Lightning strikes twice!

As if having the whole first class cabin on Chicago to Zurich to myself wasn’t cool enough, it just happened again. My brother and I were the only passengers in first class on our Turkish Airways flight from London to Istanbul. This time it was more fun since we were together. We also had two flight attendants taking care of us. The funniest part was the safety demo, since they had a manual presentation. Instead of having just one person “demonstrating” in first class, both flight attendants did, meaning we each got a personal safety briefing. I had the hardest time not cracking up, since the flight attendant just looked straight ahead (probably to avoid laughing), as if there were a hundred people watching her.

I’ll save most of the Turkish details for the trip report, but the seat itself was incredible. I’d rank it slightly above Swiss’ new first class in terms of seat mainly because of the private doors AND (most importantly) air nozzles!!! The food was also to my liking. The service was polite although wasn’t at all polished. Despite a 1:1 crew:passenger ratio, drinks were constantly empty. There were lots of nice little touches, though.

The highlight had to be the arrival service, being picked up at the gate, being driven to immigration in a golf cart, and being escorted to an S class Mercedes that was waiting to take us to our hotel, all for “free.”

Now it’s 2AM in Istanbul and I’m going on 37 hours with a grand total of two hours of sleep, so I’m signing off for the evening.


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  1. I’m hearing good things about the TK77W service every time people write about it.

    I think the 9W inflence has worked out very well here – shame they’re pulling the 77W’s onto other duties soon…

  2. @ hobo13 — The beds were great, but the cabin was hot and frankly I started thinking a bit too much about A330’s and crossing the ocean. 😉

    @ Kevincm — Totally agree. I was hoping they would still have Jet FA’s aboard (which I heard they used to have), but unfortunately they only had Turkish FA’s aboard.

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