Hello from Singapore!

Just wanted to add a quick hello to everyone from Singapore. We stayed at the Conrad last night (which was incredible, but that’s for the actual report), and saw quite a bit of stuff. We went to Stanley Market and the surrounding area, which is one of my favorite excursions from the otherwise fast-as-heck-paced city. If nothing else the bus ride itself is worth it, since it boasts incredible views of the harbor and life outside the city. We also went to the Ladies Market and the Symphony of Lights, which is always incredible.

This morning we took the Airport Express to HKG and flew HKG-SIN on SQ. We got into T3 so could check out the new terminal (and by connection the new SKL) with ease, which is great. I’ve taken about 200 pictures so far, and there’ll be plenty more to come.

On an interesting note, our room at the Bali InterContinental is showing as a Jimbaran Club Suite, which is a good thing and a bad thing. It’s a good thing because it’s a massive room (124sqm), but the downside is that they only have Jimbaran Suites with a single king bed. Originally we were hoping for the Duplex Club Suite (smaller suite but has double beds), but I doubt I’ll put up too much of a fight slumming it on the couch of the Jimbaran Suite.

More to come, of course, and I’m starting to work on the hotel reviews, which will be followed by a trip report (eventually).



  1. Wow, jealous. I was talking to a friend and co-worker (FT yyz_atc_qq) about your Itin. tonight and said that it was amazing. We both like HKG, how can you not like a place like Stanley (BTW my pick on your photo contest), as well as a spot like Lamma Island, both are places that you like you are a million miles away from the hustle and bustle from Hong Kong(that I like).
    For some reason I love Singapore, I’ve met many that consider it to be a bit too staid(or known as Singabore), but I love the people and the food, the zoo is spectacular and I hate going to zoo’s.
    I’m ultimately looking forward to your view of Bali (may of said this before), as it seems like a beautiful spot to spend a few days. My other recent favorite is in Malaysia (Langkawi) both of which are near SIN, but its is sooooo far away.
    Good Travels,

  2. Monty,

    Totally agree with you regarding Singapore, I’m a fan. I do agree with those that feel it’s somewhat “sterile,” but at the same time it’s so functional, clean, and full of culture that it’s hard not to love, in my opinion.

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