US Airways offers double miles into and out of select markets

Responding to the promotions currently offered by Delta and American, US Airways is offering a a double elite qualifying and redeemable miles promotion for select markets through the end of the year. Those markets are PIT, RDU, BOS, STL, RIC, and MSP.

What makes this promotion unique is that unlike the promotions offered by Delta and American, your travel can originate OR terminate in any of those cities to qualify (as opposed to having to originate AND terminate in one of those cities). In other words, someone flying from Los Angeles to Boston roundtrip would get double elite qualifying miles.

(Tip of the hat to TMtravelworld)

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  1. I have some confusion with those terms. (FYI it’s up 6 six cities now – also includes STL and RIC.) Must originate or terminate. In my limited understanding of this that means a LAX-BOS-LAX round trip doesn’t actually terminate in BOS. Or am I misunderstanding?

    Minor for me anyway as I book my round trips as separate one way trips for the same price of +/- $1. Easier if I need to cancel one way without affecting the other ticket.

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