Alaska Lounge JFK Opening April 30, 2018

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Alaska and Virgin America co-located to Terminal 7 at JFK this past October, as they previously operated out of separate terminals. Terminal 7 is otherwise primarily used by British Airways and is quite a dump. We’ve known for quite a while that Alaska intends to open their own lounge there. Currently the only other lounge in the terminal is the British Airways Lounge.

Alaska has said all along that they hope to open the lounge by April 2018, though Alaska also hasn’t been great about sticking to timelines on some things lately (especially when it comes to new Mileage Plan partners). It looks like we now have an official update on this front.

The Alaska Lounge JFK will be opening on April 30, 2018. The lounge will be open daily from 5AM until 10PM, except on Saturdays, when it will close at 5PM.

The lounge is taking up the former space of the United Club, which closed a couple of years back, when United pulled out of JFK. It’ll be located just past security and up a level, which is where the British Airways Lounge is as well.

The Alaska Lounge will be open to Alaska Lounge members, those traveling in paid first class on Alaska (either award or revenue), and Admirals Club members traveling same day on Alaska or American. On top of that, most Alaska Lounges belong to Priority Pass.

I highly suspect this lounge will be open to Priority Pass members as well, though no official announcement has been made on that front yet. I suspect we’ll find out within a few days, most likely around the same time that the lounge opens. I also wonder whether Alaska plans to contract out to some of the other airlines operating out of the terminal, including Icelandair, LOT, Ukraine, etc.

I look forward to checking out this lounge soon!

  1. As someone who is unfortunately booked flying Alaska on some upcoming flights, this is a godsend. T7 is bar none the worst experience flying out of NYC, making LGA’s central terminal and Newark look palatial. It goes to figure too that Virgin’s been having a lot of delays and difficulties meaning I’ve had to spend way too much time (with no lounge access) in this pathetic dump.

    I have no idea how British Airways thought the ‘tear everything up immediately and then slowly chip away month by month’ was an acceptable strategy. It’s been under construction for a year and they haven’t even finished re-carpeting the gate areas, let alone any of the actual upgrades (WAY more seating, charging sockets, concessions) it so desperately needs. Lines for the (mostly broken) bathrooms, coffee (the -only- concession open in the AM), and security are often over 20 minutes long. Ridiculous.

    One additional note- the only way to the Alaska lounge -from- the gates (11/12) is to lug everything back up a flight of stairs because this terminal was designed by Satan.

  2. There is (or was) another lounge in this terminal also occupying the former United Club space. It was used by LOT and I suspect the other non-Oneworld airlines using that terminal. It was called the No. 7 Lounge, I think. Is the Alaska Lounge taking the place of the No. 7 Lounge or is it in addition to that lounge?

  3. If a review is done, why not take a few pictures of the airside terminal, please. After all, the interior of the terminal is newly remodeled.

  4. “quite a dump”

    Perhaps, but It is small. You can be going through security when your flight is already boarding or near/on final call, and still comfortably make it (as I have many times when travelling HBO), even with a quick visit to the BA lounge, and I would take that any day of the week over having to walk what seems like a mile under the taxiway at T8.

  5. T7 is not where you want to cut it close- the security queue lacks TSA Precheck or a priority line for Alaska, so you’re gonna spend 20-25 minutes regardless.

    I’d rather fly out of t8 and walk an additional 5 minutes. Or better yet, I’d rather fly out of t5 which manages to be fast -and- convenient.

  6. Still a major downgrade for VX fliers used to T4 and the PP lounges there. T7 remains a dump with no Precheck. Yet another reason for this SFO-based former VX elite to switch my transcons to B7.

  7. B7?

    But I agree, if you’re at JFK there’s is absolutely zero reason to fly Alaska over JetBlue (mine are to use up existing travel vouchers from VX, unfortunately.) Having flown both back to back it’s night and day how much better B6 is. Realistically I give Alaska a few years before they can their whole east coast operation and admit to defeat.

    Their crappy product may be profitable in the sticks, but Virgin America fliers aren’t that stupid.

  8. @Alpha, ditto when you speak of the “little airline that that thinks they invented First Class: Realistically I give Alaska a few years before they can their whole east coast operation and admit to defeat. Their crappy product may be profitable in the sticks, but Virgin America fliers aren’t that stupid.

  9. @lucky In terminal 7 today. Alaska lounge appeared open. People going in. (I was going to BA lounge.)

  10. @Alpha,

    Agree T7 is a dump and also that I can’t imagine what BA’s plan is here given how slow they have been in the remodeling program.

    But worse than LGA central terminal?? Come on, lets use perspective, that place is truly a third world hellhole, and you cannot even grab a taxi in front, having to walk about a mile through a construction zone to do so. That’s a far worse experience than a slightly uncomfortable T7.

  11. @Kerry , true, the taxi situation is annoying and the central terminal is a disgusting hellhole. But I still give it the nod because it has food options (pre security), a Centurion lounge, a priority pass lounge, and TSA Precheck, so if I’m gonna kill 2 hours due to a delay, I’d rather do it there. Even post security AA set up a grab and go snack bar for Admirals Club (and Alaska lounge!) members. So while it’s still awful, at least it’s possible to make it tolerable.

    With JFK T7 there isn’t squat you can do.

  12. Nobody argues that T7 is a dump but it should not need to be:

    Security: There IS a Priority line, although separate, to the far left of the terminal near BA Business and First Chek-In. It does however only open at Noon.
    Admittedely, no PRE line, which I find very annoying. None of the airlines stationed at T7 are even members of PRE. That should change as more airlines join. which is the trend.

    Lounges: Qatar is also building their own individual lounge at T7, in the same style as LHR or CDG. Unfortunately this augurs that QR will consolidate both flights at T7 instead of T8 and that is not good news.

  13. @ Lucky

    I flew QR JFK-DOH in March (the morning A 350 flight from T7 and complained to a QR agent both about the lack of Priority late at security (*) (the one to the left near BA F/J check-in was not yet open) and also about the paltry lounge (BA “Business” part as the F part was in works, told them they could at least rent the Concorde Lounge), commented that I hoped they would consolidate at T8, and was answered by the agent that 1) they will be consolidating at T7, 2) they are building their own lounge. Of course, the JFK QR agents maybe contracted parties who do not know the real thing, but he looked sure enough.

    (*) There was that morning an endless line of suspicious looking characters and TSA agents gave each the real treatment, secondary etc.. The whole thing took an hour.

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