The World’s New Best First & Business Class Products Will Be Revealed Next Month

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It’s amazing how much we’ve seen the quality of first & business class products improve over the past decade.

From a double bed in the sky


To a first class “apartment”

Etihad-A380-Apartment - 46

To a shower in the sky


To an incredible onboard bar


…it really is amazing how much airlines have evolved.

There are a few airlines that have been promising new industry-leading products, and rumor has it that two of them will be revealing their new premium cabin products at ITB Berlin next month, which is one of the world’s biggest travel trade shows. The event takes place March 8-12, 2017, so it’s just about a month away.

Which two new cutting edge premium cabin products should we expect next month?

Qatar Airways’ new super business class

Since early 2015, Qatar Airways’ CEO has been promising a new “super business class” product, and that after we see it there is “really not need for first class.” Unfortunately they’ve pushed back the timeline on this new product again and again.

However, Al Baker insists that the new product will be revealed at ITB Berlin. It will supposedly feature fully enclosed suites in business class, and should be installed on select 777s first. While the concept of fully enclosed suites sounds unique, Delta beat them to the punch, as they’ve already unveiled the fully enclosed suites they’ll be installing on their A350s, which will be in service later this year.


The way I see it, Qatar Airways already offers one of the world’s best business class products (if not the best), so this should be an even further improvement over what they already have.

Qatar Airways’ current A350 business class

Emirates’ new first class suite

In 2014 Etihad unveiled their revolutionary new A380 cabins, and Emirates sort of had an “us too” response. Emirates said that they’d introduce a new first class product as well, which would first be introduced on the A380, and then eventually on the 777. Emirates stated that the new product would be “more like if you’re in a railway and have a private cabin,” so I can’t wait to see what they come up with.

Etihad-A380-Apartment - 2
Etihad’s A380 First Class Apartment

We haven’t really heard much about this product lately, so I’m not sure whether they’re following through on installing this on both the A380 and 777 or not. However, I have heard from reliable sources that it will be unveiled at ITB Berlin next month.

Emirates’ current A380 first class

Bottom line

It looks like we may just see the world’s new best first and business class products unveiled at ITB Berlin next month. I’m very curious to see what both airlines have come up with, and have high hopes. On top of all that, Singapore’s new A380 Suites Class is expected to be revealed in the second quarter, so I’m excited about that as well.

What are you guys expecting from both Emirates and Qatar as far as their new products go?

  1. Fast forward to March.

    “Surprise: Qatar Airways’ “Super Business Class” Is Delayed Yet Again!”

  2. Yeah?

    Talk to me when the first class has a hot tub installed and flight attendants in bikinis giving out champagne.

    I can’t imagine the dubai sheikhs aren’t as immoral as I am.

  3. I’ve seen EK’s new 777 F product and it looks cool/interesting. I’m very curious about how they will implement the same concept on the a380.

  4. Credit
    Cant wait to see those Flight Attendants in a bikini. Lets hope for your sake that they’re female and not male flight Attendants.

  5. They’re female but unfortunately their birth year was before the world saw its first 747…Google for Betty Nash 🙂

  6. The first two products you mention I will be flying this July! So excited!

    Excited to see what Qatar and Emirates will unveil…….

  7. Tim Clark – EK – said in his latest on-board interview, that he’s recently signed off on all-new First Class and Business Class design.

    Premium Economy decision to be made shortly.

  8. EK is rolling out its new F on the 77w deliveries later this year – 6 seats not 8 with the a380 to follow.

    Announcement in Berlin.

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