Lost in Translation: Westin Atlanta Airport

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Westin Atlanta Airport
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After a redeye on American from Seattle to Chicago (in coach — my upgrade didn’t clear!) and connection to Atlanta, I made it to the Westin at around noon.

The lobby felt airy and very open, and reminded me a lot of the Westin LAX.


Check-in was efficient and while no suite upgrades were available, I was assigned a room on the SPG floor. The SPG website was still showing suites available for sale, though I was dead tired and still recovering from a cold, so wasn’t about to push it, especially since I was checking in early.

I took the elevator up to my floor, where my room was only a few steps away.



The room had standard Westin furnishings, and featured a king bed, desk, and two chairs by the window. While the bed was comfortable it definitely wasn’t a “real” Heavenly Bed, and I’m still puzzled about what it actually means when a hotel advertises that they have Westin Heavenly Beds. You’d think that would translate to a consistent sleep experience, though I haven’t found that to be the case.



Desk and TV

Sitting area

The room faced a highway, though also faced the approach path for the runway that was being used, so there were some nice plane spotting opportunities.

View from my room

The bathroom was simple though functional, featuring Westin amenities. While it’s not Bulgari, it sure beats Hyatt’s Portico products!



I ended up conking out for a majority of the day, and then met a blog reader for dinner.

My friend arrived later that evening and was also staying at the Westin, so we met for drinks (Diet Coke with lime, of course) in the lobby bar later at night.

The following morning we took the 7AM shuttle to the airport, which was packed. Actually, about a dozen people were left behind.

On the whole I had a perfectly pleasant stay and would consider staying here again if I had an overnight layover at Atlanta Airport (then again, it’s not every day that happens). The hotel was a typical “no frills” airport Westin, and at ~$80 for the night, a great deal.

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  1. Lucky – I read how you love red-eyes. Conking out for the entire day defeats the purpose of a red-eye, doesn’t it?

    I personally don’t like red-eyes, and I haven’t taken one in years and years, but just about now I will embark on one LAX-GDL (in F, yes) and I am not looking forward to it one bit!! ­čÖü

  2. @ janyyc — Usually I sleep well on redeyes, though in this case:
    — I was sick and couldn’t breathe out of my nose, so couldn’t sleep
    — My upgrade didn’t clear, and I really can’t sleep in coach
    — Seattle to Chicago is too short of a redeye to get any “real” sleep. The extra 90 minutes for redeyes to the east coast really makes a difference.

  3. I’ve stayed at that Westin, too, and I know what you mean about the beds not being up to the Westin standard. I actually quit staying at Westins for a while thinking that the whole chain had downgraded. I was really happy to find that wasn’t the case. It makes you wonder though, why do they get to represent that it’s a Heavenly Bed when it really isn’t.

  4. I’m really looking forward to this report. We were at the Kyoto Hyatt and were upgraded to the most amazing room in March. The whole stay was absolutely perfect. I can’t wait to see if you had the same experience.

  5. I’ve noticed Westin’s bathroom amenities have shrunk recently. Not sure how long ago that went into place. I noticed the mini amenities in your shower pic. This place reminds me of the Westin Tampa Bay on the inside, the views here are completely different though.

  6. Hi I have been reading your blogs and it seems you are sick frequently? I noticed I never hardly ever got sick anymore after I had my tonsils removed as an adult a few years ago and wanted to know if you have ever had your tonsils removed or maybe you would be best served by looking into this.

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