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I booked a day room at the Hilton Paris Airport for 107€. We had 13 hours in Paris and had quite a bit of work to catch up on, so I figured having a hotel room would make sense. The day room rate was valid for room use between 9AM and 6PM, though I find they’re usually pretty flexible about the exact times.

Hilton Paris Airport day use room rate

Upon deplaning we quickly cleared immigration, where to my delight there were no queues. It all just seemed too easy for Charles de Gaulle, so go figure when we got to customs they had shut down due to some security threat. We were held there for about 15 minutes before being allowed to exit the terminal.

Paris Charles de Gaulle terminal

US Airways uses terminal one at Charles de Gaulle while the Hilton is located near terminal three. So we took the inter-terminal train, which was only about a five minute ride.

Paris Charles de Gaulle terminal one train station

From there it was just a five minute walk to the hotel.

Paris Charles de Gaulle terminal three train station

Hilton Paris Airport exterior

The Hilton’s lobby was large and shiny-looking. There was also a lobby lounge in the glass-enclosed atrium. The reception desk was located near the entrance to the left. While there was only one person ahead of us in line, it took about 15 minutes till we were helped.

Hilton Paris Airport lobby

Hilton Paris Airport lobby

Hilton Paris Airport lobby

Hilton Paris Airport atrium

I’m not sure what took so long, but the check-in process took another 10 or so minutes. I was upgraded to a Twin Executive Plus room on the 6th floor on account of my Hilton HHonors Diamond status.

I took the elevator up to the sixth floor and turned left down the hallway where my room was located.

Hilton Paris Airport hallway

Hilton Paris Airport hallway

I was assigned room 612, which was located at the very end of the hallway.

Hilton Paris Airport room door

Hilton Paris Airport floorplan

The room was massive by European standards, easily 500+ square feet. Near the entryway were a couple of closets to the right.

Hilton Paris Airport Twin Hilton Executive Plus room closets

The room featured two twin beds, a seating area with two chairs and a coffee table, and a desk near the TV. The room was neither modern nor worn — certainly perfectly appointed for an airport hotel.

Hilton Paris Airport Twin Hilton Executive Plus room

Hilton Paris Airport Twin Hilton Executive Plus room

Hilton Paris Airport Twin Hilton Executive Plus room beds

Hilton Paris Airport Twin Hilton Executive Plus TV and desk

Hilton Paris Airport Twin Hilton Executive Plus chairs

The room faced the other wing of the hotel in one direction, and the airport in the other.

Hilton Paris Airport Twin Hilton Executive Plus room view

Hilton Paris Airport Twin Hilton Executive Plus room view

Back near the entrance, and across from the closets was a large bathroom with a sink, walk-in shower, tub, and toilet.

Hilton Paris Airport Twin Hilton Executive Plus room bathroom

Hilton Paris Airport Twin Hilton Executive Plus room sink

Hilton Paris Airport Twin Hilton Executive Plus room bathtub

Hilton Paris Airport Twin Hilton Executive Plus room shower

The amenities were Peter Thomas Roth branded, as is the norm at Hilton hotels.

Hilton Paris Airport Twin Hilton Executive Plus room toiletries

Once I dropped off my bags I took a quick tour of the hotel, including the pool and gym located on the first floor.

Hilton Paris Airport gym

I was rather exhausted at this point, so as I walked towards the pool didn’t notice the shallow “pond” you had to walk through to get there. Stupidly I walked right through it with my dress shoes on. Bad move.

Hilton Paris Airport pool

Hilton Paris Airport pool

While I didn’t have anything to eat while on the ground in Paris, there is an executive lounge at the hotel, located adjacent to the lobby. I checked out both the breakfast and evening happy hour spreads.

Hilton Paris Airport executive lounge

Hilton Paris Airport executive lounge hours

The lounge itself isn’t huge, though is nicely appointed and designed in such a way that it feels pretty private.

Hilton Paris Airport executive lounge

Hilton Paris Airport executive lounge

Hilton Paris Airport executive lounge

The breakfast spread — available from 7AM till 10AM — was a bit underwhelming. It just consisted of bread, pastries, cereal, cheese, meat, and some runny-looking scrambled eggs.

Hilton Paris Airport executive lounge breakfast

Hilton Paris Airport executive lounge breakfast

Hilton Paris Airport executive lounge breakfast

The evening spread wasn’t much more impressive, and consisted of nuts, olives, a few finger sandwiches, and two hot options that didn’t look especially appetizing.

Hilton Paris Airport executive lounge happy hour

Hilton Paris Airport executive lounge happy hour

Hilton Paris Airport executive lounge happy hour

I managed to nap from about 9AM till 1PM, and then worked for most of the rest of the afternoon. The highlight of that had to be the scheduled fire drill that happened at 9AM, whereby the siren went off throughout the hotel for six minutes straight. Corresponding announcements were made in English and quite entertaining. “Please accept our apologize…. please evacuate quickly but without hurrying.”

As an HHonors Diamond member the internet was complimentary, and it was quite fast. I was hoping to make it into Paris but the weather wasn’t especially nice, so ultimately decided against that.

Anyway on the whole my quick stay was extremely pleasant, and I wouldn’t hesitate to return. It’s tough to argue with a 500+ square foot room in Europe, and the service in the hotel was generally quite good as well. Last time I overnighted near the airport I stayed at the Hyatt Regency Charles de Gaulle, and I wouldn’t hesitate to return to either property.

  1. Between the Hilton and the Starwood any thoughts? I’ve stayed at the latter and as I remember it was very convenient. Is the Hilton any different in terms of access?

  2. @ Steve — I haven’t actually stayed at the Sheraton, but I think it depends on which airline you’re flying. The Sheraton is connected to terminal two so very convenient if flying SkyTeam, but for travel to/from other terminals it’s not more convenient.

  3. Immigration may be quick for you because of your German passport (or maybe the early time). For US or other nationals usually there is a long line (at least when you arrive mid-morning)

  4. Once agsin we just miss each other – i am at the PHV. Was wondering about the Hilton for a last night, but plumped for the Western by Vendome. Tried Le Meridien Etiole, not a fan.

  5. I love your blog Lucky!! You have been so helpful over the years getting my husband and I, and our two daughters, 13 and 21, to Europe twice in the last 1 1/2 years with very little out-of-pocket expenses.

    The question/curiousity is this…who is the “WE” you often talk about on your travels? “We had 13 hours in Paris and had quite a bit of work to catch up on…”
    I love when you travel with your parents…your dad is a crack-up!!

  6. @Lucky I guess what I should have asked is how far from the train to the hotel and do you have to go outside? I can’t tell from either Google maps or the online maps for CDG and from the picture you posted it looks like you are trudging through a parking lot.

    We’ll be transiting in December with 2 teenagers and while pushing a cart for a ways isn’t any big deal slugging it out, potentially through snow, outside wouldn’t be worth it.

    BTW the Sheraton is a pretty weird place. Shaped like a ship with round windows its very ultra modern in a 1960’s way sort of like the whole airport or the 1964 New York World’s fair.

    Completely different feel than Frankfurt.

  7. @ janet — Thanks so much for reading, I really appreciate it, and so happy to hear about the great trips you’ve been able to take!

    In this case I was traveling with a friend/colleague.

  8. Glad to see that you took my suggestion from Sep 2011 at last!
    We found the Hilton OK, but the Sheraton, was I think, a lot easier.

  9. Steve
    It is easily a couple of hundred yards, so be careful with luggage.
    Was not very well sign posted either to get to the front, so we ended up at the back of the hotel at first. It may be quite hard in winter. We went in the summer, but the weather was still atrocious as it often is in Paris

  10. I have stayed at Hilton CDG on many overnight connections. I live in a DL hub thus have flown AF frequently. I find it less stressful to take a Thu afternoon or evening flight to CDG instead of taking a 6-7am flight on Friday morning and worrying about making the connection (CDG can be so unpredictable). I have always been Diamond or Gold and find that they have treated me pretty much the same as far as upgrades are concerned. It is very conveniently located – just take the free CDGVAL terminal train which stops directly behind the hotel. As a bonus, the RER train station is also right there which you can take into Paris and have a nice meal. The Sheraton is also nice because you can walk to it. I would avoid the off-airport hotels like the Marriott, Park Inn, Holiday Inn, etc. because it can be a pain in the butt to get there and back (they have a free shuttle but it is often full during peak times which means you might have to wait for the next one. Can be a very time-consuming process).

  11. What on earth is the purpose of that little pond before the pool? Is it like a physical barrier to prevent you from wearing shoes to the pool deck?

  12. I stayed here about 10 days ago and can report that the queue at the front desk hasn’t improved at all, even with a staff member just standing at the cabin crew check-in waiting to check-in cabin crew (there were none, but I spotted lots of Qatar Airways crew later in the evening and when checking out).

  13. Ben, Just called to try and book a day room next September through the 800 number and was quoted 199E. Did you book it at the last minute or in advance? Rates for that night begin at 399E or of course 50K points! Thanks.

  14. @ Doug — I booked just a couple of days before arrival. I’d wait till closer to arrival and I suspect rates will drop (though you must be going over some really busy dates, because the nightly rate of 399 Euro seems REALLY high).

  15. Ben-

    That washway before the pool fooled me too. Twice.

    You should skip the lounge for breakfast at CDG Hilton. Hit the free (for Golds and above) buffet in the atrium. Fantastic, and none of that ‘ You’re just Gold so no hot food’ nonsense..

  16. “I didn’t have anything to eat while on the ground in Paris”
    Sacré bleu! That’s nearly criminal!

    I do like how you managed to avoid saying “Paris Hilton”.

  17. For what it’s worth, you may be pleasantly surprised with the rate if you can use a corporate rate code. I have stayed at Hilton CDG several times for under 120 EUR on my company’s rate. Like all Parisian hotels, there are times of the year when everything is pricey, but I’d estimate that I snagged the corp rate about 80% of my trips.

  18. @ Chris — Hilton isn’t especially with upgrades even on paid stays, but the rules are the same for award and paid stays, so a hotel’s upgrade procedure should be the same.

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