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I had two nights in Frankfurt, and wanted to review a new hotel. So far I’ve reviewed the Westin Grand Frankfurt, Sheraton Frankfurt Airport, Le Meridien Parkhotel Frankfurt, InterContinental Frankfurt, and Hilton Frankfurt Airport. Since I recently reviewed the Hilton Frankfurt Airport and am still an Honors Diamond member I figured I might as well stay at the Hilton Frankfurt, so I can review Hilton’s city offering.

Ever since the Hilton Honors devaluation back in March, my Honors points spending strategy is to simply redeem them when it’s not a horrible value. The Hilton Frankfurt was either ~220 Euros per night or 50,000 Honors points (since it’s a category eight Honors property). This was hardly an aspirational redemption, but I figured I might as well, since using points wasn’t a horrible value. While I need a damn good reason to redeem Hyatt Gold Passport or Starwood Preferred Guest points, I typically need a damn good reason not to burn Hilton Honors points.

The Hilton Frankfurt is generally well regarded, so I was looking forward to checking it out. The hotel is about a 20 minute walk from the Hauptbahnhof. I wasn’t expecting I’d enjoy being outside in Frankfurt in December, but the weather was gorgeous — it was 50 degrees, and with all the beautiful Christmas Markets it’s really nice to walk outside.

Hilton Frankfurt exterior

Hilton Frankfurt exterior

Hilton Frankfurt entrance

The lobby is airy with an atrium stretching all the floors of the hotel. Reception is located to the right, and I was immediately assisted by the friendly associate. She informed me I was assigned a King Executive Room on the 11th floor, and reminded me of all the other benefits I get like complimentary internet, access to the executive lounge, breakfast in the restaurant, etc.

Hilton Frankfurt lobby

Hilton Frankfurt lobby

Hilton Frankfurt lobby

Hilton Frankfurt atrium

Hilton Frankfurt atrium

I took the glass elevator to the 11th floor, where I quickly found my room, 1119. It was the first room, right next to the executive lounge.

Hilton Frankfurt hallway

Hilton Frankfurt room entrance

Hilton Frankfurt floorplan

I generally associate Hiltons with being a bit dated, but the room was actually gorgeous. It was modern, spacious (enough), and well appointed. There was a small hallway at the entrance with the bathroom to the right.

Hilton Frankfurt King Executive Room entrance

Past the bathroom entrance was a closet.

Hilton Frankfurt King Executive Room closet

The room featured a king bed, chair with ottoman, desk with a rolling office chair, and a flat screen TV.

Hilton Frankfurt King Executive Room

Hilton Frankfurt King Executive Room bed

Hilton Frankfurt King Executive Room desk and TV

Hilton Frankfurt King Executive Room desk

There was even a small welcome amenity waiting for me, consisting of a bottle of Evian water and some Christmas treats.

Hilton Frankfurt King Executive Room Diamond welcome amenity

Hilton Frankfurt King Executive Room Diamond welcome amenity

The room had a decent view of Frankfurt, not that there’s much to speak of when it comes to the skyline…

Hilton Frankfurt King Executive Room view

Hilton Frankfurt King Executive Room view

The bathroom was a decent size and featured a bathtub, walk-in shower, toilet, and sink.

Hilton Frankfurt King Executive Room bathroom

Hilton Frankfurt King Executive Room bathroom

Hilton Frankfurt King Executive Room shower

Hilton Frankfurt King Executive Room bathtub

Toiletries were the brand standard Peter Thomas Roth ones. Bleh.

Hilton Frankfurt King Executive Room toiletries

So I really liked the room. It’s also worth noting that the internet in the room was legitimately high speed. It’s sad that’s noteworthy, but I rarely find it to be the case, so…

The only weird thing about the room was a rattling noise I heard every few hours throughout my stay. It sounded a bit like a cart rolling down the hallway with a bunch of glasses. It wasn’t loud or frequent enough to truly be bothersome, though I did find it a bit odd.

As an Honors Diamond member the hotel gave me the option of having breakfast either in the restaurant or the executive lounge, so I had breakfast at the Pacific Colors Restaurant the first morning. I was up early and the restaurant starts serving breakfast at 6:30AM, while the executive lounge only starts serving breakfast at 7AM. The restaurant was a bit quirky, from the name to the design, but service was friendly and the spread was good.

Hilton Frankfurt Pacific Colors Restaurant

Hilton Frankfurt breakfast spread

Hilton Frankfurt breakfast spread

Hilton Frankfurt breakfast spread

Hilton Frankfurt breakfast spread

Hilton Frankfurt breakfast spread

Hilton Frankfurt breakfast spread

Hilton Frankfurt breakfast spread

Hilton Frankfurt breakfast spread

Hilton Frankfurt breakfast spread

Hilton Frankfurt breakfast spread

Hilton Frankfurt breakfast spread

And they made a mean cappuccino, which, really, is all it takes to make me happy in life.

Hilton Frankfurt cappuccino at breakfast

The executive lounge felt a bit like a makeshift effort. It was set up on the 11th and 12th floors, basically right as you come out of the elevators. There’s a staircase connecting the lounge on both levels. It kind of feels like they just put some tables in the hallway and called it a lounge, since in order to even get on the floor you literally have to walk through the lounge. Odd, but it was never crowded, so I appreciated that.

Hilton Frankfurt executive lounge

Hilton Frankfurt executive lounge

Hilton Frankfurt executive lounge

Hilton Frankfurt executive lounge

The lounge served breakfast, refreshments during the day, afternoon tea, and then evening snacks. The schedule is as follows:


During the day the lounge has soft drinks set up along with cookies, crackers, olives, and nuts.

Hilton Frankfurt executive lounge daytime spread

Hilton Frankfurt executive lounge daytime spread

Hilton Frankfurt executive lounge daytime spread

The evening spread was pretty lackluster, and consisted of small plates and a hot chicken dish.

Hilton Frankfurt executive lounge evening spread

Hilton Frankfurt executive lounge evening spread

There was also self serve wine and a small afternoon tea-style tray with desserts.

Hilton Frankfurt executive lounge evening spread

By comparison the breakfast spread was pretty good, and consisted of yogurt, fruit, cereal, bread, cheese, meat, all kinds of pastries, etc.

Hilton Frankfurt executive lounge breakfast spread

Hilton Frankfurt executive lounge breakfast spread

Hilton Frankfurt executive lounge breakfast spread

Hilton Frankfurt executive lounge breakfast spread

Hilton Frankfurt executive lounge breakfast spread

Hilton Frankfurt executive lounge breakfast spread

Hilton Frankfurt executive lounge breakfast spread

It also had what was hands down the runniest egg dish I’ve ever seen.

Hilton Frankfurt executive lounge breakfast spread

Unfortunately the hotel’s gym was closed for renovation during my stay, so I didn’t have a chance to check it out. According to the hotel’s website it will reopen on January 23, 2014.

In terms of the Hilton’s location, it’s within walking distance of just about anywhere you could want to go. Then again, Frankfurt is fairly centralized, so there’s not really a hotel I’ve stayed at in the city that I’d say has an inconvenient location. But the Hilton was especially practical for the Christmas Markets, since it was a five minute walk to some of the major ones.

Anyway, I felt this was a really solid Hilton. I don’t think I’ve ever been delighted by a Hilton stay, but I certainly wouldn’t hesitate to return if the price is right. When in the Frankfurt area I sometimes like to stay in Mainz, which is just a 20 minute train ride away and has more of a small city feel, as I quite like the Hyatt Regency Mainz. Otherwise I find both the Westin Grand Frankfurt and Le Meridien Parkhotel Frankfurt to be great options and generally good with suite upgrades. Besides, I’m usually more in need of Starwood nights than anything else when it comes to requalifying for status.

So I’ll certainly add this hotel to the list of Frankfurt hotels to consider in the future, though don’t feel like it really has anything that the others don’t.

Fair enough?

  1. First of all great TR! I’m really enjoying it a lot. On a slightly unrelated note I was wondering wether or not airlines have less flights on major holidays (ie Thanksgiving and Christmas)? It’s kinda a weird question but I’ve been wondering that for a while now. Thanks and Merry Christmas!

  2. Review spot on, it was a great place to stay before devaluation. Close to the pedestrian walkway and restaurants. Staff always great. Executive lounge is ok but seems like a little bit of an afterthought in where it is placed in the hotel.

  3. Love this hotel. I was a frequent guest when it first opened 10 years ago! Great locations and amazing fitness centre and pool. There is a really nice park next door with a pond, good for a walk-about.

  4. Considering that hotels in Frankfurt are generally quite cheap compared to most other major cities, I’d say that €220 is pretty bad value.

    I would on the other hand recommend the Radisson Blu which is Europe’s only round hotel. The rooms offered a spectacular view of the Frankfurt Skyline, and the breakfast buffet was very respectable as well. One of the better Radissons I’ve stayed at, and with rates starting at €79 (eligible for the Gold 2-4-1 weekend rates) it’s perhaps the best bang for the buck you can get in Frankfurt.

  5. Thanks for your detailed information and pictures you shared on this site. It is definitely helpful and informative about the hotel. I personally like to know before I choose any hotel before I make a decision where I want to stay for a short or long stay for my business and/or leisure trips. It seems like you cover pretty much all facet of the hotel except the valet parking (€31 per day), no self-parking
    Thanks again for your information!

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