Reminiscing On My Favorite Trip Ever!

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I think people tend to romanticize travel. Which isn’t to take away from how awesome travel is, but rather to suggest that the awesome thing about travel isn’t what people might assume.

Most people go into a vacation thinking it’ll be relaxing, seamless, and they’ll return back home well rested.

The reality is typically quite the the opposite. People go on vacation and battle jetlag, scams, crankiness, finding out places might not be as picturesque as they looked online, etc. Unless you’re driving a couple of hours to the beach and plopping down there for a week, odds are that your trip won’t actually be “relaxing,” even if you’re going to Bali, the Maldives, etc.

The Maldives is relaxing… the journey there often isn’t!

But that’s not necessarily a bad thing, because I think the most happiness you’ll actually derive from a journey will come in the form of both anticipation and also recollection. We get excited about trips, and then best of all we can remember those trips for the rest of our lives.

This Thanksgiving I’m thinking about some of the things I’m grateful for, and of course there are tons — all of you guys, travel, my family and friends, etc.

Specifically on the travel front, this week was my dad’s birthday, and it made me recall what was my favorite trip ever. Perhaps that’s a big claim, but I can say without a doubt that it was my favorite trip, and I don’t think there’s anything that will ever beat it. It’s a trip I’ll remember for the rest of my life, which makes me grin ear-to-ear every time I think about it (which is just about every day).

I figured I’d share it again, partly because it makes me happy to think about, and partly because I can’t encourage people enough to take a similar trip.

Last year my dad celebrated a “round” birthday, and we went on an incredible round the world trip. Perhaps the most enjoyable part for both of us was that the trip was a complete surprise for my dad, so every step of the journey he didn’t know where we were going next.

For those of you who are new to the blog and didn’t have the chance to read (and see) the report, here it is:

My dad at the Emirates A380 bar

That trip will likely be the highlight of my life, and it’s something my dad and I talk about all the time. It wouldn’t have been possible without miles & points either.

If I’m being honest, when I originally planned the trip I figured it would be more fun for my dad than it would be for me. But from the second we started the trip I literally couldn’t have possibly enjoyed it more. Not only because it was my dad’s first time visiting so many places and trying so many airline products, but perhaps even more so because he had no clue where we were going next.

Another thing I’m happy about is that we recorded some videos capturing his surprise every step of the way. He was an amazing sport about it, though selfishly I was most excited about it because it allows me to go back and watch his genuine reaction whenever I want.

Bottom line

One of the things I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving is what an amazing gift travel can be. There’s nothing better than sharing travel with family/loved ones, and that trip with my dad will probably be my most memorable trip ever. It’s something I’ll never forget.

I can’t recommend taking a family member on a trip enough, in particular if they’re up for a surprise. That added so much fun to the experience.

Thanks for indulging me with this post, but it really does make me grin ear-to-ear every time I even think about it.

I’d love to do a similar trip again, but the challenge is that I know I’ll never be able to top the last trip and create such a genuine surprise again. But I guess I’ll start planning for the next “round” birthday?

Do you have one trip which stands out to you as most memorable ever?

Happy Thanksgiving to those who are celebrating (and even if you’re not, there’s never a bad time to be thankful!), and thanks for all the support over the years!

  1. Seriously, you’ve done so many of the same ‘I’m so grateful to travel’ posts it’s become mind numbing lay boring. If you can’t think of anything to post about, then just don’t post. Quality is better than this repetitive drivel

  2. @Sam If you think his blog is boring then why are you ŕeading it ? It’s not by force. @Ben Whats your business with Lucky and Ford? You clearly dont have a life thats why you put your nose to where it simply does not belong. Dont mind them Lucky. Your the best!!!

  3. Ahhh you dad enjoying ze ambiance! I really enjoyed this trip report!

    My favorite trip was when I spent three months backpacking all around Asia in 2010. I wish I could do that again. So many great memories from that trip!

  4. Some of my worst trips were some of my best . By the time I got home I was thinking that was rough , but , I got through . Insulating yourself from any discomfort or difficulty also insulates you from what can be a richer travel experience .
    BTW , that looked like a really great trip with your Dad . Way to go Lucky !

  5. Spent two weeks at the O&O Ocean Club in the Bahamas. Amazing, relaxing vacation with my fiance. We swam in the ocean all day and gambled in the evening in the Atlantis casino, as well as tried pretty much every restaurant around.

    Read a few books too, got some massages, and we both kept our cell phones in the safe for the duration of the trip.

    The best vacations for me are those that are not rushed. Sometimes we’ll travel to Europe and spend two or three weeks in a single city. We mostly fly in F thanks to you and TPG, who taught me all about points. Thanks dude!

  6. “If I’m being honest, when I originally planned the trip I figured it would be more fun than my dad than it would be for me.”

    You mean more fun FOR your dad, not than your dad.

  7. “People go on vacation and battle jetlag, scams, crankiness, finding out places might not be as picturesque as they looked online, etc.”

    Imagine how much worse it is for people who aren’t traveling in premium class, or have access to lounges, and don’t get hotel upgrades…

  8. @Aaron, as much as I love Lucky’s blog, he’s never fixed any of the typos I’ve pointed out, so I’ve stopped doing so.

  9. This summer holidays I went to LA from Poland on a language course. It was my first time travelling in business class (AA and British on the way back). I was on a paid ticket, but for the next summer I’m going to buy some extra miles and use them for a first class ticket. The cost will be much less than a paid business ticket. I’ll never forget this holidays because I met people from all around the world 🙂

  10. Yes, giving is better than receiving. It’s more fun lavishing these luxuries on a deserving loved one than it is to experience it all solo.

    I did a trip on the same theme and I can echo all Ben’s sentiments. It was the early days of AA using 777-300ERs JFK-LHR and I had just made EXP. I tool my elderly mother to visit our relatives in England, likely for her last trip. She’d never flown Business class, let alone in lie-flat adequate comfort and she certainly had never been in a First Class lounge. Admirals Club YYZ, Flagship Lounge JFK, the flights, Flagship Checkin and Lounge LHR all added up to a great use of my SWUs and a memorable trip for her, a thrilling time for me, showing her what this absurd hobby is like from the inside.

    She no longer thinks I’m completely insane.

  11. Now that’s cool. Looks like it was an awesome trip. Cherish the moments with the folks. All the money and upgrades in the world won’t match your time with them. Cheers!

  12. we all read this blog for the same reason…..a chance to nail a “deal” before anyone else. Lucky’s good about sniffin em out. Seriously, you read it for the trip reports??/ lol

  13. Seeing your dad wearing the emirates uniform
    and just watching all of the birthday trip videos made my day 🙂

  14. To Lucky and all of the other readers: I’ve never taken the time to send in comments, because I’m usually forever in travel (Elite Plus with all three Alliances), and can compete with the best of them for trips and more. But I’ve got to say that following the daily musings and comments of Lucky and his co-bloggers is generally a daily pleasure. This may I please PLEAD with other readers to realize how fortunate we are to have “blog-makers” who take the time, virtually every day, to write and share their wishes, stories, techniques, adventures, and so much more… for which we need not pay anything besides our simple respect! Thus using the occasion of Thanksgiving Weekend as a vehicle (even though I’m on the other side of the world right now), may I please PLEAD ONCE AGAIN for the nay-sayers, and severe critics, and “insulters”… to please not lose your own time (or effort) by continuing to disdain the enthusiasm (and hard work) of those who try to bring us some levity and pleasure… and instead to respect how fortunate we are, to have totally smart and creative young pups (I’m just jealous of the comparative age), who bring us a couple of lines of enjoyment almost every day! Happy Thanksgiving to you, Lucky, your cohorts, and all the other readers who appreciate your superb efforts!!!

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