Hello from Singapore!

Hello once again from the SKL in T3 at SIN! After an amazing weekend in Bali we are now waiting for our morning flights back home. It’s not even midnight and my flight is shortly after 8AM, but it’s a good opportunity to get some work done now and sleep on the plane later.

My carry on bags have gotten pretty big. By that I mean that they must weigh north of 80lbs and be too big to even check (OK, maybe a bit overdone, but you get the poin). Surprisingly enough, I’ve gotten away with it, and at this point I’m doing it for entertainment. I’ve counted three eyerolls from others so far and a couple of comments, and that’s only what my non-observant self has noticed. I think my bags require a new term beyond the “kitchen sink” travelers, and I’m pretty sure my bags are bigger than even the worst FA offenders. I won’t ever do it again, but this time it’s just too much fun. Here’s to hoping I don’t get stopped!

The flight back to SIN was excellent, and our overall experience has been great. While I’m flying to Shanghai, then Toronto, then Chicago (where I’ll be overnighting), and then finally back home, AJ is taking a more direct routing, SIN-NRT-ORD. Since he’s Global Services with UA he could upgrade a business class award to first with systemwide upgrades. While I could get my connecting boarding passes, AJ couldn’t since he’s flying UA. When we got to SIN we tried to look for UA agents since we know we’d have serious problems getting into the lounge without a BP (and I know agents usually refuse to issue them in the evening, but AJ’s a GS in F…. come on!), but instead we ran into the SQ “Duty Manager.” As luck would have it he wrote AJ a lounge pass for the Premier lounge, which was better than nothing. We tried our luck with the SKL, and surprisingly enough they let us both in!

I’m now in the process of trip reporting, uploading pictures, etc. I’m excited to try Air Canada Executive First on the new 77L, and will do my best to get everything posted ASAP.

Thanks for sticking along for the ride!


  1. Listen for a greeting on AC088 ZSPD-CYYZ. I’ll be working tomorrow (along with yyz_atc_lj) and hopefully one of the two of us will catch your flight.

  2. LMAO, a greeting? 😀 I didn’t know Air Canada had Channel 9! 🙂

    Now I’m excited (not that I wasn’t before, but even more so)!

  3. Hehe, yes I am. Specifically in row five. I can give you the seat number if you email me at onemileatatime @ hotmail.com. I’m ready for whatever you have up your sleeve! 😀

  4. Just in case you’re interested as well, I’m connecting to AC513 from YYZ to ORD at 8:35PM. 😀

  5. Better hope there are no storms moving through tomorrow or you may end up overnighting in YYZ. Tonight we had a microburst on final for 23/24R and once one flight called it, the next 10 or so overshot and we had a few airborne delays. It won’t take much and in summer a 6:50pm arrival could get messed up real quick. Maybe you’ll end up in CYHM or CYXU as a diversion 🙂

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