Roku Kyoto, New Hilton LXR Hotel In Japan

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Here’s yet another exciting addition to Hilton’s luxury hotel portfolio…

Hilton’s Roku Kyoto opens September 2021

Roku Kyoto will be the first Hilton LXR Hotels & Resorts properties in Asia, and Hilton’s first property in Kyoto. The hotel will be located in the foothills of the Takagamine Sanzan in norther Kyoto. This will be located in the 28.6 acre Shozan Resort Kyoto, which is a luxury enclave home to a variety of gardens and tea houses.

Roku Kyoto will feature 114 guest rooms, along with all the amenities you’d expect, from restaurants, to a spa, fitness center, and natural hot springs. Details of the hotel are still fairly limited, though below are some renderings to give you a sense of what to expect.

Roku Kyoto exterior

Roku Kyoto property

Roku Kyoto lobby

Roku Kyoto lobby

Roku Kyoto guest room

Roku Kyoto guest room

Roku Kyoto guest room

Roku Kyoto guest room

Roku Kyoto dining

Roku Kyoto dining

Roku Kyoto dining

Roku Kyoto spa

For context, this will be Hilton’s eighth LXR property, and complements the following:

  • Crockfords (Las Vegas, United States)
  • Habtoor Palace (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
  • Mango House (Mahe, Seychelles)
  • Oceana (Santa Monica, United States)
  • Susona (Bodrum, Turkey)
  • The Biltmore, Mayfair (London, United Kingdom)
  • Zemi Beach House (Anguilla)

Redeeming Hilton Honors points at Roku Kyoto

Roku Kyoto is accepting reservations for stays as of September 16, 2021. Paid rates at this hotel are really high, even compared to the competition. Rates (including taxes and fees) for base rooms range from over $1,000 per night in the off season, to over $2,000 per night on some dates in the high season.

Best of all, you can redeem points here, at the rate of 95,000 Hilton Honors points per night. This is an exceptional use of points, especially if you’re going in peak season.

Hilton Honors elite members get a fifth night free on award redemptions, meaning that you could pay 76,000 points per night for a standard room over five nights.

Why luxury Hilton additions excite me

I’m always thrilled to see Hilton add more luxury properties, especially independent ones like this. Historically one of Hilton’s biggest challenges has been that its luxury footprint was limited, though this is an area in which the program has been improving greatly.

There are so many great implications for this with Hilton Honors:

In other words, I appreciate the valuable status that can be earned without actually being “loyal,” especially when I can use those benefits at luxury properties.

Hilton’s luxury footprint continues to grow, including properties like the Waldorf Astoria Los Cabosthe Waldorf Astoria Maldivesthe Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hillsthe Waldorf Astoria Monarch BeachZemi Beach HouseOceana Santa Monica, Mango House Seychelles, the Conrad Abu Dhabi, and more.

Mango House Seychelles

Kyoto is an amazing hotel market

Kyoto is an incredible hotel market, and the number of luxury hotel options keeps growing. When you combine Japanese hospitality with luxury brands, it’s a great combination.

Even though there are already a lot of amazing luxury properties in Kyoto, I’m particularly excited about this one. Realistically, the two best points hotels in Kyoto are the Ritz-Carlton and Park Hyatt:

  • The Ritz-Carlton is extremely well regarded, but keep in mind that Marriott Bonvoy Platinum members and above don’t receive complimentary breakfast at the brand
  • The Park Hyatt Kyoto is excellent as well, but obviously not everyone is a Hyatt loyalist, and award space can be tough to come by

So it’s awesome to see a Hilton Honors luxury property open in Kyoto.

Park Hyatt Kyoto

Bottom line

Roku Kyoto will be opening in a few months, and will be Hilton’s first LXR property in Asia, and Hilton’s first property of any brand in Kyoto. Competition in the Kyoto hotel market is fierce, and it’s always hard to know how good a hotel belonging to an independent brand will be.

At a minimum this hotel is worth being aware of, and it could be a great option for anyone looking to earn and redeem points when in Kyoto. I look forward to seeing some firsthand reports of the property when it opens.

Anyone considering a stay at Roku Kyoto once Japan reopens?

  1. There are a number of other luxury properties in Kyoto e.g. Marriott’s luxury collection Suiran. Their suites have balconies with hot tubs, the restaurant is awesome. There are also Tribute portfolio hotels, but not sure what they are like

  2. This is exciting! Is there any sense of whether this hotel will be classified as a resort for purposes of the Hilton Aspire resort credit?

  3. Brian,it does qualify for the $250.00 Aspire resort credit.When I checked some dates in Sakura season it was showing standard rooms at $1,734 per night!!! A really great use of 95K Hilton points.

  4. Thanks, Mike! That’s awesome to hear. Given the rates, I’d use points or a free night certificate for the room, but it would be nice to use the resort credit for dining.

  5. Very excited to stay here next time I visit! Have a good amount of Hilton points saved up waiting to be used.

    Ben, don’t forget to add LXR in Vegas to the list since, just opening in June!

  6. Why would anyone go to Kyoto and stay in a boring chain hotel as opposed to a traditional ryokan?

  7. That’s some very aspirational pricing considering Suiran and Four Seasons start at ~$700/night, so why would you pick this over those two if you’re going to pay cash? Also, the Park Hyatt and Ritz-Carlton start at $1,000/night. Based on the pictures above, it’s a lovely place albeit generic. It doesn’t have the design wow factor (the architects seemingly copied the Four Seasons Kyoto’s large reflecting pond), name brand, or international recognition of any of the previously listed hotels. Lastly, it’s right next to the Aman, which isn’t priced that much higher. If you can afford $1k a night you can also afford $1.3k a night.

    I’m predicting those prices will come way down unless there’s something I’m missing. A new, no-name hotel is just not going to compete with the established titans. I was expecting $700 high season and $400-500 low season rates.

    Side tangent: has anyone noticed that there seem to be a lot of westerners working in the Kyoto hotels? Last time I stayed at the Ritz there, almost every staff member I interacted with was either American or western European. Stopped by Suiran and it seemed to be the same. Maybe just a Marriott thing?

  8. As much as I love to rip on Marriott (deservedly so), when I was at the Ritz-Carlton Kyoto in 2019 they were going above and beyond the program terms by providing free breakfast for Platinum members and above.

  9. @john cocktosin: that’s a perfectly fair question. I have stayed at a ryokan in Kyoto, enjoyed the experience, and would gladly do so again. I loved the hospitality, the breakfasts were the best meals I ate during my entire trip, and the rooms were a worthwhile cultural experience.

    One of the highlights of Japan is the food, and with Hilton diamond benefits (breakfast is included) and a $250 resort credit that can be used for other meals (I’m assuming that the food will be good), and the opportunity to use a free night certificate for my stay, I would be tempted to stay at the “boring chain hotel” to have some nice experiences with minimal out-of-pocket costs.

  10. Can also attest to the fact that RC Kyoto provided free breakfast to me when I was there on points as a Titanium member. Probably top 3 breakfast I’ve ever eaten, too. Easily best French toast I’ve ever had, no contest.

  11. Super – I noticed that, I went to PH Kyoto shortly after opening. Same experience there. Super tourist magnet, makes sense to cater to international audiences.

  12. @john cocktosin

    I’ve been to Japan a few times. While I’ve enjoyed a ryokan stay or two each visit, 2 nights at a ryokan taking instagramable photos of me sitting on the floor in a kimono eating a kaiseki dinner is plenty on a 2 week vacation. I’d rather stay 2 nights at a ryokan in a remote town where there aren’t many good dining alternatives (or points hotels) and leave my dinner options open in places where there are great options.

    I’m sure the onsen at the Roku Kyoto will be amazing.

  13. @Super
    My admittedly limited experience in Kyoto was that most of the staff was Japanese. That was the Hyatt Regency Kyoto back in 2017. The Conrad Osaka was also mostly Japanese staff when I was there at the beginning of 2019, FWIW. Those are the only two I’ve stayed at. Might be a relatively new thing.

  14. I can also vouch for the fact that Ritz Carlton Kyoto goes above brand standard and offers free breakfast for all Marriott Elites Platinum and above. It’s a great breakfast too (I enjoy the shot of specialty juice and their French toast and waffles!)

  15. Japan has Covid. No way I am leaving Perth to go to Japan. Here we are safe, lock downs with one case. Sensible and proportionate response. The rest of the world has Covid. Borders need to be closed until 2030 thanks.

  16. I’m being very nitpicky here, but calling this the first LXR property in Asia is a bit of a stretch. Dubai and the Arabian Peninsula are part of Asia and so is most of Turkey, including Bodrum. I know a lot of people think the Middle East is Africa and Turkey is part of Europe, hence why I wanted to point it out.

  17. Glad to see another luxury hotel to open in Kyoto. Stayed at Aman Kyoto during the peak foliage season last year & the whole compound was INSANELY beautiful! The cheapest room rate (Susuki) was around USD2500-ish, the same goes during peak sakura season. Will return to maybe Park Hyatt or Ritz Carlton for this year, but now Roku just makes thing harder…

  18. Ben, thanks for highlighting this. I have checked for April over the last several days and there aren’t any standard award rooms available at all. In fact from opening through early May there are no standard award nights available. Any thoughts or ideas? I was hoping to use one of my free Amex Aspire nights.

  19. They’re playing games with award space.

    Booked flights, went to book the hotel, they have pulled all base awards. Not a single night available for under 274k from Sept opening through April 2022.

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