtain concept is brilliant. Don’t get me wrong, when you walk through the first class cabin it looks like a hospital, but when you’re actually behind the curtain, it gives you a sense of privacy that no other airline offers in first class. Airlines with fully enclosed suites typically have doors that are at most five (or so) feet tall, so you still don’t have privacy. Meanwhile on Air France you could easily change clothes behind the curtain.

It’s also smart that the curtains are “magnetic,” so in the area where the curtains meet, they automatically link to one another.

Air France first class curtains

Sandy put a tray next to my bed, with a bottle of Evian water and a box of chocolates.

Air France first class turndown service — bottled water & chocolate

Air France’s first class bedding is excellent. They have a real mattress pad, and the pillow and duvet are plush.

Air France first class bed

At this point there were about eight hours left in the flight till our arrival in Houston, so I decided to briefly browse the entertainment selection. Unfortunately Air France doesn’t have Wi-Fi on their 777s, which I see as the biggest weakness of the product. However, that should change over the coming years, as they plan on installing Wi-Fi on their 777s in 2018 and 2019.

Air France entertainment selection

In terms of entertainment, the selection of movies and TV shows was good. It wasn’t to the level of Emirates’ ICE system, but was solid nonetheless. There were dozens of movies and TV shows.

Air France entertainment selection

Air France entertainment selection

Air France entertainment selection

Air France entertainment selection

Air France entertainment selection

I also checked out the airshow.

Air France entertainment selection

As you can see, at this point we were just over eight hours from Houston.

Airshow enroute to Houston

I was tired at this point, so decided to get some sleep. I fell asleep in almost no time and got great quality sleep. I woke up just under three hours later. I could have probably slept another five hours, but I forced myself to get up and enjoy the flight.

Airshow enroute to Houston

Airshow enroute to Houston

I headed back over to seat 1A, where within a few moments I was greeted by another flight attendant, as Sandy was on rest (he was young and very attractive — I thought I was still asleep and dreaming). I ordered a cappuccino and some still water, which was served a few minutes later on the same tray. The cappuccino wasn’t great, at least compared to those offered by some other airlines. I think it may have even been powdered — I hope not.

Air France first class cappuccino

The basket of snacks was a cute touch, but the last thing I needed after how much I overate earlier.

Air France first class snacks

At this point I decided to watch the movie “Sing.” I’ve really started to like animated movies quite a bit. At least all the animated movies I’ve seen lately have been great. I loved this one as well, and found it to be cute and funny.

Air France entertainment selection

A couple of hours later Sandy returned, and I decided to order some tea. She brought out the extensive selection of Fauchon tea they have.

Air France first class tea selection

As with just about everything else, it was served on the tray with a teapot.

Air France first class tea

About two hours before landing I told Sandy that I was ready for the pre-landing snack whenever. That menu read as follows:

Once again my table was beautifully set, and I was offered a breadbasket as well.

Air France first class pre-landing snack

The starter consisted of a tabbouleh salad with green asparagus, and it was tasty.

Air France first class snack — tabbouleh salad with asparagus

I was a bit surprised there wasn’t a choice of mains, but that worked for me, since I would have chosen this anyway. For the main course I ordered the salmon lasagne, which had gorgeous presentation.

Air France first class snack — main course presentation

On top of that, it tasted incredible.

Air France first class snack — two salmon lasagne

Lastly, for dessert was fruit millefeuille with raspberries.

Air France first class snack — fruit millefeuille

I ordered some coffee after the meal, which had the same beautiful presentation as the tea.

Air France first class coffee

I was also offered a cold towel (the only one during the flight, surprisingly), and then a box of chocolates. I didn’t have the earlier chocolates either, so took them both “to go.”

Air France first class warm towel

Air France first class chocolate

After that I decided to watch a couple of episodes of “Big Bang Theory,” and then started an episode of “The Mentalist.”

Air France entertainment

Air France entertainment

Before I knew it we were descending to Houston.

Airshow approaching Houston

View approaching Houston

At 2:25PM the seatbelt sign was turned on, at which point we hit some turbulence due to the weather around Houston. The chief purser came by my seat to see how everything was. Moments later Sandy came by to thank me for flying with Air France. She informed me that they’d be deplaning through door L2, so she’d walk me to the door when it was time.

View approaching Houston

We landed in Houston at 2:40PM.

Landing at IAH

Taxiing IAH

From there it was a short 10 minute taxi to our arrival gate, where we pulled in at 2:50PM.

Taxiing IAH

KLM 747 at Houston Airport

As soon as the seatbelt sign was off, I was awkwardly escorted to the second door, where I was let off ahead of everyone. At the door I was greeted by a La Premiere agent, who would be escorting me to immigration. He was super nice, but then again when you have Global Entry they don’t add that much value.

Air France first class bottom line

What an incredible flight. Air France’s new first class product is phenomenal. The service was flawless, the food was the best I’ve had on any flight, the cabin was incredibly elegant, and I love Air France’s creative use of curtains.

There are only two areas where Air France first class could really improve. One is that I wish they’d have Wi-Fi on their 777s. The other is that I feel like they could improve the quality of their cappuccino somewhat. But the latter is a very minor thing.

Air France’s first class is absolutely one of the world’s three best first class products, and maybe even the world’s best? Stay tuned, I’ll finally do my ranking of the world’s best first class products and first class lounges soon.

  1. Waited sooooo long for that one… thanks a lot Lucky ! It was Amazing 😉 Ireally wish to fly it some day !

  2. What a lovely trip report, Ben.
    I’m drooling with envy.

    I wonder though if it had been a full F cabin whether the service would have been as exemplary?
    Also, do they hand-select crew members who can serve in Premiere?

    I’ve never flown on Air France F (or J) but was at an event in New York a couple years ago where they were marketing the new cabin and had mock-ups. I was shocked by how spacious everything was.

  3. @ adi — It’s a good question for sure, I’m sure it wouldn’t have been quite as special if the cabin were full. However, based on most flight loads I’ve looked at it, it seems like it’s pretty common for there to be 1-2 passengers. I’m not sure how they pick La Premiere flight attendants, but Sandy did say she only works La Premiere, so they are definitely specially trained.

  4. Did you publicize your flight ahead of time? Is it possible Air France saw and ensured you had a good experience? Could you remind us how much this cost.

  5. @ Eddie C — I booked this within 24 hours of departure, so I can’t imagine they had much of a heads up. I redeemed 200,000 FlyingBlue miles, plus $300 in taxes and fees.

  6. Looks amazing. They do however have to do something about their beer selection. There are so many great craft breweries in France now. To only serve Heineken is quite disappointing.

  7. One might more traditionally select a sauvignon blanc for the cream of asparagus soup.. Did they really only have one non-sweet white wine on the flight (Chablis), and no Sancerre?

    If that was the entire wine list, no pages missing, folks really need to start cutting Etihad some slack on theirs! I’m rather shocked by this list actually.

  8. Was on BA F from LHR to IAD a few weeks ago. Food was actually good, but no style or flair like you enjoyed

  9. Great review – it looks amazing.
    The packaged breadsticks with the champagne look like an error – could they not manage a simple canape?!

  10. Great trip report Ben, glad you enjoyed it.
    I’m with Gary on the wines – despite being British I much prefer the dry whites from the southern hemisphere – as such I’d be pretty disappointed once I was bloated from the bubbles!

  11. When I boarded the ottoman had socks, a shoebag, and a shoehorn already on it, and slippers right under the ottoman.

    Should be:

    When I boarded the ottoman, it already had socks, a shoebag, and a shoehorn already on it, and slippers right under the ottoman.

  12. This looks just incredible. I’ve only ever been able to fly them in Business, but with the heavily discounted fares right now, I may take a trip later to experience this. And @Lucky….. you mention a “young and very attractive” male FA. No pictures???

  13. Thank you , thank you. I have been so looking forward to this report. I am in the process of booking this for a trip next year with my wife. Can’t wait!

  14. Sorry about my first comment, it’s wrong, this is how it should be: When I boarded, the ottoman had socks, a shoebag, and a shoehorn already on it, and slippers right under the ottoman.

  15. I’m with Gary Leff. You would think Air France would have a dozen or so French wines.

  16. What does the young and “very attractive” flight attendant have anything to do with the review of this flight?

  17. I don’t understand keeping yourself awake to “enjoy the flight”. The most enjoyable part of a flight like that would be having an amazing sleep. I’d much rather be sleeping well than watching movies/TV in a comfy chair. The IFE is for when you can’t sleep for whatever reason.

    Sometimes the IFE can help put you to sleep — the best stretch of sleep I ever had on a redeye in Y was when I tried to watch the first Hobbit movie.

  18. @ smallmj — Usually I’d agree, but in this case it was a daytime westbound transatlantic flight, and I was spending a *lot* of miles for this special review, so I just couldn’t bring myself to sleep more.

  19. @ Vanessa — The same thing that me sharing the cruising altitude, departure runway, exact arrival and departure times, etc., has to do with the flight. My goal with these reviews is to be so thorough that you feel like you’re there with me, which is why the report is over 3,000 words. I share the things I notice, and in this case it’s most definitely something I noticed. I’m not suggesting that someone should be hired for how they look or that he was better or worse than anyone else because of it, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with pointing that out. Sorry if you feel differently.

  20. I’m with you Lucky. I love all the details – makes me feel like I’m on the flight. I thought the comment about the flight attendant was entertaining (and other reviews where you comment on interesting passengers/their behavior haha). Another reason why I love your reviews!

  21. Lord – I hope Ford doesn’t read this review. Blame the “very cute FA” remark on the champagne and wine!! 🙂

    Wow – one of the best reviews ever!!!

    You do realize that your snack was served in what looked to be a Le Creuset dish. If not the actual Le Creuset, then a very similar. That’s a very nice touch and oh so French!!

  22. Incredible review! I cannot wait until my flight in November now.

    Hands down you have the best travel blog. Thanks!

  23. @ Gary, this would be the full wine list. In general what AF does with its F wine program is to select a few wines, but to select very high quality wines. For instance, AF regularly stocks Cristal Champagne and pretty much always has a first-growth white Burgundy on the list, as Ben had. I agree that Sauvignon Blanc is a typical pairing for asparagus but in this case since it was in a creamy soup that changes things a bit. Ultimately I agree that more selections would be better, but in general I am very pleased by the wine list!

  24. I’ve been waiting for this review – thanks for finally posting! Amazing, amazing, and amazing products!

  25. They do have cappuccino machines in transcon first class on American Airlines. Air France 13 – American 1 🙂

  26. I cannot wait to experience this F class on a CDG to SIN (13-14hrs) on the way home to Australia one day Lucky! Garuda F was excellent but this will certainly top it.

    To add, I flew AF in J, had Six courses and boy was I amazed.

  27. @ MattJ — Enjoy when you fly it! Curious if you think it’s better than Garuda — I’m still trying to decide.

  28. @Vanessa
    To signify AF didn’t have grandmas serving F. Tough it may sound politically incorrect, seems everybody subconciously agreed with his statement.

  29. Where do you store you bag in first? I didn’t see overhead bins nor underneath storage in your photos?

  30. I wonder how much Air France paid for this review. Such a dull product (hard and soft) and yet such a glowing review. Skyteam partner Garuda’s product beats AF in every respect, including the slipper change @James mentioned, but they probably didn’t pay enough.

  31. It’s no doubt a nice looking cabin, but curtains? No thanks. Im not trying on second hand clothes in a vintage second hand boutique. And the open design and color scheme in Qatar is much nicer in my opinion. The service/soft product appears to be first rate though!

  32. Great review! Pretty consistent with the experience I had and I especially agree on how ridiculously comfortable this seat is.

    A little bit of history though: the “horse” logo is actually a flying seahorse that is nicknamed “la crevette” (“the shrimp”). This is the historical logo of Air France and dates back to 1932, when Air France was still Air Orient and was operating seaplanes to Asia. I read somewhere that the head horse is for power, the wings represent speed and the fish tail represented the sea plane.

    There are a lot of websites with fascinating bits of history about this logo and it has been a little modernized in the past few years but is still very recognizable.

  33. Thanks, are the bins just on the window seats or did they have them over the middle seats too? I know the 777 has big bins that can easily store two passengers bags, but if the cabin was full and there are only bins on the windows, wouldn’t it be awkward to get your stuff if you were sitting in the center seat and the person in the window where your bag was had the curtain closed?

  34. @lucky

    I see. They were just so “stylish” that a mediocre product just had to have such a glowing review. Other airlines really need to step it up in the style (or kickback) department.

  35. Bob, so AF have away 200,000 points of value to Lucky to use on a flight? Nah… don’t think so.

    If they were to give him this opportunity I would be confident Lucky would have written a disclaimer above the article/review!

    Too, Garuda gave me AUD$2000 to spend on my flight I took in F, which was bought during their Black Friday sale…

    Troll else where…

    @Ted, on the GA 777 there were only overhead bins in second row of F and not the first which made it very spacious.

    Though this AF flight had one row of F!

    GA were able to place some of our luggage else where in the cabin (crew space?) rather then store near the seats…

  36. @ Bob — Respectfully, I’ve been doing this for a decade. I think I’ve taken two comped flights in my life, and I’ve disclosed them at the top of the post very clearly (those were on American and British Airways, and I’ll let you judge if I’m objective about those airlines). 😉

    I totally respect if you feel differently about these products than I do. We all have different tastes. But please don’t call into question my credibility, or accuse me of committing an FTC violation. Travel blogging isn’t a side hobby for me that I do for comps, like most blogs do. This is my career, and I make money in other ways (which I clearly disclose). I’m not putting my credibility and objectivity when it comes to airlines on the line over a flight comp.

  37. @ Ted — Indeed they’re just on the window side, since the pilot crew rest is above row one. I think there would be plenty of room in the bins for four passengers, though I imagine otherwise there are probably closets as well.

  38. @lucky

    My apologies, I let my incredulity get the better of me. I’ll have to check out the disclosed posts. While I’m done on this particular post, I do look forward to seeing your and Tiffany’s content.

  39. Good article, I have to try them. Love the look of the cabin, and the curtains. So much better than the glitzy gold on others. Was a little concerned when didn’t see caviar on the menu, but it was served.

  40. @ Lucky –
    “There are only two areas where Air France first class could really improve. One is that I wish they’d have wifi on their 777s. The other is that I feel like they could improve the quality of their cappuccino somewhat. But the latter is a very minor thing.”

    I believe you meant Latte and not latter.
    Thanks again for the review!!

  41. Looks awesome and would be a great way to use my Virgin miles if the new partnership values these at 1:1.

    I must agree the wine selection seems surprisingly limited; although you show only some of the pages, you mention “the other” so I would conclude Qatar have a much broader range, albeit no Krug 😉

    Even the “choice” of a single blonde (non-French) beer is a minor blemish. But the food looks superb, quality over quantity/choice.

  42. @Gary your jealousy is showing. Less can be more, especially with the French. Complain once you pay for the flight and feel shortchanged.

  43. @Lucky –

    Oh, pish.

    I have it from the best of authorities that Uzbekistan Airways’ business class is the unchallenged queen of the skies. It’s apparently a most remarkable, undiscovered gem that would make your AF La Premiere experience seem like an Allegiant flight to Myrtle Beach.

    You must try it.

  44. @ Imperator — You’ll be happy to hear that I’m flying it shortly. More details soon. And of course you’re the inspiration behind it!

  45. Terrific review, thanks Lucky. I travel vicariously through your experiences and love the details you include – including your brief interaction with attractive FAs!!

  46. Was the food better than Etihad “Residence”, Ben? I believe that the hard product doesn’t compare but the soft seemed very nice (specially cause you were the only passenger).
    Congrats for the amazing post and great job! Cheers from Brazil!

  47. a bit disappointed with food portions…..I would be hungry and I expected more from food presentation also.

  48. Thanks, Lucky. Great review. As a marketing guy, I love the way they use the seahorse across the experience. It is modern and also a great graphic symbol for the brand.

  49. @Lucky – Gotcha. Check your IG messages if you want to see what they look like, since they don’t seem to be anywhere else on the internet. I did CDG-JFK a few weeks ago and asked at check-in if they had any La Premiere name tags. They said they only had the regular AF paper tags, but before I was driven from the lounge, my agent presented me a with a small red drawstring bag with one inside. Definitely one of the nicest tags I’ve ever seen. I asked more about them on the way to the plane, and she said they were new for this year, since they got a new contractor.

  50. Bravo! What a great flight report. I really like all of the excellent photos you took of every aspect of the flight. It gave a perfect vicarious experience of the flight.
    I do agree with you that the cabin, seats, and every thing else looks gorgeous. Easily the #1 or at least in the top 2 First Class in the world.
    I’ve flown SQ and CX F and think that AF F looks nicer.

    With your great flight report I can now enjoy it vicariously and can use my money to pay for an exceptional experience at an Aman resort instead. While I enjoy premium flights, I think paying to stay in a gorgeous villa in a fabulous resort beats any First Class flight hands down.

  51. Food looks awesome…seat looks great! Very private.

    I do have a couple of gripes…I have a family member who is seriously allergic to all kinds of seafood. How the heck would this person eat that final snack (salmon lasagne) at the end? Is there a way to inform them of serious allergies if it’s needed?

    The other thing is I have to criticise that tabbouleh. Sorry it just doesn’t look like what I think is a tabbouleh. Definitely not enough parsley

  52. I don’t know why, but something about the drawn curtains gives the cabin a very cheap feel!

  53. Great review, Lucky! It makes you want to fly Air France.

    You have written about the business model of La Compagnie. If I understand your position correctly, you have doubts that the all-Business Class will ever work profitably. Along the same line of thought, this is also the problem with Air France. Air France has always considered itself the Elite in area of air transportation quality. They know exactly what to do with the front of plane (as your review confirms) but they have no understanding of the back of the plane. That is why they are continually having labor and profitability problems. (You can’t make a 777 profitable with just a few First Class seats.)

    Now don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that Air France is a bad airline. I am saying that any airline that concentrates on one class does not have a good business model. Joon and iHop are proof that Air France cannot find a way to have an outstanding First Class and a miserable Economy Class on the same plane.

  54. @Lucky – you loved the food, stating it to be the best on-board dining you have experienced.
    Does this include Etihad’s The Residence? In both the quality of the actual meals but the full dining experience (including beverages/service)?

  55. Gorgeous review conveying the premium nature of the experience. I am always bemused by comments as to portion sizes – clearly, the sedentary nature of flying dictates small portions. I am further bewildered by the comments as to the curtains which appear to add a level of privacy not afforded by suites such as EK and SQ and the exposed QF F.
    @Lucky – could you please comment on the experience of the cabin crew in assessing your overall experience as I believe that the more I fly F, the more I rate my experience on the crew rather than the hard/soft product.

  56. They really could improve the wine list. Of any carrier, I would expect AF to have a much better selection in F.

  57. A few of the replies above are concerned about meal portions, had you asked could they have prepared a decent savoury snack on demand, after your sleep and whilst you watched TV?


  58. Lucky, you should take pics with your cabin crew when they’ve really impressed you (as some other bloggers do)! It’ll add a more personal touch to your trip reports, and that way we can all decide for ourselves who’s attractive 😉

    Also, could you share the pic of the La Premiere luggage tag that @François D sent you? Would love to see what those look like.

  59. @Lucky
    Congratulations again for this outstanding report! I was trying to book the same flight for my mom later this year but I’m unable to find any non stop flight from Paris to IAH.

    Are you aware if AF did cancel the F service to Houston. I could not find any flight even before Hurricane Harvey so that should discarded.

    Thanks in advance

  60. I think the “horse” is not the symbol of Le Premier. It’s the symbol of Air France, dating to the beginnings of the carrier, in fact 1932 when Air Orient adopted that symbol.

  61. A great report on an experience you thoroughly enjoyed. Thanks for all the photos and the detail in your report. And re that comment about the FA, that person stood out from the norm in your experience. I suppose someone could construe it as sexist but perhaps so many FAs have become uncaring robots in doing their jobs, even if business and first class, your comment was relevant to this particular flight experience.

    Just hope AF doesn’t start cutting back on the quality shown in this report. I’ve read that Emirates and Etihad are trimming some of their pre- and inflight services and those little touches that make the cost almost..almost worthwhile

  62. A most excellent review. I am a first time viewer of your adventures and will watch for more. Thank you.

    However, I must address the comments on the portion size 9 to those that see them as too small, along with the cute comments “diet-sized, etc.”

    What I saw was an experience; from the bedding, toiletries, as well as the food and wine. I do not believe the meal is meant to be an all you eat buffet. Elegance sometimes comes with understatement. Remember that a seven-course meal does tend to fill you up.

  63. Good afternoon:

    I’m simply going to concur with Lucky’s review here.

    I recently returned home from a holiday in western Europe; I took my parents and my younger brother as an anniversary gift for my parents and Christmas for my brother.

    On May 3, we boarded AF 0065 at LAX; and there were 9 of 9 seats full on the A380. Still had great service, meals and slept well.

    On the return (May 19), while my family members traveled via AF 006 to JFK (on an A380), I returned to LAX on AF 0072–the 773 had 3 of 4 seats full–and the service and meal presentations was no less special than had I been alone as Lucky was on his flight.

    For those who can do it, AF La Premiere is a great way to travel.

    As an aside; on the flight over; I do think that I spoiled someone’s rendezvous in the changing room…but that’s perhaps for another flight review site 😉

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