Qantas First Class Lounge Singapore Opening Soon

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There’s an update about what promises to be one of the best new oneworld lounges out there.

Qantas First Class Lounge Coming To Singapore

About a year ago we learned that Qantas plans on opening a first class lounge at Singapore Changi Airport. Qantas has had serious crowding issues with their Singapore lounge, so it makes sense that they’d be looking to expand capacity.

The reason for the crowding issues is that they now have significantly more capacity to Singapore, as their A380 London flights operate via Singapore rather than Dubai.

What’s most exciting is that they’re not just increasing capacity, but they’re opening a first class lounge, which is only their fourth first class lounge in the system, after Sydney, Melbourne, and Los Angeles.

Qantas First Lounge Los Angeles

The new Qantas First Class Lounge Singapore will have the capacity for 240 guests, so it will be quite large.

Like other first class lounges, it will feature a la carte dining, with a menu developed by celebrity chef Neil Perry (though it will have an Asian flair).

The lounge will also have shower suites, though won’t have any spa treatment rooms.

Qantas First Lounge Singapore rendering

Lounge Opening November 2019

We’ve known all along that the Qantas First Lounge Singapore was slated to open in late 2019, though ET shares that the lounge will be opening in mid-late November 2019 (though there’s no exact date yet).

That’s great news, because airport construction projects are almost always delayed, so I expected that when they initially announced late 2019, we were looking at some point in 2020 for the lounge. It looks like that’s not the case.

Qantas First Class Lounge Access Requirements

The access requirements will be the same as they are for all other Qantas First Lounges. Access will be available to all oneworld first class passengers, as well as all oneworld Emerald members traveling on any oneworld flight.

Oneworld first class & Emerald passengers will have access

Qantas First Lounge Singapore Hours & Location

The hours are expected to match that of the Qantas Business Lounge Singapore, which is currently from 2:30PM until 11PM daily (though that changes seasonally based on flight schedules).

The Qantas First Lounge Changi will be located in Terminal 1. Instead of being near the C gates (like the Business Lounge), it will instead be located near the D gates, since that’s where they could get available space.

Qantas’ Flights To Singapore

Singapore is Qantas’ largest foreign station, and they currently have the following seven daily flights from Singapore:

  • 1x daily flight to Brisbane (A330)
  • 1x daily flight to London (A380)
  • 2x daily flights to Melbourne (A380 and A330)
  • 1x daily flight to Perth (A330)
  • 2x daily flights to Sydney (A380 and A330)

Of course oneworld travelers on other airlines are also welcome to use the lounge, assuming the opening hours work.

Qantas has seven daily flights to Singapore

Bottom Line

I can’t wait for the new Qantas First Lounge Changi, which should be opening in about two months. With capacity for 240 travelers it should not only offer many people a far superior experience, but should also help with crowding in the business class section of the lounge.

While Changi Airport as such is awesome, the airport largely lacks great lounges. Even Singapore Airlines’ Private Room, which is their most exclusive lounge, isn’t much to get excited about.

Singapore Airlines Private Room Changi Airport

Are you excited to check out the Qantas First Lounge Singapore?

  1. So if it’s anything like LAX, we’ll have another mid-tier in-airport restaurant experience with poor seating choices for those wishing to work (on a laptop), a sterile and unimaginative shower experience that’s akin to a hospital bathroom, no views of anything remotely cool at the airport, and the complete absence of anything to make the experience feel luxurious beyond craft cocktails and a “chef-curated” menu? Though it does beat The Private Room.

  2. It presumably won’t be as exclusive as some other OW First lounges since any OW Emerald can use it even if flying in Economy on a OW airline.

  3. Did Qantas shrink its lounge in Singapore? They used to have 2 daily A380/747 flights to London via Singapore before they started their partnership with Emirates so seems like crowding would have been an even bigger issue back then.

  4. Tom – CX operate from Terminal 4 at Changi and you can’t access the other Terminals with a T4 boarding pass (and vice versa).

    Lucky – you also need to factor in the Jetstar flights operating from/to Changi. Whilst not a OW airline those holding QFF status can enjoy QF lounges whilst flying Jetstar. Albeit they cannot use any other OW lounges.

  5. I’ve given up bothering with QF F in MEL and SYD. The table service is a PITA: slow ( slow even to get indifferent coffee), boring food, too many wankers among the guests.
    The J lounges are perfectly adequate . Indeed, the Singapore lounge is great…just too busy. They would be better to offer an upgraded physical space without the trendy menu ( and long wait).

  6. That’s awesome! I have a JAL ticket from Singapore in December and I can’t wait to access this lounge with my OW Emerald status.

  7. I went past the building site on Friday last week, and must say looking at the progress that I could glimpse through the open door of the hoarding, I would be surprised if it opens in November. Also, as speculated above there won’t be any tarmac views (or views of anything at all) as far as I could tell.

  8. Technically Singapore will be Qantas’ fifth First Class Lounge (along with SYD, MEL, LAX & AKL).

    You’d be forgiven for forgetting about the AKL F Lounge though; compared to the others it is certainly miles behind in every aspect imaginable (unless plastic wrapped sandwiches are your thing). So much so in fact, that it is earmarked to be removed and replaced by a new QF International Lounge precinct similar to what they have in BNE and currently in SIN.

    As Qantas hasn’t flown F to AKL in years it’s only OW Emeralds and EK F passengers being able to access the lounge anyway.

  9. Im pleased to hear – anything new promoting or adding value to an airport experience should always be welcomed- good on you QF-cant wait

  10. The QF F lounge will be very nice but November is optimistic. I’ve been told more likely December and better to be a bit late and get it all right. How many lounges have you known to be opened as originally indicated, most are a bit late.
    AR you want sterile unimaginative (and an unwanted sauna) for a shower room, then use the shower rooms for Emirates first in Dubai
    QF do a great job with their first lounges and in my view any criticism if them is just being picky.

  11. @crosscourt – I tend to agree with that sentiment. Way back in the early 2000’s previous QF mgmt set out a mission to build a world’s best first lounge in Sydney. The quality of the fitout was second to none, and as a result has aged well. And service and food was a very high standard. You can tell that current Qantas mgmt (and bean counters) have watered down the concept slightly, but generally speaking they are still very good and any reasonable person would be happy to pass time there.

  12. Qantas does not have any First Class lounges, only First lounges. There is frequently a second-daily Perth service.

  13. Sadly, AR’s response to this thread sets the tone. Completely unimaginative and devoid of any logic. I would be surprised if this poster has any integrity, or experience of ‘world travel’. Disgraceful response. Reaks of Millenieal entitlement….

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