Lufthansa A380 First Class In 10 Pictures

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On Tuesday evening my dad and I flew Lufthansa’s A380 first class from Houston to Frankfurt. Lufthansa’s first class product is incredibly consistent, not just across flights on the same aircraft, but across all aircraft. They have the same types of seats on all planes featuring first class, and the cabins on the A340 and A380 look virtually identical.

Lufthansa’s A380 first class consists of eight seats, in a 1-2-1 configuration. There are more spacious first class seats, but in my opinion the cabin is elegant.

There are privacy shields that can be raised around seats for more privacy, so while it’s not a fully enclosed suite, you also don’t feel “exposed.”

One of the unique features of the A380 is that Lufthansa installed bigger lavatories on the plane in first class, so the two lavatories in the front are significantly larger than usual.

I’m not sure I totally get why, but Lufthansa also has urinals in the lavatories, making them the only airline I know of to have these.

They’ve also recently refreshed their amenities a bit. While the pajamas are still from van Laack, the style changed a bit. They also updated their slippers, which are now the most well padded slippers I’ve ever been offered, either in the air or on the ground. The catch is that if you have big feet they don’t really fit. The area you slip your feet into is tiny.

While the amenity kit contents haven’t changed, the kit itself is new (though it’s rather boring).

Lufthansa is also very consistent with their meal service. There was caviar to start, which was plated at each seat.

Then there was a tray with three appetizers, as well as a salad. You can take all of them, none of them, or anything in between.

As I often do, I decided to skip the main course, and headed straight for dessert, which was a brownie with ice cream.

The flight time was nine hours, and the meal service was done two hours after takeoff. Lufthansa has an excellent mattress pad, and I managed to sleep for five hours solid, and woke up just under two hours before landing in Frankfurt.

As usual, Lufthansa first class was near perfection. Don’t get me wrong, there are better first class products out there. But for me it continues to be the very best option for transatlantic travel when you combine the fact that it’s quite easy to snag an award seat within a couple of weeks of departure, and also that redemption rates are reasonable.

Lufthansa consistently has excellent service, solid food and amenities, and a comfortable bed, making it a great option for transatlantic flights.

I’ll have a full trip report soon!

  1. Love everything except the Dutch pajamas. They need to replace van Laack with a German designer.

  2. I’d love to see another review by your dad! It’s been ages since we’ve heard anything about him. 🙂

  3. Excellent ‘teaser’, Lucky!

    Just a suggestion, you wrote:
    “Lufthansa consistently has excellent service, solid food and amenities, and a comfortable bad, making it a great option for transatlantic flights.”

    I presume it’s a comfortable bed?

  4. I agree that LH First Class has always been consistent. Also, don’t forget to mention the humidifiers in LH First Class!!!!! I think they do make a difference!

  5. When reading the part about the pyjamas i was wondering how long it’d take until someone (I’m trying so hard to be polite here) would comment aboout the airline not having PJs from a german designer……. by the time i reached the comments there it was…

    That said, i’m looking forward to the full review. The appetizers look so delish!

  6. @Claus
    That was my thought. That someone would think Van Laack is dutch and not from Mönchengladbach. What a Fool

  7. Hi Lucky…What kind of camera do you use? Your pics are very good quality and I need something small. Thank you in advance!

  8. While van Laack is a German company, Heinrich van Laack was indeed born to Dutch parents. They immigrated from Holland after the Belgian Revolution in 1831.

  9. @Mitch: Van Laack is one of the most famous and luxurious GERMAN fashion company with headquarters in Mönchengladbach, founded in 1881.

  10. Nice to see you are able to share these “one-of-a-kind” experiences with a dear family member, I am so looking forward to the review.

    P.S.: All these credit card bonus/ sign-up reminders have been getting a bit long in the tooth really, although I perfectly realize there’s no one without the other.

    Keep up the great work.

  11. @ Trex — It was pointed out to me that it may have been photoshopped. I’m trying to investigate and find out more, so my apologies for the false alarm. If/when I know more, I’ll post.

  12. I didn’t notice before, but it appears that the urinal is rather close to the toilet. I’m not sure that I would want a urinal that close to my face while sitting on the throne. However, as I have no present or future plans to fly an LH A380 in first class, then I guess I’m safe 😉

  13. @ Lucky – My boss was on that exact same flight Tuesday. She echoes your mini-review. Very solid, consistent service in Business, and really one of the best ways to go to Europe from the US. Glad to hear the new Houston Polaris Lounge is as good as it is as well. Thanks for the review!

  14. @ Sam — I redeemed 70,000 Aeroplan miles per person. The first seat opened up about 10 days out, while the second seat opened up about four days out. I took a bit of a gamble.

  15. @Lucky- Thanks. Were you able to get the segment added to HOUSTON and beyond FRA?

    Just curious if Aeroplan allows that or not. I know its hard with Lifemiles.

    Thanks again

  16. @ Billiken — Hah, there’s actually a cover that swings around, so you only even see the urinal if you know to open it. So don’t worry, you won’t see it when sitting there.

  17. Although I’ve never flown this product, I really don’t care for the seats (or at least from the photos). I’d like to see the partitions up in your full review. Without the partitions, the seats seem rather “exposed” to me.

  18. Urinals in place but I bet more than a few manage to miss and pee on the floor. More should be encouraged to be sitzpinklers.

  19. The only thing that really sucks about LH F is when you’re flying to/from the East Coast, the flight is too short … 😉

  20. @ Lucky: Oh, a urinal cover? I did not know that. On a LH F flight a few months ago, I saw that the urinal was covered. I thought that the urinal was out of service.

  21. Having just done another roundtrip on Lufthansa A380 First I do have to say… I like it but I’m not the world’s biggest fan of their caviar. Does anyone else feel the same way? It tastes on the bland side and the plating seems less elegant compared to say… Cathay Pacific First.

  22. @Donna if it’s privacy you’re worried about, just google for pics of the seats with partitions up. You get basically the same amount of privacy as every other non-suite First Class seat on other airlines with the partitions up.

    I thought the same as you having seen pictures before I flew Lufthansa First, but it’s actually very nice settling into the seat before takeoff with all the partitions down. You get to see your fellow passengers, and the open feeling of the cabin makes it easy to settle down. The seats themselves are also very comfortable. I only have two minor complaints about the seats:
    1) The TV screen is too small and low quality. I actually avoided watching certain movies on it because I knew it would detract from the intended experience watching it in low-res like that.
    2) If you have the dining tray over your lap and are watching a movie, the tray covers the play/pause button on the seat so it is difficult to quickly pause a movie when the FA comes.

  23. @ Bob — Hah, yep, that’s normal, not out of service. I really do wonder how many people end up using the urinal, since you really have to know about it to use it.

  24. Nice to hear that Lufthansa has award space frequently, as I’ve got an Aeroplan business class award already booked for Toronto to Vienna next summer on Austrian Airlines (55,000 miles + fees/taxes). I’ll be returning from Munich so I’ll keep an eye out for a return business or first award on Lufthansa, unless I can snag an Air Canada business class award sooner.

  25. Is the urinal present because the German (and Swiss, even in Lausanne) convention is for men to pee sitting down, so that on board they are thinking about non-Germans who they expect will not do that, and so reckon a urinal is a better way to avoid the occasional missing, which is why they object to standing-up peeing in the first place?

  26. Can anyone comment on if it’s generally easier to find space from Europe -> US than US -> Europe?

  27. @ Jorge Muller –
    also – from which US departure city it’s usually the easiest to find availability (award in F) ?

  28. @sam I recently booked a Lufthansa A380 First Class flight from Houston to Copenhagen, connecting in Frankfurt to a business class flight that was also with Lufthansa. I also had an 8-9 hour layover which I was able to use to explore the FCT.

    $567 USD + 70,000 miles via Aeroplan (courtesy of AMEX).

  29. So excited for the trip report!!! Also Lucky I would love to see you post more real time travel on your Instagram stories… tip: you can record on your phone’s camera (10 seconds at a time) and post them up on your stories later if you’re concerned with privacy/stalkers.

    Post more!!! 🙂

  30. We are going to FCO for Thanksgiving. I really want to wait and get first class there from IAH. I have the points in Aeroplan and United just waiting. What is the best strategy to watch the seats?

  31. LH F without the Rimowa amenity kits is just “unglaublich” and “unzulässig”!

  32. Looking forward to the trip report. Looks like a nice comfy cabin. Just flew a couple times on the new A350 and had an amazing experience and look forward to flying on the beast- A380.

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