6 Airlines I Want To Review In 2019, But Probably Won’t

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With the start of the new year I always look forward to making a list of the airlines that I hope to review in that year. I love reviewing new airlines, or even reviewing new products on airlines I’ve already flown, and it’s always fun to see how that develops over time.

Well, to start off this year I’m going to make a slightly different list. While I plan to reveal the airlines I realistically hope to review, first I’d like to put together a list of airlines that I’d like to review, but in all likelihood won’t be reviewing in 2019.

As you’ll see below, this is for a variety of reasons. In no particular order:

Air Tanzania’s 787

For me, the most interesting new plane delivery of 2018 was Air Tanzania’s order for a single Boeing 787. The airline took delivery of the plane in the summer, though still hasn’t actually launched international service with it.

Rather they’ve just been flying it on domestic flights, and having it sit at the airport in Dar es Salaam. They’ve talked about launching flights to Mumbai, though that still hasn’t happened. They’ve also talked about flying to Guangzhou and Bangkok, but that also hasn’t happened yet.

So I don’t plan on reviewing the airline this year for two reasons:

  • I’m not convinced they’ll actually start flying the 787 longhaul anytime soon
  • I’m not a huge fan of involuntary anal examinations and am disgusted by what the country’s leadership is doing, so for now I’m avoiding Tanzania

Avior Airlines’ A340

Avior Airlines is a Venezuelan airline that even flies former Air China 340-300s with three classes of service. As much as I’d love to fly their A340 first class between Miami and Barcelona (Venezuela, not Spain), apparently it’s not the ideal time to visit, and most people seem to think I won’t even survive airside, so I think I’ll take a raincheck for now… 😉

Air Koryo

As much as I’d like to visit North Korea, and as much relations between our respective Supreme Leaders have never been better, I’d like to remain married, and Ford would kill me if I went to North Korea, so I’m not doing that for now.

I also don’t think they’d be down with my nonstop plane photography, so…

Iran Air

I’d really like to visit Iran at some point, or at a minimum would love to fly Iran Air. They have a combination of retro planes and also some newer A330s that have reverse herringbone seats.

However, this probably isn’t the ideal time to do so, so I’ll probably save this for another year, as there are enough other airlines I guess I should review for now.

Surinam Airways’ A340

Surinam Airways flies an A340 between Paramaribo and Amsterdam. The plane used to fly for Air China, so much like Avior Airlines, it sure is an interesting plane.

I’d love to review this flight at some point, but realistically there are just higher priority flights for me to review, and the most practical way to get there is from Europe, so that would make the trip too long.

So I’ll keep this on my list, but I doubt it’s happening anytime soon.

Air-Saint Pierre’s leased ASL Airlines 737

Last summer, Air-Saint Pierre leased a Boeing 737-700 from ASL Airlines to operate a fascinating transatlantic domestic flight.

The airline flew once weekly Paris and Saint Pierre and Miquelon. Saint Pierre and Miquelon is a self-governing territory of France, situated in the northwestern Atlantic Ocean, near Newfoundland and Labrador. The islands cover an area of about 93 square miles, and have a population of just about 6,000 people.

This flight will be returning for the summer of 2019. When I first read about it I said to myself “okay, I need to take this flight in 2019.”

But I also need to be realistic. I already have a good amount of travel planned for summer, and I’d rather prioritize one of two things above this:

Going to Greenland is my goal for this summer, so I’ll prioritize that ahead.

Bottom line

There are a lot of airlines I’m hoping to review this year, though the above are among those airlines that I’d generally like to review, though most likely won’t have the chance to. Stay tuned for a separate post about the airlines that I do hope to (realistically) review this year.

  1. Review UTAir Business class in their B737. Moscow to Berlin, for example. They have a proper business class cabin (and a ridiculously cramped economy). There are rumours they might go out of business soon, so now or never!
    Mahan Air is also an interesting airline, which can easily be taken from a number of European cities to, say, Bangkok. I actually enjoyed their economy class experience, even though Tehran airport is certainly.. interesting.

  2. I think the Suriname flight and the St. Pierre flights would be super interesting, plus I’ve never seen a flight review for them.

    I do agree that Greenland would be super fun and interesting, but keep in mind that Iceland has continued to be a hot spot, and you’ve already reviewed the Faroe Islands. Not a criticism (I live for your reviews) but I think it’s something you should consider before booking a flight to Greenland.

    Also, I hope my wine pairings for your Polaris meal were helpful!

  3. Close to your new residence in Miami:

    Cubana Airlines – would be good for you to review their Club Tropical premium class offering which is available on both their TU narrowbody and IL widebody aircraft
    Weekly service out of HAV

    Cayman Airways – Business Class on 737 aircraft
    Daily flights to Miami

    Fly Jamaica Airways – Business Class available on both 757 and 767 aircraft
    Weekly service out of JFK

  4. How about reviewing Spirit economy? They fly out of Miami. They also have a loyalty program in case you want to get back into the game.

  5. What about a Cubana IL-96 review? They fly them from Havana to both Paris Orly, Madrid, and Buenos Aires and do seem to have a business class cabin with recliner seats. If you fly from Havana to Buenos Aires, you could fly back on Aerolineas Argentinas’ A330s to either New York or Miami; they have angle-flat seats on them, although it would still make for an interesting review.

  6. Any plans in trying Aigle Azur on ORY-VCP? Or even Azul from FLL to VCP, or LIS to VCP with their A330neo.

  7. @Lucky, I think you have been listening to way too much good-ol’ US propaganda! I reckon countries like Venezuela, Iran and even North Korea would be much more welcoming than you think. Most of the “issues” have been instigated by the US, with countries like Iran going about their daily business and having plenty of business between themselves and Europe. Of course, it’s your call a the end of the day, but just kindly reminding you that there is more to the world than what American news (or the government for that matter), like to narrate. Greenland does sound awesome though!

  8. If you go to Venezuela, please review the Turkish flight to Istanbul. I reckon youll have the plane to yourself.

  9. I have flown on Air Koryo, as part of DPRK’s aviation tourism package, in 2013. As long as you constrain to rules, taking pictures is allowed. It was eerie yet a joy to fly on some of the Soviet relics while seeing some of the country.

  10. Also, see you in Greenland if you travel there this summer, we should meet up! I will be in midst of a 6 month trek through the country starting March.

  11. Lucky, according to @airlineroute on twitter, “China’s CAAC on 05DEC18 approved Air Tanzania’s application for 3 weekly Dar es Salaam – Bangkok – Guangzhou service”

  12. I really wish you reviewed Azul Airlines, as availability on MileagePlus is plentiful but reviews are hard to come by… I’ll be flying with Azul from VCP to FLL in February and they seem like an interesting airline with local flair.

  13. @ Christian — I’ve reviewed their 777-300ER Polaris, old 777-200 business class, and shortly am publishing a review of their 787-8 business class. Hope to do a 787-10 review soon as well.

  14. Air Koryo didn’t mind my pictures when i went there. But isn’t it illegal for you to go there (apart from Ford killing you) even on your german passport?

  15. You should try Asiana 747 first class before they retire it- I think they seek is as business class but you can reserve a first class seat and I think it’s only operates domestic routes.

  16. You guys may really try Iraqi Airways… and given their service to 2 E. Asian cities, you may really get a different kind of “Middle East transfer experience” different from the luxury of DXB or DOH.

  17. What about Air Caribes (I love their plaid blankets) or AirCalin? I’d love to see more reviews for either of this products.

    You also really ought to consider doing trans-arctic on First Air or Canadian North. They still have free hot meals and booze in coach. Total 1985 air travel time capsule.

  18. @Lucky, you may want the re-consider flying to St. Helena on SALink from Johannesburg. They have just announced they will be flying TWICE a week during the Southern Hemisphere summer (Dec to April). That means a 3 day visit is now possible. In the past you said a week on the island was too long. Now is your chance to visit for a shorter time frame.

  19. I’d love for you to go to North Korea and hear your experence. Too bad that if you survive Ford would kill you 🙁

  20. I flew on Air Koryo (business class from Pyongyang to Beijing) back in August 2017 and they allowed taking photos. Then again, I was just taking the usual tourist photos and not every single gadget and what not for a review. I did ask the FA and she was ok with it. One thing I’d advise on it simply asking permission to take a photo with the flight attendants (some are shy and may not want to be pictured.) Right now though US passport holders (including dual citizens) aren’t allowed to go to DPRK so I wouldn’t risk it for a review unless Air Koryo has a fifth freedom flight.
    I really liked Iran Air (flew business class on their 747-200 and 747-SP) a few years ago. Unless the rules have changed, you can still fly Iran Air as long as only transit IKA (not leave the airport).
    I agree with others that a review of Cubana IL-96 while they still fly them would be great. I’ve read Wandering Aramean’s review of Cubana IL-96 and thought it was so cool! Sam Chui have some reviews of Air Koryo and Iran Air as well with lots of photos!

  21. @Jackie and @Jason Also, to further distinguish it, Lucky paid to have the Big Front Seat and not just a normal coach seat.

  22. The Air Tanzania and Air Greenland flights would both be fun to try out. Are you flying Westjet’s new business cabin this year? Others would be Lao Aviation and Ariana Afghan.

  23. As far as I know you can generally enter both North Korea and Iran with a US passport, eventhough especially in the case of North Korea the rules can change unexpectedly.

  24. @Mark D

    Lucky has already reviewed SAS A330/340 J. And their first A350 are not coming until late this year, unsure if there will be any hard product changes.

  25. @Lucky

    I second Cayman Airways, would not take long out of MIA. And Grand Cayman would probably be Ford approved.

  26. Lucky.. just a suggesstion here but what about AirAsia premium flatbed from Honolulu to Narita? Im dying for your take on it.

  27. Hi lucky, i don’t know if you remember me, but i am Giuseppe (the guy who told you about avior airlines and their A340).
    The matter of this message is that a was able to fly 4 times the BLA-MIA route in both ways last year and I have a lot of photos from those flights (1 in economy and 3 in business, 2 in the A340 and 2 in the 737) well, I was thinking, thanks to the lot of curious articles in this blog, that I could write reports of those flights if you wanted, I tried to find a specific email but I thing this is appropriate. With no more to say here I’ll wait for your Answers, greetings.

  28. Hi lucky I do suggest that you review the Venezuelan airline when the country is more stable. I am from there and it is beautiful and the people are great in the future it would be a great idea to review.

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