British Airways announces inaugural Airbus A380 destinations — Los Angeles and Hong Kong!

British Airways is one of the next carriers to take delivery of the Airbus A380, and they’ve just unveiled their inaugural routes and schedules for the aircraft.

The first destination with Airbus A380 service will be Los Angeles, starting October 15, 2013. It will operate with the following schedule:

Then as of November 15, 2013, the A380 will be operating a daily service to Hong Kong:

Here’s a video they just released of the new Airbus A380 (though it’s a bit abstract to actually be useful):

They’ve also published their A380 seatmap here, which I find a bit odd with business class being split between the upper and lower deck.

Fortunately award availability seems to be pretty good on the A380, and they don’t seem to be blocking the premium cabin award space on it. Can’t wait to try it!

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  1. I’m surprised they didn’t take the opportunity to include a new, upgraded seat for FC on this plane, the way lots of other airlines did.

  2. Shoot! I just miss the A380 by one month..why it takes so long to operate the A380 when they expect to receive the first bird in July..ahhhh

  3. Gosh! I wish I had enough miles to jump on this deal… I want to fly on as many A380 F services as I can…

  4. new planes and still the same old pods in business class? those are the worst business class seats ever… they should have taken the opportunity to get rid of them.

  5. still the same F as in their 747’s? you know, the one where its really disguised as the best business class seat? (even though i think CX new J is better)

  6. I’d love to take my son on this bird for his 18th in November, but even being completely flexible on dates, I can’t find more than a single seat available in F.

    What are the chances of more than one seat being released in F?

  7. I too am curious if the F seats are the same as the other wide-body BA F seats. I would think it has to be better than the 747 given the amount of available space.

  8. And still the rear-facing seats… ugh! I know many people like that configuration, but I hate it, as well as the basically transparent screens between the seats. While better than the old accordian-style “fans”, if privacy was the point, I think they failed.

  9. @ Ed @ Dave Op — Seems to be same or very similar seat, which is puzzling given how wide the cabin is.

  10. @ Todd — I suspect at first there will be some fanfare around the A380, so it’ll probably be tough to snag two seats at first. For now I see two first seats on the A380 to HKG, though not any space in November to LAX for two, which is a tough route to begin with.

  11. Why on earth do carriers keep installing business products that don’t provide direct aisle access for all passengers? Oh, and the rear-facing seats are spectacular, too.

  12. upper deck J has 3 toilets for 48 pax. lower deck has 4 for 24 Js and 2 for 16 Fs. Upper has more galleys than toilets, it looks like šŸ™‚

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