Turkish 777 Business Class In 10 Pictures

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Hello from Los Angeles! I just flew Turkish Airlines all the way from the Seychelles to Istanbul to Los Angeles. In a previous post I shared my thoughts on Turkish’s A330 business class between the Seychelles and Istanbul, which was a pleasant flight. In this post I wanted to share my thoughts on Turkish’s 777 business class, for the 13hr15min flight back to the US.

Turkish’s 777 business class consists of flat beds in a 2-3-2 configuration. This is obviously not an ideal hard product, though on the plus side I was traveling with Ford. I mind these seats a lot less when I’m traveling with someone and can select the set of two seats, rather than having to sit next to a stranger.

If you are traveling alone I recommend selecting a window seat, as there’s a substantial privacy partition between seats. Turkish’s hard product is obviously a weak point, and I hope with their future new planes that they finally get more competitive in that regard.

The amenities on the flight were excellent, including a Molton Brown amenity kit, slippers, two pillows, two blankets, Molton Brown toiletries in the lavatories, and more.

But really what stood out to me was the food. Turkish has Do & Co catering, and this flight had the full “experience.” I had heard that Turkish did some cost cutting with their business class catering, though it looks like they brought it back to their initial offering recently.

There were two chefs in business class, and the appetizers and dessert were all custom plated from a trolley. This was hands down the best business class meal I’ve had in my life. I think Qatar Airways is the other best airline for business class catering. Qatar has the advantage of offering dine on demand, while the Turkish meal was the most delicious food I’ve had in business class.

The main meal service began with mixed nuts and canapés.

Next came the appetizer trolley, which had so many options to choose from, including marinated prawns, salmon tartare, roast beef caesar salad, hunter’s borek, carrot hummus, stuffed red peppers in olive oil, smoked eggplant salad, homemade yogurt with walnut and fresh mint, and sweet pumpkin soup.

The food was so good. As you can see, I tried six different appetizers and the soup, and all were exceptional.

For the main course I ordered the Turkish homemade ravioli (“manti”), with minced beef, tomato sauce, and yogurt. I almost never order the pasta option on a plane, but since this was the Turkish dish, I figured it was worth trying. It was excellent.

Then there was the dessert trolley, with traditional Turkish desserts, fig chocolate mousse, apple & raspberry strudel, pistachio ice cream, cheese, and fruit salad. This was so good as well.

In addition to a large tea selection, there were also cappuccinos, espressos, Turkish coffee, and more.

The service was great as well, and almost identical to what I experienced on my previous flight. The crew was genuinely well intentioned and seemed happy to be there.

I managed to get a few hours of sleep, and then spent much of the rest of the flight working. Business class passengers get free wifi, though I found it to be quite slow, so I mostly worked in offline mode.

Turkish business class exceeded my expectations by a long shot. I’d argue this is probably the best business class soft product offered by any airline between the US and Europe. The added treat is that Turkish mostly offers “real” business class seats on intra-Europe flights, while other airlines mostly just block a middle seat and call it business class.

I’d still avoid Turkish if traveling alone, as I’d rather not sit next to a stranger, but when traveling with someone I really, really like this product.

Well done, Turkish!

  1. I don’t know if it is route specific but the middle seat of the 3 was almost never full on the flights I took with them a couple of years back. So as a party 1 the aisle seat on the 3 section was the best it got.

  2. I would argue that this is actually one of the best business class seats, because it has the biggest, least restricted bed.

  3. When travelling with my partner, I too really like these more old-fashioned-style business class seats. It’s really nice not to have to stick my feet into a small-cubby while laying flat, which both staggered and reverse herringbone seats often require.

  4. I use Turkish Airlines for long hauls whenever possible (B777 is my favorite) and always select a window seat in business class. Even as a vegetarian, Do & Co catering manages to exceed my needs. Their Flying Chefs touch adds a bit elegance to the dining.

    I purposely try to build in a longer connection time in Istanbul to explore and enjoy the Turkish Airlines CIP Lounge.

    Nice write up and photos.

  5. Unfortunately, Turkish Airlines and Do&Co are parting ways in the not-to-distant future – the airline has apparently decided to shift to SATS catering from Singapore.

    As Do&Co is such a standout provider of food for TK (and I would say one of the only elements that has really maintained quality in the airline’s massive expansion), this might be a real barrier to its soft product in the future.

  6. Yeah I think you’re completely underrating the seat. It makes a very spacious bed, and if you’re traveling with a partner (which you were) then it gives you a window and a lot of space and the ability to sit next to your partner.

    There’s an inherent bias against seats like this, or the old QR 77W seats, because so many reviewers (and, to be fair, so many readers) are solo travelers. But their lack of aisle access has no bearing on their comfort

  7. @James K: Exactly. Because my partner really likes window seats, we’re often choosing to sit separately when flying business class now because she doesn’t want us to take the paired seats in the middle in reverse herringbone or staggered configurations. We’ve got Etihad coming up JFK-SIN on their A380/787 and we both have the “true” window seats sitting a couple rows from each other!

  8. @lucky They don’t offer real business class on all European flights. Many A321’s and all A319 & A320’s still have the standard block middle economy seat. It’s luck of the draw which aircraft you’ll be on.

  9. Best catering in biz class, period. Wife and I love the window pair of seats. At 6’4”, I have plenty of room.

    Prefer overall experience on QR, but wife likes TK better bc of the insane dining experience.

    Steal of a deal w Aeroplan miles, too.

  10. Lucky is a shrinking violet. Always preferring privacy. For someone who puts a lot of his life online to complete strangers he acts shy in public.

  11. @Lucky thanks for the two great reports about TK. It is great to see the C product and it convinces me to take them for my next fight to US. The catering= just petfect..the molton brown amenity= like the brand used it daily, and the herringbone seat= great becsuse of the privacy, but window seat in B777 is still bearable ehrn the facors are perfect..the crew attitude= has to be perfect as well inorder to have a great flight..
    For me TK is the best European carrier and one of the best worldwide…now they just need to have a great airport in IST reaching Chiangi SIN level and an outstanding lounge matching the best of the Asian carriers..

  12. I too would argue that these, along with the 2-2-2 front facing seats that many label as inferior seats are some of the best due to the unrestricted space. Had my best sleep on those seats.

  13. Actually it’s not true..the real C intra EU is in quite a few planes, bu the majority is still the meehhh C products which is not worth mentioning. I still avoid the due to their politics and the old product.

  14. @Mateusz

    It’s also in Europe. The land west of the Bosphorus in Europe. The land east of it is Asia.
    As Ataturk is west of the strait Turkish Airlines flights operated to European Cities are intra Europe!

  15. Just make sure you dont have any problems that require customer service. Had a flight on United/Turkish all on one ticket. Connecting flight got me into ORD late due to weather and i got to gate 25 minutes before takeoff but gate was already closed. Then Turkish Airlines charged me $800 more to take the flight on the next day since i was a no show and had to rebook. United wouldnt help either.
    Then on way back i missed my connecting flight again as we took off 2 hours late in IST for no known reason. Again Turkish Airlines and United just pointed the finger at each other on who was to help accommodate.

  16. Wow. Manti is hard to pull off on the ground. I can’t believe they are serving it in a plane. And that plate of manti looks delicious.

  17. The food on Turkish flying out of Istanbul is always really good. Although it’s not all aisle seating, I happen to not mind these seats since they are super long in bed mode and you don’t have your feet shoved in a cubby hole. I think of all business class seats I’ve experienced, I’ve had the best sleep on Turkish. Could be the booze, could be the seat 😉

  18. The seat “pitch” up front is huge and old school seats provide for a large and open front cabin.

    TA’s hard product is preferable to the ‘cubbies’ on United’s business class—for couples.

    Only reaaon we don’t switch is that the Istanbul connection adds so many hours to USA – Europe trips.

  19. That middle seat in the central section seems very undesirable – the attendants have to reach over with the food, and there is no free aisle access.

  20. Turkish has such a poor safety record that Id not set my foot in one of their airplanes. Reading the accident/incident reports, causes are mostly cultural related, so its not easily fixed. Do a surch on AvHerald.

  21. I really don’t get what the fear is about having to sit next to someone. Why is it a necessity to be all alone in business class? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it’s making people into hermits who can’t communicate or interact with other people as all they have to be is alone in their private area.

  22. @ Philip

    It is not the fear to have a stranger sitting beside you, it is having your privacy invaded by a stupid stranger who feels bored and left alone..who should have definitely taken his Mom with him!

    I for instance I want my peace and enjoy the service on my own..I do not want to be engage in any small talks I do not wish to etc., how awkward is that! …the only communication I need is between me and the crew while serving me! I am not flying inorder to entertain strangers and talk with them whatever nonsense they wish..if they want to be entertain while flying, than they should bring their own buddy or whoever or whatever that is own board..so these strangers now my focus all their energy in talking till their jaws drop completely!..

    Now Just leave those decent people alone and in peace who have paid a lot of money for the sake of having a great peaceful flight with great service and in full privacy..
    I just can’t appreciate enough those high partitions or suites or whatever elements of shielding is possible..perhaps a flashing sign towards the seat neighbour ” do not approach and speak to!”..

    Or you can even say in a very arrogant way..some people may think you are not the right person whom they should be talking to..some may think you are below their status and definitely not worth wasting their breath nor their quality time to a total stranger who just want to have attention..

    You can call these people hermits..but believe me they do not care as long as you shut up your mouth and only open it for eating your meal or drinking your wine..

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