British Airways A380 Trip Report — Do You Want To Read One?

In the past two months I’ve flown roughly 100,000 miles, which is an almost unbearable amount even for me. Since I got home from Brazil earlier this week I’ve been sleeping 12 hours a day. That might partly be a function of recovering and also partly a function of it being winter here in Seattle, so when it gets dark at around 4PM it’s tough to stay up past 9PM (at least for me).

Anyway, after spending seven of eight nights in a row on a plane, I swore to myself I wouldn’t get on a plane till I travel to Florida for Christmas. However, as expected, I have a hard time staying in one place for more than a week, as I’m itching to get out of here. Short of sending me to rehab, I don’t think this violent cycle will end anytime soon. 😉

British Airways’ first A380 destination is Los Angeles, so several months ago I locked in an A380 first class award seat on that route. Since I could cancel it for free I figured “why not?”

My goal is to fly first class on the A380s of every airline that operates them, and so far I’ve done Emirates, Lufthansa, Malaysia, Qantas, Thai, and Singapore. So that leaves Air France, British Airways, China Southern, and Korean Air. I could knock out British Airways here, and have a trip planned on China Southern and Korean Air early next year, so that would only leave Air France.

So should I do it or not? I figure I could go to the Christmas Markets in Germany for a couple of nights, which doesn’t sound too bad. Usually I make every effort to avoid the cold, but it’s below freezing in Seattle, so it can’t really get much worse over there, can it? And at least I could be consuming copious amounts of Glühwein while outside, which no doubt makes everything more pleasant.

Besides, y’all know how much I love The Concorde Room at London Heathrow, and I’m all the more excited to return for another delectable meal after their top notch hygiene rating. 😉

So, wise friends, what would you do?!

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  1. I’ll be flying in First on the A380 LHR-HKG-LHR next year, so if you can stand one more trip, would love to hear your thoughts!

  2. Screw the lounge, I would go. So you may experience their A380 F product and then enjoy some of those great Xmas markets in Germany, such as Dresden, Leipzig & Berlin if most likely you have already done Frankfurt, Munich & Nuremberg. Ja, was ist zu denken? Wirklich guten Glühwein und Lebkuchen wartet auf dich, so los!

  3. My prediction for summer of 2014. Lucky will be out of Seattle for a sunny south west or south east and never look back.

  4. BA in general – pass. I flew their new 787 in Biz a few weeks ago – 7 across – vs. 4 wide coming soon for AC…

    Food isn’t anything to write home about – and it’s cold in Europe right now.

    Why not wait until October and do something like LAX-LHR-MUC-CDG-LAX, knock out both BA and AF at the same time and do Octoberfest.

  5. I say go for it!!!!! Would love to read your trip report for sure. Who knows? You might get lucky again and get BA to change your flight to an EK A380 flight LAX-DXB-LHR! 😉

  6. Think you should take it to somewhere more exotic than LHR and Germany. The BA 380 also flys to JNB and the weather in CPT is great this time of year.

  7. Go for it!
    Leave say on Thursday, you should be well rested by then and the Christmas markets are more fun on weekends.

    Not sure about your hotel living arrangements yet, but Seattle is a depressing city with horrible weather. Move to SoCal for a change !

  8. Do it ! we’d luv to read that report and get a closer look @ BA’s new F class amenity kits. besides, you need to do all A380’s in F class. go for it.

  9. I recently flew the Thai A380 FRA-BKK on business and I thought it was amazing and really liked the food (more so than on our way back on Asiana First Suite Class, can you belive that?).

    I am a different kind of traveler from you and I care the about the destination and actually like a “slow travel” and the country side.

    That said, If you do not have plans and your family is ok with that I say go for it. As we all know the mileage game is getting tougher and tougher.

    BTW, I am about to pull the trigger on a BA 787 award travel…

  10. Use AA miles on the return and continue to KOA for a few days of sun for no extra miles. Then back to SEA on AS.

  11. Honestly, Lucky, you should do it, but unless you are flying in Business Class/Club World, a TR is unnecessary. I’d much rather see a TR about a new product, be it in first or business class. You’ve already done a few TRs about the new first seat on BA. I mean, if BA was unveiling a new FC seat on the A380, that might be something…but it’s the same seat and virtually identical cabin to the 777, and you’ve already been there, done that, and bought the t-shirt, no?

    Plus, you’ve already done enough TRs on the A380, I’d rather see a TR with a new airline if you’re going to do a TR on the A380, like on Air France, China Southern, or Korean Air. Just my 2 cents.

  12. Sounds to me like you’ve already made up your mind to go. While you’re there, could you do a review of the various Christmas markets? I’d eventually like to go to those, and it would be interesting to hear the features of each. I’m serious.

  13. Or go for the German Xmas market in London. It’s Close to the millennium dome. Iast year I went to it and the one in Berlin. Not much of a difference (except language).

  14. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Got the wife plus infant booked for BA 380 F LAX-LHR next summer using comp pass, but also have UA F SFO-FRA booked on UA miles. Have to pick one, is it worth the upcharge for BA experience?

  15. We are in Europe at the moment, we were actually in Germany until a couple of days ago. I say stay home. I’m over this weather. I hate having to have a coat, gloves, scarf, hat on every time I step out the front door. I keep reminding myself if I didn’t have to be here I would never come to Europe at this time of the year.

  16. Regarding the December weather in Europe. For me, it’s long johns. I love Europe anytime of the year. Everyone, Go!, Go!, Go!

    Just a bit about me:
    Seattle is where I was born, but moved because of the cold weather. I now live in Phoenix. It’s time to pack up and move south again. I’m freezing and it’s 50 degrees. 🙂

  17. Do it, I’m currently sat in a very warm flat in Malaysia drinking mulled wine, drink some Ghlüwein for me when it’s cold enough to appreciate it.

  18. Went to the Christmas market in Cologne last weekend and the one in Montreux, Switzerland the weekend before – both were awesome! It isn’t that cold in Europe yet – last weekend I wore a light jacket and gloves and didn’t have a toque on. And as others have said, the Gluhwein will keep you warm! I would say go for it! The Christmas atmosphere in Europe is awesome and would love to hear about BA A380!

  19. I know i joked with you about getting some sleep for a month after your Delta marathon, but what the hell, go for it. But i’d certainly spend a couple of days there, enjoy yourself a bit.

  20. After a trip that included BA F, CX F and SQ Suites – the BA F experience surprisingly held its own with the others. CCR @ JFK was excellent too. Not what I expected given some of the negativity towards BA F on FT and from BA bloggers. I say go for it!

  21. @Lucky – I thought it is next to impossible to snag a first class seat in BA, pray tell us your secrets, how you did you do it?

  22. My advice is hit up the Bonn, Cologne and Aachen Christmas Market’s in Germany. It is getting cold (first snow was this weekend). Frankfurt’s market is absolutely crazy, and if you fly into CGN from LHR, you can try yet another airline- Germanwings (aka LH’s new product). Just my advice from Germany.

  23. @ Terry — Definitely not impossible, though it can be difficult. That’s why I snagged the seat for a random date as soon as I saw it available, since I figured I might as well do so when I can make changes for free later.

  24. I would think it your duty to try the BA flight and report back to us …. enquiring minds need to know!

  25. Why not? And do AF F on the way back. Did it for 125k points last week…a rip, but nothing else was available. Was pleasantly surprised – I liked it more than I like Lufthansa. That doesn’t say a whole lot, since I really dislike Lufthansa, but it was a surprisingly pleasant experience compared to what I remembered (obviously doesn’t compare to CX/SQ).

  26. I say go for it? As you said, Seattle is for sleeping…. Plus the Christmas Markets are the best in Europe and hmm Gluehwein sound pretty yummie to me. I’ll have one of those when I get home!!!

  27. I don’t know if you have been there before but go to CPH and Tivoli Gardens. Just a great place to spend a few days before Christmas.

  28. Just do it! No need to think about it. Been trying to find award space myself, but haven’t been successful. If you already have a reservation, go for it!

    CCR is overrated and nothing like what it used to be; in serious need of revamp & reno’s. I swear they’re still using the same old sofas in their cabanas since before T5 was built! Don’t even get me started with their inedible food. LH & CX First Class lounges are far better.

    Be sure to tell us all about the German Xmas markets though. I think that’ll be very interesting.

  29. I guess I’m in the minority here, but I don’t consider BA’s award surcharges acceptable and I would never encourage anyone to pay them.

  30. Please do it. Enjoy Europe at Christmas time, and let us all hear about the trip! We’d be most grateful…

  31. You should do it!

    One subject of cold weather – as long as you are traveling to place(s) with same climate, that works out fine. But packing for cold weather and tropical weather would be a pain.

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