Singapore Airlines now releasing Suites Class award availability to the US!

Last week I wrote about Singapore Airlines’ policy change whereby they’re finally releasing saver award availability in Suites Class to their KrisFlyer members. Up until that point Suites Class was more or less unattainable on miles, so I was really excited to hear about the policy change.

The downside is that they weren’t yet releasing any Suites Class award availability to the US, and they only opened up one Suites Class award seat per flight. And there’s good news and bad news on that front. The bad news is that they’re continuing to only release a single Suites Class award seat per flight. The good news is that they’ve started opening up Suites Class availability on their North America routes.

As a reminder, the following routes to North America are operated by the Airbus 380:

  • Singapore 11/12 between Los Angeles and Singapore (via Tokyo)
  • Singapore 1/2 between San Francisco and Singapore (via Hong Kong) between December 28, 2012, and March 24, 2013 only
  • Singapore 25/26 between New York and Singapore (via Frankfurt) for all dates except those on which the Airbus 380 operates SQ1/2

Like I said award space is wide open for one passenger per flight at the saver level, so this is quite exciting.

One of the best values has to be Suites Class between San Francisco and Hong Kong for just 70,125 KrisFlyer miles (this factors in the 15% discount you get for booking online, which is reflected at the bottom of the confirmation) and $141.10 in taxes/fees one-way.

Here’s the saver award pricing (including the 15% discount for booking online) for each of the routes to the US that potentially offer Suites Class:

San Francisco to Hong Kong to Singapore:
Suites Class Saver roundtrip cost San Francisco to Hong Kong: 140,250 miles + $346.08
Suites Class Saver roundtrip cost San Francisco to Hong Kong to Singapore: 182,750 miles + $688.92

Los Angeles to Tokyo to Singapore:
Suites Class Saver roundtrip cost Los Angeles to Tokyo: 148,750 miles + $312.15
Suites Class Saver roundtrip cost Los Angeles to Tokyo to Singapore: 182,750 miles + $725.96

New York to Frankfurt to Singapore:
Suites Class Saver roundtrip cost New York to Frankfurt: 114,750 miles + $556.51
Suites Class Saver roundtrip cost New York to Frankfurt to Singapore: 187,000 miles + $877.44

As a reminder this space is only available using KrisFlyer miles. Star Alliance partner airlines don’t have access to this space. That being said, both American Express Membership Rewards and Starwood Preferred Guest are transfer partners with KrisFlyer, so it shouldn’t be too tough to build up a balance with KrisFlyer quickly. For more information on redeeming KrisFlyer miles, see this post.

Singapore Suites is probably one of the most aspirational airline products out there, so this redemption increases the value of Membership Rewards points quite a bit, in my opinion.

I know many will be bummed by the fact that at most one saver Suites Class seat is released per flight, though here’s the upside — you can redeem for the second seat at the “standard” level in most cases, which is roughly twice the price. Think of it as basically paying a 50% premium per person to fly two people in Suites Class, which are points well spent for a specialĀ occasion, in my opinion.

Kudos again to Singapore on this move!

(Tip of the hat to Stefan)

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  1. Wow, I’m really excited about this. Hopefully I can set a date for my next trip to India, CX F there and SQ suites back?

  2. For someone interested in getting two seats, do you think it would be worth booking one suite and one business class seat, then waitlisting for a second suite? Is it likely that the additional one would open up in the days right before departure, or are they generally filling up?

  3. @ Douglas — We don’t have enough context to know for sure. As of now their systems seems to be pretty hard wired to only allow a single redemption, so I wouldn’t be surprised if that sticks and no waitlists clear. They may change their mind, however, so I’d give it a bit of time and I’m sure we’ll hear some anecdotes.

  4. I’m going through the schedule, looks like almost EVERY DAY has at least one A380 Suites seat open from the USA. I’m sure over time this will decrease (as people redeem SQ miles) but this is rather amazing. I’m glad I jumped on some MR cards recently!

  5. Exciting news! Need to get some more MR now.

    Hope to see a Suites trip report in the future, perhaps guess starring Janesis?

  6. WOW, I still keep my UOB Prvimiles american express card, which is the best way to earn krisflyer miles. 1 SGD get 2 miles in singapore and 3 miles abroad.

  7. This is amazing news and after watching the video, I’m salivating. Even though Amex Canada transfers to SPG at 1000:750, so total cost of SFO HKG is 187000 MR points (this includes the 15% discount), it’s still incredibly appealing.

    I suppose the downside is that you wouldn’t get to travel with anyone (spouse, friend, etc.), nor would you meet any other FF in the Suites.

  8. This is great news.
    Just an FYI I travelled for the first time on SQ F HKG-SFO and they now serve “supper” and not dinner which was a bit disappointing (I know we all tend to get spoiled by too much F travel)

  9. I guess the question is… are the suites really so much better on the JFK-FRA-SIN flight over the all business class EWR-SIN flight?
    Is it worth the extra miles and the hassle of a stop-over?
    Thank you.

  10. Does SQ allow you to use star alliance partners in conjunction with a KrisFlyer redemption? For ex, could I include UA First class to get me to the international gateway without an increase in the miles required?

  11. I recently flew MEL-SIN in the suites with my wife coming home from our honeymoon, thanks the helpful advice from Lucky when SQ released their inventory to United during their equipment upgrade. We flew F on the 777 home to SFO after that.

    The suites are a real once in a lifetime experience if nothing else. We sat in the middle seats and when they turned down the beds, they combined and essentially made a queen size mattress. Pretty spectacular. That, along with the amazing SQ in flight service was just a memory that we won’t soon forget.

    Thanks again Lucky, and I am so glad to hear this news! More people deserve to experience this!!

  12. @ PL — Worry not, I have a couple of bookings coming up. šŸ˜€

    @ Mitch — I tend to think that 40K SPG are more valuable than 50K MR, for example, so I like to find KrisFlyer from MR and not SPG.

    Keep in mind that with the new MR policy you can still apply for all kinds of cards at once. You can get the MB Platinum, standard Platinum, business Platinum, etc., all at once, for example.

    That being said the SQ redemption is an amazing one, so I wouldn’t hesitate to redeem SPG points for it either, if that’s what works better with your current balances.

  13. @ Kevin — Several, yes. šŸ™‚

    @ db — Yeah, the “supper” flights are a bit disappointing. That’s why I think in terms of service it’s tough to beat SQ11/12 due to the timing of the flights.

  14. @ Lantean — I never look at extra flying as a “hassle,” especially in Suites Class. It probably is quite a bit better and I’d say the mileage premium is pretty mild given how much better the product is.

    @ Shawn — They have a separate Star Alliance award chart which is not only usually a bit more expensive, but also doesn’t qualify for the 15% online booking discount, so I find it’s rarely worthwhile.

    @ Adam — Happy to hear!

  15. @Lucky can one create a krisflyer account and transfer instantly? I am looking for a RT ticket from Seattle to India in 2 weeks for a 10-14 day trip and am trying to decide my options. I have plenty of US Air miles and United miles and now you brought this in to the mix. What is the best redemption? Burning US Air miles or MR rewards?

  16. @ ikonos — You can create an account instantly, but it takes about 24 hours for points to transfer from Membership Rewards.

    I’d say the best option to India is Lufthansa first class using United miles. But other than that US Airways is also a very good deal for business class on any of a number of other airlines.

  17. @jeff – Thanks for questioning that. I somehow misread it. It’s, of course, 1000:500. Ouch! Sucks to be us, eh?

  18. Can you book a one way F ticket from HKG-SFO? I already booked CX F from SFO-HKG. How much miles would it take for one way?

  19. Lucky, are you sure SQ 1/SQ2 doesnt continue suites class in the second quarter?

    There has been rumors they might extend it on route.

  20. @ ken — You sure can. It would be 70,125 miles one-way.

    @ Beachfan — Well I’m not sure and plans could change, but it’s my understanding that this is the plan as of now.

  21. Will the website process a mixed cabin booking? I was trying to figure out how many miles it was from SFO-DPS but it says it is not available in F (which I assume is because the SIN-DPS leg is 2 cabin). Curious if I can even do that trip and still get away with the 15% discount.

  22. @ AdamH — Sadly you can’t do mixed cabin bookings online. You can try to call and they may honor the discount since it can’t be booked online, though.

  23. Lucky, if I were to book SFO-HKG with krisflyer then use Avios to fly CX onward from HKG would I be able to interline the baggages?

  24. @AdamH

    Please let me know what they say I am curious about that one too. They’d better honor the discount…

  25. Lucky,

    As you mentioned, the 1 seat limit for suites is unfortunate. To get 2 people on the same flight, what do you think of booking 1 suites class ticket and 1 business class ticket with a waitlist for suites class? Have you heard of any reports of the waitlisted suites class seat clearing in these circumstances? Thanks!

  26. @ anon — You could only do that by booking by phone, which would require you to use the Star Alliance award chart. You also wouldn’t get the 15% discount for booking online, so in many cases it’s not worth it.

    @ RH — Unfortunately waitlists almost never clear based on what I’ve heard. You can always try and hope for a miracle, but I wouldn’t count on it. If you really want this product I think booking one person at the low level and one person at the id level isn’t a bad deal. You’re basically paying a 50% premium for Suites if you do that, which is still amazing compared to the old rates.

  27. Hi Ben

    I was wondering if you have noticed any changes with this in your award booking efforts or is it still 1 saver seat out of LAX to SIN? Have you heard anything different regarding getting 1 seat in business class and hoping the waitlist clears?

    thank you!

  28. @ dan — Nope, they’re still releasing only one Suites Class seat at the saver level on all their US roues. Haven’t heard of people having much luck with waitlisting.

  29. Ok thanks! In the original post the cost was 70125 miles but now I’m getting 91,375 miles after the discount a day in Sept. Guess the miles required went up šŸ™

  30. @ dan — Nope, prices haven’t changed. The cost between San Francisco and Hong Kong is 70,125 miles, while the cost between Los Angeles or San Francisco and Singapore is 91,375 miles.

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