Cathay Pacific Staff Can Now Wear Face Masks Due To Wuhan Coronavirus

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The Wuhan coronavirus is causing concern in the travel industry, as the death toll has increased to nine people, and a total of over 450 people have been infected.

Travelers at some airports are being screened for the virus, and increasingly this is a point of concern among travelers, as well as those working in the travel industry.

Well, in light of this, you may notice some changes to the appearance of Cathay Pacific employees. Cathay Pacific employees will now be allowed to wear surgical face masks, not just on flights to & from Wuhan, but throughout the system.

As Cathay Pacific explained to employees in a memo:

Due to the evolving information from health authorities, we will allow crew members and frontline airport employees to wear surgical face masks when on duty at their discretion.

We are monitoring the situation closely and will continue to coordinate with the health authorities in Hong Kong and all the ports to which we operate flights. As required by the Hong Kong health authorities, we are now distributing health declaration forms and will be making face masks and antiseptic wipes available at the boarding gate to passengers traveling from Wuhan to Hong Kong.

Our frontline staff are reminded to maintain good personal and environmental hygiene, and to remain alert and vigilant while being on the lookout for passengers presenting with infectious disease symptoms. We have in place “Suspected Infectious Disease Procedures and Guidelines”, which are based on the guidelines of the International Air Transport Association.

This decision comes at the request of Cathay Pacific employees. Initially the company only allowed employees in mainland China, as well as crews flying to & from mainland China, to wear masks. Now the company has changed the policy, and is allowing all employees to wear masks.

This seems like a common sense change, given the severity of the situation. I would hope that other airlines follow, and also give their employees this option.

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Given the latest information on the coronavirus situation, my thinking changed, and I ultimately canceled my flight through Beijing. For more on the rapidly-developing situation, check out these posts:

  1. I booked a trip with China Southern to Sanya with connections in Shengzhen and GuangZhou next month šŸ™ I am worried and do not know if I should cancel my trip. This is bad news for me

  2. @kobe what do you mean ?

    The problem with staff wearing the face masks is the difficulty you have attempting to understand some of them. Moreover , you need to keep changing masks several times a day Most donā€™t

  3. But take down your mask and “be a real Chinese”, said People’s Daily.

    @Icarus As far as I remember, a “Kobe Bryant” used to love to post Chinese propaganda on every article related to CX. Calling oneself this name fits Chinese netizens behavior too.

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  5. Something I’d like to get clear on. Did the people who died have poor hygiene or medical care?

    So do people get the virus and not visit animal markets and have access to 1st world medicine, have normal symptoms and treatments? What’s the prognosis?

    The articles I read don’t provide the details just scare the crap out of people.

  6. @Gina Don’t know but not everyone who gets it is dying, so that could indicate its killing people who are weaker or had prior conditions (I haven’t seen all the data on it so I am not sure who is dying just that is a small percentage of total infected). That being said it is extremely contagious and I have heard reporting that hospital staffs, which do take universal precautions, are being infected at high rates. Wuhan has over 11 million people and is a national city so its not some backwater place where they don’t understand medical care.

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