Qantas Building First Class Lounge In Singapore

A few months ago I wrote about the problem Qantas had with their Singapore lounge. It is a shared business and first class lounge, and was built when Qantas A380 flights to London routed via Dubai, rather than via Singapore, as they do now.

While the lounge is generally well regarded, by far its biggest problem is overcrowding, to the point where Qantas was forced to send some eligible customers to other third party lounges.

The other problem was that when Qantas moved A380 services (with first class) back to Singapore, there were a lot more lounge guests, and no real first class features for passengers given in the Singapore lounge, beyond a reserved table and the offer of a glass of champagne.

Contrast this with the fantastic first class lounges in Sydney and Melbourne, where passengers receive menus, cooked to order food and spa treatments.

Qantas First Lounge, Los Angeles

Qantas was stuck here — they didn’t seem to have any additional space where the current lounge was located to expand. Singapore is Qantas’ largest foreign hub.

Fortunately Qantas has this week announced a solution to their Singapore lounge problems — they are building a first class lounge as well as increasing capacity in the existing business class lounge.

First Lounge

The new Singapore first lounge, set to open in late 2019, will feature capacity for 240 guests and will have a la carte dining (as in other Qantas first lounges), with an Asian flavour developed by their long time celebrity chef Neil Perry. It will also feature shower suites, though it looks like it will not include any spa treatments/massage rooms.

Qantas new First Lounge (artist impression)

Qantas has confirmed to AusBT that the first lounge will not be located in the same location as the business class lounge — instead of being in the Terminal 1C Pier, the new Singapore first lounge will be located in the Terminal 1D Pier (presumably as this was the only place where they could find sufficient space to build the new lounge).

Business Lounge

The existing Singapore (business class) lounge will have its capacity extended to almost 600 people by adding chairs in some currently unused space, so with be a sizable lounge.

With first class and oneworld Emerald passengers moving to the new first lounge, hopefully the overcrowding will be a thing of the past once the two lounge are both operating.

Bottom line

This is a great solution for Qantas.

I expect the new first lounge will be outstanding — as an airline, I think they do new premium lounges really well.

Have you visited the Qantas lounge in Singapore?


  1. Quantas’ lounges might be better than competition, and actually Singapore Lounge is way better than those of Singapore Airlines, but their A380 J class is a disaster…
    Not sure what is the difference in terms of $$ but I’d invest first in an upgrade onboard and then build new lounges

  2. I am curious – Qantas has been spending an enormous amount on lounges in key airports. But does anyone really choose an airline for a lounge? Is there any attempt to measure the positive financial impact of these investments on sales / overall revenue, or are they primarily directed to Qantas Club members? Given that QF First Class is probably on its way out with the A380, this seems like an unusual way to spend money….

  3. I wonder if Qantas Platinum frequeny flyers (OneWorld Emerald) flying Jetstar out of Singapore will be allowed access to the lounge like they are in Melbourne and Sydney? I would assume the answer is yes, but Jetstar Asia offers some very cheap fares that don’t really have any equivalent to what is available flying out of Melbourne or Sydney.

  4. @ AC – I would expect it to have the same entry requirements as the Sydney and Melbourne F lounges, so yes Qantas platinums would have access when flying Jetstar.

  5. QF can try all they want but you can not compete with even the simple Krisflyer gold lounges. The SilverKris Lounge is so grandiose that one contemplates skipping their flight just to enjoy the lounge.

  6. @SQFirst

    Huh? I was in that lounge as an SQ J passenger a few months ago but wasn’t impressed – it was so busy I couldn’t find a seat! No one would miss a flight to stay in that lounge.

  7. @Nev Johnson – Have you ever thought that some people don’t have time to read every aviation blog known to mankind or follow this type of news, so what’s posted here is the only place we’ll read something like this? Who cares if you read this a day or two ago? It’s new for a lot of people here. Don’t be a douche.

  8. @JDS I suggest next time asking for the head concierge at the SQ lounge. Query as to why you are not able to find a seat. They will accommodate you with your request. Especially if J class. SQ is all about customer service. You will not find this level of customer service at any other airline. Especially the atrocious American & European carriers for whom I loathe.

  9. Man o man people are cutting at times about this blog. Don’t like go elsewhere. I’m QF plat1 and chairman’s lounge and didn’t know about the new F lounge in SIN till I just read it here. Get a life. Go pay for one if you don’t like it, or start your own.

  10. People do choose arilines/alliances based on lounges – I fly around 300k miles a year between Australia and mostly Europe in Y. As an OWE, having access to F lounges, is one of the reasons I keep flying oneWorld.
    I’d been flying via HKG when ever I could only because The Pier, getting a Qantas F in SIN would make transits (I do 10+ of those per year) and visits in Changi much more palatable.

  11. I think it’s important to be consistent with the nomenclature. You’ve used both “First Class Lounge” (including in the title) and “First Lounge”, but Qantas uses only the latter. It’s a subtle but key difference.

  12. @John I guess the airline is actually looking to develop additional revenue streams by building lounges in key hubs, since they likely charge their Oneworld partners and codeshares for every non-QF flight number making use of the lounge.
    It will likely be far less than it costs to buy lounge access, but still profitable to the airline..

  13. Pity they didnt spend some money on a lounge solution in Bangkok.The Qantas alternative there is like an upholstered toilet. Shame Qantas !!!

  14. The current Singapore lounge is a disgrace with capacity. Qantas should be ashamed of not planning ahead — there are no excuses. They knew for at least a year that capacity would go through the roof, and did nothing. I’m a Qantas Platinum and was recently refused access when flying Qatar out of Singapore. When you’re denying your most valuable customers access, then things are out of control.

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