Hilton Honors Increases Award Costs At Many Hotels

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In 2017, Hilton Honors made some significant changes to their loyalty program. They completely eliminated award charts, and now the price you see is the price you pay.

However, I’d say Hilton Honors has handled this in a fair way. For the most part they haven’t significantly increased redemption rates, and they’ve also been fairly consistent about their pricing. It’s not like Delta SkyMiles, which eliminated award charts and then started charging an insane number of miles for many types of tickets.

Even back when Hilton Honors did have an award chart, they still had significantly variable pricing. For example, a Category 7 hotel could cost anywhere from 30,000 to 60,000 points per night, which is a huge range.

The point is, overall I haven’t found Hilton’s elimination of award charts to be a huge deal, and if anything I think the Honors program is more compelling than ever before, especially given that you can earn top tier status simply by having a credit card.

Anyway, within the past week Hilton Honors has increased award costs at many properties. We don’t know how many properties have gone up in price, since we only know these changes happened to begin with due to specific data points from people.

Redemption rates at the Conrad Bora Bora don’t seem to have increased

Regarding these changes, a Hilton spokesperson issued the following statement:

Since the launch of Points & Money two years ago, our team regularly monitors the performance of the program and makes necessary tweaks along the way. Points & Money is performing very well and we’re thrilled so many members are taking advantage of it.

A few days ago we made a slight shift in the program and as we previously shared, while we won’t be sending updates for each and every shift, we are fully committed to delivering the best value to our members, and will carefully consider any adjustments for Hilton Honors properties.

As Points can flex depending on the hotel and date, visit https://pointsexplorer.hiltonhonors.com/ to search desired hotels, destinations and preferred dates to book your next stay at over 5,000 Hilton hotels.

Hilton Honors is the only program that allows members to make use of ANY combination of Points and money starting at just 5,000 points to redeem at one of our properties.

On the plus side, properties still don’t cost more than 95,000 points per night, with the exception of the Waldorf Astoria Maldives. Furthermore, I’m not noticing too many changes from briefly looking at some properties I’ve redeemed at.

Redemptions at the Waldorf Astoria Maldives cost 120,000 points per night

But if you do suddenly notice that Hilton Honors redemptions are costing more than before at properties you frequent, now you at least know you’re not going crazy, and that costs have actually increased.

What I’m not sure of is if these changes account for 1% of properties, 10% of properties, 30% of properties, or what.

Have you noticed any redemption increases at Hilton properties that you frequent?

  1. Hilton Oman Salalah is now suddenly 30k points. When I was there in March 2018, it was still 5k. Then they increased to 10k in mid 2018, last year in December it was 20k and now 30k. I heard they underwent a major renovation, though.

  2. My random observation of about a dozen properties showed that about half of them increased by 10,000 points, including a couple that were previously only at a maximum of 10,000 points.

    That obviously isn’t enough to show a trend, but I fear that when all is said and done, this change might be more drastic than the numbers discussed in this post.

  3. @Lucky’s take here is an excellent reading of the situation, and his fair and measured post rightly avoids the **alarmist** tone that some other travel blogs have taken without having key facts, like the proportion of hotels we are talking about. Fortunately, “The Gate” ( http://bit.ly/2Wzih8D ) has done some digging, so that, at least for now, we know that the sky has not fallen.

    In just my second post as a ‘travel blogger’ 🙂 , I have tried to put this apparent change into the larger context of whether it was ‘sneaky’ of Hilton to implement it without a warning (the answer is: no), as well as whether the change ‘guts’ Hilton Honors to make it worse than BONVoY, as one prominent site has suggested (the answer again is: no).

    Before you post here to complain about Hilton’s duplicity and rogue practices, I suggest you read my attempt to show that we were told to expect the change from Day 1 and, in fact, it should have been expected because it is consistent with the revenue-based dynamic pricing mode that Hilton Honor adopted a couple of years ago. It is how a system without award charts or hotel categories is supposed to do what other programs do regularly when they update their award charts. You did not think that Hilton Honors’ move to dynamic award pricing would do away with periodic adjustments of hotel reward costs, did ya?

    It’s time for a ‘travel reality check’ and here’s the link to:

    “Has Hilton Honors Surreptitiously Increased Reward Prices at “Tons of Properties”?”



  4. pointsexplorer doesn’t show all the updated new point requirements, they only appear on the booking itself.

    Here are 2 examples I was following.
    1: Singapore Garden Inn from 20 to 30k
    2: HK Garden Inn from 30 to 40k.

  5. Like Mike above, I have also noticed the average 10K redemption increase while randomly sampling a few properties. In the past, I have purchased points when attractive (specials) and redeemed them when it was cheaper than the nightly rate. The opportunities may not be as frequent to do so.

  6. I came here hoping for DCS and I was not disappointed. I haven’t been able to be a fan of someone in this way since the sad retirement of Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf.

    I did not know that he has a blog! “Travel Reality Check”, excellent! I would recommend the anagram “Hilt: Very Erect, Alack!” instead.

  7. Yep. The problem here is Honors points are not worth anywhere near 0.5 cents anymore. It’s hard to clearly prove they are worth even 0.4 cents. And arguing “but but Conrad Maldives” just makes one sound ridiculous.

    The number of times I can find a standard room where “if points are worth 0.5 cents I’d use points” is vanishingly small. With Marriott the 0.7 point valuation at least is regularly real.

    Let’s call Hilton points what they are: Holivars.

  8. Isn’t that a robbery? They want you to convert your real money to their ‘currency’ and then stealthily increase the redemption rate (mostly on Category 1,2,3) double or triple. My wife and I saved tons of HHornor points for future family vacation. However, we have not had a chance to enjoy due to our kid is still in school. We found that the points were heavily devalued. It’s ridiculous !! Bye Bye, Hilton, the thief, we are gonna turn to some other loyalty program.

  9. Well I’m booking an award for two nights in Hawaii and imho Hilton has priced itself out of the market in some destinations and I’m lifetime top tier status in a multitude of programs including Hyatt and Marriott
    So Hilton and Marriott both earn ten points per dollar before going into elite bonus credit card bonus points etc
    Would you rather stay at the Hilton Hawaiian Village for 60,000 points per night or similar
    Or the Doubletree at 50,000 points per night?
    Or the 5 star Ritz Carlton one of the best & newest properties for 60,000 points with all dead on ocean view terraces
    It’s a no brainer for me Ritz Please Hilton with their medoire dated hard product and poor quality food and beverage don’t even make the cut
    At least before @ 10,000 points less a night I could say maybe and dine elsewhere
    For me Hilton isn’t in the running at present it’s almost shocking it’s a terrible value only for the uninformed and gullible that don’t do their comparison shopping
    And the lack of notice criminal and a double standard
    If they raised revenue rates 15% more than a 5 star high end property would you pay to be in one of their sub par North America properties
    No one in their right mind would choose a 3 or 4 star for more than a high end 5 star
    for the same or more

  10. Hmmm…one of my favorite points redemptions in the US jumped up from 10k to 20k. It was always an undervalued “steal” at 10k given that cash prices for rooms were regularly $130 + tax. So I’m just happy that it lasted as long as it did. It would have been nice for Hilton to have given a little notice on this, even if only 24 hours notice. I think those are the most important reminders of the points and miles game…don’t hoard points, and book as soon as dates are open / inventory is available.

  11. How about the “Capital One Double”

    Savor + Venture
    All dining on Savor (4% cash back)
    Everything else on Venture (2% cashback for travel or 1.5 miles per dollar)

    Cash back plus points transfer flexibility from the Venture
    $195 in total fees

    Plus whatever hotel/airline cards you need for status/lounges

  12. @Lucky, this may count as your most out-of-touch, “I’m a 1%er” posting. “Gee, I checked some extremely expensive resorts that I go to because it’s my job, and they are fine. So how is it for you peons at the Hampton Inns?” LOL! You may as well have ended with “Let them eat cake.”

    @DCS Oh boy, Hilton Honors is not sneaky, huh? Let me pull out Webster’s Dictionary. Hmmm… “Sneaky” is defined as:

    “marked by stealth.” Yup, that defines what Hilton did.

    “given to acting in secret” Yup, that defines what Hilton did.

    “done so as to escape being observed” Yup, that defines what Hilton did.

    By definition, Hilton’s devaluation was “sneaky.” Marriott’s, Hyatt’s and IHG’s were not.

    This gives a new perspective to those American Express cards.

  13. @Joseph N. — Just because you are paranoid does not mean they aren’t out to get you, right?

    Read my blogpost and stop hyperventilating about something that is a non-issue and will soon become more transparently so, when people realize that what Hilton Honors did here is no worse than the periodic award chart updates that are put out by programs that still use award charts, which almost invariably show more properties moving to higher than to lower categories. You simply have to decide for yourself which practice is “worse”, but there is no practical difference between the two.

  14. After reading this, I decided to check on our two HH award stays for this Summer. Paris La Defense now prices at 176,000 points (5th night free). Since my reservation made a few months ago priced at 184,000 points, I cancelled that and took the new reservation, saving 8,000 points.

    We also have 5 nights at the Munich City Hilton. Current reservation is for 8,000 points less than it prices out now. So I didn’t change that one. 😉

    Works for me….

    What I noticed is that in the recent past when I cancelled a reservation it took a number of hours for the points to be returned to my HH account. Which was a pain if you were doing a cancel/rebook and needed the points from the old reservation to make the new one. Always a bit of anxiety wondering if the lower priced reservation would still be there when you could finally rebook.

    This time returning the points was nearly instant.

  15. @M — This is ‘Q’. Points currencies do not have a redemption value until redeemed, but if you found out that a Hilton Honors point was worth 0.7cpp, what would you do differently with that information? You probably would still be complain that it was not worth more, because I am sure that you do know the first thing about the ‘value’ of points currencies since most who complain the loudest generally don’t …

    Inquiring minds wanna know, but I will tell you what I would do. I would keep checking until I got a redemption value of at least 1.4cpp, and I would not use my hard earned points to book award stays at 5K/per night properties that would cost me $39 in cash.

    People usually deserve what they aim for and succeed in getting…


  16. @Robert Hanson sez: “After reading this, I decided to check on our two HH award stays for this Summer. Paris La Defense now prices at 176,000 points (5th night free). Since my reservation made a few months ago priced at 184,000 points, I cancelled that and took the new reservation, saving 8,000 points. ”

    That’s a feature of revenue-based dynamic award pricing, so…


  17. Had a couple reservations booked with points (free cancellation anyway). Among mine, the only one that saw a points cost change is Hilton Garden Inn Hong Kong Mongkok, from 30k to 40k per night 29 Dec – 1 Jan.

  18. Fixed response to @M

    “You probably would still complain that it was not worth more, because I am sure that you do NOT know the first thing about the ‘value’ of points currencies since most who complain the loudest generally don’t …”

  19. Since you can easily generate HH in virtually unlimited quantities at $9.15 per 10,000 pts, HH remains the most lucrative loyalty program by a country mile. The nimrods/thought leaders who can’t figure that out are simply beyond hope.

  20. It means another indirect devaluation for already low value Hilton Points. I think their points now value about 0.2 to 0.3. Ben can confirm.

  21. @Ben Kingsley — Do you really, truly believe that when they are converted to the same currency so that they are **directly** comparable, a Hilton point would be worth 0.2-0.3 **USD** cent compared to Marriott’s 0.7 **USD** cent or Hyatt **USD** 1.5 cents? If you do, then you must stop talking about the monetary “value” of points because you have no idea what you are talking about.


  22. Ben, why do you say redemption costs are capped @ 95K night? There are many locations that are routinely north of that. I just did a sample search for NYC for 6/17 – 6/20 and found Embassy Suites – Mid-Town 136K/night, Renwick – 147K/night, HGI – Chelsea 116K/night. And then there is The Quin Central Park @261K/night (granted this a Vacation Club property but is still listed as available in the Honors eco-system).

  23. @KahunnaTravel, you need to make sure you are looking at standard room. sometimes there is no standard room available on the days you are looking at .

  24. I have to agree with DCS here. All the hype aside, the value of points/miles currencies is usually governed by the way you use them and the perks that come along with them. Get the biggest bang for your points by paying with points where it makes most sense and dollars when it does not and enjoy the fact that your Diamond (or Titanium) suite upgrade, lounge access and free breakfast puts you way ahead of the MSRP of your stay. Dynamic pricing for points is a financial reality for an airline or hotelier as it would be for any business and could well be an opportunity for the guest who travels on a day when planes and properties are 40% empty.

  25. Wow. Just read through some of your “travel blog” DCS. Unfortunately it basically comes across as a personal portal for Hilton Fanboy rants. I can guarantee you will not be very successful with it in terms of readers if you continue like that.

  26. “I’m dying to go to DCS’ blog and read dogmatic & bloviating posts”, said no one ever

  27. Hilton screwed us then and it continues now. I used to have a 6x HH card at grocery stores, which would generate 60k points @ $125 after a trip to trade giftcards for money orders. We would use the points at Hilton all inclusive resorts such as Hilton Puerto Vallarta, Hilton Rose Hall, Jamaica. A great value for 1/2 to 1/3 the cash rate….over the years it went from 40k a night to 40k only in low season and 60k in high, to limiting low awards to 1 month in spring and 1 month in fall hurricane season….then they screwed us with dynamic pricing with 150k-180k…I spent 700k for 2 rooms for a few days, cancelled my cards and haven’t looked back…no cap?!? I have seen rooms for 340k a night and that was a long while back….they are the skypesos of hotels with “customer enhancements” (in a close race with Bonvoy)…and their CC equivalent would be Amex with once per lifetime language….unless your company makes you stay there, quit them and don’t look back…..if you are like mser and have a way to generate 100k for $92 then it might be worthwhile, otherwise you are facing an uphill battle for awards on a slippery slope.

  28. I checked Hilton Athens where I stayed last week, still the same price.

    I have been consistently treated very well at Hilton’s properties in Japan and Europe. I had to book two rooms for family of five and they always provided elite benefits like lounge and free breakfast to all family members and all but once they upgraded both rooms(unlike Marriott and SPG properties) .

    To me on average Hilton employees are more customer friendly than Marriott. I will continue to stay at Hilton properties as I see fit despite any potential point price increases.

  29. I’m just waiting to see how long it finally takes for the owners of OMAAT to actually enforce the comment policy when it comes to DCS. The thinly-veiled insults from him are predictable, but no less tiresome.

  30. @DCS thanks for correcting the post to insult me. Cool!

    As for value I know it well. There are nearly no Hilton redemptions above 0.5 cents — or even at it — outside $300+ rooms.

    Regular redemption value for Hilton points is not 0.5 cents and hasn’t been for a long time. Still this blog recommends buying those points because Conrad Maldives.

    Hilton points were low value. And are now lower. How low? That’s a personal valuation to be sure. I’d say 0.4 cents is now reasonably redemption value. The ability to occasionally get more value is not how anyone should value points.

  31. @DCS-not sure why you feel insulting people on one site will drive others to read your blog. It simply tells me you are thin skinned and have nothing to share with the rest of the world.

    I recently booked the HGI Singapore at 20k/night and see it now @ 30k as mentioned. My other bookings in So Calif remained the same.

  32. @M, wise2u, Ben Kingsley, if you are redeeming your points at 0.2 to 0.4 cents per point, please stop, you are doing it wrong. Since the quasi dynamic pricing has come into effect, I have had 19 reward stays. The average redemption value has been 0.79 cents per point and it is only that low because I have done a ton of domestic redemptions where I was relatively points rich and cash poor. My lowest redemption has been 0.57 cents, my highest has been 1.27 cents.
    I have 3 upcoming reservations. Conrad Centennial Singapore has stayed the same at 60,000, Hilton Belfast Templepatrick has gone down by 5000 points per night (29K to 24K,pretty sure because of dynamic pricing, not because of a category change), and The London NYC has stayed at 95,000. Those are pretty much the range from dirt cheap to the top of the line and nothing but good news on my redemptions.

  33. Hilton Athens and Hilton Diagonal Mar Barcelona both increased by 10,000 points a night 🙁

  34. Hampton Scottsboro Al and Guntersville AL went from 10k to 20k.
    Super bummed bc Guntersville is a nice lake destination that I was planning on spending several weekends this summer bc they were so cheap on points.

  35. Dear OMAAT:
    I knew that I was painting a target on myself because I would be taking a view that wouldn’t be popular and was prepared, but it would be great to sanitize ‘offending’ posts together. You delete mine that responded to one that essentially called me “Baghdad Bob” (Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf), but did not delete it although it said nothing otherwise. Thank you.

    Helmholtz says: June 12, 2019 at 2:29 pm

    I came here hoping for DCS and I was not disappointed. I haven’t been able to be a fan of someone in this way since the sad retirement of Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf.

    I did not know that he has a blog! “Travel Reality Check”, excellent! I would recommend the anagram “Hilt: Very Erect, Alack!” instead.

  36. Every third rate airport hotel by Hilton outside of the US charges more than 95k on more occasions than not. Not sure how you can arrive at such a conclusion… Who´s collecting HH anymore anyways?

  37. @M — @farnorthtrader on June 12, 2019 at 9:21 pm provided a nice response, to which I will add more data points.

    Late last year to mid-January this year, I was on a 4-week vacation (the uncontroversial subject of my next blogpost) during which I did the following redemptions:

    Conrad Mania: 0.5cpp
    WA Shanghai: 0.4cpp
    WH Chengdu; 0.6cpp
    Hilton Pattaya: 1.0cpp (‘outsized’ value because it was a 5-night award stay)
    Conrad Hong Kong: 0.6cpp

    Average = (0.5 + 0.4 + 0.6 + 1.0 + 0.6)/5 = 0.6cpp.

    My approach was the same as usually: I searched for hotels in cities I wanted to visit (all but Shanghai offered just one choice at the time), booked if it made more sense to pay with points than with cash, and then I just kept checking to see if there was an award cost drop at any of the properties so that I would cancel and rebook.

  38. LOL: Conrad “Mania”, around Xmas time and next to the Mall of Asia, it felt at the times like ‘mania’, but that should be Conrad MANILA 🙂

  39. I confirm that Vancouver Airport in September went up from 40k to 50 while Narita (JP) remains at 20k … so far

  40. @Topoptom — With a well-paying day job, I have the luxury of not trying to be a ‘successful’ travel blogger, which means that I can tell it **like it is**. But, FYI, the traffic analytics of my site that has only two posts in about a month and half of existence (that’s some drive if I am seeking “success”!) do not support your “guarantee” of my failure, suggesting that there are people who find value in my ‘unvarnished’ and analytical style of posting.

  41. @ DCS — Likening someone to a propogandist seems different than directly insulting an individual using dehumanizing descriptive language.

    I personally find these tirades rather dull, but we’re happy to host the discussion as long as the discourse is civil.

  42. @Tiffany — Many would find little humanity in “Baghdad Bob” or in the greatest propagandist of them all, “Joseph Goebbels”, which the likening could well have been to, so that a wholesale removal of exchanges that you find offensive seems fair, but it is your site and your call.

    See you ’round campus!

  43. Not Hilton Honors, but the Hilton Grand Vacation Club keeps raising the number of points needed to book our own property and elsewhere. So frustrating. I should have done more research before being sucked into this. I would have done things differently.

  44. Based on the reports above and the fact that all hotel brands in the SF Bay Area have increased by 10K per night for dates in November, this appears to be more than a “tweak.” Now I know why all the searches I have done in the last few days have been returning higher than usual rates.

  45. @bludevil
    Hilton Athens is still 50k for July 21-26. So indeed the pricing is dynamic and can be as low as 50k depending on dates. I just stayed there last week and not only they upgraded both rooms to exec floor, offered free breakfast at lounge and full service restaurant, and the lounge staff is exceptionally friendly. Way above how I was treated at most Marriott properties. Only catch is they sometimes have cash sale as low as $154 standard or $199 EUR for exec rooms so depending on dates it may be better to pay cash.

  46. Almost all properties in the Memphis, TN area went up by 10,000 points/night. Leaving only one 20,000 point property and eliminating the two 10,000 point properties near by.

  47. @Robert Hanson sez: “After reading this, I decided to check on our two HH award stays for this Summer. Paris La Defense ”
    Robert ,Paris LA Defense(Business sky scrapers) is not a magical place unless you go to Paris for Business ,you could have booked the Hilton Opera whish is more central (a little bit further to the Champs Elysées than La Défense by 10 mns but a more parisian area )
    Anyway i like Accor Hotels rewards as i much prefer Sofitel hotels than Hilton but i think now the dynamic pricing” is becoming pretty standard. It is like a casino really.

  48. The Hampton Inn Merida recently went up from 5000-10000 points. Knew it was to good to be true..so luckily booked in advance..

  49. @Caroline — I totally agree re: Hilton Paris Opera vs. Paris La Defense. I stayed at Paris Opera in May a year ago and it was tremendous because, centrally located as you said, most places of interest (Vendôme, Elysées, Louvre, Tuileries, Concorde, and much of 8eme Arrondissement) were within walking distance. It will definitely be my first choice of a hotel in Paris in the future.

  50. @DCS: “Many would find little humanity in “Baghdad Bob” or in the greatest propagandist of them all, “Joseph Goebbels”, which the likening could well have been to, so that a wholesale removal of exchanges that you find offensive seems fair, but it is your site and your call.”

    Again, DCS, you are not the victim here, so stop pretending like you are.

  51. Hilton points are garbage now even with 5th night free. checked few hotels and cheaper not to use points.

  52. @007 sez “checked few hotels and cheaper not to use points.”

    I cant’ say I disagree because I just found another trend that is worth watching closely: award costs do not seem to be decreasing in synchrony (i.e., ‘dynamically’) with cash room rates. At many hotels where I stayed before, cash room rates have dropped significantly, while award costs in points have remained essentially the same. And, on top the now generally lower best available rates (BAR), Hilton continues to offer members-only cash discounts that make points redemptions even less attractive.

    It shows that points can be devalued without even raising the award rate caps! Definitely bears watching closely…

  53. While I don’t doubt that one can find great values with HH when one has flexibility with cities and dates, I’m generally going to specific city on a specific set of dates. My trips are not necessarily at high tourist or business travel times. But, I can never find a redemption that fits my schedule for at least 0.5 cents/pt. Having reached the point of sitting on over 2M HH points, I’ve started using them for less lucrative redemptions, including dropping 200K+ points for a room in May that netted 0.4 cents/pt. But better to spend the points at this point that just watch them be devalued. I miss the diamond level seven nights for 100K awards of yore.

  54. A few weeks ago it was not uncommon to find Hilton properties charging hundreds of thousands of points per night; the Scottsdale Embassy Suites was going for 1,000,000+ points per night in March.

    Now it looks like many of those properties just have no award availability at all.

  55. @AD
    I miss my two rooms in Hilton Tokyo Odaiba for 27k/night for 6 days in 2017, too. I saw that and decided to change my vacation destination to Tokyo instead. Given how bad some Marriott hotels have become I actually feel Hilton provides more value. I never want to hoard hotel points or miles and try to use them long before they are devalued. Personally I also would not compare the award value against corporate rates or special sale values. (especially prepaid rates) I base my valuation on refundable rates with no discount. Of course if I have a significantly better corporate rate or if they offer a good discount on refundable rate I may just pay cash.

  56. Hilton Athens just went up to 60k/night for standard award. The premium award(exec room) can be had for 54k but without 5th night free. I’m happy I just used my points for two rooms and 5 days last week. Was a really great stay well worth the points.

  57. Athens is down to 49k/night in line with the lower cash rate for 7/21-26. Seems to me it’s quite dynamic .

  58. It turns out that, in the end, the maximum award price increased earlier this month at about 18% of Hilton properties – just under 1,000 hotels, based on my research of the close to 5,500 properties that were available in Loyalty Lobby lists for April and June of 2019, increased their maximum redemption rates by 5,000 or 10,000 points per night. This results in increases in redemption costs of anywhere between 11.1% and 100% for these hotels, depending on where their original redemption level was and the amount of the increase.

    What very few people have been paying attention to, and where the larger change in the award cost changes has come, is on the other end of the award cost spectrum – that is, Hilton increased the minimum amount of points that must be redeemed for an award at more than half of their properties. By my count, 2,849 out of nearly 5,500 hotels increased their minimum redemption levels – including 545 that increased their minimum redemption to be equal to the maximum redemption – which further limits the usefulness of points at properties during off-peak periods.

    Though not all of the changes were bad (20% of the properties had no changes, and another 15% actually reduced their minimum redemption amounts), the fact that nearly two-thirds of the properties I could compare pre- and post-change had an increase in either the minimum or maximum redemption level, or both, suggests that this change is not as innocuous as a lot of people are portraying it to be.

  59. What I’ve found with all the hotel programs is that point values suck except for prestige properties in high season where a room goes for $600+/night otherwise. Bloggers always use these aspirational hotels as examples, but not everyone has the chance or wants to stay in those. For example even if I did want to stay in a 5* hotel, which I really don’t, I don’t travel in high season. Other than these, every single time I check it’s cheaper to buy the room than to use points at the valuations the bloggers give. I am pretty much done with caring about hotel programs in terms of earning and using points; their only value is for free breakfasts, lounge access and upgrades.

  60. All of new York City saw an increase. It’s sad really. I’m a casual traveler and it used to be worth it because I could bank diamond status easy with 10k point hotels having 3 within a few hours of me. It’s all done now and I’ve already lost it with Hilton since they had the great system issue of 2018 that screwed a ton of people out of points. I’m still missing over 20k that I’ll never see.

  61. In the last week, award nights at the Hilton in Sorrento, Italy have jumped from 83K points per night (which I already thought was very high) to 136K points per night!! Does that even make sense?

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