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We headed to the airport at around 6PM, and again walked to the train station and then took the inter-terminal train from terminal three to terminal one, which took about five minutes.

From the station we turned left and followed the signage towards Air China’s check-in counter.

Paris Airport Terminal One

While the terminal was mostly pretty empty, the Air China check-in counter had a massive queue which stretched around the whole side of the counter.

Air China check-in counter

Air China check-in counter

Fortunately there was no wait in the business class line. Check-in was efficient, and we were quickly issued boarding passes, lounge invitations, and priority security passes.

We headed towards passport control, which we were through in a matter of minutes. From there it was off to the Star Alliance Lounge.

Paris Charles de Gaulle terminal

Paris Charles de Gaulle terminal

At the entrance we presented our invitations but were also asked for our boarding passes, which had to be scanned. Kind of makes me wonder why they bother issuing invitations if you have to show your boarding pass anyway.

Star Alliance Lounge Paris Charles de Gaulle entrance

The first class lounge is located on the same level as the entrance, while the business class lounge is located one level down, which is rather unfortunate since the elevator in the lounge was broken.

Star Alliance Lounge Paris Charles de Gaulle stairs to business class lounge

There is a nice outdoor smoking area downstairs and to the left.

Star Alliance Lounge Paris Charles de Gaulle outdoor area

The lounge itself isn’t especially nice. While the furniture is fine, the lounge has low ceilings and is way too small for the number of passengers it’s intended to accommodate. Air China, ANA, and Asiana all have flights departing around the same time, so the lounge is packed in the evenings.

Star Alliance Lounge Paris Charles de Gaulle seating

Star Alliance Lounge Paris Charles de Gaulle seating

Star Alliance Lounge Paris Charles de Gaulle seating

Star Alliance Lounge Paris Charles de Gaulle seating

Star Alliance Lounge Paris Charles de Gaulle seating

There’s a small business center with four PCs over by the entrance as well.

Star Alliance Lounge Paris Charles de Gaulle business center

The food spread itself is actually quite good, though that might just be because I love desserts and I love ridiculously good baguettes, both of which the lounge has in spades.

The spread featured hot options, including a meat dish, vegetables, and soup.

Star Alliance Lounge Paris Charles de Gaulle food spread

Star Alliance Lounge Paris Charles de Gaulle food spread

Then there were cold options, like cheese, finger sandwiches, meat, and salad.

Star Alliance Lounge Paris Charles de Gaulle food spread

Star Alliance Lounge Paris Charles de Gaulle food spread

The lounge also has an open bar.

Star Alliance Lounge Paris Charles de Gaulle drinks

Star Alliance Lounge Paris Charles de Gaulle drinks

And then of course there are the standard packaged snacks you expect in a lounge.

Star Alliance Lounge Paris Charles de Gaulle packaged snacks

I hadn’t eaten while on the ground in Paris and wasn’t especially hungry, though couldn’t resist the rather tasty-looking chocolate tart, which was even tastier than it looked.

Star Alliance Lounge Paris Charles de Gaulle chocolate tart

WiFi in the lounge was generally slow, though I did manage to get a bit of work done. I was texting my mom from the lounge, and when I told her I was flying Air China she wasn’t very pleased — “Benji I am not sure if Air China is a good choice. I worry. I have not heard anything good about them. You should fly the Kitty plane instead.” After assuring her they have a good(ish) safety record and promising I’d text her upon landing she was a bit more at ease, I think.

We left the lounge 50 minutes before departure (at 7:30PM) given that we still had to clear security.

Walking to gate at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport

Charles de Gaulle is a generally crappy airport, though there’s something I love about the ridiculous moving sidewalks that probably should really be escalators, given that they “curve.” When walking on them I always feel like I’m about to get on Space Mountain at Disney World, or something.

Walking to gate at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport

While the general security queue was fairly long, the premium lane moved much more quickly. Our flight was leaving from gate 57, which was rather crowded. At around 7:50PM boarding began, starting with first and business class.

Paris Charles de Gaulle airport departure gate

Paris Charles de Gaulle airport departure gate

Air China 777-300ER Paris Charles de Gaulle airport

I’m not gonna lie, I was really excited to try Air China!

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  1. Not sure I’m loving the pink and yellow chairs at the gate.

    The man in the orange sweatshirt in the lounge appears to be wondering why you are taking his picture.

    Just what has your Mom heard about Air China?

    There are a lot of nick names for Benjamin, aren’t there? 😉

  2. The lounge is also very crowded in the morning with all the UA flights to US.
    There is a section with really kool lounge chairs; it is usually empty and very relaxing even when the lounge is crowded. Did you see it? Reminds me of the reclining loungy chairs at AMS airport.
    The entire Terminal 1 is so 1970’s shabby retro chic; it is supposed to be in the shape of an octopus but I think it just looks like a concrete circular slab.
    I do love the “moving sidewalks”; they feel very soft when you stand on it and if you are a little sleepy you can fall back easily.

  3. And I’m really excited to hear your full trip report about Air China. I enjoy all your reports, but this set is especially interesting because I’m putting together a 90K Euro-Asia award.

  4. Just can’t resist the Dear Daniel part, sorry! But this post was really funny – especially your mum’s text! I’m laughing in the Qatar lounge and people are giving me strange looks. LOL. But I must disagree with you on the chocolate tart, doesn’t really look appetizing. Can’t wait for the Air China trip report!

    Just wondering: why is there a shared lounge at CDG?

  5. @ “Dear Daniel” — It’s a fairly new concept for the alliance whereby they’re offering a shared lounge in their busier airports so that all the airlines save money and (in theory) they provide a more consistent experience. They also have shared lounges in Los Angeles and London, for example.

  6. FWIW, I was able to access this shared CDG Star Alliance lounge even though I was departing on a Shengen flight departing out of the other portion of Terminal 1. I was able to pass through the immigration and access this lounge (and reverse the course to get to my Shengen gate). This is helpful for the Lufthansa flights departing to Frankfurt. This Star Alliance lounge is MUCH nicer than the basement windowless dungeon lounge that Lufthansa offers here at CDG 1.

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