Emirates Cabin Crew Seek Revenge On Complaining Passenger

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Update: See here for the latest, as the flight attendant wasn’t actually fired for this incident.

A YouTuber named “Queen MK” uploaded a video to YouTube yesterday about a flight attendant who was fired from Emirates, and I’m not quite sure what to make of it. To start, I should mention that it appears the vlogger used to work for Emirates, but is no longer a flight attendant (unrelated to the incident she talks about).

You can watch the video here, and then I’ll recap it below:

A passenger got an Emirates flight attendant fired

According to this video, an Emirates Skywards Platinum member filed a complaint with Emirates because a flight attendant was using their phone to text while in the jumpseat, which is a big no-no. The passenger even took a video of this happening, and the flight attendant ended up being fired following the incident.

In a complaint to the airline, the passenger wanted to be contacted by high level management, and he requested that they compensate him for this incident, threatening that he would upload the video, make it go viral, and ruin Emirates’ reputation, if they didn’t.

Some flight attendants want revenge

According to the vlogger:

  • Emirates cabin crew have published all details about the complaining passenger in chat groups, including pictures, his name, etc.
  • The claim is that other cabin crew have had him on flights, and he is a “thief” who takes salt & pepper shakers, who asks for a bottle of wine to go so he can enjoy it with friends in Dubai, etc.
  • This vlogger is encouraging people to contact the guy’s company and report him (she publishes his name and employer in the video)
  • This vlogger is encouraging people to contact the Dubai police and get this guy arrested for taking pictures of people without their permission

My take on this situation

First and foremost, this guy sounds like a jerk. It’s one thing to report something you see that’s wrong because you want the company to be aware, but it’s another to do so because you want something out of it. He sounds horrible based on what we know, and there’s not much more to say there.

All that being said, we’re only hearing one side of the story.

Did the flight attendant have other warnings in the past for similar behavior, or was this the only incident? It would seem harsh to get fired over one incident, and we don’t know what had happened in the past. If this flight attendant did it this time, maybe they were also reported for it in the past. Who knows.

It also raises the question of whether we should be reporting things that go wrong at airlines with high standards? Again, this guy seems like a selfish jerk because he was filing a report because he wanted something out of it, but if you have genuinely bad service on Emirates, should you not report that either? It absolutely sucks to think someone could lose their livelihood because of a complaint, but is the alternative not helping the company improve in situations where they’re not living up to their standards?

Next, I don’t appreciate the vlogger’s attitude. “He flies for free as his company pays everything.” Ummm, airlines are primarily able to make money because of the people who “fly for free” on their company’s dime.

Also, there’s irony in the vlogger talking about how horrible it is that a flight attendant potentially lost the ability to take care of their family because of an incident so minor, but now she wants everyone to “report him for doing this horrible horrible thing,” have him fired from his job, and have him jailed, for… reporting a flight attendant for using their phone?

Bottom line

This Emirates Skywards Platinum member who complained sounds like a jerk. Based on what we know, he did this solely because he wanted something out of it, and not because he actually cared about Emirates’ service standards.

That being said, we don’t know the full story of this flight attendant’s performance record. Was the flight attendant fired exclusively for this, or was this not the first time such a report was received?

Also, I’m not sure the vlogger is being much better than the passenger here, by doxing him, encouraging people to email his company, and suggesting he should be arrested and fined in Dubai.

What do you make of this situation? 

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  1. He sounds like a right Kyle. She means to fight fire with fire. I’m going to grab a bowl of popcorn and watch this space, see if anything happens. Please keep us updated!

  2. I often bring safety concerns to the attention of the purser upon disembarkation, primarily this relates to FAs not enforcing seat belt sign after landing, especially opening of overhead bins. I’ve seen a pax being injured as a result of this before.
    He was right to bring this to EK’s attention. He shouldn’t seek compensation or threaten to publish it etc. He’s definitely a d*ck.

    The FAs are also d*cks in this scenario.

    The FA would definitely have had other warnings, also right now EK is letting anyone with a non-perfect record go due to COVID.

  3. “In a complaint to the airline, the passenger wanted to be contacted by high level management, and he requested that they compensate him for this incident, threatening that he would upload the video, make it go viral, and ruin Emirates’ reputation, if they didn’t.”

    Has any of this been proven or verified? I haven’t watched the vlogger’s video, so don’t know if any actual documents supporting this claim have been made available.

  4. I had flown five sectors on EK in J, none of them were good. Four out of five flights the FA literally rolled her eyes when I asked for a glass of water/an extra pillow. Three out of five flights I was asked “sleep now, or later?” in a blunt way. I agreed there are plenty of good EK FAs, but unfortunately I have yet to meet those.

  5. Am I m to understand that the alleged texting was during a sensitive part of the flight, ie.. takeoff or landing? if so this is serious misconduct and Emirates should fire the employee immediately. I can not defend his behavior but if Emirates records were used or abused to out him, that is also beyond the pale.

  6. What a sad state of affairs when someone like her gets to name and shame, without redress. Tried and convicted by a bevy of shrill Emirates harpies.
    Yes, there’s every chance the guys a total A-Hole: but that’s a judgement to be made by the airline, not this lynch mob.

  7. Never flying this airline ever because of her, a flight attendant should stay neutral and she is the most horrible flight attendant I’ve ever seen. If she is with this airline hires I feel sorry for the airline if I ever get an opportunity to make a decision on which airline to fly it won’t be the one she’s on.

  8. OMG. How did she get employed with this airline, get rid of her quick she is giving the airline a horrible name. I feel very uncomfortable just looking at her. I cannot believe the airline would employ such a woman.

  9. All of these people are terrible.

    Paolo, you’re no better. FOH with that tired sexism which has nothing to do with the moral high ground.

  10. The customer is probably a jerk (if what was said is entirely accurate and he wanted to milk the situation for his own benefit).
    The vlogger is not better, and that’s a fact, both because of the attitude she displays, and because of her racism towards ages (she seems to imply senior citizens are mean and dumb).
    In my 200+ flights with Emirates, I have seen many exceptional flight attendants going above and beyond their duty, and some awful ones. In the latter case, if I had something to say, I said it there and then, and not trying to benefit from their shortcomings…

  11. For some reason I doubt that this guy reported the FA out of genuine concern for a safety violation. I really hate this guy.

    To answer your question – it would take a LOT for me to report a flight attendant Like, genuine misconduct to the point where I didn’t feel safe. Certainly not to “help the company improve,” which is corporate nonsense.

  12. Not a fan of both people. I think these scenarios happen a lot with all airlines but it may be rare to get someone fired over it and this may have broken the camel’s back for the vlogger, hence this video.
    Some of the things she brought up like economy passengers complaining of getting 1.5 seats when they paid for 2 (the third seat is being occupied by a fat person) seem valid and is not really the passengers’ fault… but rather the airline for having such narrow seats in economy.

  13. I was on a Delta 321 in the exit row with FA jumpseat next to it, and the FA was watching a video on his phone from the minute he sat down for takeoff until he had to get up. Thought it was odd/inappropriate but didn’t say anything to anyone.

  14. I haven’t watched the video fully, because I found it a bit lengthy, but I wonder if the lady in the video is a Dubai resident: Naming a passenger (even worse together with his employer) in a video is very illegal in the UAE due to online privacy laws. People have been jailed and deported for even minor violations of that law. So if that Lady still lives in Dubai, she did a bad mistake.
    The same would apply to the passenger if he uploaded something violating the privacy laws of the texting FA.

  15. Came up on a crew website. The passenger illegally filmed as per UAE law and should suffer the consequences.

  16. Ngl, I am gonna side with the EK Cabin Crew here. But on the other hand, Emirates service has been consistently going downhill these days. From Jan 2019 until Feb 2020, I had to travel from Kuwait to Dubai in Emirates for my university classes. Eventually, I secured Gold Status with Emirates. Well, I got the usual gold benefits onboard the aircraft like the personal warm welcome from flight purser, Fast Track into DXB immigration etc. But, the cabin crew seem to be programmed or something. Tbh, on a red-eye from Dubai to Kuwait in Jan 2020 (When many didn’t know what COVID-19 was) I asked for a cup of hot water before departure from DXB (We were on the ground for 30 minutes). Well, nothing happened. We took off and the crew came for the meal service and I reminded her of my Hot Water request once again. (Well, I didn’t press the Crew Button cuz I knew that the crew would be busy with such tasks and didn’t wanna be such a Karen). Well, I got a cup of water, except that it was FREEZING COLD. like bruh, im feeling sick and the last thing I would want is cold water holy smokes. I obviously didn’t wanna go home sick so I asked her for another cup of HOT water. Well, the plane landed and it’s been 6 months and I still havent received my cup of HOT water lol. And oh, please dont even get me started on their COLD meal offerings in their J Class (it’s just bland and cold).

    On a totally serious note, EK gotta ramp up their speed real quick. They gotta return back to the times in 2010-11 when they even used to provide pre-departure Lemon drinks in Y Class (well, I highly doubt this will happen. This is unnecessary but those days, it was just amazingg.) They gotta work on their service. And if that’s the experience of a Gold Card holder, I imagine how it would be for a normal passenger.

  17. Kyle v.s. Karen
    (Karen can be 20s, not necessary to be > 40)
    Round 1: Kyle won, Karen lost the job.
    Round 2: Karen seeks for revenge and wants Kyle to lose everything.
    Let’s see who is the final winner, Kyle, or Karen.

  18. You get what you give. This guy could’ve just asked her to stop texting if it bothered him so much. Failing that, he could’ve reported it like a normal person upon landing. Instead he decided to use it as blackmail (and broke a law in the process).

    He deserves everything that’s coming to him.

  19. Yes Kyle should be blackballed from this airline. He tried to blackmail the company. What a jerk!! But Karen the FA, was wrong to name him and to complain he should be fired from his job. They are both wrong. Two wrongs don’t make it right!!

  20. It sounds like a passenger on an ego trip, tell tale sign of certain corporate travellers or high status pax that have come a little out of touch with things and operate with a huge sense of entitlement and absorbed by their own self importance. It’s inexcusable to directly attack a crew member to this extent with the intention to get them fired or use it to gain a personal advantage (compensation), for the crew to lose their job is really sad. Overall one of the slickest carriers when it comes to standards, in the US + elsewhere I’ve very often seen tardiness / sloppiness in relation to a lack of concentration by crew during safety moments of flight – don’t get started on general service….. EK has probably lost a very good crew member because of this one passenger. The best thing to do if that passenger is from a company named (if of size)… track down their corporate travel manager to make a complaint and report into their corporate investigations unit. It’s one thing to make a general compliant about being uncomfortable to do with something associated with safety, another to go after a member of crew to put their livelihood at stake. It’s not like the crew member has personally attacked or done something outrageous directed at the passenger specifically. A supportive company will terminate an out of line traveling employee when it come to behaviour with their supplier partners & jeopardising those relationships.

  21. What I make of it? I like it! Balanced justice. The employees of an airline are very much the weaker as compared to the complaining passenger. See the stickers “How am I driving?” Let’s get back at that one, make his life miserable…

  22. I worked for Emirates for 17 years and I have been flying this great airline for 31 years and I was always treated very well even when I had to work many many hours without stopping to keep Emirates flying and to reach the World recognition as the best airline of the World.
    Emirates, will continue to progress and will give to passengers always the best and only the best to satisfy the World.

  23. So glad I don’t have to fly anymore, to anywhere.
    It was just never worth it, and esp now. On soooo many levels. At some point I will return to Paris for stay. But I will need to think long and hard about it. But in this country if I can’t drive to my destination then I really do not want to go there. Again, because it is not worth my time, and the borishness involved all along the way is such a buzz kill.
    I will not give a penny or a minute to something so totally unpleasant. No matter the service level, it is all just too nasty to deal with anymore. Dirty, unhealthy airplanes to equally gross TSA and FA folks. (No, not all of them. But there are so few that are worthy of kudos, what’s the point???!!!) Actually, dealing with anyone, anywhere is so unpleasant, I prefer to sit in my walled garden, and just enjoy the peace and quiet, the sunshine, blue-blue skies and the occasional 747 that flys over head—that always brings a smile. It just doesn’t sound like anything else in the sky!!! And when I go back to Paris I may take the Queen Mary because I hope to NEVER fly again!
    As for this story, I can’t really get up the interest to care about either party or in trying to ascertain who was the bigger miscreant!!! The world is becoming more uncivil, by the minute! Which, by the way, is the real story here.
    So please excuse me. I have a shade tree to go sit under, with a glass of real lemonade with a bit of lavender in it. And a ham and cheese croissant! And yes, I make my own croissants. Because you can’t find (a decent) one in the states. Not easily anyway. So I make my own and bake them off as needed. The garden, the quiet, my little luxuries of freshly made lemonade, an ironed linen napkin, a fresh croissant, etc, etc. I would trade this for ORD or LAS encounters???
    No, not likely!!! Nor anytime soon, either!!!

  24. This won’t end well for her or for the other flight attendants. This makes her and her colleagues look like petty mean little school girls.
    We have no evidence that he has stolen anything from the plane as she alleges. What she has done is make a defamatory claim. She has now opened Emirates, herself and the flight attendants up to a defamation lawsuit. This will be very nasty if her personal vindictiveness in this ends with him being fired from his job in return. It could end up costing the airline a huge amount of money.

    After all, she has been able to get a copy of his complaint, obviously. The airline should never have handed his complaint over to anyone outside of the corporate head office and HR. So as to respect the privacy of the complainant and to protect them from exactly this sort of vicious behaviour.

    Frankly, I think if she’s working for them, she should be sacked immediately. I think whoever leaked his complaint letter should also be sacked immediately. Any flight attendant caught attempting to take revenge on the passenger, should also be sacked immediately.

    I’m one of those passengers that do pay for my own tickets. I pay for my first class long haul without the need for using points or getting an employer to pay for me. Not that I think that makes me better. Nor do I think that it entitles me to more than any of the other F passengers.

    I don’t think I have overly high standards either. Just get me from point A to point B in the class I’ve paid for and I’m happy. I don’t even really care about being on time. But if I find a flight attendant engaging in behaviour I think is inappropriate on my flight, or illegal, or dangerous, you bet your bottom dollar I will report them. I will also take photos or video to report them. I don’t care how entitled they think they are to their privacy.

    As for “Queen MK”, all she has done is turned me off ever flying Emirates again. So I hope it works out well for her buddies. Maybe they can explain how worth it it was to get revenge on a passenger.

  25. Emirates a has been airline.
    The icing was last year when a 24 hour delayed cancel flight they wanted to place strangers in same hotel room or airline order, after hauling us at 4am for an hour ride across Bkk to a cheap hotel.
    Zero compensation offered for the mishaps ( cause: their incoming flights tech issue), lies, mistreatment, cancelled booked seat, etc…
    To complain, only online.
    No live customer service.
    They offered bonus miles…just send them my acct number…40000, whatever that worth, probably nothing….
    The catch: from a no-reply email.
    Emirates sucks, I will never ever pay premium price for that shitty threatment ever again…
    EU airlines are regulated. Lot better choice.
    Emirates were ok foe me from 2003-11, thereafter downhill. Fast and deep.

  26. First I haven’t ever flown on or worked for EK. Nor do I know the federal guidelines governing using PEDs while on duty. I am a flight attendant with a major US carrier for 50 yrs and counting. When I started my current career there was no such thing as PEDs. As soon as they became popular the FAA and I believe most airlines had policies in-place re usage. With my company ALL PEDs are to be shut down and stowed when passengers are on board. No exceptions. We do have our company device for use at all times, it is a required piece of safety equipment that must be charged and up-to-date. I will not risk my career and retirement for any text message or call. As per the FAA PEDs should remain ‘off’ when passengers are present. If there’s a family emergency the family should contact the company and they will contact the employee. If there’s an urgent need to communicate either swap trips, drop trips, take a job near home or stay home. I do not want to sound crass but the end result in this case is real. If someone with my company is called in for a conference re the use of PEDs they are asked if they have ever utilized a PED with passengers on board the aircraft. They are usually asked 2 to 3 times but only 1 is required. I am aware of at least 1situation where the reply was no. When a picture or video is shown to the employee the issue has now expanded into lack of credibility and truthfulness. Depending on the employee’s file it could lead to termination. That is a risk I am not willing to take.

    The ‘Queenie Diva’ in the video might benefit from a reality check. The written info she kept referring to was blurred out so unavailable for me but I would not participate in her smear campaign. The situation is already spiraling out of control. I view both parties (the ‘I am special and want everything for free’ passenger and ‘Queenie Diva’), as going w-a-y beyond the realm of acceptable behavior. Maybe both should be banned from flying on EK. Equal justice, maybe Almost Equal Justice is more appropriate.

    And I will close with this. Queenie Diva proves yet again Beauty is Often Only Skin Deep. Ageism Discrimination is real and you are guilty. You immediately associated being older with being stupid. If you were slamming me as you are him I would see you in court, I would have an experienced attorney, I would win and you would be wondering ‘how did an OLD PERSON do that?!?, as I happily walk away with more than you ever could have imagined. And QD, you can only wish to live long enough to be old. The only alternative is being very still, lonely, cold and quickly forgotten for eternity. Unless you prefer cremation – then of course you will be ashes-in-the-wind. Personally I am proud of my age. I have learned from my mistakes and those of others. I also know about Karma, when I was young it was the Golden Rule. I suggest you carefully select and keep your friends close and your enemies closer. I have no issue with you, just your sense-of-entitlement and attitude. The world owes me nothing. I earn my way through life.

  27. I like this stewardess for standing up for her colleague against that jerk of a passenger, and if Emirates needs to make a change, they should STOP GIVING FIRST-CLASS UPGRADES TO NO-CLASS WHINERS.

  28. Does everyone feel the entitled need to complain about nearly everything and everyone now? I’ve flown for 60 years and have never seen the attitudes that exist today.

  29. I worked for the company from 2004 till 2018. I left after becoming a flight purser.
    The policy is personal devices are not allowed. Only the purser is required to have their company phone on until The last door is closed, for any operational requirements.

  30. Without judging this particular cabin crew ( texting while on jumpseat is a big no-no), EK premium customers can be total jerks and can treat the airplane like their own private jet. I was cabin crew with them and I have never EVER seen such a demands and way of treating crew and other EK employees like by premium customers. Demanding free flights for things like “too hot cabin temperature” or “ too many ice cubes in a drink”, upgrades to First for not liking wine list in Business – shouting and threatening crew of firing them! it’s a normal, daily business in EK… I do believe this story can be true.

  31. Being in the customer service field, passengers have the right to complain and seek compensation for any mishaps. However not every complaint validates compensation. Lately the airline is trying to keep face and reputation so badly that the customers are taking advantage and will go out of their way to do the unnecessary.
    EK should know that by now and streamline the process for handling such customers and complaints.
    In this case the passenger should have reported it to the pursur In charge who would have handled it at that level so that it is not escalated as an online complaint pushing it further to HR and to the point where the FA got fired.
    If there are weak links in the customer affairs department, many complaints will end up with no- win situations for the company, the customers and the employees.
    This guy must have used the blackmail card on several occasions before and got away with it and he will keep on playing the same card.
    If the complaint had been handled in a better way it wouldn’t have stirred up all the reactions.
    The crew might have been at fault.
    The passenger might have been right in pointing it out, but used the wrong approach.
    The vlogger is not making any better of the situation by instilling revenge.
    I do agree that there are lots of people bickering unnecessarily and causing people to lose their jobs but that’s the world we live in unfortunately.
    However let karma take its course. They eventually pay.
    Trying to strike back at the customer from this platform does not make any of the staff better.
    Two wrongs do not make it right.
    The crew have to fight this battle in a much smarter way.
    The mere fact that he took her picture and video without her consent as invasion of privacy is enough to nail him but Queen MK has breached the privacy policy as well; displayed his name and skywards tier status.
    There is a cause to fight for justice but fight for it in the right way.
    You do not shoot at an unarmed robber. The crime is enough to put him out instead of having blood on your hands.

  32. What a great idea, all crew should do it, the tables are turning and they shouldn’t have to put up with over privileged, jumped up idiots on flights paid for by their company, expose them to the company how vile they are ensure they never travel in that class again, I think it’s superb! Things are changing you cannot be a di**k and expect to get away with it anymore. Good for them.

  33. This “vlogger” never worked for Emirates. She resigned from Qatar airways as she got job with EK recently, but while still in training, they were all made redundant last month due to the current situation (covid 19) and EK not needing so many crew. They were apparently told they would get priority when EK start hiring again. Sje made a video about it and said she will keep making these type of videos till EK fullfill its promise and hire her and her batchmates again obviosly she is not very smart as EK wont hire her at all after all these made up videos. She has no clue about EK, never flew for them and her stories are taken just from a crew fb page, where people make fun of each other, post rumours, etc….. And fyi, the crew onnthe phone, did not get fired, she got final warning for being on a phine during take off and landing. I, myself, saw the post she put up on the fb crew page…. And this “vlogger” took it from there, and changed it a bit, to make it more dramatic and get peoples attention. She seems pathetic, claiming being ex Emirates crew ( her wishful thinking) while she did not even finish her basic training and never ever flew for EK. Well, she knows she can get audience with these made up stories. But defo wont get a job back

  34. I’ve been following this closely from the beginning.
    The passengers approach to this was well below the standard of a decent human being.
    Having said this, he is perfectly within his rights to complain to Emirates, he can try and demand all sorts, but that is between him and Emirates.

    Emirates Crew are not allowed to use mobile phones on board and can be a sackable offence. To use a mobile phone on a jump seat during descent is an instant termination and all crew are well aware of this.

    My main concern with this video is the doxing of the customers details and the active encouragement of the you tuber to contact him and his employers for some sort of retribution. This is where many lines of the law are crossed and I find it apporrant that someone from Emirates would pass on confidential details of a customer and give them to crew / ex-crew.

    The you tuber talks a lot and has the attention and support of people of a certain level of education and from the comments section seemingly accept whatever they are being told.

    The video the passenger recorded was done so whilst landing in Rome, so no UAE laws have been broken.
    The passenger could well of been using his phone in flight mode.

    The you tube channel seems to be an outlet for gossip within the Emirates Crew community none of which is proven or based on any evidence.

    The alleged theft of items on board by the passenger doesn’t even merit a response and like already mentioned if true and could have been proven, should have been addressed at the time

    The authorities have already been involved as all the Emirates documents which was posted on the video have been blurred out by you tube and not by the you tuber.

    I am certain if this you tuber ever transits in Dubai she will have a very long story she will be able to share once she is released.

  35. It isnt that hard. This fascination that many cabin crew have with thier online life is a serious issue. As a pilot I entirely agree with the decision to fire a member of crew who uses their mobile on a flight. It is really simple once you leave the crew bus to walk through the terminal to your plane you should not have a phone in site until you have finished your debrief post flight.

    Not during a break other than in the bunk on crew rest entirely shielded from view of all passengers. It is highly unprofessional and needs dealing with harshly it seems to be a prevelant abuse amongst younger pilots as well.

    There is no need and no excuse to have a phone at period, you are at work, act like it. If you get caught, you get fired. Then eventaully people will get the message! One person needs a phone when al the passengers are off and that is the Captain in case they need to speak to Operations. Everyone else can wait until they are back on the bus landside and out of view of passengers.

  36. I have seen the complaint by the customer before it was blurred out and to summarise;

    he doesn’t want to be forced to publish the video on social media and would like to be contacted by the highest ranked manager to know how he can be compensated for lack of professional service and lack of safety.

    From reading his complaint, its obvious English is not his first language and perhaps some of the wording is open to interpretation.
    Giving him a bit of slack, perhaps he didnt realise his complaint would lead to a dismissal.

    What is clear from his written complaint is that he noticed the crew on her phone during take off and again on landing at which point he recorded it.

  37. “Also, I’m not sure the vlogger is being much better than the passenger here, by doxing him, encouraging people to email his company, and suggesting he should be arrested and fined in Dubai.” – The analysis ends right here. Doesn’t matter what the passenger did. If an employee has an issue then they bring it up internally with the airline. They don’t go public and they don’t seek revenge. I would be reluctant to fly an airline that allowed employees to behave this way.

  38. I speak arabic and once while flying Emirates F, I heard the purser refer to me as a Kafir Pagan to another FA, referring to my faith in an offensive way. Service was very cold. This was back in 2013 or 2014.

    I tried complaining multiple times via email/phone after the fact but never got so much as an apology or assurance they’d look into it.

    EK staff is unprofessional and overly entitled as others in comments state. Highly doubt the FA has a pristine record to get fired over this.

  39. Rules are rules, this is what I always tell my employees. the rule are given for a reason. If she had obeyed the rules, she wouldn’t have been in this mess. we don’t really know what happened or the correct information on what the passenger side. but for her even going publicly with the passengers name and details, this is to show the kind of person she is. if I am the passenger I will sue the company for every penny they have. this is to show that this lady is an arrogant person and also this is to show that Emirate is not confidential enough and passengers personal information is not safe at all. I thought there are document every employee sign not to disclose informations about passengers and company details. Now I don’t even see a reason why anyone should fly Emirates because your personal information is not safe. They should sue that lady for denting their image and security and send her to jail.

  40. Now I think my personal information is not safe with Emirates.
    if she could release the personal information of the passenger, I believe she’s in violating of company rules. they should get her arrested and jailed for that.
    I don’t want to even know who is wrong or what happened, but by doing that she’s detrimenting the image of Emirates.
    I don’t think anyone should even fly with them again because your personal information is not safe with them.

  41. Kyle vs Karen. Kyle was definitely in the wrong here, but Karen more so. She points out his illegal activity of exposing someone, then proceeds to not only expose this Kyle but his company as well.

  42. Small everything by the sounds of it. If he’s having his travel costs picked up by his company sense of entitlement – threatening peoples jobs by his own sense of self importance. Shut him down protect yourself staff. Just another jumped up crewp

  43. @ Manuel Pinto – Congratulations for your service to Emirates, which is an excellent airline. I think your post here is the best ever. I myself think a good airline treats its passengers AND its staff great. There must be fairness to ALL sides.

  44. There are two sides of this story and we are only hearing one. The comments of Emirates staff `Queens is biased on her side of the story. But based on fact, yes the passenger may be a `jerk` but I do not see how this one action of official complaint brings him all the fire and storms Queen has claimed him to be. Her biased (and horrible) critics on the passenger may bring Emirates bad image showing that Emirates staffs do not value passengers’ opinions (but criticize them like little kid). Not to mention, Emirates staff should uphold professional attitude all the time and showing such ‘unprofessional’ act (playing with the phone) in front of customer is itself not a good image.

    PS. I am an Emirates regular flyer but not platinum. I can understand why Queen is so mad, but more importantly I also see this situation as a passenger

  45. This is obviously a two-sided story but we are only hearing from one ‘Queen MK’.

    From her video, the passenger does sound like a jerk but her critics are obviously (very) biased on her side. Such critics actually de-value the image of Emirates. It shows how Emirates staffs do not value customers’ opinions.

    From the passenger’s view of point, Emirates should be a professional service. ‘Playing phone’ in front of customer is definitely not a professional image. Although that the passenger did go overboard by complaining on such ‘small’ habit, but he/she is not wrong on such complaint. That does not deserve all the fire and storm ‘Mc Queen’ brought to the passenger. Plus, however the outcome of the passenger’s comment brought on to the fired flight attendant, it is not a responsibility of the passenger. The passenger is just filing a complain that he think is not a professional act.

    PS. I am also a regular Emirates flyer (but not platinum), I would appreciate that Emirates would have a more professional approach to such matter – rather than having a staff going around ‘revenging’ on a passenger’s complaint

  46. This is an odorous pile of stuff, isn’t it? Both sides are so wrong on this.

    I’ve flown with EK since it started with leased aircraft. Over the years I have only had two flights that reached the level we expect from their advertising and often the crew can be totally indifferent at best or downright unprofessional at worst. The two best flights were excellent but the hard product in Y really sucks so Y flights are a nightmare. EK flies mainly long haul so bad flights can be really horrid – such as a DXB-DFW flight I had in an A380 Y with minimal seat pitch and 16 hours of agony.

    It appears the FA was probably one of the poorer examples and deserved termination as it appears that she violated a critical safety rule – being prepared and aware. The passenger appears “entitled” and probably went overboard. But who knows? The blogger is only spewing third party venom so it might all be false.

    I take umbrage at the blogger deriding a passenger because a “chubby” person was seated next to them. I had a similar experience BKK-DXB on an EK 777 in Y. Flying on a Thai tix from SYD-DXB via BKK we inadvertently did not notice that the last leg was on EK not Thai. Thai at the time had 3-3-3 and EK 3-4-3 meaning 17″ width. Bad news – but worse to come.

    The last standby passenger got on in BKK and was directed to the seat between myself and my wife. I took the middle seat but then realized that the pax took TWO seat-belt extensions. (Illegal?) As he was an Emirati I asked the FA if they perhaps had a larger seat in another cabin so that he could be better accommodated. Two extensions means a waist of at least 64″ and a diameter of 20″ jammed into a 17″ seat. I am surprised at how much the armrests were able to be forced into my seating – which left me with 14″ of space. For almost 10 hours.

    Normal practice, since he was a privileged member of UAE society, would have been to downgrade a less privileged member in J or F so that he could be moved but this time he was left where he was and I, as the lesser member of society, was left to try to survive. Not surprising in some ways since the UAE is known for its racism.

    Alaska Airlines deals with the problem of people of size very well and I wish all airlines would adopt the model. If you need more space, you buy two seats together. If there is one seat vacant in the airplane on departure then your second seat price is refunded.

    Otherwise we should pay for our travel by the pound. This would be great for me as my wife is petit and really works at it. And I am not petit, and would definitely take off 10 kg if incentivized significantly.

    But don’t shame the persons who are squeezed into a smaller space and object. That’s shaming the victim.

  47. The story is not even about this “Queen MK” she just want to get viral and famous by posting such title and story. You can see all her video titles lingers about the same concept. She’d been long gone before EK redundancy and still make the video like as if she was made redundant.
    Girl, if you’d left EK, stop using EK to gain fame.

  48. The passenger committed extortion when he threatened to post online negative comments about Emirates unless he received compensation. Extortion is illegal.

  49. I have flown EK and other airlines for many years. First, cabin service has declined significantly since the airlines including EK went from customer service models to financial profit models. In that time salaries and benefits have declined. On board offerings have as well and the cabin crew has to deal with passengers in cramped seats, catering that isn’t what it had been, etc. if you have been flying for a while you know.

    In the same time frame, the entire flight crew and cabin crew positions went from usually enjoyable occupations to just a job. The attitudes changed right along with the rest.

    I have had some really great service in coach and business and some crews that did the absolute minimum and only showed if called. It is more noticeable on the really long flights.

    I get it that this passenger is a jerk. Who knows, he may have been hitting on the cabin crew and getting rejected and he wants to have Emirates stroke his ego. No basis for this other than the passenger stereotype.

    EK does need to try and bring back the service mentality, BUT so does every other airline.

    For the blackmail threats, I would simply close his Skywards account and ban him from the airline.

    From my experience, AF Cabin crew attitudes toward non French speaking passengers were always worse than similar situations on other airlines. Everyone has some level of built in racial bias, the goal should be For each of us to recognize our biases and compensate for them.

    Safe sky’s to all. It will be years, if ever, before flying again becomes an enjoyable experience.

  50. Did miss this little factoid in the article? WAS she texting on her phone against the rules?

  51. He may have gone a bit over , but this girl in the video is really boooooring and kept repeating herself over and over again. Does anybody really follow her YouTube videos !!!

  52. If you are sitting in the crew jumpseat the aircraft is in a ‘critical’ phase (landing, takeoff, turbulence). These are the times flight crew are paid for and must devote 100% attention to their safety role.

    Yes – she should have been fired or severely reprimanded along with her supervisor.

  53. From an ex employee, while i don’t condone this particular FA’s behaviour, the problem with passengers threatening crew runs deep. I have met some incredible passengers who I remain friends with to this day, but i have also been on the receiving end of all sorts of ridiculousness and it is obvious when they are doing it to get something out of it.
    Just a quick example: I have had a passenger complaining that i was rude – I was assisting in the delivery of CPR to a passenger in the middle of cardiac arrest and abruptly refused to get him a drink at that particular time.
    This is just one story and i could go on.
    I am by no means saying all passengers are like this, or that it is ok for FA’s to use their phones at inappropriate times but until you have worked in the company you cannot understand the level of stress SOME passengers will put the crew under and the lengths they will go to do it as it is the easiest way to make a baseless complaint – he said/she said. This is stuff you genuinely couldn’t make up and is done in a vindictive manner.
    So again while i don’t condone what has gone on here, I do understand why the response has been so strong from the crew community as they are at their wits end. Their frustration runs far deeper than this standalone incident.
    No one is against passengers complaining for legitimate reasons (as in this case), but the exaggerated/baseless complaints for personal gain need to stop. The crew should not have to live in fear of their job being unsafe or a good record tarnished because a passenger decides they want something free that day.
    It is also against UAE Law to film someone without their consent, agree with it or not, that is a fact.

  54. “I often bring safety concerns to the attention of the purser”
    Let me guess…when you’re not flying you’re patrolling the neighborhood looking for HOA violations. You must be a blast to be around. Sit back, relax, and let the professionals do their job. Imagine someone looking over your shoulder everytime you’re working, critiquing your every move.

  55. The video has been removed!!!
    Drama Queen MK was trying to be smart with her video and create attention and views.

    The Cabin Crew was not fired by Emirates. Hence why the video has been removed.

    This you tuber uses gossip from disgruntled employees and her content is not based on any evidence.

  56. I have a written email from the Cabin Crew who confirms she resigned from Emirates and is now working for a private jet company and accepts she shouldn’t have been using her phone.
    I’ve put together all the evidence and contact details and passed this onto the passenger concerned so we can start legal proceedings against this Algerian You Tuber Hadjer Maachi & Wassim Khocha.

  57. For everyone fooled by this You Tuber about the UAE Laws on filming. The passenger complaint form and the Cabin Crew confirmed the recording was taken upon descent into Italy. This negates any argument over UAE laws.

    The You Tuber knew about this as before you tube blurred the complaint form in her video, it clearly states this.

    (Drama) Queen MK is a disgruntled employee who has limited options by way of a career and is attempting to succeed in the social media world playing on the desperate thousands trying to get a job as Cabin Crew with Emirates and privately will promise you all sorts of useful tips to be successful in return for a fee.

  58. As for the passenger allegedly taking items on board.
    Where is the evidence of this?
    If it was something that he was not allowed to take why did the Cabin Crew not address this at the time?
    They conveniently never mentioned this until a complaint was made….

    If this would have been an issue then Emirates would have addressed this with the Customer directly, but as we all know this was baseless child’s play by immature Cabin Crew.

    No company is perfect, but making up stories and slandering people on you tube by someone who no longer represents the company is disgusting behaviour and they deserve everything that is coming their way.

  59. @James

    Our experiences with cabin crew on MEA (esp EK) is that they are terrified of getting fired for making a small error or being reported for some slight. Expecting them to cause any problems for a “Platinum” passenger is like asking an unarmed policeman to attack a terrorist holding a very dangerous automatic weapon (can’t use a name here or would get gonged for sure) and high on drugs.

    A concrete example: while flying F on the A380 my wife asked for sparking water. The FA for some reason couldn’t find any onboard and almost cried. When we left the airplane she tried to hand my wife a shopping bag filled with Godiva Chocolates. A huge bag. And we don’t really like them so had to take a few to assure her that all was well. Wish she had tried a bottle of DOM – it would have gone down much better. 😉

    On EK it’s not worth taking the risk of annoying a passenger. In this case it appears you are on the side of reason, I hope. So good luck.

  60. @Azamaraal

    My personal opinion on this matter is that Emirates have dealt with this fairly, the Cabin Crew was given a warning and allowed to continue in her role.

    I would not have taken the same approach as the customer, but we don’t know his reason behind his actions, but that is between him and Emirates.

    My only issue with this, is the you tuber did not relay the full facts that was put before her, she doxed his personal and company details and actively encouraged Cabin Crew and followers to begin a hate campaign against him.

    Even after she was contacted to stop and was given the reasons why, she continued, so we took a different approach and now she has removed the video.

  61. “so no UAE laws have been broken.” – actually, the aircraft while in the air comes under UAE law being a UAE flag carrier, so in this case the doors are close the ‘no filming without consent’ does apply. Not that the crew could usually enforce it (I fruitlessly complained on a number of occasions about pax excessively filming/taking photos of me while working) but the company could (and have) actioned this law on occasion.

    As for doubting a crew with ‘a good record’ can be fired for one misstep, it absolutely can and has happened. Being on a phone on the jumpseat in view of pax, let alone during a critical phase of flight, comes under misconduct and can lead to a termination. So can a ‘he said/she said’ scenario with absolutely zero proof. A close friend of my second EK roommate was fired because a high tier pax claimed the crew swore at him. Said crew was on their rest break at the time of alleged incident. Pax was ‘important’ so despite the crew’s good record and protestations, he was fried with not end of service.

    Source: almost a decade employed with the airline in question,

  62. @David re June 25

    ” Imagine someone looking over your shoulder everytime you’re working, critiquing your every move.”

    You mean like honest policemen who are trying to keep society safe? We hold them to the extremely high standard when faced with impossibly arrogant and probably high lawbreakers but expect angelic behavior when risking their life?

    I do actually hold a flight attendant to a high standard when in a phase of in-flight operation that is at ‘highest’ risk (low risk really unless the unlikely event happens then she has to be ready).

    As I was held to a high level of expectation when lecturing to upwards of 150 students in a university class. No mistake goes unrewarded. Especially now when everyone has a high def camera.

  63. James, in case you weren’t aware, UAE law applies until the aircraft door is open, in the case of the filming without consent law. I know this because I was involved in a case our side the UAE but with doors closed.

    It’s also part of the difference between unruly and disruptive pax.

    Perhaps it’s you who need to read the OM-A again.

    The part about Rome was not in the original article I was responding to.

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