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I reviewed the Park Hyatt Vienna just over a year ago, so I’ll keep this review pretty short. We spent three nights at the Park Hyatt Vienna, and I managed to book both rooms using Points + Cash, which cost $150 plus 12,500 Gold Passport points per night. I considered that to be a pretty good value in comparison to the paid rate of 400EUR+ per night, or even in comparison to redeeming 25,000 points per room.


I used a Diamond Suite Upgrade Award for one room, though they ended up upgrading both rooms to suites, which was extremely generous. This is an area where I find that Hyatt consistently excels. While they don’t award stay credits for multiple rooms, I find that more often than not they honor all elite benefits for both rooms.

At a minimum, if you make a “Guest of Honor” booking you’re guaranteed elite benefits when redeeming points for others, even if you’re not traveling with them.

Let me simply say that just about everything about our Park Hyatt Vienna stay was perfect again. I won’t cover the public facilities or breakfast, since my experience was very similar to last time.

However, I figured I’d post some pictures of our suite, since it was slightly different than the one I had last time. Given the unique building the hotel is in, not all rooms within each category are the same.

While we had two Park Suites, they weren’t quite the same — we gave the same one I had last time to Ford’s mom since I thought the suite was a bit nicer, while we took the other suite, which was still very nice, but not quite as great.

Our Park Suite featured a beautiful, large entryway with the entrance to the bathroom to the right, the living room straight ahead, and a couple of closets to the left.

Park Hyatt Vienna Park Suite entryway

Park Hyatt Vienna Park Suite entryway

The living room was beautiful, with a couch and chair surrounding a coffee table, as well as a desk in the corner by the window.

Park Hyatt Vienna Park Suite living room

Park Hyatt Vienna Park Suite desk

The TV was “hidden,” in the sense that there was a mirror that could be lifted to reveal the TV — very cool setup!

Park Hyatt Vienna Park Suite living room

Park Hyatt Vienna Park Suite living room

There was a welcome amenity consisting of fruit and chocolate (last time around we got to pick out an amenity, which wasn’t the case this time, though I wasn’t about to complain given that they upgraded our second room to a suite for free).

Park Hyatt Vienna Park Suite welcome gift

The living room was separated from the bedroom by a door. The bedroom had a comfortable king size bed.

Park Hyatt Vienna Park Suite bedroom

In the corner was a chair with an ottoman, as well as a chair and table, which could be used to get ready.

Park Hyatt Vienna Park Suite bedroom

Park Hyatt Vienna Park Suite bedroom sitting area

Much like in the living room, the TV was hidden.

Park Hyatt Vienna Park Suite bedroom

What made this suite a bit different than the one I had last time is that the bathroom could only be accessed from the foyer, while last time it could also be accessed from the bedroom.

The bathroom setup was very similar otherwise, though. The bathrooms at this hotel really are gorgeous.

Park Hyatt Vienna Park Suite bathroom

Park Hyatt Vienna Park Suite bathroom

Park Hyatt Vienna Park Suite double sinks

Park Hyatt Vienna Park Suite shower

Park Hyatt Vienna Park Suite bathtub

Park Hyatt Vienna Park Suite toilet

The hotel has Blaise Mautin toiletries, and much like last time, I found the scent to be bizarrely unpleasant.

Our suite was on the fifth floor, so we had a view of a nearby building. The Park Hyatt Vienna faces a pedestrian block, so it’s very quiet in the rooms.

Park Hyatt Vienna Park Suite view

Perhaps the best part of visiting the Park Hyatt Vienna around Christmas is that there’s a market right outside the door of the hotel. While it wasn’t the biggest in Vienna, it was incredibly charming, and we went there every night for a drink.

Christmas markets outside Park Hyatt Vienna

Park Hyatt Vienna bottom line

The main point of this post is to say that my second stay at the Park Hyatt Vienna was every bit as good as my first, and this remains one of my favorite Hyatt properties in the world. This hotel is a great deal on Points + Cash, and Diamond Suite Upgrades can secure some very nice suites.

If you haven’t been to Vienna or this hotel, I highly recommend them both.

  1. Ben, I had a stay at this property in november, and it was definitely the best Hyatt property I have stayed so far. Paid the same rate as you (cash + points) and was upgraded to the same suite as you, but I didn’t use the DSU. I was just upgraded during check-in. Had an amazing stay, and the in-room breakfast for diamond members was the highlight of our stay. Looking forward to stay there again.

  2. FYI, the order of the pictures is messed up. There is no picture of the Christmas markets or the view for example. Hotel looks great though

  3. Can we please stop with the never ending hyping of Hyatt. World of Hyatt has gutted any reason to stay at, or remain loyal to, Hyatt aside from nightly rate considerations as compared to equivalent competitors and Hyatt is generally more expensive anyway. Is the Park Hyatt Vienna a great property, and is the Park Suite a stunning room, yes absolutely. Has World of Hyatt also made it totally inaccessible to a majority of your reader base after 2017….uh yeah. So can we all please just get over Hyatt and move on. If Hyatt wants to shoot themselves in the foot so be it, but even as a current Hyatt Diamond (and not just a 25 stay Diamand) and soon the be Globalist, I’m done with Hyatt.

  4. @ Evan–wow, aren’t you entitled! So you are done with Hyatt, so everyone else should be, too…and no one should even bother to review Hyatt properties ever again?

    You qualify as a douche.

    This is an honest review on a Hyatt hotel–and has almost nothing to do with World of Hyatt. As everyone knows, people who stay a lot with Hyatt will actually come out better with the new Globalist benefits…while most will come out behind, as you say. Hate to break it to you, but there still will be plenty of interest in Hyatt properties from the many Globalist-level Hyatt elites.

    Hate to break it to you, but there still will be plenty of interest in Park Hyatt properties from people who like to stay in luxury hotels, regardless of elite status.

    Moral of this story: the world doesn’t revolve around you.

  5. @Bill, if there is any douchery here it’s your judgemental and apologetic Hyatt bloviating. Suck my balls buddy.

  6. The PH Vienna remains one of my favorite properties in the world, leagues above comparable luxury hotels.

    Great thoughts!

  7. @Evan – pretty sure this blog is about travel hacking, not entitled rat-race cunts who think that their weekly business trip to sell air conditioner parts in Sheboygan entitles them to Hyatt Astronaut status with free upgrades the world over.

  8. @Evan: I agree. World of Hyatt will thin the ranks. And with you going, us remaining Globalists are quite thrilled.

  9. My daughter and I stayed at the Park Hyatt last May and we too stayed in a suite. Loved it. The breakfast food and service was great. But on a trip to Vienna other than car service thru the hotel is there another way to get from the airport to the hotel? I might be visiting Vienna again. Thx.

  10. We stayed at the Vienna Park Hyatt last year during the Christmas Market time frame (we did a Vienna, Munich, Brussels tour+nearby cities/markets). Very nice hotel and city. Hope to get back again soon

  11. Currently staying on points + cash and LOVE this hotel. I supposedly got an upgrade although I’m not sure from what/to what but it is lovely so it doesn’t matter. Thank you thank you as a year ago I didn’t know this points + cash works existed nor how to determine at what properties it made sense to use it. ❤️

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