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Due to our late arrival in Taipei, our seven hour connection had turned into a three hour connection, which I guess wasn’t really a bad thing. Transit security was about a 10 minute walk from our gate, and there was no queue, so we were through in a matter of minutes.

Taipei Airport terminal

Taipei Airport terminal

From there it was another five minute walk to the EVA Air business class lounge, which is located on the upper level.

Taipei Airport terminal

Taipei Airport terminal

Taipei Airport lounge signage

Taipei Airport terminal from upper level

When I flew out of Taipei a few months prior I used EVA Air’s other business class lounge, The Infinity Lounge, which I have to say was a bit much for me. That lounge was basically the lovechild of TRON and The Love Boat, and between the lighting and music I just wasn’t a fan.

As a reminder, if you wouldn’t normally have access based on your ticket, there are a couple options available in Taipei for those with a credit card with lounge access.

What I hadn’t realized last time was that the business class lounge in Taipei actually has two parts. There’s The Infinity Lounge and The Star Lounge. Both have the same access requirements, so it’s simply a function of which design you prefer. The Infinity Lounge is located to the right, while The Star Lounge is located to the left.

Taipei Airport EVA Air lounge entrance

This time we went with The Star Lounge.

EVA Air The Star Lounge

The Star Lounge was much more to my liking. It was pretty neutrally designed, with quasi-IKEA furniture and a bright blue sky ceiling mural, as you’d expect at your local Italian restaurant.

EVA Air The Star Lounge entrance

A majority of the seating consisted of comfortable lounge chairs clustered together, though there was also an area with tables and chairs.

EVA Air The Star Lounge seating

EVA Air The Star Lounge seating

EVA Air The Star Lounge seating

EVA Air The Star Lounge seating

EVA Air The Star Lounge seating

EVA Air The Star Lounge seating

The buffet was similar to the one in The Infinity Lounge, and decent, if not a bit quirky. There’s a good variety of Asian and western options, though most of it didn’t look especially appetizing. I found the 7-11 style hot-dog-rolling-grilling-machine-things and full size ice cream cooler particularly funny.

EVA Air The Star Lounge buffet

EVA Air The Star Lounge buffet

EVA Air The Star Lounge buffet

EVA Air The Star Lounge buffet

EVA Air The Star Lounge buffet

EVA Air The Star Lounge buffet

EVA Air The Star Lounge buffet

EVA Air The Star Lounge buffet

EVA Air The Star Lounge buffet

EVA Air The Star Lounge buffet

EVA Air The Star Lounge drinks

EVA Air The Star Lounge coffee

Wifi in the lounge was fairly fast, and on the whole it was a much more neutral and pleasant experience than The Infinity Lounge, in my opinion.

We left the lounge roughly an hour before our 11:55PM flight to head to our departure gate, C3. If you think the check-in experience at Tokyo Narita was Hello Kitty-fied, wait till you see the departure gate. šŸ˜‰

Taipei Airport terminal

Taipei Airport terminal

  1. What is the white appliance in picture 19?

    If you had more time, would you have exited security to see what the Hello Kitty check-in was like at TPE?

  2. @ JohnBom — Hmmm, good question. It says “Wisca” and “Clean & Comfort & Health.” Anyone know what it is?

  3. I was there last month for the first time, and visited again on my return trip. One of the better lounges I’ve been to. Tons of food options!

    @mason – be sure to ask about the showers at the front desk when you arrive, if you intend to use them. There was a line both times we were there. Even at a slower time of day, with the lounge fairly empty, my guest had to get a pager to wait for one to become available.

  4. Lucky – thanks for this. Your post earlier this year helped me snag some seats on EVA on a trip I’m taking in a few weeks to visit my grandmother in India, and I look forward to using the lounge in TPE as well.

  5. I’d prefer the Infinity Lounge. More fun than beige and bland. I’ll be transiting TPE in a few months to see for myself.

    Thanks for the report.

  6. @Lucky – Thank you for posting the Taipei airport pictures. Did you have to go through a transfer desk or Security check in Taipei?

  7. @ Tony — Yes, had to go through a security check, but there was no need to go through a transfer desk since I already had my connecting boarding pass.

  8. @ JohnBom — Forgot to answer the second part. Yes, originally was planning on clearing security so I could see the Hello Kitty check-in area, but due to time restraints that didn’t work out.

  9. Do you know if I can enter the EVA lounge (Star or Infinity) using US Airways Club? As far as I know, US Airways is still in Star Alliance until March, and EVA is also now Star Alliance. I couldn’t find more info from their website, just thought you could provide input. Thanks.

  10. @ Mona — If I’m not mistaken as long as you’re flying EVA you should have access based on your club membership card, assuming you fly by March.

  11. Thanks for this review. In my hotel in Taipei about to head to te airport, and was going to shower here if the lounge didn’t have those facilities. Looks like it does tho, so thanks!

  12. I am a Gold member status with United and will be flying to TPE with EVA Air in December. In TPE, I know they have a Gold Member lounge. Do they also have a shower facility in the Gold Member lounge? Thanks.

  13. The Eva Airlines Star Alliance Lounge at Taipei Airport is the WORST flagship city lounge of any airline in the Star Alliance program. Other airlines take pride in their lounges in their flagship cities (hello Turkish Airlines Star Alliance Lounge in Istanbul, or the Star Alliance Lounge at LAX, etc, but for whatever reason the folks who run Eva Airlines put no money or no thought into this lounge. Ironically, the Eva Airlines lounge at Bangkok airport is very nice—-so why have such a mediocre lounge at their hub airport? How can that be? There’s a priority lounge down that hall that is much better—-even has massaging chairs and a great business center—-just bring your diners club card or your Priority Card or approximately USD $40 for a visit.

    Note: The best thing about the lounge is the entryway—you think you’re about to walk into a wonderful lounge until you turn left and discover you’re in an area that is similar to a college cafeteria.

  14. Hi,
    I travel once a year on EVA to Vietnam. We always have a long layover in Taipai. I travel on a Economy deluxe ticket. I would like access to one of their lounges. How do I signup for the EVA citibank card? I live in the U.S. I called Citibank in the US and they said they could not help me. Any help?

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