Mandarin Oriental Fan Club: Benefits & How To Book

Mandarin Oriental Fan Club: Benefits & How To Book

EXTRA PERKS AVAILABLE Enjoy breakfast, upgrades, & more

Want to take advantage of Mandarin Oriental Fan Club benefits, including a room upgrade, complimentary breakfast, a hotel credit, and more? Contact Ford ([email protected]) for more details. He may even be able to help if you already have a stay booked.

Mandarin Oriental is widely regarded as one of the world’s best hotel brands. Currently there are around three dozen Mandarin Oriental properties around the globe, including in Asia, Europe, and the Americas. While stays at Mandarin Oriental properties aren’t cheap, you can maximize your value by booking through Mandarin Oriental Fan Club. In this post I wanted to go over all of the details of that program.

What is Mandarin Oriental Fan Club?

Mandarin Oriental Fan Club is a special program available to select travel advisors, offering special perks for stays at all Mandarin Oriental properties worldwide. You’ll pay the same rate you would directly with Mandarin Oriental, except you’ll be able to receive additional value-add benefits.

Why would Mandarin Oriental offer extra perks for booking through a travel agent? The idea is that hotel brands spend a lot of money on marketing, and one aspect of that is giving travel agents an incentive to book their clients at a particular brand. This is truly a win-win, as the guest gets more benefits, and the hotel gets more business.

You’ll find that most major luxury hotel groups have programs like this, including Accor STEPBelmond Bellini ClubFour Seasons Preferred Partner, Hilton ImpresarioHyatt PrivéMarriott STARS & LuminousRosewood Elite, and Shangri-La Luxury Circle.

Mandarin Oriental Munich

What are the benefits of Mandarin Oriental Fan Club?

For booking through a Mandarin Oriental Fan Club travel advisor, you can expect to receive the following perks:

  • Choice of $100 food & beverage credit or spa credit, once per stay
  • Daily full American breakfast for two
  • Personalized welcome amenity
  • Room upgrade, subject to availability at check-in
  • Priority waitlist clearance & no walk policy

If you’d like help with a Mandarin Oriental Fan Club booking, Ford is more than happy to help, and doesn’t charge booking fees for these bookings. You can reach him at [email protected].

What are the advantages of booking through Mandarin Oriental Fan Club over programs like Amex Fine Hotels & Resorts or Virtuoso?

  • Mandarin Oriental Fan Club reservations receive priority upgrades over those booked through other programs
  • Mandarin Oriental Fan Club guests have the option of selecting whether they’d like a food & beverage or spa credit, while other programs only offer one or the other, with no choice to switch
  • Mandarin Oriental Fan Club bookings may be combinable with more rate types available directly with Mandarin Oriental
Mandarin Oriental Boston

Mandarin Oriental Fan Club FAQs

While the above hopefully covers the basics of Mandarin Oriental Fan Club, let me answer some FAQs regarding the program, in no particular order.

Mandarin Oriental Paris

Can you combine Fan Club & Fans of MO perks?

Mandarin Oriental also offers the Fans of MO program, allowing members to select two exclusive privileges with each stay. Note that Mandarin Oriental Fan Club perks and Fans of MO perks are not combinable — you have to select one or the other.

The reality is that the Fan Club program is a better value and offers richer perks. So while Mandarin Oriental’s loyalty program is pretty good, you’re still better off booking through a travel advisor.

What rates are eligible for Mandarin Oriental Fan Club perks?

The Mandarin Oriental Fan Club rate is generally the same as the best available rate you’ll find on Mandarin Oriental’s website. In some cases it may also be combinable with an advance purchase rate, a free night offer, etc., so you’ll want to discuss that with your travel advisor. However, it’s not combinable with other third party rates.

Is there a minimum stay requirement for Mandarin Oriental Fan Club bookings?

No, you can take advantage of Mandarin Oriental Fan Club benefits even on a one night stay.

Can you book Mandarin Oriental Fan Club rates without a travel agent?

In order to book a Mandarin Oriental Fan Club reservation you have to go through a travel advisor affiliated with the program. This isn’t bookable directly by consumers.

Do Mandarin Oriental Fan Club travel agents charge booking fees?

Different travel agents will have different business models, though many Mandarin Oriental Fan Club agents don’t charge booking fees. For example, Ford is happy to help with Fan Club requests, and doesn’t charge a booking fee, so you’ll pay exactly the rate you see on Mandarin Oriental’s website.

How do you pay for Mandarin Oriental Fan Club reservations?

When you book a Mandarin Oriental Fan Club booking, you’ll still pay the hotel directly, so it’s no different than if booking direct. A travel agent simply has to assist you with making the reservation.

Bottom line

Fan Club is Mandarin Oriental’s program available for select travel advisors, offering perks like room upgrades, free breakfast, and a hotel credit. This program is the best way to book stays at Mandarin Oriental properties, given the prioritized upgrades, choice of credits, and more.

If you’re staying at a Mandarin Oriental property and want to maximize value, make sure you book through a Fan Club travel advisor.

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