Christmas in Germany: Hyatt Regency Mainz

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We took the train from the airport to Mainz, which took all of 20 minutes, and then took a cab from the train station to the hotel, since it was snowy outside. While there was no one in sight to help us with our bags upon arrival, that wasn’t really an issue.

Hyatt Regency Mainz exterior

The lobby was beautiful and light-filled, with a very nice lobby lounge.

Hotel entrance



We proceeded to check-in where we were warmly greeted. I always seem to have the strangest interactions with customer service agents in Germany. Even when I speak to them in German, they seem to respond in English once they see my US passport.

Anyway, check-in was prompt, and we were informed of the Diamond benefits, including free internet and access to the club lounge. However, due to the holidays the hotel was short staffed, so they were only serving the evening cocktails in the lounge. Breakfast would be in the restaurant in the lobby, which was great, since a restaurant breakfast is always much better than a club lounge breakfast.

Our room was on the club level, which was the sixth floor.

Sixth floor hallway

Now, it’s a given that hotel rooms in Europe are smaller than in the US, though the room was very tastefully decorated. The pictures really don’t do the room justice. The one thing “detracting” from the modern feel of the room was the ancient TV.

Rhine view room

Desk and TV

The room had a lovely view of the Rhine river. Being from Florida, I actually kind of enjoyed the snowy view outside my window.

Rhine view

The bathroom was pretty big and featured a tub and shower (though the design was interesting in that the shower and tub were separated from the rest of the bathroom by a glass shield).


Tub and shower

The ever-so-slightly disappointing aspect of the stay revolved around the Diamond welcome amenity. As I blogged about during my stay, on the second night I phoned down to the front desk to inform them that the food and beverage Diamond welcome amenity had not yet been delivered. They informed me that there should be some apples in my room. It’s disappointing that this hotel considers four “aged” apples to be a welcome amenity, when other hotels provide a bottle of wine and box of chocolates, or the like.

That being said, I was impressed by the fact that, without following up, the GM of the hotel emailed me a couple of days after my stay to acknowledge the “problem” (if you want to call it that), and to say they are working on it and reconsidering the amenity.

Desk at entrance

Diamond welcome amenity

The club lounge spread in the evening was fairly decent with a nice drink selection too. I was over the moon just enjoying German Fanta, which is my favorite drink in the world, bar none. Other than that the selection was fairly decent as well. They had cheese, crackers, veggies, chips and guacamole, and several desserts, including creme brulee.

Regency Club

Regency Club

The highlight of the hotel, though, was Bellpepper, the hotel restaurant. We had breakfast there both mornings since the club lounge was closed. While breakfast retailed for something like 27 Euro/person, it was complimentary for us.

Not only was the restaurant beautifully appointed, but the food was phenomenal. I was no doubt in a carb coma both mornings after eating here (freshly baked German bread+Nutella=happy Lucky), but it was totally worth it. They had everything, from freshly squeezed orange juice to all kinds of fruit, pastries, meats, cheeses, and even cooked to order egg dishes. The service was disorganized, taking into account how few guests there were and how many people were working there, though they were friendly nonetheless.

A major Asian airline known for their attractive flight attendants puts their crews up here, and it was certainly entertaining to watch the crews there, since it seemed to be just us and them every morning. There were also the accompanying British/Australian pilots that sat at their own tables, incessantly ordering coffee and reading books.



All in all, I had a fantastic stay and would return in a heartbeat. Given the rate of 108 Euro/night I paid (all-in), this was an absolutely phenomenal bargain, especially with the restaurant breakfast. One tip for those of you thinking of staying here. Apparently the hotel has only two “standard” suites, so if you’re a Diamond looking to use a confirmed suite upgrade at this hotel, book early. I would have used a suite upgrade, but I booked my stay too late, as the suites were already booked.

And while the purpose of my visit was more seeing family than sightseeing, here are a few pictures I took of Mainz:

Walkway along the Rhein

Christmas Market in Mainz

Crazy people standing outside in the cold drinking Gl├╝hwein ­čśë

Another Christmas Market shot

  1. I really look forward to your trip reports! You’re a very good writer and I appreciate the time you put into them.

    Thank you for Trip Report Index — I was able to catch up on past reports I had not read.

    Happy travels in 2011!

  2. I had to overnight at FRA last June, and instead of the usual shlep to Frankfurt, I decided to make use of my Hyatt status and stayed here. I had similar reaction to the hotel as Lucky (and had the same welcome amenity and the same Asian flight attendant corps in the morning)! It is a short walk from the S-bahn to the hotel, though if one has lots of bags than a taxi is definitely recommended.

    While I’m sure the Christkindlmarkt was fine, when I was in Mainz, the printers’ festival was going on. (Gutenburg was born in Mainz and spent much of his life there, hence the focus on printing.) This was entirely unplanned, and also amusing when I came across the dunking of a bunch of young kids in a big vat of water on a big stage and didn’t know what to make of it. I chalked it up to it being another strange German tradition. I later found out that these were printing apprentices being “baptized” into the printing industry as part of the annual St. John’s Night festivities, as shown here:

  3. “A major Asian airline known for their attractive flight attendants puts their crews up here, and it was certainly entertaining to watch the crews there, since it seemed to be just us and them every morning.”

    This part of the report is useless without photos.

  4. Great report! I tend to visit Mainz once a year and have switched from the Hilton to Hyatt. Both are great, but the Hilton doesn’t have a lounge. Liked the pictures from the Weihnachtsmarkt.

  5. This property is a great use of the Diamond Suite upgrade – since the suite is huge but the paid rate is very reasonable unlike some of the really higher end Hyatts.

  6. Decided to stay in Mainz on an overnight later in the month, figured i’d seen Frankfurt enough times already.
    I was wondering if you had bought your train tickets beforehand or purchased right at the airport?

  7. @ Monty — Tickets can be purchased day of and there are trains every half hour or so. I believe the fare was 3.80 Euro/person.

  8. @Lucky – I was there in april and got a bottle of local wine in addition to the apples as my welcome ammenity. The regency club staffer who escorted me to my room at check-in made sure to point them out to me.

  9. Huh. Either they have exactly the same paintings in all the rooms and bathrooms or I’m currently in the same room that Lucky stayed in. (I looked up the trip report to see if he had anything to say about room service)

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