American Airlines Flight Attendants Are Angry & Offended

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American Airlines flight attendants are angryabout both their working conditions and about their options for taking a leave of absence.

This displeasure is expressed in the form of a letter from Lori Bassani, the President of the Association of Professional Flight Attendants, which represents all 26K+ of American’s flight attendants.

This comes as American Airlines has hugely reduced their schedule (including canceling 75% of international flights, with more cancelations to come), meaning they have way more employees than they need at the moment.

What American Airlines is offering flight attendants

A couple of days ago I wrote about American Airlines’ rather generous offer to pilots, as the company is looking for employees to voluntarily take a leave of absence. Pilots have been offered the following three options:

  • Voluntary Extended Leave of Absence — pilots can take an unpaid leave of absence that can last up to 12 months; pilots will still accrue length of service and receive benefits, but won’t accrue sick leave or vacation time
  • Voluntary Short-Term Leave of Absence — pilots can take advantage of one month, three month, or six month options, during which they’ll be paid for 55 hours per month of flying; pilots will still accrue sick leave, vacation time, and seniority
  • Voluntary Permanent Leave of Absence — pilots who are 62 or older can choose to essentially retire early, and they’ll be paid for 50 hours of flying per month until the mandatory retirement age of 65

Meanwhile American Airlines flight attendants are being offered the following two options for taking a leave of absence:

  • Flight attendants can take an unpaid six, nine, or 12 month leave of absence; flight attendants still get medical and travel benefits during this time
  • While the company wants to offer an early out for flight attendants, the company and the union haven’t agreed n terms, because they are too far apart

As you can see, American Airlines flight attendants don’t have any sort of option to get partial pay while taking a leave of absence or retiring early, while pilots can get 60-70% of their normal pay while retiring early or taking a leave of absence.

American Airlines flight attendants are offended

The letter says that the union is “highly offended” that the company has offered paid leave to pilots, but not to flight attendants:

We are highly offended that the company offered the pilot group financial benefits for two of the pilot options and would not consider the same for our group. This is a slap in the face for our members who are keeping this airline in the air — and it severely underestimates our relevance during this or any crisis.

American Airlines putting flight attendants at risk

The union’s issue isn’t just that they’re not being offered paid leave, but also involves the risks employees are facing at this time.

Flight attendants’ jobs are inherently at higher risk, due to the nature of what they do, working in closed environments with hundreds of people. In other words, they’re unable to social distance. The union wants the company to recognize flight attendants for their true worth.

On top of that:

  • With American Airlines constantly cramming more seats into planes, passenger seats are encroaching on jumpseats, and galley space is more limited than ever before, with nowhere for passengers to wait to use the lavatories
  • Many flight attendants are in the high-risk age category because pensions were stripped or frozen during the last crisis, and they can’t afford to retire

The union is pushing the government to include front line workers in the airline bailouts, to ensure money flows to members. Specifically, the union is seeking:

  • Reduced services on flights to minimize close interaction with passengers
  • Hazard pay for those who cannot take leaves and must fly to pay their bills
  • Sufficient precautionary supplies for flight attendants
  • Expanded protection for members who test positive for COVID-19 or are quarantined

My take on the union’s demands

I know people will say the following in the comments section, so let’s get out ahead of it:

  • “How novel that flight attendants want to do less work”
  • “Well flight attendants can be replaced more easily than pilots”

Regarding the first point, I think the union is totally justified in wanting reduced service, and in expressing concern about the safety of crews. Flight attendants are putting themselves at incredibly high risk of getting coronavirus.

With so many businesses having been closed down, I can’t think of many professions where frontline employees are being put at such high risk. I think these demands are perfectly reasonable, and heck, for now, maybe inflight service should largely be suspended.

As far as paid leave options go, this is a challenging situation, and I suspect that like everything else related to coronavirus and aviation, things will be changing rapidly here:

I guess the merit of the complaint depends on how we see this playing out, which comes down to whether we assume the downturn in demand will be long term or not — will demand recover within a few months, or are we looking at a long-term economic downturn.

I hate to say it, but I don’t think we can rule out the possibility of large scale involuntary furloughs at US airlines. If that weren’t the case, then I think flight attendants definitely have a case. At the same time, if involuntary furloughs are coming across the board, then it’s a different story…

If airlines are only going to operate ~20% of their capacity, they’ll have a very hard time staying in business while paying all frontline employees ~60-70% of their salaries. That absolutely sucks for frontline employees, and I’m enraged by the corporate greed that got us to this point (and by “this point” I mean such limited cash reserves, because companies would rather spend money on stock buybacks rather than reserves or reducing debt), though it may just become a reality…

There is one thing that seems reasonable, at a minimum — senior flight attendants are paid way more than junior flight attendants, so it does seem like there’s some merit to offering senior flight attendants partial pay for a leave of absence, since they could still come out ahead that way (paying a junior flight attendant plus partially paying a senior flight attendant may be cheaper than just paying a senior flight attendant).

That’s especially true when you consider that if furloughs were to happen, chances are that it would be done based on seniority, with the most highly paid flight attendants keeping their jobs.

Why pilots are “special”

There is one important point that can’t be overlooked when it comes to furloughing pilots vs. flight attendants. No, this isn’t about which work group is more “skilled,” but rather it’s a function of retraining costs. Pilots are typically only certified on one aircraft type (or in some cases a couple, if the cockpits are common).

If American had to involuntarily furlough pilots, it would be a disaster. Presumably they’d have to furlough based on seniority, but the most senior pilots are flying wide bodies, for which there’s no demand.

If they were to furlough pilots based on seniority:

  • They’d be furloughing the most junior pilots, who are most likely flying narrow body planes
  • Then the most senior pilots, who are most likely flying wide body planes, would need to be certified once again on smaller planes
  • This would be extremely time consuming and costly

This issue doesn’t exist among flight attendants, who are certified on all mainline aircraft types.

What do you make of the complaints of American’s flight attendant union?

  1. “ We’re primarily here for your safety”- attitude gets you just those two options AA is offering them. Karma is a b*tch.

  2. NO TAXPAYER MONEY SHOULD GO TO THE AIRLINES. NO BAIL OUT. SCREW THEM!!!! We should however subsidize the workers, through other means, not through the airlines. #LETTHEMFAIL

  3. For any Flight Attendant considering early retirement do not trust American Airlines. Thousands of Flight Attendants accepted early retirement in the past with the promise (in writing) that they will continue as D2 pass riders. Parker came to AA and was able to void this promised benefit.

  4. The reality of point 2 is completely glossed over. The structure of pilot vs flight attendant training is entirely different. If you don’t get voluntary reductions from pilots, there are MASSIVE, HUGE costs involved to involuntarily furlough that group, since it is seniority based. AA doesn’t need highly paid widebody captains right now, so if they cannot entice them to retire or take a voluntary leave, the low seniority 737 first officers will be furloughed first, and up the line. So that widebody captain will eventually need to be retrained and certified for a smaller aircraft ($$$), after AA has already shelled out millions to retrain and certify other pilots lower in seniority than that widebody captain, and so on and so on.

    FA training on the other hand is much simpler, and they can be trained on multiple aircraft at the same time. It’s a completely apples to oranges comparison, and if the FAs are concerned about working for fear of catching the virus, they are being given the opportunity to ‘protect’ themselves (unpaid), with generous benefits to boot! Offended? Give me a break, we are all having issues with the situation right now.

  5. Wait, but I thought flight attendants have been arguing that they should be treated and thought of as first responders and not “service industry.” If they truly believe that then a job with inherent risks during a critical time should be expected and embraced. But, of course, it’s F/A’s…they will change the narrative to suit whatever it takes to work less, do less, and be paid more.

    Oh, and I don’t see actual first responders and medical personnel in this country complaining right now other than desperately needing supplies to help those in need.

  6. I’m surprised one of the requests isn’t to completely block seats on aircraft that directly face or are otherwise adjacent to an FA jumpseat. Example: LUS A321 would have 10E and 11F blocked for the jumpseat by the R2 door. Prevents passengers with COVID having their mouths/noses within 6 direct feet of the flight attendant (and vice-versa for what could be quite a while during takeoff/landing. The planes should be empty enough that I doubt the 5-10 reduced seat count on an A321 would impact even 5% of flights.

  7. I’m in favor of a bailout for the airlines, just as I was for the banks and auto-companies in 2008. But you always have to let one or two firms go under to deal with the moral hazard issue.

    It’s obviously in this case that AA should be the airline that is allowed to die. I see that the entitled attitude of their FA’s still continues even while virtually their entire fleet is grounded.

  8. “I can’t think of many professions where frontline employees are being put at such high risk.”
    Well: doctors, nurses treating COVID-19 infected patients…….
    Are they complaining? Nope.

  9. AA got this right. Their FA’s could be replaced with a walk up bar and a video. Maybe if they actually served their guests (like DL) they would be considered more of a key elements. AA can finally bust this union and hire new and professional in-flight staff!

  10. They need to go so badly! 95% of time, AA crew were so horrible and they need to taste their own medicine. Good luck, grannies FA.

  11. After AA locked my account and expropriated my points, I feel no sympathy for anyone affiliated with AA.

  12. As I read these comments I am very disheartened by the view of flight attendants. I chose this job because I thoroughly enjoy helping people. My job doesn’t stop at “primarily for your safety ” I have cleaned up vomit from a sick child, pushed toilet paper down in the bathroom because someone wouldn’t use it with it in there, I have soothed a crying baby, walked a family to their next connection even though I needed to make mine. I’ve helped older women fasten their seatbelts while doing my paperwork because they are someone’s grandmother. I have had passengers refuse to acknowledge me or accept a beverage because of the color of my skin, yet I am still willing to help the next row. I can’t ‐]speak for any other flight attendant just for myself I’m sorry to those who have had bad experiences there are plenty of us who see our jobs as a blessing and not a hindrance

  13. I agree with all demands but the hazard pay puzzles me. Under normal period, where certain routes are considered extremely dangerous, including hazard pay makes sense, and has been done before. But when the whole industry to taking a dive, and there are more FAs than actual flights, to a point the airlines don’t want them to work, why would the airlines give hazard pay? Hazard pay is not legal requirement, simply an incentive to attract workers to position that most people would pass due to hazardous nature. But then again, some of the unions demands can really off sometimes.

  14. There’s no need for bridge loans to any US airline – it just requires every single employee beyond a skeleton upkeep crew to be laid off.

    No revenue, no need for workers. Labor is the largest expense. Fuel costs as the second largest expense are irrelevant if there is nothing to fly.

    Airline companies enter hibernation mode and can survive for quite a while.


  15. AA’s FA union is seemingly always angry and offended about something. At least they are getting the option of keeping their benefits while not working instead of just being laid off like most service industry workers. What a bunch of whiners…

  16. No bail out for the airlines – all that profit the profit they made should keep them afloat while they scale back until this is over. Otherwise, there needs to be an agreement to a Passangers Bill of Rights – and they need to make a decision of being a full fledge or a budget airline – can’t be both. P

  17. Carol, I don’t think anyone is saying that all flight attendants are bad. I am very disheartened that you display your unnecessary offense while also bragging about your own supposed wonderful “above and beyond” performance. Is kind of weird.

    To that, I have seen flight attendants do far more than you say you have. You aren’t as special as you beg others to think. However, you may be ok.

  18. Lolo, right on. They should spend their profit on difficult times. And if they get a bail out they should be giving something up for it and probably agreed to pay it back over time.

  19. How many bankrupts these unions have to go through to realize if airlines fail you wouldn’t have jobs anyway.
    Eastern, TWA, old AMR, old old US Air (before HP), even HP don’t teach them anything. How many of their colleagues never get to return.

  20. Life isn’t fair. A FA requires minimal training, a pilot requires tons of training. If you can’t understand the difference you have issues.

    No different than an admin person vs. a doctor. One is easily replaced and the other isn’t.

    Or the difference between a starter on a sports team versus the last guy on the roster.

    It doesn’t mean you treat them poorly (like too many passengers do) but they need to be realistic and realize they are much more easily replaceable than pilots or another highly skilled professional.

  21. It’s all about retention.
    It takes about ten years and a couple of hundred thousand dollars to create a pilot. Not just for licensing, but also for the apprenticeship. Same for mechanics by the way.
    A flight attendant can be hired off the street and six weeks later they are qualified. Ditto for agents and ramp personnel.
    The company must hang on the the pilot and mechanic groups. They can replace the flight attendants and agents. Sorry. That’s life.

  22. For all those here advocating for AA to go belly up, you’ll be the first ones singing the blues on this forum when your flight prices double next year. Just about everyone is going to be impacted in some way by this crisis. I don’t blame the Union for wanting a better deal for their workers. Hopefully, a few months from now, this will all be a distant memory and we can all return to health, both physically and economically. In the meantime, don’t blame others who are experiencing pain, you might soon be in their position.

  23. Donna, don’t be so manipulative. If AA goes under flight prices will not double. It is very nasty of you to to imply that others are not feeling pain. Clearly it is expressed here that everyone is being hurt by this. That is why people are a bit insulted that the union is acting as if they are the only ones in a bad spot. And that they are trying to take advantage of the bad situation to take more for giving less.

  24. Wow. Even in times such as this. The nasty vile comments still flows . What will it take. You will all soon find out. The notch is being turned up as we speak

  25. @Daniel B.
    I totally agree. To be completely honest, I’m a healthcare worker myself, so may be biased. But we don’t get extra pay for being exposed, nor are we demanding it. I would totally support the flight attendants who want to get paid extra for being exposed; but similarly, I’m of the opinion that everyone should just stay put and avoid flying for now, in which case, other than the few repatriation flights that may be necessary, flight attendants shouldn’t be exposed. (Period).

  26. AA flight attendants always appear angry. Perhaps this crisis will be the bitchslap they need to leave and find a job they actually enjoy doing.

  27. They’ll most likely go the way of Marriott. Mass furloughs so that they are technically not unemployed, but the company won’t need to pay them the same compensation they would if they had been laid off.

  28. My two cents, in the last couple of weeks leading up to SAS grounding their flights, our cabin crew were instructed to not do service on any flights under 80 mins and only snacks and drinks on longer. No fresh food at all. So I agree with you Lucky that now would be the time to suspend on board service. People really shouldn’t be flying unless absolutely necessary and this is coming from crew.

  29. Pilots are specialized labor and flight attendants are not.


    Unfortunately muddled in this world of political correctness.

  30. Is anyone going to bring up the estimated 7.2 Trillion in cash on hand that Corporate America has stuffed in offshore banks from the last plea for a bailout? Presumably the airline industry is secreting some of that.

  31. Good to know that most of the commenter here still have never worked in the service industry, let alone at an airline, as the continue to call the workers all sorts of nasty things.

    Good luck flying anywhere when all airlines are bankrupt in the world in a couple of months.

  32. “I’m in favor of a bailout for the airlines, just as I was for the banks and auto-companies in 2008.”

    How benevolent of you! Offering up everyone’s money just like that.

  33. FA can be replaced by the masses that don’t have jobs from the service industry. In my years of flying i don’t see any special skills required to be FA.

    Give me a hard worker, friendly, and willing to follow SOP. Seems to me that there is a 50/50 split in the FA today that do have these attributes. But the union is just nuts to think they carry as much value as the pilots.

  34. Aren’t flight attendants as important as pilots? As planes can’t fly themselves, there is a mandatory passenger to flight attendant requirement? So, I think AA knows if they offer these to the pilots, the flight attendants will ask for the same too.

  35. No person how bad they are in the job should have to go through what we are today; in this regards I sympathize with them for standing up for their rights. But AA flight attendants are even worse than Spirit Airlines, so for me here is how I think about this:
    – They should get the same deal as the pilots; we need to keep the economy moving.
    – However in 12 months they should agree to killing the union & moving to pay for work like most of us normal human beings. Honestly as a waiter if you had the attitude of the AA flight attendants, I can guarantee you wont be working in the job long.



  37. Perhaps it is time to establish a new standard requirement for required space per passenger.

  38. The people on here complaining that Flight attendants are whining are most likely sitting in the comforts of home practicing social distancing with their families. They are not on a airplane with no masks, protective gear or adequate supplies that are needed when you do come into contact with a carrier; or worrying if they will bring it home to their families. I know what I signed up for with this career but other 1st responders are dressed head to toe in protective gear if they are even in the vicinity of infected individuals. People are so judgemental in the comforts of their homes when they have no idea what its like to be a flight attendant putting your life at risk for some of you with these disgraceful attitudes that are clearly being displayed in some of these comments. If air travel goes belly up, or the Flight attendants are infected and cant work, lets see how you will feel when you need to get to another state or better yet another country to check on your loved ones.

  39. Newsflash. American Airlines customers are angry and offended. The president of the SR closed borders effective 6am today while we were in the air. AA let us disembark without telling us and then cancelled return flights. My flight has been cancelled for 24 hours and they haven’t sent me a notice yet. Had I not practically called when the US Safe Traveler alert went out I wouldn’t have known.

    They knew and are doing nothing even though the DR is allowing planes to come from the US to bring people home. But since they can’t make money to bring people here they are doing nothing. We would have stayed at the airport and bought a ticket to go right back to ANYWHERE in the US had the flight crew told us. And I doubt that AA had no way of telling the crew.

  40. Millions of people currently have no work or income – many with NO benefits, myself included – due to this thing.
    Suck it up trolley dollies, and hope you have an airline to come back to.

  41. Let’s just have the Treasury buy all the shares which the airlines bought back since the last bailout at the current price. They wouldn’t be in this hand out position if they had kept the cash in house. Or are they all capitalists when profitable and socialists in bad times.

  42. I am so sorry that apparently all of you hate us. I have been a flight attendant for 4 years. I have held the hands of passengers traveling to funerals. I have given bottles of champagne to celebrate weddings….births. I have performed CPR. I have joked with y’all. Cried with y’all. Taken some unnecessary abuse about things out of my control with a smile. I love my job. I don’t want to lose it. I am still flying. Doing the best I can. I have a family. Please try and see the human side of this. Thank you. Stay healthy and safe. Hope to see you soon.

  43. I don’t think anyone has it ‘out’ for flight attendants. We have just been repeatedly exposed to flight attendants who do not treat us as a valued customer, over and over and over. A reasonable person understands that everyone has a bad day every know and then – even if you’re a flight attendant. I have taken 80 segments of flight per year for 5 years – front and back of the plane. By FAR, I have experienced flight attendants whose actions could only be described as self-centered and not customer centered. Yes, I know they are not on the plane to coddle the person sitting in the seat, they are on the plane for our safety. But, you can still be civil/pleasant/polite/smile (or just even one of those) while keeping me safe. I applaud the flight attendants who do that, and wish there were more. I just know in the 400 segments I have flown in the last 5 years – it’s more rare than winning the state lottery. It is certainly possible that the flight attendant experience is not a negative one, but very unlikely, in my experience. There may be a reason (of their own making) if flight attendants don’t get sympathy and support during what is a obviously an unfair and trying time.

  44. WOW, What a bunch of nasty ignorant comments about flight attendants. No surprise that most of them seem to be male. That tells you something. I have flight attendant friends who are flying right now wondering if they are being exposed to the virus, wondering if they will get stuck somewhere on a layover if things get worse, wondering if they will be infecting their family or friends. If all flight attendants refused to work under these hazardous conditions, maybe YOU or your FAMILY would get stuck somewhere with not way to get home. Medical personnel know what they are signing up for. Flight attendants did not sign up to work during a pandemic. Yes, they should be getting a better early retirement offer. Many employee’s retirements got shafted during bankruptcies. Meanwhile, the past few years money has been racked in by the airlines and blown on such things as fancy new buildings and stock buy backs which made management a lot of $$$. Wouldn’t you be angry? Or is that all OK because most flight attendants are female?

  45. Most of the folks on here are making kind comments and they are greatly appreciated. To all of you stupid F***S taking management’s side on this you have absolutely no idea how evil and greedy AA
    management is… They made almost $20 billion dollars in the last 5 years.
    Instead of paying off debt or giving their employees decent contracts.. They spent it all on stock buybacks to line the pockets of the Parker Regime who all have stock options..And retrofitting planes to squeeze in more seats. I was a baggage handler for 34 years and a family member is still a flight attendant with over 40 years.
    Just think for a minute of what these F/A go through.
    14 hour days.. Sleeping in cheap hotel rooms.. Dealing with the same mechanical and weather delays that you do.. Helping passengers with their 50lb “carry ons” and now being asked to expose themselves to a deadly disease with no protective equipment… Makes you want to go right out and sign up right??

  46. Eh? How are FAs frontline workers? Doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers are frontline staff, as demonstrated by the number of that group that have died from COVID19 vs the the 0 FAs…

  47. FAs have been practicing social distancing since before Coronavirus. Have you noticed that when you pressed the Call button they seldom come? Social distancing at work!

    Also @Carol, do yourself a favour and fly a decent Asian airline with Cathay, JAL, ANA, Singapore, EVA etc. Every single FA does the things you brag about and more.

  48. FAs have been practicing social distancing since long before the Coronavirus. Have you noticed that when you pressed the Call button they seldom come? Social distancing at work!

    Also @Carol, do yourself a favour and fly a decent Asian airline like Cathay, JAL, ANA, Singapore, EVA etc. Every single FA does the things you brag about and more.

  49. While I despise American Airlines I have sympathy for the plight of any worker. If we bail them out, ALL Employees should be treated equally and given the same packages. This goes from the top to the bottom. Every employee contributes to the company and we need to stop putting certain positions on pedestals.

  50. @Chase, @ Stewart, @ Valdoo — excellent points!

    “this isn’t about which work group is more “skilled,” “…

    Actually, this is exactly what it’s about. How many hundreds of thousands of dollars does it cost to train a single pilot and keep them current? For that money you could train a literal army of flight attendants. LOL!

    How is “the notch is being turned up”? Is it a wheel with a notch on it, and now it’s being rotated upwards?? LOL!

    Thanks for the great content Lucky. Keep it coming. These comments are hilarious too!

  51. Although in many cases over the last decade I’ve recieved declining service standards from American airlines, I still fly with them on a couple occasions per year. I used to use 1st class on many occasions until finally realizing paying triple for the same attitude wasn’t going to work for me. I will add that there are just as many problems on other airlines which is indicative of the entire service industry and not reflective of AA alone. I have had many good experiences as well with American airlines and I believe the good ones shouldn’t be grouped in with the bad. For that, I hope they recieve an acceptable time off option. Good luck team.
    Thomas Esposito

  52. 50% of the FA’s could and should be replaced. It would take 2 weeks training (been done during their strike). The are supposed to be there for your safety, but most can’t be bothered to put their game of Candy crush down to be cognizant of anything around them. I saw lazy the cat ranchers Get furloughed and I hope the company doesn’t give in to their pointless demands

  53. AA flight attendants are angry and feel offended?
    I hope this is a lesson for them to threat people better. This is my 5th year as an exec. platinim and AA flight attendants always have a look in their face like they are doing passengers a favor. BTW, I fly AA because of the company I work for, otherwise I would switch airlines.

  54. Can’t really blame the FAs, they have been getting a raw deal for some time now and with Parker at the helm it will only continue until AA disappears, which seems to be inevitable.

  55. With all the fees we have to pay to fly, the airlines are flush with money. You know they have plenty to help out their employees, not just the flight attendants, but also the ramp agents, ticket agents, customer service, everyone.

    If this corona virus causes airlines to fail, I won’t shed a single tear for them. The airlines are so greedy charging us for every little thing, Karma’s a bitch!

  56. As a 2 million-mile flyer on United, and someone who accrued over 600,000 on American, I say “A pox on both their houses!”. Airlines have not been in the “service” industry for decades. They are in the industrial cattle and chicken and hog production industry, trying to cram as many passengers as possible into ever diminishing space, and charging them for everything imaginable even if the pretext no longer exists, and even when economic times were outstanding. I hope that they all go bankrupt!

  57. FA’s have the hardest job in that industry next customer service putting up with the likes of some of the people commenting here , they deserve the respect .
    And no they are not there to serve you drinks, they are there for safety, and no the training is not easy.
    They are there to drag your fat drunken Azzes off the aircraft in an emergency !

  58. Almost literally any geriatric can be a flight attendant and quickly. Almost literally nearly no one can be a commercial pilot Without countless
    Years and skills. It’s like why the nfl treats players differently than cheerleaders. Btw: flying was better when stewardesses were 19 yr olds with no training and no outrageous pay. Peppy. Cheap. In better shape for an actual emergency and a lot less attitude than the adipose/geriatric six figure glorified drink slingers of today

  59. To the ones comparing themselves to first responders. Poppycock. To the ones who claim they did not sign up for disease control, Poppycock. ARA kills this argument. 1 in 10 long haul FA are worth it, the rest need to retire. You are not worth that same as a pilot, and to compare the two is asinine. You are a overpaid waiter or waitress with some different work requirements. This is from a first responder of over 20 years. Million miles club with another airline and currently stuck in the Middle East due to this event. Your Union failed you, and does not have your best interest at heart. Look what they did for the pilots, that sounds like a good Union. And a skilled, trained vocation

  60. Let’s think about this for a minute. There is a shortage of pilots, but no known shortage of FAs. It takes about 2 years full time and $200k of your own money to become an ATP pilot. FAs are paid during the 6 week training program. Different worlds and every airline CEO knows this. FAs are replaceable much easier than pilots. Stockholders pay them to make good decisions and to stand up to the unions if needed.

    I work at an airport and am exposed to MORE people than the average FA, so get over yourselves. What about the 8 TSOs the have COVID-19? What about the restaurant workers at CLT that we’re just laid off? What about the all the other people that depend on passenger traffic at airports to make a living? Will they continue to get paid while the airplanes are parked. NO, but FAs expect all of them to chip in to bail out the airlines so they can collect a check. ALL of us will have to pay the bill when it comes due.

    None of us can afford for the airlines to fail, but don’t use tax dollars to pay FAs to sit at home. This is a free country – change jobs if you don’t like the work or stand in the unemployment lines with all of the other airport workers that are suffering while the country is dealing with this dreadful crisis.

  61. As a purser for AA, I definitely hear your concerns, both on the line at work, and offline elsewhere.
    Respectfully, I can say that we all have opinions, and put them forward. Some choose to do so in a manner that can be deemed as disdainful.

    What I will say is this:

    I remember 9/11 all too well. I was BOS based and knew most of the crew when Flight #11 slammed into the tower. My brave colleagues were in contact with those that helped to identify the terrorists, and their ultimate plan.

    I understand the public’s displeasure with travel. I experience it every time I go to work. We have random checks that put us in the very same position that the traveling public goes through.

    We actually are the “front line” when it comes to identifying a threat to the public.

    As frustrated as we all are, it is important to take a step back, take in a deep breath, and remember that we all are in this together. Being divisive, critical and not being accountable for our own actions; all play a part in what produces an outcome. It is important to consider personal input, as it relates to a desired outcome. We all have control, respectively and personally, towards that end.

    Remember to voice your respective concerns to the appropriate channel. I can say, that as a “front line” employee, your best resource lies within that company’s website. It does no one any good to get into a verbal altercation in the heat of the moment, when things don’t go well.
    Behaving otherwise could result in documentation that has future negative consequences towards travel with that airline.

    If “venting” is what a person wants to do, I caution against doing so with airline personnel. As a “front line” employee, I am confident that my fellow colleagues will agree with me in saying that it would be best that an alternative venue to take out those frustrations elsewhere than inflight, will serve you better. We have been through more than the public could possibly understand (though I tried previously tried to explain).

    Stop the hating.

    Start the understanding.

    Peace, out.

    Respectively submitted,

  62. This is what happens when you have USAir CEO Doug Parker running the once legacy carrier AA. Same thing at United. Bring back Gordon Bethune and Continental, and the old AA, remember that slogan; “Something Special In the Air” and “Doing What we do Best.” Unfortunately, those days are over forever. US airlines have turned into the Amtrak of aviation!!!

  63. How about mandatory retirement age of 65 for flight attendants. Then about 1/4 of American Airlines flight attendants would be gone, and they wouldn’t need voluntary leaves at all.

    Listen to the crickets

  64. Comments made by mark j skiba, laurie and chandelle perfectly summarize what’s wrong with the self-proclaimed “first responders”, who only know entitlement, and blame customers for their “misery”.
    AA does the right thing. FAs can easily be replaced, as it doesn’t take a lot of skills to be disgruntled. Bye, Felicia

  65. Sorry, no more bailouts for the mismanaged airlines like AA et. al before they agree to a more reasonable seat and comfort arrangements for the flying public. Years of cramming seats, isle reduction, extra charges for baggage on domestic and especially on international flights has led to all this animosity. We have been treated like we are all possible terrorists far too long. If we pay an airfare it should be all inclusive in the price and we should not feel like we are cattle or sardines. Your profit margins have been mismanaged far too long while executives are paid crazy salaries and bonuses. Get your collective krap together or we the public will let you fail by not taking any travel requiring flights, driving is becoming more reasonable as gas prices are more stable here in the US thanks to oil independence. I have had more bad experiences flying in the last 20 years than good ones, so I am fed up with all of you.

  66. Daryl Higgins just fyi Doug Parker was never CEO of USAir. That was way before his time. He was with America West that took over USAirways but kept their name. What he brought to AA was the America West mentality, a low cost carrier trying to run a global carrier. The FA’s are getting the same deal as all customer service agents. The fact that insurance is included in this is a big deal. Everyone needs to stop their bellyaching and suck it up. We could all be replaced at a drop of the hat. We should be grateful for what we have. There are so many that are being hurt by this whole thing. No pay or insurance. Please help us get out of 9th place. That is just pitiful. Shame on us.

  67. Why don’t they resign if they don’t like it?

    For christ’s sake, I am sick of these Air Stewardesses and flight attendants, glorified waiters and waitresses all of them, whining and whinging and complaining.

    Leave you morons. Go.

    Most of you are past your prime, prancing and waddling up and down the aisle with attitude like we as passengers owe you a bloody living. The reason you won’t resign and go is because you know how good you have it.

    So shut the hell up. We’re sick of hearing about how bad off you are.

  68. @Laurie. “Behaving otherwise could result in documentation that has future negative consequences towards travel with that airline.” Again, the not-so-veiled threat of retaliation to a ‘customer’. I have often sensed the FA’s really ‘LOVE’ this power they have over the customer to turn any situation/complaint/concern/request into a ‘safety’ issue as a form of retaliation. @Laurie appropriately cautions against ‘venting’ with airline personnel. I strongly agree with that- as the FA is the judge and jury in the sky. It is not ‘hating’ to recognize inappropriate interactions with customers- and for those interactions to lead to certain perceptions. @Laurie – you are correct when you imply that you have all the power in the air, no doubt. But, at what cost to the public’s opinion of you and yours? If everyone in the sandbox is drawing the same conclusion about a profession, except the members of the profession involved – than maybe you need to look in the mirror. You say your self that providing you feedback directly is not advised. So, you ask us to stop ‘hating’ and start understanding. I would ask you as a profession as a whole to look in the mirror, and start understanding that our opinion of you and yours is directly a result of your behaviors.

  69. Gee, let’s see… we can pay a few thousand pilots that we’ve invested millions of dollars training less money while keeping them on standby flight status until this thing blows over, or we can keep a hundred thousand stewardess that we paid significantly less to train on standby for a much MUCH larger amount of money.
    We’ve basically thrown away all the money we made from packing passengers in like sardines, overcharging for bags, and cutting in-flight meals & entertainment so we are now left penniless(… so which option should we choose? Hhhmmmmmmm…….

    Of course they are going to do everything in their power to choose the option that costs them less money.

  70. I’m a AA Flight attendant and I dont like the way passengers treat me.. They act like I’m a glorified waitress at their beckon call. Im here for your safety anything more is gravy. I think it’s due to my old age but I get very tired after a flight and the days tend to run long so maybe I’m not my happiest. I try my best to smile and be upbeat.. But this job is very challenging. I feel like all the new hires want me to retire so they can move up the seniorty list. They are so bubbly and happy all the time. I might be very old but I havent lost my will to work.. I’m gonna stay till I can save up for a good retirement…. Many people say I should have retired many moons ago.. But 78 isnt that old and I still have many good years in me.. Stay strong FAs!

  71. Why are the flight attendants here so thin-skinned? This is why Delta’s FAs are excellent and I wouldn’t get on AA unless corona virus forced it upon me. I am quite sure the world will survive without AA FAs. Certainly better than AA FAs will survive without flights to be bossy on.

  72. Laurie, you aren’t helping by your condescending lecture. Most here understanding what a good FA is and AA has a well-deserved reputation for being not friendly. Not our fault. Much more the culture in your company.

    You are better off scolding your own team.

  73. Can’t forget AA Stewardesses hoping to “Bring the Airline to its knees” during their nasty strike in the 90’s. No sympathy from this million miler.

  74. Laurie, you and your colleagues are about to lose your jobs and your response is to come on here and threaten your customers.


  75. I find this all funny. FA’s are NOT all that. Of late, they have also gotten high on the power trip mode. This is their attitude, and I can do this to you, or have you move there for no reason, or kick you off the flight. I have watched it with my own eyes and ears. I grew up flying because of my father. The changes that I have seen in the airline industry have been something else, especially since 9/11.
    I have heard the stories. And witnesses much with my own eyes. To the point now, we won’t fly anymore.
    Father is a retired Captain for AA and are being treated like chit because of the CEO that took over regarding Stand By flights. Wrong thing to do. I have a brother that is a FA and thinks he is AL THAT. I have heard the stories of how he has treated other passengers and I am surprised he hasn’t been fired and he should be.

    You FA’s are NOT above anyone! Your training is far different than a pilot’s. And I am NOT just talking about AA’s FA’s, I have seen the attitude on ALL airlines and it truly sucks! Personally, if I think the need to start hiring certain people go on flights and watch and monitor FA’s ~ with the FA’s NOT knowing that they are being monitored for their performance. And you can bet that about 80% of them would NOT pass. You FA’s get attitudes and the smirk needs to be slapped off your face.

    And by the way, this Coronavirus has affected EVERYONE and EVERY BUSINESS. You FA’s are NOT the only ones either being laid off or taking a temporary leave of absence with NO PAY, many businesses are suffering as well.

    And not only that, we do have hospitals, etc that are remaining open too and not expecting special treatment nor pay. We have grocery stores told to remain open. LOL! Yep, you FA’s are really just all that, huh?

  76. The bad FA’s hurt the reputation of the good ones I get it. What I don’t like is the management of the airline it self. Because of their policies over the past 20 yrs…I hope they all go belly up. Back in the 90’s it was fun to fly.

  77. Maybe AA will think again next time they have lean years and save profits for rainy days instead of buying back stock.
    On the issue of flight crew – 70% isn’t bad when you consider BALPA agreeing to BA reducing their pilot’s pay to 50%.
    As for the cabin crew – well – it’s easy for us all to complain about the airlines they work for, but these are human beings who do a job. It’s not their fault their employer wastes money on stock buy backs, they don’t see any personal benefit because their employer charges hundreds for bags, or seat selection, or change fees, or by squashing as many seats into a plane as is physically possible.
    I’m not saying AA should go under either as it’s not the likes of Parker who go down – I’m sure he’d make out like a bandit if they did – it’s their employees, and we still need to get from A to B when this is all over.

  78. “I feel like all the new hires want me to retire so they can move up the seniorty list” — nope, they realized how disgruntled you are. By the way, better read your job description one more time, it should be available on

  79. I think it was mentioned earlier but flight attendants and customer service agents are getting the same deal. The fact that AA is offering insurance truly is a big deal. If enough people take the voluntary leave or early outs, then we can avoid furloughs. The voluntary leave is very generous to us because quite frankly, we can be replaced easier than a pilot (when I saw we, I mean FA’s and customer service agents like myself). Now when it comes to putting flight attendants at risk, the writer of this article needs to take a breath…no need to be a drama queen when they said that AA is cramming people on planes and that is increasing the risk of exposure. Although that is true (I work these flights during regular seasons so I know how packed they can be!), AA has been cancelling so many flights for over a month now (I was in Hong Kong when the first cancellations started to hit at the end of January…that was a fun experience trying to get back home!) and there being such a dramatic decrease in passenger loads, there’s barely anyone travelling. I literally went to work yesterday and dispatched a plane with 20 people total on the whole plane – 6 crew included! As a CSA, we’re around the same passengers, the same threat of exposure without the needed supplies (some people bought up all the Lysol wipes!!) and face the threat everyday of getting COVID-19…but it comes with the trade. No, I didn’t take this job with the thought in mind that I would ever work under a pandemic but I do knowingly go to work at an international airport with the fact in mind that I could catch something from a passenger – flight attendants are the same. So although the union says that flight attendants “feel offended”, I’m going to take that with a grain of salt because more often than not the union is only saying that to try and cut a better deal. Will it happen – NO But it’s funny to see their union try and work for it!
    Everyone stay safe out there. Prayers for those in the service industry and those who have lost their jobs, hang in there and hopefully this will all be over soon and we can all reach some new normal!

  80. A mandatory retirement age for inflight first responders is spot on. Yearly cognitive and physical abilities testing should also be introduced.
    Crisis is denoted in Chinese by 2 figures: one for danger, and one for opportunity. This time in aviation history is dangerous…but what an awesome opportunity to refine our future.
    I am a 40 year FA at AA. I love my job….I hope to see you all on one of my flights!! Seriously.

  81. It should be fair just think of it flight attendant is an employee of an airline , while on Leave give it proper compensation.
    Maybe you may give percentage across their salary.

  82. “With so many businesses having been closed down, I can’t think of many professions where frontline employees are being put at such high risk.”

    If they’re being furloughed they’re closed down too. Scratch that then? Grocery store workers are NOT being furloughed and face the same if not more risks. Toll booth workers, hair stylists, bank tellers, day care workers, school teachers, countless others are in the same exact risk group.

  83. To all of you half intelligent people making comments.
    Flight attendants are on board not because airlines wants them on board .
    If it was up to the airlines they would have none .
    Its and FAA requirement to have flight attendants on board.
    No your facts first people.

  84. The majority of the people making negative And ignorant comments have no idea of what’s going on in the airline industry, especially with American Airlines.

  85. Flew March 15 SWA from RSW. Flight full, not a vacant seat. FAs had only chance at distance esp as turbulence interrupted most of the service. Few Passengers accepted the snacks or ordered any beverages, anyway. I see no reason why airlines shouldn’t agree to eliminating all non-essential in flight service and creating addl space for FAs for the time being. I’d also be more in favor of bailouts if airlines would continue to fly only with enforced passenger distance on ALL flights, ie limited capacity but keeping more pilots, FAs etc employed.

  86. Nurses and health care professionals or “real life first responders”as yall prefer,! do not get stuck floating in the air in a tube that has filtered Air (Circulatory). As a new hire (2yrs in), I have tried being friendly on every flight , greeting passengers, helping locate empty overhead bins, picking up trash prior to flight start off. Answering call lights immediately. As I should! But! For some reason passengers get pissed at the company or their own life issues and take it out on Us. I will stand at the boarding door and I see passengers getting on without a reply when u say good morning, looking at us at boarding like you’ve seen vomit! Headphones in your ears like dont bother me as they enter with no eye contact whatsoever. If u received bad customer care prior from different flight attendant do not take it out on the next. Fill out a customer report with their name attached to ur complain! Hating on us all for the few bad experiences will not make your journey better! and that type of treatment is what turns the FA’s into being neutral, FA’s can smell an attitude from afar. If u have an attitude from the boarding door we tend to handle u with as much fear as u have!

  87. Crew to you; I might not “no” all the facts, but I know that airlines would not remove all flight attendants. Don’t be so dramatic, however, your attitude does match quite well with the other histrionic AA FAs posting here.

    This isn’t your flight, so you just can’t bully people into your way of thinking.

  88. Actually, Don’t be ridiculous, unless the industry changes significantly the public perception of both occupations, pilot and flight attendant, they both could be ” gone with the wind” in 50 years. So..
    Stewardess to flight attendant to inflight first responder. Yep, that’s my story. We will survive this and be better and stronger (kinder) because of it! Fly safe!

  89. You’re making it look like all flight attendants are angry. This is not true! A lot of us do care about our company and passengers.

  90. Chelle B – not sure how you will be stronger, but please be kinder. Cliches mean nothing if you don’t live them out.

  91. I find it absolutely reprehensible and dangerous that flight crews, including both attendants and pilots, are NOT being tested for coronavirus!! As passenger’s temperatures are tested, crews are sent a different way, never tested in any way at all!! They are on the front lines and totally vulnerable, with a high probability to contract and spread!! This practice is VERY dangerous for crews, passengers, and our world at this time! How can this be??!!

  92. I am so saddened by the majority of the comments I have read. Yes this is an article about the specifics of the airline industries and the titles employees hold. But ‘step out’ of the titles and remember,as with ever person in any chosen field, this is their livelihood. Regardless of how relevant anyone feels flight attendant jobs are – should not be part of the discussion. It is simply a matter of do they not also deserve to be compensated in this time of duress – why does an employee that makes six figures deserve more consideration than an employee that makes an 1/8 of that. If some get reductions (lets say) of 60% of their pay offered to them by their employer then why not the others? I cant understand why people in this feed are so fixated on bashing the needs of anyone wanting to continue to feed themselves & family and ensure their bills get paid – exactly what is being offered/afforded to a specific sector in the organization. The company has the ability to restructure compensation/benefits packages in this horrible time to each of them – as they have shown with their ‘pilots package’.

  93. As a frequent business flyer (status on 3 major airlines) I was in an airplane at least 6 times a week. I couldn’t avoid AA due to schedules and I must say the majority of AA employees at the gate and on the plane were discernibly worse than other airlines in the form of attitude in performing their jobs.

    In this day and age, how we perform our jobs and our attitudes to others leaves an indelible mark and has far reaching impacts. The support of John Q. Public, in the case of AA flight attendants appears to be one such case. The AA union has let the rotten apples taint the whole of the group and the affiliation with the group for the good apples is unfortunate.

    For those familiar with Chik-Fil-A, the employees there serve the public the same as Taco Bell, but how they perform their jobs is night and day. I would lobby to support Chik-Fil-A over Taco Bell and even spend my own money to help Chik-Fil-A because I believe in them. Taco Bell on the other hand, I wouldn’t give a second glance if they went under. Sure, Taco Bell has some good employees, but overall, poor experiences abound within Taco Bell.

    AA in a lot of cases is the Taco Bell of airlines and the union, and the affiliation with the union is going to hurt them. Its sad, but its a reality. Survival of the fittest. AA needs to change or go away.

  94. I retired last year after 34 years as a flight attendant with American. I had HAD it with pax treating me like shit, after responding to all of their needs with kindness and care. I HAD it with AA taking flight attendants taken off each plane, making our jobs harder, and lowering our pay while giving themselves bonuses. I responded to a man having a heart attack and while doing CPR was yelled at by a passenger demanding coffee. Good luck to the flying public—you get what you give! Try changing your attitudes before ranting about ours!

  95. Oops…there went my routes…Hawaii just set up a 14 day quarantine for all visitors and returning residents. Aloha.
    So I will be taking free classes on Edx and LinkedIn.
    Angry and offended? I think not…Lucky, you just set us up! I too k the bait – but now I’m taking advantage of a new opportunity!

  96. This crazy but every flight attendant should have known this would happen as a former flight attendant the union nor does the companies care bc all they see us as is waiters in the sky when in fact the whole month/months of training we are taught nothing but safety tactics not how to pour a coke .
    …… and we the ones that get exposed to diseases or disrespect passengers while they pilots who is offered pay majority are drunks & the planes be on autopilot & last but not least any plane that flys with passengers cannot leave the ground without a flight attendant …….and if things would go down the flight attendants are taught to save the passengers & and the pilots are taught to save themselves and maybe the FA but the flight attendant cant leave unless all souls are off the plane

  97. One of the best FA’s I’ve ever encountered was an AA FA on a flight from DFW to BNA. Why do I remember her? I suppose because she was so unusually good at her job. She seemed genuinely happy to be there. That’s a sharp contrast to so many AA FA’s who generally seem bored and uninterested in their job.

    I’ve always thought it ironic that there are far more applicants than available positions for FA. It seems to be a dream job for many. Once hired the reality soon takes over. Maybe it’s the unhappy colleagues they are soon exposed to. Maybe it’s the reality of what is not an easy job. But rather than admitting their career choice may have been a mistake, they stay. They’re unhappy and it shows.

    Looking to get hired as a FA? Be careful what you ask for.

  98. AA – arguably one of the worst US airlines. FA attitudes are mostly responsible for that. Bottom line is their grouchy, entitled, loser FA’s are so much more easily replaced than pilots it’s not even funny…

  99. Hi Ben, I have read multiple reviews of yours. Sounds good and all, but a lot of what you write is just speculation as a “traveler.”
    Have you ever worked for an airline to gain inside insight? Or sans working for them have you ever considered striking up friendships with your flight crews on any of your many travels?
    It would be nice to see you write with more education of these crew’s lives and daily work challenges before you attempt to speak on it in a blog. Many people who read your blog understand it is just opinion, however they dont care to fact check and thats sort of the main point of 2020, fact check fact check fact check.

    Just do us all a favor and fact check before your next article.
    Unless you’d prefer all of us write a few speculative articles about you

  100. @ Arhen — I’m curious, what that I wrote do you consider to be speculation/not accurate?

  101. Dear “ Don’t be Ridiculous “ you sound like that perfect customer, always checking his or her name on the upgrade list . I’m guessing you may have tried to become a flight attendant once upon a Time , but most likely never made the cut ? By your diggs and underlying sarcasm, there is more to this story . Be safe & wash those hands. M

  102. Susan, seems you should have retired long before last year. The “customers are terrible” attitude of the AA FAs really shows true why people don’t like AA FAs. No one wants to hate you, but you beg to be hated.

    Every defense of AA FAs here is pure emotion and never addresses the fact that customers don’t like behavior. Arguing with them in not the answer. Quitting or getting better is.

    Or, you could fly Delta and get some pointers.

  103. I agree with everything stated above. I agree that it’s terrible how the airlines treat the pilots and FAs and I agree that some, not all FAs can be rude. Then us passengers have to deal with being packed in like sardines and being changed for every little thing. I noticed I get sick more when I fly.

  104. The Flight Attendant union has attempted over many years to elevate the “value” that they bring to the table. Who can blame them. The logic is simple. Convince management and the passengers that you are important, therefore you should receive greater compensation.

    The phrase “primarily her for your safety” (PHFYS) is almost better than “MAGA” during the 2016 campaign. Over time, the public began to believe these workers are on the planes for Safety, and that sounds important.

    While there is no doubt a FA can save you in an emergency, many fellow passengers can simply do the same thing, and often better! On a typical flight of 200, you can almost bet a doctor is onboard, a firefighter, police officer, even psychiatrist. Not to mention many highly trained folks from the Armed Forces.

    Bottom line. They are not highly skilled. There is no license or degree required for this profession.

    James Bannan

  105. The vast majority of business sacrifice human capital instead of assets.

    They want a bailout to buy back their stock and newer planes? The employees eat dirt for sure.
    How come they never saved for a rainy day? How come they dont push back the governments that are mandating this so-called economic destruction?
    Or the media and all the blatant hysteria?

    7 billion people, 1.4 billion Chinese and all we have is 10k dead in three months?
    Dont get me wrong, these innocent individuals are going to be missed by their loved ones.
    But humanity has to continue living , and this destruction will cause more suffering, hunger, misery, suicides and death than this disease.

    How come nobody is asking China to pay for what they caused to the world?

  106. Flight attendants are much more easily replaceable than pilots. You pay to keep your highly trained, skilled labor.

  107. Stewardesses ARE over glorified waitresses, the idea and ego that you should be treated equal to the pilot is laughable, NOT just anyone can fly a 100 ton multi-engine aircraft, without the pilot the plane just sits there. Stewardesses, you can go apply at Denny’s and you job is relatively the safe, minus the safety training.
    Clearly stewardesses have seen Airport too much NONE of you are Karen Black.
    Pilot’s are arrogant for a reason, we’ve earned it and we can back it up. Now go fetch me a drink

  108. There should be no bailout unless it’s loans only….no free money or taxpayers dollars. The airlines have made BILLIONS fleecing the public on baggage fees which is gravy when bags use to be free !! They use this profit to buy back stock to line the executives pockets rather than hold in reserve or payoff debt. Or they can go into bankruptcy and come out fine like they have done so in the past.

  109. Just wanted to comment to those who are saying airlines should not get any government bailouts. I am probably bias and have worked for 1 airline for the last 30 years, the one that has never went bankrupt or layed anyone off since it’s inception. This crisis was no fault of, nor did the airlines have any control of what is happening in the world right now concerning this global pandemic. If we force our transportation industry into bankruptcy (all the airlines) because “we don’t believe in government bailouts” “let them fail” mentality me & probably a few million employees will no longer have a job. The ripple effect will be unsurvivable and our country will plunge into a recession beyond comprehension. Now, for the article and those of you bashing the flight attendants & pilots. Without them no one would fly anywhere. The system pilot & flight crew qualifications are written in stone & FARs in blood and the public has no idea what is required of & by them daily to do their job. If the Airlines are allowed to fail, our economy will collapse, and you commenters with no clue will Rue the day you have to start driving everywhere…
    BTW my airline has one of the best balance sheets in the industry and it borrowed 1B as in Billion dollars Tuesday just to keep the bleeding to a minimum. Aircraft are being prepared for long term storage & I can see furloughs around the corner. Be kind to one another it’s easy to bash what you perceive as injustice. And yes the flight attendants deserve the same respect as the pilots…for without them you would not fly.

  110. Wow! Such vitriol aimed at flight attendants! I especially like 1 of the last comments written by a pilot. He wisely used his initials because if his name were known it’s unlikely that any requests he made for food or drink to be sent to the flight deck would be timely or correct. Nothing would be done to food/drink (we are professionals), it would just take a very, very long time. As for many other comments directed at FAs, good luck carrying those attitudes along with your luggage onto flights. Fly safely, keep your shoes on for takeoff & landing – & in the lavatories.

  111. I am a flight attendant and I cannot believe some of these mean, degrading, and unbelievable comments. Especially to Dont Be Ridiculous, YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY THE MOST RIDICULOUS OF ALL. I don’t appreciate being thrown in a pile and compared with everyone else. Alot of you talk about our attitudes, I believe alot of you are entitled and need a major attitude adjustmenr.

  112. I recently retired but my job required a lot of travel. Most of the time I think the flight attendants did a pretty good job. Some were certainly better than others. The entire flying experience though has gotten much worse in the last few years and much of it is out of the flight attendants control. The airlines have given us less legroom, smaller seats, etc. etc. Last fall while on American we had several weather delays and I was vey impressed by the kindness and professional attitude of the flight attendant working first class. She told me she had been with TWA before they merged with American. I flew them many tmes too and always found their service to be great. I wish the best for all the airline employees in this difficult time.

  113. AA and Charlotte Airport kept telling us about the billions they make the region when we dare ask for quieter planes at higher altitudes. Now they can’t seem to help their own when times are tuff. Sounds about right. Sorry about us little people enduring hardship but this industry needs a wakeup call and empathy check.

  114. FA’s need a reality check. They are easy to replace and do not have FAA airframe type restrictions

  115. I not even read all the comments, not need to do it….I understand the feeling, I have a son who is a Captain for a South America Airline an he was asked to go in vacations, plus his salary was cut off about 40% while he’s locked out! the worse part, he is locked in a different country ☹️☹️ without achance to “enjoy” his vacation with his family. And He said: If there is a chance to help my people doing this I am ok with it”
    We all need to help each other as much we can

  116. I was curious to read all the comments above. I am a dental assistant. I’ve always loved to see how happy they all are working for a company like American Airlines . .Things happen and it’s not very nice when you bite the hand that feeds you. . It would be a blessing for the opportunity to work for a company such as American Airlines. On top of the fact that the majority of your employees our patients in my office. And everyone enjoys having them in our office. If I was a flight attendant that I’ve always dreamed of being. I would take into consideration To not blame. Because ultimately That’s life .
    I’m available to be a flight attendant.
    Incase you need somone that is realistic

  117. Hey Mike, there is a very big difference between doctors and nurses putting themselves at high risk to help people in dire situations – and Flight Attendants putting themselves at high risk so people can go on vacation!

  118. Jeff, you couldn’t be more wrong. Well, I am quite a good customer. I have never had a problem with a KLM FA. They are always awesome. Delta May one or two problems in the 300 flights I have taken with them.

    Your assessment skills are very weak. But you are certainly over-emotional.

  119. Alexandria, who threw you in a pile of anything? No one knows you or mentioned you. Stop being emotional, self-centered and reactionary and try to understand what people are saying. Your behavior exemplifies the very issues being discussed here.

  120. I work 1:1 with teachers, delivering and reviewing benefits to them at their homes. We have no pension, no health insurance, no 401k program and pay for ALL costs related to it (car, gas, postage, internet, phone, copies, etc) out of our pockets. We work very hard just to make an appointment and then present and close with our clients. If we don’t close anything, we make nothing. Zero dollars.
    While we all choose our work (often bc we have to) I have NO sympathy for the FA’s. During this time no one is seeing us, which forces us to try to close business via email and online meetings. Much harder. This leaves many with no income and no benefits at all. For the smart ones they have saved for times such as this but will be going through savings. At least these FA’s have full medical benefits and whatever else gets negotiated. They surely could have saved a dollar for later. AND they will be back to full work when this ends.
    If they don’t want to work, call me I will be glad to serve people on a plane, any flight and will HAPPILY do it NOW. Stop complaining people. There are always other folks who have much harder jobs who earn less out there.

  121. Dear “ Ridk”culous, your very quick to judge and very Opinionated. Assuming you got to be single. With such a smart and pompous attitude. And yes I know how to spell ridiculous, just a little spin on the word. Enjoy your weekend✨

  122. The FAA requires flight attendants on a commercial airliner. So as far as “useless” or “can be replaced by a bar”, the government does not deem this so. This isn’t about whether you have liked all your flight attendants to me or not. That’s microscopic. The big picture is that the airlines should not be able to get a bail out and only bail out the fat cats. The bailout being used to help the top dogs rather than properly divided up to allow for early retirement, paid leave for those who have children at home, and otherwise actually be able to cut decrease expenses and increase output is wrong. Gate agents, reservation agents, mechanics, flight attendants, pilots, csas, and more are an integral part of this company and deserve better than to be asked to just take unpaid leave or else furloughs, while the executives make out fat

  123. I borrowed up to $45000, worked 2 jobs and took years to build up my flying time to start my pilot career with a regional airline on a salary that qualified me for food stamps the first year. When being a flight attendant requires that amount of training and financial resources then you have a right to be offended.

  124. I’m getting blurred with it all to be honest…& MANY frontline workers are in the crosshairs Ticket/Gate Agents, TSA, Baggage Handlers, Mechanics, Flight Crew, Teachers, Grocery Store, Pharmacy, trash & recycling collectors…I am sure I’m leaving someone
    out ..most impotantly of all the Health Care Professionals & I would never leave them out!!

    We have the Mayor of Miami, members of Congress, VP Pence’s staff member, Mr. Hanks & his wife, & 14 NBA players…

    I am all about “washing your hands” mine are almost stripped of skin from the soap…but are you saying that would apply to all these people… Somehow I am not feeling it.

    3700 people in the last 30 days of travel, excluding airport contacts all in record time. Do you think either I’m infected or are you?

    These are links to consider…

    Some random person decided he needed to travel. People infected.

    Then you have two countries that unbeknownst to you… world/world/americas/cuba/article241228736.html?utm_source=pushly&intcid=pushly_494819

    Then some countries won’t even let you in until you have passed this screening

    Heaven forbid you have 911 at 36000 ft. It is not the crew’s fault that the experience went from lobster, caviar & 5 courses to you are lucky that they fight to get you a full can of soda…& when I say fight it is not too much of a stretch as it weight, fuel consumption all play a part of those extra cans of sodas they hide to try to make sure is available…

    It is humiliating for those that know what once was verses now…& unfortunately because the levels of service did NOT rebalance after 9/11 here we are…but it has very little to do with the control of the flight attendants or any front line workers the level extent you experience. It is such a time crunch that many are left feeling sad themselves at the experience…the cleaners are on before you can get off for the next full load…well until now….

    So that brings me back to approx. 3700+ people (excluding airport/ground staff) in past 30 days. Do you think one of the 3700+ infected someone or crew?

    The medical that is referenced, is not paid medical, or gratis/free…it is self pay…one step under cobra….not that there isn’t a noticable difference..but not free or paid.

    1000 cases vs. US

    After 9/11 there was much for everyone but it did shake the foundation of the industry. 40-38% paycuts… 2 employees multiply x 2 (60-80%reduction)…cashed out 401ks, tanked 401ks, children’s college funds sacrificed while others kept theirs, homes foreclosed while others kept theirs, divorces rampant…well I’ll stop there…

    A lot of people in 30 days…for that matter in one day & everyone is not as comfortable traveling, rushing, frenzied, & the difference of service.

    Many long for the good old days…but that had nothing to do with terrorism &/or a pandemic biological terror of nature…not any airline staff’s desire.

    Maybe life will quickly improve after this…one can hope.

  125. Flight attendants had little to zero say in all of this & everything between…there is an bit of understanding between them & the door…but they are the boundary between.

  126. It’s so pathetic when FAs argue WE have to adjust our attitudes first. How comes that on most ME and SE Asian carriers I receive great service, but not on US3 flights?
    And how so that most of the unfriendly, disgruntled FAs are past their prime?
    You are just tired of your own life, thus think you must be on a constant power trip.
    I feel no sympathy for you at ALL!

  127. I think it’s funny, besides the fact that this whole covid-19 is being blown WAY out of proportion, but that people are about to get the realization of corporate greed and how us as the employees don’t get paid nearly enough to live even semi comfortably while maintaining 2 jobs yet these companies; UPS, United, Samsung etc have been recording record profits each quarter for the past 15 years, while our pay barely moves up from the starting wage, so in lamens terms, its good to see that everyone is finally seeing the true greed and maybe, just maybe, will not take the crap from these companies, but I know that’s wishful thinking, people will go back to being wilfully ignorant as soon as this “pandemic” (literally just laughed out loud) is over. And just to put this out there before people “have to” give their negative remarks, so here it goes- for all y’all that wanna say “u hope I get it so it shuts me up” or something along that line, I don’t care if I get it, doesn’t bother me, but y’all might get it, so go head with your negative ignorant hate, either way, it’s not going to change the fact that you’re a douche bag (this is only towards the people who feel entitled and have only negative things to say about other people) and also, ok you make a negative comment aimed at me for my comments, it’s my right to have freedom of speech and my own opinion, and u could write all the hate u want but I guarantee 100% u wouldn’t say any of it to my face, so with that being said, let the hate begin and lastly, wake up america, and take control of what us, as americans deserve, equality in all aspects of life, but especially income equality but no, there’s income inequality, and it’s becoming clearer with this “pandemic” (laughed out loud again). #(number sign) it’s not the worst thing happening to my body on a daily basis

  128. Sorry Mike! My above comment was meant for Daniel B.!

    All I know is that the job of Flight Attendant is tasking, and I have plenty of people tell me they don’t know how we do it. Some handle the pressure better than others. And while Flight Attendants get bashed for their behavior, the same could be said of so many customers, who are far more entitled than most Flight Attendants. I suppose customers could be put in a “nasty” group as easily as airline workers. I just don’t judge every customer by the actions of many.

    Yes, we have all chosen our professions. And many of us have all been placed in a precarious financial position. So why are people attacking one another? Apparently I support teaches, first responders, and others more then they support me. I just wish everyone had to wear their salary amount on a T-shirt so we could better decide who is deserving (or not) of their pay and benefits. Flight Attendants would be a ways down the list when it comes to being over-paid.

    Otherwise, I sympathize with everyone who is either out of a job, or is being pressured to work in a risky and unsafe environment.

  129. Let’s be honest if brutal. Although flight attendants have a difficult job they are very replaceable. It requires just a few weeks to train them. A qualified pilot at American Airlines typically has at least 10 years experience flying airplanes and a college degree as well. Arguing about this is like arguing about why doctors get paid more than candy stripers.

  130. I find this article misleading or at least leaving out specific details of the leaves being offered to flight attendants. Yes they will have access to health and travel benefits while on unpaid status but that doesn’t come for free. Without a paycheck how would a flight attendant be able to write a check for their portion of medical while in an inactive status. It comes down to numbers. Do the math. I’m thankful for those that have the extra income from a spouse or other family member or whatever their case may be take a leave. Others don’t have that option. It’s very personal and everyone has to do what is right for themselves. And what good are travel benefits right now?? Cities / states / countries are closed / quarantined. And who is hiring? Let’s try to be less Judgmental and show more compassion. Everyone is stressed.

  131. It time to break these companies up they operate out of public airports, make the average tax payer pay for their expenses ,buy back their own stocks to enrich the CEO s. Now is the time to split them up and create real customer service Let’s go back to The 1960s regulated model.I miss US Air and all the other smart players.

  132. Don’t be ridiculous
    You still don’t have the facts.
    You have no Knowledge on the topic.
    Its seems you are one of those passengers that do nothing but complain about everything.
    Probably the 1st to complain about not getting your choice of meal or the crying baby sitting behind you.

  133. Jeff, sure I have an opinion. Just as you have expressed your opinion and judged me based on scant information.

    Your guessing skills are awful. But thanks for wishing me a great weekend. I trust your sincerity. 😉

  134. As a pilot, I see both sides. Growing up with a retired military pilot and AA Captain , then myself following the exact same path only to a different airline. I grew up and have seen the changes to the industry, and more closely here the changes at AA. My view is simply most people today are just A holes, I mean EVERYONE. Look at ANY review of ANY business anywhere today. It can have almost 99.9% perfect reviews, and ALWAYS like precision clock work there is ALWAYS someone who had the “worst experience of their lives”. This is in defense to the FAs. I think it is is unfair to judge all FAs with a broad brush, HOWEVER…As a pilot who has flown all over the world and who has experienced the good and bad of the industry. Today’s AA does deserve the criticism. Like any industry or profession , some do things better than others, AA is just laging behind in every way possible, and it pains me to say that growing up as a AA kid with a very proud and deserving dedicated AA Captain father. My Dad taught me to be humble, don’t give the profession a bad look, and to really respect what FAs do. To this day I routinely go out of my way to thank cabin crew for their help, and like a lot of pilots don’t take myself to seriously and think I’m better than anyone. I chose my career, and the sacrifices in life to achieve it. While very proud , I don’t think I deserve to be worshipped or my a$$ kissed. I have stood up for FAs in uniform, even of a different airline from truley awful passengers and would do it again. On the flip side of that, I’ve also scene absolutely awful treatment of passengers from cabin crew that frankly made me feel embarrassed to be in the industry in those moments. So moral to this story is everyone is becoming self entitled a holes in this society we live in now. Everyone can easily attack someone online and play a keyboard tough guy, it makes me sick really. This is why I personally have zero social media anymore and life is so much less stressful . Here is an idea, let’s start trying to be nice to one another in society like everyone seems to say in a BS hashtag while not really practicing themselves. That goes out to EVERYONE. BUT, I say bring back the idea of doing something or anything to the BEST of your ability. Not because a company tells you do so, but because of common Human drive and spirit. This is where self worth translates into public perception of your self worth. This is where the AA FAs should focus, not blaming the terrible management that I agree you do have. But in the end we are all adults, and ultimately you create and have to live with that. Offering a better product may be a mute point and yes the executives most likely won’t see my or your great service and above and beyond efforts…but if you don’t show any effort to be good at your job…they definately won’t.

  135. To read your comments that say #lethemfail is sickening why would you wish bad on anyone. We flight attendants have families, bills, etc just like you. You say we are entitled … but so are you passengers who get on the plane acting as if we are your servants. Barely giving us eye contact or a thank you for serving you. And taking your anger out on us if flights delayed or cancelled as if we have control over all flight operations when all actuality we are just learning about the delayed or canceled flight just like you and now we will have to be working 14 hours instead of 8 and nine times out of ten we haven’t even eaten. But don’t worry we will continue to work and allow you to treat us as a punching bags. You never know what people go through in their careers. So please change your views. Not saying we are all perfect but lighten up a bit.

  136. Crew to you, never once. Seems like you are emotional and projecting. There is sense in accepting the evidence of so many here rather than blaming others for the common behavior of AA FAs. Furthermore, I don’t need to complain. I don’t fly AA anymore. I fly Delta and KLM and they are fantastic. I flew another international airline today and they were also very nice.

    Stop complaining to me about your problems and fix them.

  137. RM, you are correct that people are becoming very self-centered. I don’t like to fly domestic flights in the US because there is very little respect for others.

    However, no one that I saw here ever said that all FAs are bad. This is a weird thing to reference because you created this idea out of whole cloth like others have also. But really, while customers can be difficult, the job of the FAs is to create an environment of respect. Rarely do I ever see this with Delta or KLM because they treat passengers with respect in almost ever case that I have witnessed. And that is is quite a large sample size.

    All in all, you said what most other were saying on here smashed inside an amazing amount of qualification. 🙂

  138. Stacy, do you consider what your passengers go through or only expect them to live in sympathy for you. Why come here to complain about the customers you “serve” to the customers you “serve.”

    I don’t think any customer service training ever recommends to complain to your customers about how terrible your customers are. You should quit your job and be a ditch digger. The dirt will never offend you.

  139. Don’t be ridiculous,

    I only said what I said because it’s my view, not because what you or anyone else stated. I was conveying what I believe is a current social issue that is part of the problem on both sides. Like you I have flown on other carriers, and I have also flown for them. I respect your view, and have agreed with aspects of your view as well. I’m just stating the same story through a different lens so maybe you and others can better see the total picture, and more importantly maybe help solve the problem. We all have to do our part, myself included.

  140. “Don’t be Ridiculous “. You Definitely have a lot of time on your hands. Spewing Your negativity and sarcasm, you truly want to make me puke. You’re rude, what more can I say.

  141. I don’t think I was rude. But you certainly were. You don’t make a substantive argument, just call me names and make terribly wrong and insulting assumptions about me. Seems you are projecting rather than using the full might of your mind to truly consider what I have said.

    I have a three day trip to get back to the US. Time is being forced on me.

    Also, I am completely sure that you can find more to say. 🙂

  142. ✈️ “ Don’t be ridiculous“ I have nothing further to say to you. Other than safe travels.

  143. I wasn’t able to read every comment, but at a time when billion dollar corporations are screaming poverty, claiming to be bleeding (hemorrhaging money), & putting their hands out for handouts, I, as someone from within the airline industry find it ironic that these billion dollar corporations are able to give away millions of dollars to just a relatively few people in one work group (pilots, in this case) forgoing everyone else in every other work group that comprises 10’s of thousands of their entire company that keeps them flying, since everyone from the most junior mailroom clerk to the CEO plays a valuable part. If the company needs money to even exist at this point, how can they afford to even pay pilots to not work? And while I’m asking this question, my next question is – under these same circumstances, how can these companies afford to pay off their top execs (KERP – key employee retention program)? And if they can afford to maintain their KERP & pay off their pilots then they should certainly have enough money to pay off everyone else – everyone else being the cheapest overall labor force! And since the pilots & top execs are making millions from the company to not work, perhaps the government, if they do give financial help, should attach strings making sure the pilots & top execs are not to receive any of that money – it only goes to the overhead & the 10’s of thousands of employees who did not receive a company payoff.

  144. Wow, FlightAttendat Flight attendants can be replaced by a walk up bar? You might take a different attitude when the engine catches fire on the flight. Yes that happened to me. Or how about the times that I’ve done CPR on passengers who have died in flight. Why don’t you try calling 911 from an airplane and 35,000 feet. You are better give some respect to the flight attendants.

  145. I feel blessed to be a flight attendant. I love my job and I feel sad to read all the comments here. If you don’t want to be told what to do, take your seat and respect. Flight attendants are not hired from the street. They are highly selective in the interview process. I was a health care provider for 10 year before becoming a flight attendant. Doctor, nurses and health care provider wear protective mark and gloves to protect themselves. Flight attendant do not. Flight attendants don’t have access to wash their hands often. All we have is a small sink in the lavatory and it’s always full of passengers waiting. Flight attendant training is difficult. We spend so many night studying, waking up at 2 am to go to training all day and have exams every single day to pass with a 90% flight attendants are hard workers and strong people. This job is not easy. We go hours without eating, resting and in different environment. We have to serve everyone first including pilots. Without flight attendants that plane couldn’t go with passengers anywhere. Flight attendants have a billion qualities. I love my coworkers and flight attendant life…. we deserve respect ✊

  146. As a flight attendant for Twa in 1986, the company demanded 40% from our group and 20% from every other group, people lined up to take her jobs with two weeks of training, if you’re unhappy take the leave or out with the insurance as long as it last!

  147. Whatever you wish for others to happen, may god multiply that for you and your family and generations to come.

  148. On the last airline “bail out” was a loan ! And was paid back with interest And stock off the backs of employees!
    You, all the tax payers made out on the deal while the we the airline workers lost half the pay, benefits and homes! So zip it !

    LAST UPDATED: SEPTEMBER 24, 2008: 1:14 PM ET

    Home prices up for 1st time in 3 years
    New home sales: ‘Really good news’
    Wall Street: Here comes the hard part
    7 regional banks fail
    Banker: “TARP helped avert a global calamity”
    Give taxpayers ownershipvideo
    Give taxpayers ownership
    More Videos
    Rage against the planvideo
    Rage against the plan
    More Videos
    NEW YORK (Fortune) — Members of Congress are now debating whether the government should demand equity stakes in any bank included in the proposed $700 billion bailout being pushed by Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson. If history is any guide, such a provision could recoup a big chunk of change for U.S. taxpayers.

    As part of the post-9/11 airline bailout, Congress authorized up to $10 billion in loan guarantees for struggling airlines. Included in the law was an amendment – authored by then-Senators Jon Corzine (D-New Jersey) and Peter Fitzgerald (R-Illinois) – which instructed the Treasury Department’s Air Transportation Stabilization Board to negotiate equity warrants – basically options to buy airline stock at below-market prices – from any airline getting the guaranteed loans. In order to avoid conflicts of interest, the government-owned shares were pegged as nonvoting shares.

    As Fortune reported last year, the loans were repaid in full and the stock warrants that the government received netted the taxpayers $130 million from the sale of three airline stocks – America West, Frontier and World Airways. The most lucrative deal was a $429 million guaranteed loan to America West. The airline issued the ATSB a warrant to purchase 18.8 million shares, which represented a third of the company’s common stock, and allowed the ATSB to buy it at $3 a share. By the time the ATSB cashed out, the stock was up to $9. (America West merged with US Airways in 2005

  149. I retired last year because I could no longer take the terrible attitudes of passengers towards me. I couldn’t do enough for them to their satisfaction. I started to think if one of them had a medical emergency, I would look the other way. Look at all of the vile comments here about flight attendants, some of them the most professional, kind and caring people I know. You get what you give. Check your bad attitude at the boarding door. Or you might find yourselves in a bad medical situation and find out that we ARE first responders. And a jaded flight attendant, that you just berated, might not save your life, because he/she has HAD IT!

  150. It isn’t the fact that flight attendants are exposed and need compensation for it. It is the fact that they are exposed with the possiblity of being furloughed. First responders are definitely in the front lines and deserve compensation with support from everyone, but they will have jobs after this is over. Flight attendants are first hand attending to the customers who, yes, shouldn’t be flying, but many need to. These customers arent having their fevers checked on boarding. Flight attendants can not turn them away if they are sick. If a flight attendant refuses a trip because they are afraid to get sick and/or stuck in a layover that won’t allow them home or even have food to eat, there are consequences that may end in termination; so they carry on and may be furloughed anyway.

    Great, the pilots are much more trained. They are sitting behind a door away from any sick person.

    This does suck for many. I’m not saying it doesn’t and flight attendants need a pat on the back more than anyone else. But bashing lori bassani for trying to so what she feels right by sticking up for the group she represents isnt going to fix their issues, the food and drink industry issues, small business or first responders for issues.

  151. As to this point: “Flight attendants can take an unpaid six, nine, or 12 month leave of absence; flight attendants still get medical and travel benefits during this time”

    Yes, they can retain their medical benefits same as “active” (working) employees IF THEY PAY FOR THEM. They will be charged the same rates but must come up with the premiums. Per an AA f/a.

  152. To Don’t be ridiculous:
    You’re an entitled idiot. Did you read all of my comment? I was doing CPR on a dying man and a jerk demanded that I get him coffee! I retired after a great career because I could no longer bear passengers like you. You’re exactly why flight attendants become sick and tired of being treated like garbage. If you ever have a medical emergency on a flight, you’ll find out that flight attendants are first responders. Oh, and you can go straight to hell if you’re not revived.

  153. To don’t be ridiculous
    You seem to think it’s okay for someone to demand coffee while I’m doing CPR. You are the kind of ass that flight attendants hate. Why are you hiding your name? Afraid of flight attendants who may ignore your idiotic demands? You reap what you sow

  154. To my fellow flight attendants who may be unfamiliar or new to this blog; be warned. Hate and venom lurks in some (not all) of these posts. Most of it is irrational. A lot of it is disrespectful. Some of it is generalized. And on occasion it’s just random anecdotes in dire need of fact-checking. Sadly, a good deal of it gets personal, but only if YOU let it go there. On occasion you may even see a thimble of empathy or appreciation for what we do. Just don’t expect it when you log on.

    Over the course of my 30 year career as a flight attendant I’ve heard family and friends say, “wow Jimmy, that must be a cool job”, to the present day, “oh Jimmy, I could never do your job.” I have friends who are policemen that pray for me. It’s that weird.
    So what changed?

    That’s a long story but basically, my passengers changed. In the beginning, on average, 80% of my customers would greet me with a cheery “good morning”, or a sincere “hello.” Today it’s the opposite. 20% say “hi”, 80% ignore me as they step aboard and walk right by me. Doesn’t make them rude people, and I try not to judge too quickly. But it’s clearly a different animal today. And if the haters who post here wish to challenge me on that observation, just put my uniform on and stand in the doorway of any commercial airliner on any given day. In fact stand there all day, like we do.

    Because we now live in the age of no eye-contact, ear buds and hand-held gadgets. I know what I speak of here as I have 2 children in their early 20’s. They don’t know a life without a cell phone or a tablet. Nevertheless, Dad taught them to greet people politely, especially those about to serve you.

    So a part of this is cultural, and part is behavioural. I can’t raise other people’s kids and its too late to rehabilitate their parents. But in the end, a flight attendant has to accept his passengers; ..:-):-).,…the good, the bad, the ugly, the rude, the un-washed… etc. We do it in deplorable circumstances some days, but we just do it. We do it for our families who depend on us, and for our employers who compensate us. And here’s a newsflash to the haters who think they pay my salary. You don’t. You never have. That’s an old relic of a business philosophy that doesn’t fly anymore, pun intended. I earn my pay from my employer who is well aware of the risk and exposure we accept for them. I work very hard for it. After 30 years maybe I’ve been too dependable? Too reliable?

    So to any flight attendant who visits this blog and reads this nonsense, I say to you, “don’t take it personal. Never take it personal.” Its not about YOU. Some of these posters/haters will attack what we do and who we work for. But remember always, they don’t know YOU! They’ve never really met YOU. And I guarantee YOU they don’t have the manners, the grace or the courage to apologize or thank you. Haters usually lack humility. They are who they are.

    So let me direct these next comments to the haters who question our skill sets, our looks, our build, our age, our ethnicity, our gender, our work ethic, or our dedication to our profession. I ask any hater out there on this blog a simple question: if you smash into a telephone pole tonight on your drive home, and you’re hurt and bleeding to death, but suddenly an EMT appears on the scene to help you, would you question his or her’s skill set, their looks, their age, ethnicity, salary, gender or dedication? Why not? You do it with flight attendants. And I can hear the howls already. “Really Jimmy? You’re comparing flight attendants to EMTs? How silly!” Here’s newsflash #2 for you. Many of us do both jobs. Qualifications and training are that similar. But why quibble with your lack of knowledge.

    I think it’s a fair assumption to say that no one on this blog has died in an airplane crash. How lucky we are! Because sometimes they do crash. I personally knew a flight attendant who was stomped to death in the aisle of an airplane after it crashed in LAX. She was leading her “customers” to the window exits. They got out. She did not. Cause of death was determined to be from blunt force trauma to her head and spine.

    I knew 2 of the 26 crew members who were killed on 9/11. We’ll never know for sure but the theory is they were both stabbed to death with a boxcutter, in front of their passengers as the hijacking began. Here’s the ultimate kick in the gut: their widows and survivors had their loved ones’ pensions terminated in bankruptcy court not long after. Look it up.

    “Salt in the wound” sounds like a cliche but what else can u call it? I call it shameful. Evidently it’s perfectly legal in the US of A. Do the haters even care? Would they wish that on us again? Gotta wonder when you read some of these posts.

    “The Miracle On the Hudson.” Incredible day, incredible story. Very real, not a hoax. I flew with Captain Sully years before. Smart, quiet, humble guy. Right man in the right moment. Somehow all those panicked passengers got through the emergency exits and doors. They survived. All of them. Gee, I wonder how that happened with all those “unskilled” flight attendants getting in their way?

    All these ugly posts here (by some, not all) are indicative of how many of the public misinterpret what we do. That is, until they hit the telephone pole on the Hudson River or the tarmac of LAX. And suddenly in the rush of a moment, as their life passes before them, they get rescued. A flight attendant goes from expendable to essential in a heartbeat. Why is that? Ignorance, plain and simple. My late father (retired US Marine) used to say, “some of us are rescuers and some need to be rescued.”

    To my fellow flight attendants: the vile and contempt you read here is not about YOU. Never was, never gonna be. Its about them. These hateful screeds you see here on this blog are Exhibits A, B and C of why our jobs have changed. If flying is an unpleasant experience for some of us, it might just be the haters. They are out there. They hate being in close proximity to each other. They lack courtesy. They lack empathy. So they project it on us, the flight attendants. (GATE AGENTS TOO). It’s all about them. Not YOU! Unfortunately they have a safe harbor here on this blog.

    Embrace the 20% who still smile and say hello to us each day. Like us, they are the salt of the earth. They get it. Be grateful for your co-workers who see to it that YOU (and yes, them) get home safe each night.
    And remember to wash your hands frequently!!

    Keepin’ it real,
    Jimmy Mack

  155. AA flight attendants are the worst in the business. The BS that they put out about being there for your safety is a joke. Most are so old or fat they couldn’t get themselves off the aircraft. No money for the airlines, let them go broke and someone will start over. And while we’re at it let the foreign carriers fly in the US. Singapore, Qatar, Jordan, etc. would put the US airlines out of business with the service they offer. Flight attendants can make over $100K a year pushing a drink cart up and down the aisle. Now AA has suspended “service” on flights under 4.5 hours. Just another way to lower service and sit on the butts. Let them draw unemployment like the common person.

  156. Well this certainly got some bounce didn’t it? There is no sympathy for airlines and only some for the few decent people left who work for them…the unfortunate few. American hasn’t had decent relations for years and years and years. The unions said big salvation was going to be when US Airlines took over management and the old AA people got run out. How did that work out for y’all? Flying does not have to be this way. The airlines wanted to make that extra nickel at the expense of employees and passengers. They may have gotten it but now the payback comes. I am requesting the feds deduct from anything they give them all those cancellation fees the airline collected for flights that no longer exist. As well as the “credit” you got to use in a “future flight” which, by the way, has to occur in the next four months in my case. Sorry, but you made the mess now you swim in it. The government can’t run anything but I this one case I believe we would be better off if they did.

  157. As a loyal AA flyer for over 20 years as Executive Platinum, I find it hard to have little sympathy for the airline (who used nearly all free cash to buy back stock, instead of saving some for a “rainy day), and especially for the flight attendants who have the worst attitudes in the industry. Rarely am I treated even semi-nicely by them. And now that I fly internationally so often with other carriers, I can see that their FAs have an unbelievably great attitude toward their Business Class customers. Night (AA FAs) and day (virtually any other carrier’s FAs) difference. These older, more overweight AA FAs have a sense of entitlement that I have rarely witnessed in any profession. There would be no pity from me if AA fired the whole batch and started over (besides, AA will be a much, much shrunken airline as they resume service). Sorry guys, but the truth really hurts sometimes. AA FAs don’t deserve a “silver platter” that they are so used to being served on.

  158. To: Jimmy Mack,

    Good morning, Sir !

    I agree with you on many points that you made. There is no excuse and no denying the non-eye contact world that now live in. I am older, and from my previous experiences with air travel, passengers respected an implied decorum and dressed and acted the part. Today, especially with younger generation, flip flops, soiled clothing and bad personal hygiene are common. They have also lost their ability to verbally communicate. The word “like” is used as a verbal pause and as a substitute for a lack to how to describe an object or situation. It is inexcusable. Conspicuously absent are the words “please” and “thank-you” from their vocabulary. When traveling on business (until 2015) I noticed this phenomenon almost daily. Also, the number of elderly people that request wheelchair assistance to board an aircraft…then miraculously stand up when deplaning is common fraud in order to board early. I cannot imagine how flight attendants can serve these types of thankless people.

    Next, the airlines have gone to great lengths to make air travel more painful than ever before. There is a fee for virtually anything today and that raises my blood pressure. Just offer a single price and include the taxes and fees. The gate agents can be very rude and uncaring when a flight has been canceled, delayed or change in aircraft is necessary which only adds to passenger indignation. The additional seating rows have compressed people to feel like cargo instead of appreciated customers. Personally, I will only fly first class because I cannot handle the BS from people complaining about overhead storage space and the vast variety of food aromas that are brought onboard in sacks. As infrequently as I fly now, it is worth paying double the fare to not put up with seating, baggage and food related issues. I wish that there were no overhead storage compartments and the only storage spaces being the floor of the seat in front with perhaps there could be a small overhead compartment for bulkhead row seated passengers needing to store laptops or purses. I wish that there was no cart service for drinks, snacks or meals on flights of less than 4-hours in duration. It is not necessary and only creates a never-ending line to the lavatory. And, I doubt that flight attendants enjoy serving drinks and snacks for over 100 people that are landing on short hauls.

    Lastly, flight attendants should not choose, or stay in a career that’s only real benefit is free (or, minimal fee) air travel. I would compare it to a person that chooses to teach in public schools and complains endlessly about pay and benefits. Teaching has always paid lower wages. It may not be right, but it has always been that way. So, if pay, hours and benefits of being a flight attendant are unsatisfactory, do not pursue that career path to begin with. Also, and I realize this is going to be a delicate issue (likely a union protected item,) but please have a standard for height/weight. It is frustrating to get bumped from wide hips of a flight attendant that makes zero effort to turn sideways when coming down the aisle. Yes, it happens in the first class cabin too. Lose weight and get into shape. In the 1970’s & 1980’s, the young ladies dressed sharp, looked sensational and had figures that were generally proportionate. There were not too many male flight attendants back then. The bottom line is attitude. If serving the public is your calling then maybe being a flight attendant is for you. But, if you don’t have patience and the mental resolve to deal with the public that was treated with indifference when the tickets were purchased, then do everyone a favor and choose another vocation.

    Have a nice day and safe travels!

  159. So as anyone who can read these last 4 posts can see, my point has been validated. Hate lives here. Hate thrives her. It’s irrational and spiteful for bogus reasons. If you hate American Airlines that’s your prerogative. Don’t fly the airline. Its that simple. But some folks here can’t grasp that. Instead they attack on a personal level. Note the tired comments: the flight attendants are fat, overweight, old. Silver platter…etc. But kharma is a real thing and now Jimmy Mack gets to swing back.

    Bullies like OneXMarine, Dee, EdSparks58 and JD&Co are exactly the type of people I was referencing in my post. They hide behind their poison keypads and spit out their snark because they’re not accountable for their words. They lack the intelligence to distinguish between corporate policies they dislike and the frontline folks tasked with carrying them out.

    Kicking people when they’re down is perhaps the ugliest of all human qualities.
    It says so much about their nature. But like all bullies they eventually get smacked down. I’m betting all 4 of these posters have never won a beauty pageant. I’m betting all 4 of you are aging. I’m betting all 4 of you wouldn’t last 40 minutes doing my job. I’m betting all 4 of you have asses that are getting fatter with every minute you spend spitting out your hate. Somehow American Airlines crews have kept your black hearts alive just long enough for you to deal out more of your smears. But your time will come some day.

    Since you have nowhere to fly these days I recommend a drive out to Shanksville, PA. Visit the 911 Memorial there. Reflect for a moment (if your souls allow) what happened there. Try to spend 10 minutes of your hateful day contemplating our job as flight attendants. I’m not asking for your sympathy, pity or appreciation. I don’t need it. My co-workers don’t need it either.

    I am asking you to learn something about yourselves and stop your hate. Its cowardly and I cannot respect you or your opinions.

    Keepin it real,
    Jimmy Mack

  160. JD & Company says:

    . It is frustrating to get bumped from wide hips of a flight attendant that makes zero effort to turn sideways when coming down the aisle. Yes, it happens in the first class cabin too. Lose weight and get into shape. In the 1970’s & 1980’s, the young ladies dressed sharp, looked sensational and had figures that were generally proportionate. There were not too many male flight attendants back then.

    You should know what your in for when you post BS like this ! If your longing for the coffee tea or me days , you may just want to watch Airport! Oh and there are no male flight attendants in the movie , so you won’t to feel ……uncomfortable.

  161. You think anyone respects you or your opinion? You and your fellow F/A with your attitude are the reason why people hate the airlines. I suggest you go to Washington D.C. and see the names of nearly 60,000 of my fellow service members who made the ultimate sacrifice. Walk a day in my shoes with the ringing in the ears so loud it drives you insane from the explosions and live with the no sleep from the PTSD and the guilt of surviving when so many didn’t. I work 6 & 7 days a week, 12 -14 hours a day running two businesses. I too deal with the public on a daily basis and some are nice and some are not so nice but they all get treated with respect and they get what they pay for. I’m lifetime Platinum with AA and have gotten bumped from boarding with Group 1 to Group 3. I pay for the Admirals Club that they have now closed and I’m certain there will be no refund coming. I could not only do your job, I could do it better and faster because I’ve earned what I have in life and I know what it’s like to work hard and I know that I’m a lot older than you. You are so typical AA F/A that you think you are something special when you’re not. I have friends who work for AA and are F/A and they are disgusted by the poor service given by so many of the AA F/A’s. I feel for them and what they are going through but I also feel sorry for the American taxpayer who is constantly asked to bail out the airlines because they can’t run a business and give decent service. Quite frankly you’re a joke!

  162. OneXMarine

    Been to DC. Been to every Memorial there. Some of those names are my relatives and friends too. My uncle and my nephew are buried in Arlington. I lost 4 guys from my town in Vietnam.

    Been to Normandy. Been to Pearl Harbor. Been to Valley Forge. I’ve taken tours of WW II battlefields across Europe with my children.

    Been to Gettysburg, Antietam and every military cemetery I can find in the USA.
    I’ve even been to Vicksburg, and I’m a Yankee. I wish you had been with me.

    Please don’t question my patriotism. I didn’t question yours.
    I very much appreciate your service to our country but don’t confuse me with the enemy. If you’re angry, get help. Don’t dump it on flight attendants like me.
    It’s a waste of your time here on this earth.

    Keepin it real,
    Jimmy Mack

  163. Not angry at all. You don’t want to see me angry. Just tired of all the BS put out by F/A and how hard their job is, and how unappreciated they are. I have a lot more sympathy for people like the young lady who cuts my hair, gives great service and is trying to buy a house but can’t work because they have closed the salons. My local restaurants who give great service and can’t open except for take out and delivery. The folks at the nail salon where my wife goes that can’t open. The kids that are graduating high school and college and won’t have the opportunity to have a ceremony. No one questioned your patriotism, just putting the loss of life of flight crews on 9/11 with the loss of lives of Vietnam which was my war. We returned and were called baby killers, denied jobs, and received no respect. Not angry about that either. Just don’t care. I too have been to the battlefields and have tremendous respect for all veterans and those of WWII were certainly the greatest generation. Over 400,000 men and women died for our country during WWII. I’m not dumping on F/A. Just calling it as I see it.

  164. At 35,000 feet, can a hair stylist save your life? A restaurant worker? I’m sick of the lack of respect for flight attendants. Did you know that FAs on the doomed planes called AA ground services to help identify the hijackers and put the government on notice to shut down flights? They didn’t call their families, they called the authorities. They’re heroes and were ignored by people like you, jerks who hate flight attendants.

  165. OneXMarine
    Your “call” is wrong-headed and now you’re walking half of it back. The only reason you posted here is to trash American Airlines. That’s fine. I don’t care either. I could drive that trash truck too. Believe me, I’m not here to defend them or lazy employees. I do take profound issue with your mean-spirited, broad-brush characterization of innocent, hard-working flight attendants, some of whom also serve in the military, or are married to one. Bet you never thought about that.

    Reminder alert y’all: no flight attendant caused 9/11 or Covid-19.
    Everybody got that? We will get punished for it because that’s been the playbook of these airlines my whole career. Stab the employees in the bad times, give them a pat on the back in the fat years. Maybe that changes now.
    I ain’t holding my breath on that.

    I’m astounded that this blog can get away with posting the financial and contractual matters airline employees may have with their employer. Why is that anybody else’s business but ours? Maybe Ben(Lucky) and all posters here should reveal what they do and what they get paid? Let’s talk about everybody’s weight and hips and age. Let the sunshine in and see who we really are in this charming community of the aggrieved. I think there’s an agenda here but I’m not sure what it is. I do know it only stokes more unjustified hate and some posters here relish it. Shame on them.

    Keep in it real,
    Jimmy Mack

  166. How many lives have you saved hero? I’ve flown about 6 million miles over the years and I only recall 1 medical emergency and the lady died on the plane. Respect is earned, not given. If memory serves me correctly some of the passengers on the plane that went down in PA called authorities as well. It’s what you do. I don’t hate flight attendants, far from it. I don’t like the lazy ones, but I don’t hate them. Over the years I’ve probably emailed AA over 100 times complimenting the F/A and probably less than 10 with a complaint. I’ve met a lot of great ones, even married the best one, but the past few years the number of great ones have gotten fewer and fewer. If you can’t stand the heat stay out of the kitchen.

  167. I’m not walking anything back JM. I’m assuming that none of us on here caused 9/11 or COVID-19 either, at least I know I didn’t. All of our businesses are in the tank right now but we don’t get to go the public treasury for money. It’s not just AA that sucks, it’s all the US based airlines. If you are always getting stabbed in the back quit and get another job. Would you like some cheese with that whine?

  168. I’ve saved one and helped crews save others. How many have you saved? You’ve seen how many medical incidents in the air? How special you must think you are that the only medical incidents that happen that can be true are ones that are eyewitnessed by you. There are thousands of medical emergencies inflight every year. Look it up asshole.

  169. I think what we have here is a misunderstanding and unrealistic positioning of the FA role as a long term career with a pension vs a low(er) skilled, entry level, short(er) term job with perks. This sets up a classic conflict between reality and expectations, driving discontent and poor morale.

  170. Liar! Liar! Pants on Fire! I never said that the only medical incidents were the ones I witnessed. I simply stated that I only saw 1 in about 6 million miles and the lady passed away. Only article I found is from 2013 so it’s a bit dated and it says 50 a day in the US with only 1/3 of 1% being fatal. Only 7% of the cases required the flight to be diverted. I can only think of 1 time that I could be credited with saving a life but I’m a combat vet and I’m certain I’ve saved some lives by taking others. And by the way it’s folks like you that fuel the hatred of F/A. I’d bet good money you’re one of the ones everyone gets mad at. If it wasn’t for the union you would have probably been fired years ago.

  171. Most pilots are men, most FAs are women. Nothing much has changed: men get more, women get less. Sad but true.

  172. To Jimmy Mack,
    You should not assume people’s motives if you do not know or understand them. You say:
    So as anyone who can read these last 4 posts can see, my point has been validated. Hate lives here. Hate thrives her. It’s irrational and spiteful for bogus reasons. If you hate American Airlines that’s your prerogative. Don’t fly the airline. Its that simple. But some folks here can’t grasp that. Instead they attack on a personal level. Note the tired comments: the flight attendants are fat, overweight, old. Silver platter…etc.”
    I do not hate the flight attendants, and never expressed that. I said:
    “who have the worst attitudes in the industry. Rarely am I treated even semi-nicely by them. And now that I fly internationally so often with other carriers, I can see that their FAs have an unbelievably great attitude toward their Business Class customers.”
    Comparing AA’s flight attendants with those from other airlines is not “hate”. It is a basis for something that AA should be very concerned about: “Why do people think that other airlines have better flight attendants?”
    Criticizing something that is so very, very readily visible (poor attitudes, poor service) is not hate. It is reality. On flights that I am on, the FAs can hardly “sling out the hash” fast enough so that they can go sit together in the front or back of the plane and blabber on. Once on a flight back from Europe, I felt like the end of the earth must have come: I looked from the front of the 777-300ER to the back (walked it all), and never saw one FA (I was looking to get a cup of coffee after a brief sleep). I never did figure out where they all were, but a few appeared about an hour later.
    The union protects this type of behavior – at most companies, poor service would eventually get an employee terminated. And that is the reality. Not hate. Just reality.
    You should not criticize what you do not understand.

  173. OneXMarine

    You really don’t want to go mile for mile with a 30 year flight attendant.
    You’re getting way over your skis now bro, and you’re pushing fake news here. Jimmy Mack don’t go for that.

    I have indeed saved a life on the airplane. Three times. But I don’t need your approval. That’s between me and my customers who were grateful for my skills.

    Of all those medical emergencies you claim to have seen inflight how is it they turned out so well?
    Only one fatality?
    Did you assist them all?

    If you’re the life saver you claim to be
    where’s your cure for this virus?
    The world needs you again.

    Oh that’s right, you’re too busy bashing flight attendants.

    Keepin it real,
    Jimmy Mack

  174. You should have a job at CNN or MSNBC. You either can’t read or your too stupid to understand basic English. I said that I had witnessed 1 medical emergency in about 6 million miles and the lady passed away. I didn’t say anything about assisting anyone with a medical emergency on an aircraft because I haven’t. It’s not bashing if you’re speaking the truth. AA has some of the worst FA in the industry and you’re probably one of them, that is why you’re so thin skinned. You personally saved 3 lives? I think you should buy a lottery ticket. Personally my BS meter is pegged out on that one.

  175. Get this entitled haters. YOU are the reason flight attendants get jaded. I pay extra special attention to the nice passengers. They appreciate us and we go above and beyond for THEM. Not YOU. Think about that the next time you fly

  176. You are jaded because you have an inflated ego about your contribution to society. There are some great FA out there, you just don’t happen to be one of them. And while you “pay special” attention to the “nice passengers” all of us are the ones who pay money to buy tickets to get from A to B and that pays your over inflated salary and benefits. With the bailout AA is going to receive and the government is going to take an equity stake those things may just become a thing of the past. And hopefully you will as well and just be a bad memory to all the passengers that have to put up with your nasty attitude!

  177. I was a wonderful flight attendant and you can accuse me of whatever you want. I’m also independently wealthy, so don’t worry about me you disgusting punk. Worry about karma, cause it’s coming for you.

  178. You’re a legend in your own mind! I’d ask you what you did to get wealthy but I have an idea what that was.

  179. Oh honey, my family owned a pharmaceutical company and sold it for millions. Eat your heart out! Oh, forgot that you don’t have one

  180. OneXMarine

    I see you do fuzzy math too. If you don’t want that $1200 the Fed is sending you, maybe you can send it to a flight attendant. Some of them are on food stamps.

  181. I won’t be getting any money from the government. If flight attendants are on food stamps they need to pick another profession.

  182. OneXMarine

    No money from the Gov for you? You sure about that soldier? You said you served. Do I have to fact-check that too? How’s your healthcare policy?

    By the way, those beverage carts we push work very well when you have to smash them into the cockpit door to stop hijackers. But you don’t know anything about that. It was a hoax, right? Like the virus?

  183. Okijames

    I’m not ignoring your post. Just trying to comprehend what the heck you’re trying to say there. Can you expound your thoughts a bit further on your view of the flight attendant career? Are you suggesting it should be a short career with no pension? Please tell us why. If I mis-read it or misinterpreted it here’s your chance to clarify.

    Keepin it real,
    Jimmy Mack

  184. OneXMarine

    No I should not be a Trumper. Nobody should. You got it backwards bro.
    If the dude could read or listen to the experts maybe we’d have a better handle and your not bitching about bailouts.

    He ignored it for like 6-8 weeks. Maybe you should watch another channel?

    You’re a math geek. Here’s an easy one…

    Dumb-ass guy in WH + deadly virus = worst calamity of our lifetime.
    Hence, the economy collapses. Helluva job.

    You’d vote for him again, right?

  185. Such vitriol spewed out here by both FAs & pax.

    Older FAs are rightly disgruntled they had retirement pensions/medical pulled before when already 20+ years into their jobs. Then they couldn’t keep medical benefits without flying 40 hrs/mth. Now deaths from COVID. Sometimes the cumulative effects show on the job. And sometimes passengers just cannot/will not be pleased.

    Here is some levity to chill you all out:

  186. It amazes me how every frontline employee at an airline (especially this one) is completely oblivious to the fact of the existence of their coworkers that make their day possible – the aircraft technicians- dispatchers- engineering staff- maintenance planning staff- office and admin support staff- customer service – ramp -reservation support- marketing and sales -regulatory compliance – legal- the management—and I’m sure many others I forgot to list. Pilots – yes we wouldn’t have had a miracle on the Hudson without Sully- but his aircraft would not have made it to the water if it hadn’t been properly loaded and maintained by other highly skilled and trained FAA certificated individuals. To perform perfectly that day. Flight attendants – we love you dearly, we appreciate your troubles and toil in your daily work- you are the face of our airline. (We know that face is spat upon regularly) However, if you ever expected any better treatment than which you already receive and negotiated through your collective bargaining agreement- your coworkers have set up a 24 hr hotline- 1-800-WAA-AAAH.

  187. Hi Jimmy,

    I’ll try this by way of comparison. My first job out of school with an Electrical Engineering degree required 2 months of full time training, then another 2 months riding shotgun with an experienced engineer before I entered a 6 month monitored probation period. If it matters, yes we had to pass CPR, first aid, prove proficiency in handling emergencies, etc. Nast stuff happens when you combine toxic chemicals, fast moving machines, and electricity.

    This was a large old-school company with pensions, everyone in suits, etc. and the team I joined were all middle aged or nearing retirement with tenures ranging from 13-30yrs. Most where topped out in terms of advancement in the role. Some were happy, others were disgruntled.

    The happy folks took the job for what it was, just a job. They did not expect much upside in terms of pay or work conditions outside of cost-of-living increases. The whole work/life balance thing worked for them.

    The unhappy complained about low pay, not being respected, etc. etc. Their expectations didn’t line up with the reality of the job and they overestimated their market value. The company could hire guys like me for less than half the pay and twice the workload. Side note, the team gave me the ol’ “slow down kid, you’re making us look bad” speech” multiple times.

    After 4yrs of banging my head against the ceiling and becoming one of the disgruntled, I left the company. In spite of the qualification requirements that job was a little above entry-level, and for most purposes, a dead-end. Plenty of people could fill the position and perform as well or better than those with decades of experience. Natural market forces of supply and demand plus being a cost center vs profit center dictated the standing of that role, it wasn’t personal affront, though I took it that way for a while.

    Per those same natural forces, how is the FA position different?
    -Is FA a cost or profit center?

    -Can plenty of people be trained in a few weeks/months to do the job adequately or does it require years of training and more years of experience? or…

    -How long does it take and what does it cost to go from High School grad to adequate FA vs adequate Pilot? Let’s be honest an adequate FA is acceptable, not so for a pilot.

    -Will these adequate people work for less?

    Please note that I respect FAs and with 5M+ miles I’ve rarely had a negative experience. I think most of you have a darn near Saintly level of patience with the flying public.

    All I am saying is the job has its place in the universe due in some part to literal forces of nature. Wishing for equality compared to another job with very different factors won’t alter reality. I am suggesting it should be a short stint on the way to better things unless you’re truly happy with the job as-is. As for pensions… Protect yourself and save/invest for your own retirement. Consider the promise (how many have been broken?) of a pension as potential icing on the cake, don’t count on it.

  188. @ Jimmy Mack – the humorous vid I posted was made recently by an actual FA. She & her husband didn’t make it, & I didn’t post it, to disrespect Paul or any other FA diagnosed/quarantined.

  189. TechObserver
    Your words ring hollow and callus, but pat yourself on the back all you want.
    You can’t walk a mile in my shoes. Are you one of the people we can’t seem to find when the flights are delayed for hours on end with bogus explanations? What about the cancellations? You make those calls too? Where are you when we’re left stranded on the frontlines with our customers? Have you ever been to the frontlines? Now you show up here? Exactly what do you do Tech? Whatever it is ain’t working now.

    How about we trade places tomorrow?
    Come out of your bunker. You get on the plane and take the spit in your face and I’ll sit at your desk and look at a computer. Deal?

    Come on. Be a trooper. Take one for the team. I hope your not fat, old and entitled. You may have to get through the exit. The haters here are watching for that.

    Keepin it real,
    Jimmy Mack aka This One

  190. Okijames

    I’m sorry I asked you to clarify.
    Should have known better.
    “Natural market forces?” Really?
    That’s what you’re selling here?
    Do you run an airline or something?
    Nobody knows what the hell you’re talking about. But thanks for the memories.

    Keepin it real,
    Jimmy Mack

  191. Pam

    We’re cool. We really do need the humor here. But they don’t like it when it comes from a flight attendant as you can see for yourself.

    If you were me would you fly to New York City or New Orleans today?Somebody will be made to do it.

    We can’t even have a funeral for Paul.
    I know of 4 more F/As who may have it. And these jokers out here are still talking about our age? Our weight? Our “proportionate body shapes?”
    So disgusting.

    My wife and children are terrified I could bring the virus home. What do I do? Live in my car?

    Good Lord what’s wrong with these people? Too much first class wine?

    Sad. Just sad. Wish I had something to smile about but thank you for trying.

    Keepin it real,
    Jimmy Mack

  192. Jimmy Mack:

    Get your facts straight. China informed the WHO on 12/31/19 about COVID-19. The US had their first case on 1/20/20. Trump banned travel between China and the US on 1/31/20 and was called a racist. The WHO tweeted that COVID-19 could not be spread by humans but it is. My earlier reply didn’t post for some reason but married couples with adjusted gross of $198K do not get any money for the government. And yes I served, in the US Marines. 1969-1971 with a tour of duty in Vietnam in 1970. Company G, 2nd Battalion, 1st Marines, 1st Marine Division, Quang Nam Province. Fact check it. I don’t have a health policy because I’m 40% disabled because of hearing loss and PTSD and receive my healthcare from the VA. Fact Check it.

  193. People spit in your face? That is assault and they should be jailed. I find it hard to believe that happens. It probably has happened but can’t be a regular event. At least I hope not.

  194. OneXMarine
    Thanks for the “facts” as you believe them to be on China. Of course they botched their own response but here’s a story for you. I can’t say It’s a “fact” yet. But I’m hearing it.

    It was AA pilots who blew the whistle on flying into Wuhan Province in early January. At the outbreak they refused to fly in there and other China destinations. Our AA brass threatened punishment. Pilot Union said we’ll sue.
    Brass went to White House for help.
    Ultimately all flying in and out of China was shut down. Of course Trump took credit for his brilliant foresight. Plausible, no?
    But it doesn’t matter now.

    When you said you get nothing from the Gov that concerned me because you are certainly entitled to VA benefits and Medicare. That’s the least this country should do for you. And you deserve that.

    Thanks for confirming you get some assistance and as a taxpayer I’m honored to help you and all who serve.

    No employee from any occupation should be spat on or assaulted. Unfortunately it happens every day in airline biz. They don’t report it because it clashes with those sweet TV ads of folks splashing in the surf off Montego Bay.

    It’s up to us to prosecute an assault, physical or verbal. Personally I’ve never been spat on or assaulted as I’m a 6’ 2” 190lb male. That’s just human nature there, right? I also have developed the skills of a hostage negotiator on this job. I can talk people off the ledge and de-escalate better than most. But that’s just me and I don’t want a medal for that.

    I deal with angry and rude folks some days. Trust me they don’t go over this in our training. In fact they might as well train the new hires in Montego Bay. Why scare them off?

    Keepin it real,
    Jimmy Mack

  195. I am not angry or offended – I am surprised and baffled.
    The pilot union presented and received 70% of pilot pay, in order for them to STAY HOME for 3 years. (That IS an awesome deal.)
    The company agreed to give the pilots a mansion, and the flight attendants got the door…

    what would be miraculous is this:
    Pilots take 50% of that pay and tell the company to give the other 20% to flight attendants.
    To take the money and run, without thinking of other workgroups is baffling.
    5 for me and 2 for you. How about it?

  196. chel b

    You’re on it. Surprised and baffled is more appropriate.

    “Angry and confused” only sets the table for more hate and venting from all corners. Everybody wants a bite of that, right? I’m no different. I have emotions and frustrations too.

    I’m only posting here because I will not let the ignorant and the selfish and the sexist pigs who show up here trash my fellow flight attendants and our profession in a personal and degrading way. I’ll take all the backlash that follows but if you bring hate and degradation, Jimmy Mack is ready to fire back.

    I won’t take exception to what our pilots negotiate. I understand their role completely. Hope they see it our way too.

    My good friend is a 62 year-old Captain. His sweet wife just had a double-mastectomy last week. They have 2 girls.

    He’s the best Captain you’d ever want in that cockpit because he gets it.

    He fights for his F/As out there on frontlines. Fights for the gate agents too. AND…. wait for it haters… he fights for you too!!

    Been in the trenches with him many times. He uses that PA onboard like no one else. Straight talk, sincere to the bone with whatever information he’s privy too on a particular flight… if they’re listening!!

    As a pilot he HAS to retire at 65, a Fed rule. But in every sense of the term, he’s my Captain. He’s your Captain too, and I hope he gets everything he’s earned to this point,

    Maybe someday passengers will appreciate dudes and gals like him.
    Us too.
    We shall see.

    Keepin it real,
    Jimmy Mack

  197. Yes. Thank you. I agree… ( Hey, I too have flown with Sully – west coast, PSA) We are very blessed to work with this caliber of men and women aviators! And with each other…

    Stay safe,

  198. AA will never recover from the merger with US Air; a merger purely designed to line the pockets of less than a hundred people.
    US Air had always had terrible service, pathetic morale and truly terrible FA’s.
    That being said, it took two seconds for their FA’s and agents to contaminate American’s staff, which speaks loudly to their lack of character and tremendous sense of entitlement which had apparently lurked just under the surface!

    Add that to the Parker regime and AA’s reservoir of good will is zero. NO GIFTS and loans only to the whole self entitled enterprise!

    I’m a doctor but I don’t think of myself as entitled to “ first responder” status. It comes with the Hippocratic oath!

  199. Evan Torch

    As my late father would say, “Jimmy, this is Evan Torch and he CLAIMS to be a Doctor.”

    Dude, you’re a phony. I can smell a phony from a million miles away. But for fun, let’s assume you really are a Doc for a minute. If true, you are a disgrace to the medical profession. Don’t you have patients to treat?

    Seriously, you’re gonna come on this blog now and trash flight attendants? Now, of all times? Just as a deadly pandemic sweeps across the planet you’re gonna leave your patients hanging so you can run to a keypad and trash my co-workers? Really Doc?

    You referenced in your post a “reservoir of good will.” You wouldn’t know the difference between a reservoir and a blood sample if I gave you a test tube and a box of tissues.
    Your crap won’t float here as long as I’m alive.

    I pity your poor patients. They have a fool for a doctor who is severely distracted from his calling. He took a “Hippocratic oath” only to become an imbecilic hypocrite spewing more hate and venom. Your diagnosis is way off Evan Torch. Your credibility is shot. Your patients are doomed.

    Where did you get your liscence to practice? A vending machine on the 10th floor of a Holiday Inn?

    What’s up Doc?

    Keepin it real,
    Jimmy Mack

  200. A lot of these so called traveling experts do not have a clue of all the behind the scene activity that is happening before they get on and while they are boarding. No clue !!
    But they really do not care , so why explain.
    But just a little fun fact for every fifty passenger the FAA requires one baby sitter. Not a option for airlines. Another fun fact The FAA requires All service items and service be completed 45 minutes before landing , Flight Attendants should be performing safety checks not getting last minute drinks. Again as per FAA not AA !!
    Another fun fact on international flights the liquor is bonded meaning its supposed to stay lock until after take off and the only thing that is allow is the pre departure drinks.
    So when to ask for your gin and tonic before take off and the Flight attendant gets it for you, they are not following the guide lines. But like i said in the beginning you all just care about your personal needs. God forbid your choice of meal is not available “blame it on the Flight attendant at 38 thousand feet , maybe they can pull over and get you your yummy meal. I can just imagine a grow man in first class , business class or any class bitching over a choice of meal. Really !!!

  201. Just the kind of of comments I expected from the elitist snobs on here who think they are so superior.. but if you look at what they are saying…. I hate flight attendants because they stand up for themselves and refuse to kiss my butt like I entitled for them to do.. the selfishness of the people commenting here is proof of why this country is waiting for a disater… but they are the first to whine “why is no one taking care of ME ” during all this. The FA are out there now,taking care of you spoiled brats and you still scowl down on them… may karma reach down and teach you selfish people a good lesson.

  202. Domi


    Crickets out here now.

    Find a local food bank people.

    Help feed the folks In your locale but be safe how u do it.

    Keepin it real,
    Jimmy Mack

  203. What you aren’t telling people that if F/A’s take an unpaid LOA, their unemployment benefits will likely pay them more income monthly than what they would make flying the line. Pilots would take a huge pay cut taking unemployment.

  204. Roger

    Who is this “you” that you are speaking to in your post? What is it you’re trying to say?

    And when did you become an expert on Unemployment Compensation?

    I’m curious now. If you’re not a flight attendant or a pilot why do you care?
    What business is it to you whether a flight attendant or a pilot files a claim?

    If you now have time on your hands maybe you could work on the vaccine and not concern yourself with the unemployment claims of people who are hurting.

    Keeping it real
    Jimmy Mack

  205. Dear god …. those FAs get angry and offended all the time. Sometimes it is the passengers who get all DYKWIA. But FAs and their unions get unnecessarily high and mighty way too often! Give it a rest girls!

  206. Dear Kevin

    You wail and moan of things like “…all the time…”, or “…sometimes…”, or “ F/A unions…”

    You know nothing of what thy speak!

    Kevin, try working on your own soul before your next plea. You don’t have much time either.

    Most High and Mighty

    Keeping it real,
    Jimmy Mack

  207. I’m confused. The article gives the impression that AA FAs on voluntary leave get flight and medical benefits, and maintain seniority, but get no pay. I know an FA on this voluntary leave plan – and is receiving 33% pay. Has something changed?

  208. Are you kidding!? At least the seniors will still have a job, with benefits and full pay. What kind of joke is this… why are we not capitalizing on the 9k flight attendants that will be loosing their careers come October? Many who packed their bags and moved to one of the AA bases that just happen to be some of the MOST expensive cities to live in the states. I’m all for bettering work conditions, but right now there will be no work for our younger generations. Let’s talk about the future, how are we going to do better?

  209. I think the industry can do better by re-establishing a mandatory retirement age for inflight first responders that compliment the pilot and ATC rules. It is time for a change.

  210. So older people should step aside for the younger generation? Why are the 9K flight attendants losing their job more important than the 700K that are predicted to lose their jobs in the gym market? 60% of all small business that closed during the shutdown are predicted to fail by years end. Flight attendants are more important than they are? Go to YouTube and look at the vlogs posted there by the AA flight attendants who are crying because they are losing their jobs. Then look at their videos. Never a mention about helping passengers, or how bad it was for passengers when a flight went south. It’s all about them and their long layovers and getting to travel. Jetting Jenna is one that comes to mind. Selfish is the best word to describe her and in my opinion she puts AA in a very bad light, not that they need any help in doing that themselves. Fact of the matter is that the airline industry is spoiled and need another round of failures to put everything back in perspective. Like it or not your in the service industry and you’re failing. You’re nothing special and certainly not any better than the millions of people suffering right now.

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