American To Codeshare With GOL, Expand Miami Flying

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Late last year it was announced that Delta would be investing in LATAM, causing LATAM to cut ties with American. Latin America is one market where American has historically been dominant, so they’re now having to rethink their whole strategy.

Well, the latest news comes as no surprise whatsoever, but American and Gol have announced a codeshare partnership, and American will expand their Miami flying as well.

American & GOL launch codeshare agreement

American Airlines and Brazil’s GOL have today announced their intention to launch a reciprocal codeshare agreement. If approved, this would allow American Airlines customers to connect to 53 GOL flights beyond Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Brasilia, Manaus, and Fortaleza.

This relationship would also allow reciprocal frequent flyer mileage earning and redemption opportunities, as well as some other reciprocal benefits, which are anticipated in the first half of 2020. We don’t have all of the details of that yet.

American Airlines expands Miami flying

Not only is American launching a codeshare agreement with GOL, but they’re also expanding service in Miami.

American already announced a few months back that they’re adding flights from Miami to Lima, Santiago, and Sao Paulo.

New Miami to Rio de Janeiro frequency

Now American has announced that they’ll add a second daily Miami to Rio de Janeiro flight this coming winter (January 7 through March 28, 2021), which will also be one of the first Miami routes to be operated by a 787.

12 additional domestic flights

On top of the new international flight, in the summer of 2020 American is adding an additional dozen daily flights from Miami to six US destinations, including:

  • One extra daily frequency to Nashville using a 737-800
  • One extra daily frequency to Boston using a 737-800
  • One extra daily frequency to Houston using a 737-800
  • Five extra daily frequencies to Orlando, using a combination of 737-800s, 757-200s, and A319s
  • Two extra daily frequencies to Raleigh-Durham, using a combination of 737-800s and A319s
  • Two extra daily frequencies to Tampa, using a combination of 737-800s and A319s

This seems to be a pretty direct response to Delta’s recent expansion in Miami, as the airline announced new routes to Orlando, Raleigh, Salt Lake City, and Tampa.

It’s funny how this all works…

It’s kind of funny when you step back and look at how this has all unfolded:

  • American Airlines had a partnership with GOL until 2012
  • Delta bought a stake in GOL in 2011, causing GOL to cut ties with American
  • Then Delta dumped their stake in GOL in late 2019 after they bought a stake in LATAM, leaving GOL on the market
  • Now American and GOL will partner once again

Ultimately an agreement with GOL is better than nothing, but this is hardly a substitute for the loss of LATAM. GOL is Brazil’s largest airline, though they only operate 737s and don’t have a proper business class, so this isn’t going to be the most attractive option out there for many premium passengers.

Bottom line

It’s nice to see American Airlines expanding Miami flying in response to Delta’s expansion in Miami. The new codeshare agreement with GOL is cool as well, though frankly it’s hard for me to get excited about it, especially when LATAM is being lost.

LATAM is a global airline with hubs all over Latin America and flat bed business class, while GOL is essentially a regional low cost carrier.

What do you make of the new American & GOL partnership? 

  1. It has been pointed out several times that LATAM flights on the A320 and A321 have never had a business class; they were all-economy until last month, when a premium economy class was introduced. Please correct this.

  2. Fair point of view when you think about Latam’s big planes and hubs, however Gol offers Space+ In their first 6 rows, onboard internet and domestic lounges, while Latam is going only now to do something similar. To fly inside Brazil Gol became the first choice of many who privileged Latam in the past. That being said, this announcement is so lame, I expected a lot more coming from AA & Gol. Hope their agreement expand since Gol’s network covers all South America and is more flexible than Latam.

  3. I was hoping AA would start a GRU-MCO route, to offset the loss of the LA-operated codeshare. AA chose to increase link between MIA and MCO instead. I’m not happy but I guess that’s understandable, as Brazilian routes to MCO probably are low yield (so much so that DL cancelled its own route a while ago, and now will codeshare with LA).

  4. What’s with y’all saying “Gol isn’t as attractive to Business Travellers as LATAM” just remember that most of LATAMs internal flights throughout South America don’t include business class and that Gol and Azuls business models are almost a hybrid between full service and low cost. Think Aer Lingus, Westjet and Virgin Australia.

    It’s also better than nothing but hopefully this codeshare expands and hopefully GOL launches flights to more destinations outside Brazil. It could be a good partner for Qantas when they start flying to Brazil in the next few years as part of their project sunrise.

    I also suggest that American also launches a codeshare with Sky Airlines which is pretty much Chilles version of Gol. That way they’ve got at least some ground back.

  5. Was fully expecting this. Gol is fine for domestic flights and pretty equivalent to LATAM. In fact they have, in some ways, a better domestic network. Especially out of CGH which is my favorite airport for domestic flights from S.P.

    It will be interesting to see what GOL does for its Intl flights to Florida. Right now things are in chaos due to the MAX issues. They are flying instead to FOR etc with a 737-800 that has to stop in Santo Domingo for refueling.

    In time I could see them getting larger planes to fly the secondary routes to Brazil that American does not want to serve. Like Fortaleza. If so, with urging from One World, it could mean a proper business class. They have a great opportunity to expand flights from Miami to Fortaleza, Recife, B.H. and Salvador and let AA focus on GRU and GIG.

  6. @ Stuart Gol isn’t getting any other planes rather than the 737, unfortunately. They tried in the past, did all wrong and got a huge debt because of it. I’d love to see then with a few 787. The all 737 fleet gives Gol an amazing flexibility so they are able to serve the entire continent with a single model, but of course limite they growth.

  7. @VT-CIE but you could fly between Sao Paulo and Santiago on a 767 with lie flat, or Santiago-Bogota, or between Buenos Aires and Santiago in lie flat seats. There are many 767 and even 777 routes with LATAM business class within Latin America and GOL has.
    For example, GOL flies to Miami from Brasilia on a 737, thats an 8 hour flight on a 737.

  8. Very happy as a MIA AA EXP traveler to hear this.
    We are flying to Brasilia – Natal – Sao Paulo this July and noticed that GOL has more legroom space than Latam/LAN/TAM. It’s prices are better so we can upgrade to the premium economy seats for less than a regular Latam ticket. And, they have better frequency in their departures out of BSB and into GRU. One last perk, we can use a rollerboard on a 737. The A320/A321 of Latam has smaller overhead bins.
    Happy that Latam went to Skymiles.

  9. Unless you are flying on longer international flights, GOL and Azul are better than LATAM. LATAM’s A320 family aircraft are extremely uncomfortable in economy and service on domestic flights is similar to ultra low cost carriers in the U.S.

    Azul and Gol offer complimentary snacks and beverages while LATAM only offers free water.

    Overall, since American already services a large portion of South America from the United States, GOL is a sufficient partner.

  10. I’m excited about the extra frequency to Nashville, on a mainline plane no less. Doesn’t seem really related to the Latin America issue they were solving but I’ll take it!

  11. People that travel on business, or have actual MONEY or miles, can still take AA to South America and switch to LATAM! Not a big deal if one wishes to avoid Delta.

    One does not need to be held prisoner to any one airline group and this is where this blog fails to recognize true or wider travel patterns. A DL passenger is still ALLOWED to fly to GRU on DL metal and then transfer to a GOL flight.

    I fly AA to GIG (stop) Then back to the airport and board Latam for BOG or LIM (simple). Even a direct transfer would not be that awful. Not ideal, but not the end of the world by any stretch.

  12. @Jordan. I think you are missing the point. That is what One Word status offers you in Brazil. Free checked bags, premium seat reservations, and priority boarding in Group One are really important when traveling around such a huge country. In fact, for domestic flights, no one cares which of the three, LATAM, GOL, or Azul you take as they are for the most part pretty comparable. It’s about not getting shuffled to the end of the line and having to pay for extras. So, no, I will not be flying LATAM after April for just that reason and will switch to GOL exclusively.

  13. AA and GOL will be a Much Better Partnership than anything LATAM (such a stupid Name for starters). As a ONEWORLD Emerald LAN was Fine but once they Merged with Garbage TAM they were never an Option. (If Delta thinks they are getting some Prize…think Again.) In short order You will see All of the ONEWORLD Carriers serving The Continent switch to GOL and other Partners leaving LATAM in the dust. And I could easily see Aerolinas Argentina abandon SKYTEAM and make their own deals with AA and IBERIA in particular. (There are Reasons AA and All of ONEWORLD decided to ‘Let them Walk’)

  14. Thank God for that ! I will take Gol anytime over Latam . Gol is flexible price ..good service…excellent leg room in the first 6 or 7 rows and serve complimentary drinks . It’s good for AA and their customers and it’s a lottery for Gol pax . I feel sorry for Delta if they thing that they have managed to score high on American with this Delta and Latam partnership. For me After April it’s Good bye Latam

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