New Swiss First Class: AMAZING!

I just had the flight of a lifetime. I ended up having the new international first class cabin all to myself on the Chicago to Zurich flight, and I got treated like royalty. I’ll save all the details for the trip report, but Swiss took care of every detail. I was escorted to the plane and when I got aboard was greeted by the flight attendant serving first class, the purser, and the captain. I assumed the service would be a bit awkward (which it was at first), but the flight attendant and I started talking to make our interactions a bit more informal, which helped prevent a downright uncomfortable service situation. I also warned him up front I’d be taking lots of pictures, which he was fine with. “My” flight attendant was hilarious too, best described as a mix between Ryan Seacrest and Bruno. The whole meal routine was comical, given that my excellent (personal) flight attendant did the meal service as if there were a full cabin, rolling out the cart for every course and letting me pick what I want.

The new seat is fantastic as well, and the food was literally the best airline food I’ve ever had.

My one major complaint is coming up shortly, and it’s nothing new. But I HIGHLY recommend Swiss’ new first class. It has the best hard product of any European airline (by far), and the service and food continues to be top notch, among the best out there.

And I’ll tease with just one picture:


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  1. Is it that much better than the old a340 seat. I was thinking of lax-zrh due to being a longer flight or jfk-zrh because of the very nice lh f lounge.

  2. Looks awesome. 🙂 I’ll have to check in to whether or not they are flying this LAX-ZRH. It seems UA always tries to stick me on that flight when I try to make an award reservation. 🙂

  3. @Tony: Having flown in LX F as well, I highly recommend you fly p.s. F to JFK (or even domestic F to ORD) and connect to the new LX F. You will NOT regret it!

    @Ben: Did your purser happened to be named Jeff?

  4. @ sithlord — Stay tuned for the trip report.

    @ MatthewLAX — Gosh, I’m an idiot, I forgot. He looked more like Ryan Seacrest and talked more like Bruno. Sound like a fit? 😀

  5. @Lucky: He looked a bit like Seacrest, but he didn’t talk like Brüno. (well, I never saw the movie but he did not talk like Brüno did in the commercials) 😉

  6. @ MatthewLAX — Hmm, now I’m curious. By the way, this guy wasn’t the purser (or maitre d cabin), but rather just a first class flight attendant. Was Jeff actually the purser? If so, I guess it’s not the same person.

  7. I took this A330-300 to Mumbai and the New First Class was the ultimate experience. Service and Seats were fantastic. Better than the the seat on the A340-300. Unfortunately, i heard that those seats will not yet installed that soon on the A340.

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