Review: Taipei Airport Hello Kitty Gate

As much as some would like to deny it, Hello Kitty’s significance in the world is growing. I mean, Avril Lavigne even unveiled a song a couple of weeks ago entitled “Hello Kitty,” and it already has, like, hundreds of views on YouTube. It’s basically like a Katy Perry song or something (though I’m not totally convinced it conforms to the real Hello Kitty’s high ethical standards):

Upon leaving the lounge we made the five minute walk to gate C3, one of the designated Hello Kitty gates at Taipei Airport.

Taipei Airport terminal

Taipei Airport terminal

Anyway, I don’t think anything can quite prepare you for the visual orgasm which is the Hello Kitty gate at Taipei Airport. The problem is that the gate left me so speechless that I’m not actually sure how to describe it… so just have a look for yourself.

Taipei Airport Hello Kitty gate

Taipei Airport Hello Kitty gate

Taipei Airport Hello Kitty gate

Taipei Airport Hello Kitty gate

Taipei Airport Hello Kitty gate

Taipei Airport Hello Kitty gate

Taipei Airport Hello Kitty gate

Taipei Airport Hello Kitty gate

Taipei Airport Hello Kitty gate

Taipei Airport Hello Kitty gate

Adjacent to the gate is a Hello Kitty store. If only I’d had more room in my carry-on… 🙁

Taipei Airport Hello Kitty store adjacent to Hello Kitty gate

Taipei Airport Hello Kitty store adjacent to Hello Kitty gate

Taipei Airport Hello Kitty store adjacent to Hello Kitty gate

At Taipei Airport the main gate area is actually located one level down from the main concourse. So after enjoying the Hello Kitty gate area for a little while we headed downstairs. Before going downstairs your passport and boarding pass are checked.

Taipei Airport stairs to gate C3

Taipei Airport Gate C3

Taipei Airport Gate C3

Upon arrival at the gate we saw the newly repainted Sanrio Family Hello Kitty 777-300ER which would be flying us to Los Angeles.

EVA Air Hello Kitty Sanrio Family Boeing 777-300ER

As we arrived at the gate one of the gate agents was rolling out a Hello Kitty stamp station. You could stamp your boarding pass (or any other non-original document, per the disclaimer on the station) with a Hello Kitty Los Angeles stamp.

Taipei Airport Hello Kitty gate stamp station

Taipei Airport Hello Kitty gate stamp station

Taipei Airport Hello Kitty boarding pass stamp

Summing it up, it was basically the coolest gate ever.

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  1. OMG. What a waste of time, space and money. If I were the Capt of the Hello Kitty bird I would hang my head in shame. Cheers to those who like it but unless you are an 8 year old girl I really don’t know why anybody would like it.

  2. It’s too bad you didn’t have time to wander around the rest of the terminal. There are a few other Hello Kitty-themed artifacts sprinkled about, like a pay phone, where people (well, really just girls 😉 ) use their cell phone cams to take pictures of themselves “using” the pay phone. Oh the irony.

  3. Why do you need a separate installment just for a gate? I’m dying to read the long-haul review already!!

  4. I just love seeing the middle-aged and eldery traditional men sitting at the gate with pink from the walls glowing onto their faces, while they frump there all serious-looking. Haha! Also, I wonder what you would think if you had no idea it was a Hello Kitty themed flight? I personally love it, anything festive enhances well-being into the typical traveler!

    I love all the reviews Ben!! Are you going to be keeping your boarding passes (or do you keep all your boarding passes)?

  5. I suppose this goes under the category of showing my age… but I had no idea that Hello Kitty was that big a deal. However, after reading these posts I am noticing Hello Kitty themed merchandise everywhere.

    It is all so cute that you have to love it. But it still seems odd for a major airline to be marketing to tweens and their younger sisters.

  6. AHAHAHAHA.. My father took a Hello Kitty flight a few months back, and I’m dying of laughter thinking about him in that setting.

  7. Heading there in April – thanks for doing some advance work. Will bring an extra suitcase for the Hello Kitty store purchases!

  8. If I were at that gate, I’d be the one smiling and taking a bunch of pictures, while my wife would be embarrassed and pretend to not know me.

  9. Although I’m no fan of Hello Kitty itself (herself?) I find the idea of full-on theme planes interesting, at least so long as they don’t cover up the windows or otherwise impact the experience in a negative fashion. Hopefully there’ll eventually be something more interesting to check out than Hello Kitty.

  10. @ SG — I resisted the urge, mainly because I’m already short on pages and am trying to extend its life as much as possible before getting pages added.

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