How To Redeem Miles For Singapore’s New A380 Suites (Without Waitlisting)

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A bit over a year ago Singapore Airlines introduced their new A380 Suites product. The seats look ridiculously impressive, and I know this is a product many people want to try. I’ve reviewed Singapore’s new A380 Suites on a flight between Sydney and Singapore. The product is no doubt cool-looking, but also disappointing in terms of the functionality.

Eventually all A380s will feature the new Suites, though that’s a drawn out process. As of now just five A380s feature the new Suites product (these planes have been delivered in the past 18 months), and then by next year Singapore’s remaining A380s should be reconfigured with these new seats.

The catch is that Singapore Airlines significantly reduced Suites capacity with the introduction of this product. The former A380 Suites cabin featured 12 seats, while the new cabin features just six seats.

Not surprisingly, this smaller cabin has also meant that there’s a lot less award availability, given that it’s easier to sell six seats than 12 seats.

As of now Singapore flies the reconfigured A380 to Hong Kong, London, Shanghai, Sydney, and Zurich. You’ll almost never find Saver seats in Suites on those flights, though. You can always waitlist an award, but the odds of it clearing are minimal. Otherwise some routes have awards at the higher award rates, but who wants to pay those if it can be avoided? 😉

However, there is one exception, as there’s one route where Singapore actually makes new A380 Suites seats available in advance.

Specifically, Singapore Airlines releases a good amount of new A380 Suites space on their flight between Singapore and Shanghai. The airline operates this route several times per day, though generally only the following frequency is operated by an A380 with the new cabins:

SQ830 Singapore to Shanghai departing 9:45AM arriving 3:05PM
SQ833 Shanghai to Singapore departing 4:50PM arriving 10:20PM

A one-way Suites ticket between Singapore and Shanghai would cost you 53,000 KrisFlyer miles.

Indeed when you get to the seatmap you can verify the aircraft type.

Even more amazing is that some flights even have two Saver seats, which would allow you to assign seats that can be converted into a double bed.

You can also book this as part of a larger award, which could be an even better value. For example, for 106,000 miles one-way you could fly from Shanghai to Singapore to Melbourne.

If you’re interested in booking this flight but don’t have KrisFlyer miles, KrisFlyer is transfer partners with Amex Membership Rewards, Capital One, Chase Ultimate Rewards, and Citi ThankYou, so there are lots of easy ways to earn those points.

Earn KrisFlyer miles with:

Singapore Airlines makes most premium cabin award space available exclusively to members of their own KrisFlyer program, so you couldn’t book this with partner airline miles.

Bottom line

Obviously in an ideal world you’d fly this product on a long haul flight where you can fully enjoy the service and rest. However, with only six seats in the cabin it’s highly unlikely you’ll find Saver space.

Being able to redeem KrisFlyer miles for Singapore’s new A380 Suites between Singapore and Shanghai is a great opportunity to try this product. Even better, there’s often award availability for two, so you can try out the double bed. To get even better value, book this as part of a larger award.

Has anyone redeemed miles for Singapore’s new A380 Suites?

(Tip of the hat to PinterPoin)

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  1. @Lucky, do you know which routes will these news suites will come to and when? Any chances of SIN to JFK or EWR in the not too far future? Thanks!

  2. I’m booked on the SYD-SIN route and connecting to ICN. It wasn’t cheap at a total of 160k Krisflier miles, but I wanted to check out the A380 and 777 product as well as the Private Room.

  3. Best chance to get Singapore first or new business using UA miles? Any specific routes? Or is it impossible?

  4. I’m flying SYD-SIN in Suite 3F in May on RTW19 2.0, spending two nites at MBS then Private Room before continuing on to Tokyo on the 777. Kailash got a better deal, I used 180,000 miles transferred from cc. Still waiting to have availability on 1st leg IAD-AUH, then AUH-SYD in EY Apartment 4A. Used 90,000 AA miles in a good deal. Finally back home on ANA using the return from January‘s RTW19 1.0

  5. What an incredible waste of miles for a 5 hour (daytime or partially evening) flight! I understand doing it for review purposes but otherwise that’s crazy.

  6. Yea I don’t think so. I want to see the new suites product but I’m not shelling out all those miles for a five hour flight. That being said if they offer those flights on a heavy discount I might be willing to pay a slight premium in points or cash for them.

  7. At least last year availability was, and still might be good, for SIN-HKG in the new suites.

    Me and my SA did JFK-FRA-SIN (stopover) -HKG with the first part in the old suites (still really quite nice) and the last leg in the new suites. We were able to get saver for two all the way. Helps a great deal if you are flexible with dates.

  8. I flew the new suites twice last year for 80,000 krisflyer miles SYD-SIN-HKG and will admit the SIN-HKG leg was a different experience from SYD-SIN (SYD-SIN was better overall.) thx for the tip back in 2017 when I booked this trip!!!

  9. I did PVG SIN AKL in F for 98000 KF miles, which is just 18000 KF miles more than SIN AKL. Theoretically HKG SIN AKL would be the same price as SIN AKL (80000 KF miles), but those awards were not bookable at the saver level despite trying months in advance and sending chasers.
    Must admit the PVG SIN in the suite leg was too short to really enjoy. But considering I still got to AKL in F in the new 777F (4 seat F cabin) I saw it more a as a freebie and hence It’s been pretty cool. Also the pho in PVG was good.

  10. @Ryan. Not really acqaste when you have 7 million UR points like I do. What the heck, I’ll give it a try.

  11. Unless you are willing to submit your fingerprints (to get a visa), forget about traveling to China. There is a virtual wall going up and around China, so unless you really want (or need) to go there. Stuff like that (and U.S.-China trade war rhetoric) is why flight availability to China is plentiful.

  12. A 14-16 hour flight is well worth extra miles. A 4-6 hour flight, not so much so.

    Now might be a good time to visit China, though.

  13. @Ralph

    HKG-SIN-AKL is definitely bookable with miles. I did it. And, back then, it was Suites the whole way.

    As for the rest of you whining about paying 53K for a flight, on arguably the world’s best airline, on an A380, in F, with a double bed, and doors, just because it’s not a 10 hour flight, allow me to remind you that UA charges 35K for EWRLAX.

    And that business… On United… For the same flight length.

  14. SQ often offers special fare paid upgrades (at around 1K SGD) on their SYD SIN route – just ring them up before the flight (if you are booked in business), gets you at least around 8 hours of a day flight suite experience. As Solitaire that is also the route (in both directions) where the chances of upgrades are the highest out of experience flying the sector about every two weeks.

  15. I agree with a lot of people here, I wouldn’t even remotely enjoy the Suites experience for a mere regional flight. But if many people like Lucky would be content with using their miles for trips like these I suppose that’s less competition for space for the rest of us.

  16. 2x saver awards booked PVG-SIN for July! I live in Shanghai and want to visit Singapore so this was sort of a no brainer, it’s a short flight but it will be my girlfriend’s first time in F and when I saw 2 saver seats on the flight we wanted I just couldn’t say no

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