Air Tanzania Takes Delivery Of Their New Boeing 787

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Air Tanzania must have one of the most interesting aircraft deliveries of the year. The airline previously had a fleet of just three turboprop aircraft, and this year is taking delivery of a Boeing 787. That’s quite a radical fleet upgrade.

I’ve written about Air Tanzania’s plans before, and about how they intend to take delivery of the 787 this summer. Several of you have sent pictures over the past several weeks of the plane being assembled at Boeing’s factory, and it has been so cool to see the plane come to life. I also think Air Tanzania easily has the coolest 787 livery we’ve seen — it’s not every day you see a giraffe on the tail of a plane!

Well, Air Tanzania has now taken delivery of their Boeing 787. The plane left Seattle yesterday bound for Tanzania, and has just arrived at Julius Nyerere International Airport in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.

It looks like they have quite an event planned, as Tanzania’s president, vice president, prime minister, chief secretary, minister of finance and planning, and more, will be in attendance to welcome the plane.

Based on pictures posted online, it looks like Air Tanzania has gone with the Stelia Equinox 2D seat in business class on the 787. I suspect there will be four rows, in a 2-2-2 configuration, given the layout of the plane. Economy looks like it’s in a standard 3-3-3 configuration, with personal entertainment at every seat.

Air Tanzania has indicated that they plan to fly the 787 to Mumbai, which is a new destination for them. While I understand they’ll probably first perform some familiarization flights, I do find it odd that they haven’t put this flight on sale yet, or published any details about it. If you’re launching a new route you typically want a lead time of several months to be able to start selling tickets and marketing the flight.

So the fact that they have the plane but haven’t yet scheduled the route makes me wonder, especially since all of their other flights are short-hauls. This story suggests that they’ll start service to Mumbai in September, but I guess we’ll see…

I can’t wait to fly on this new plane. I’m obsessed with new airlines, and an airline going from a turboprop fleet to getting a 787 is basically the same thing as a new airline, as far as I’m concerned.

Anyone want to wager a guess as to how soon Air Tanzania will fly to Mumbai, or for that matter if it will happen at all?

  1. @lucky

    Does safety ever worry you about new airlines? Where do you do your research?

    Where are they going to get the pilots for this? No chance the turboprop captains have qualified yet to fly this baby

  2. Ben, you already had a bad experience on TAAG’s First Class so now you want to have an even worse experience with Air Tanzania’s Business Class? To each his own I suppose, but don’t complain later about appalling service because you have been warned many times about all the potential issues of African carriers. Why don’t you try Suriname Airways instead? They have an A340 with 12 J seats and I’m sure it will be much safer than flying to Africa.

  3. The way im appalled that there are people like @SQFirst who still have such negative and probably unfounded statements about African airlines as a whole. What a wow. In other news, im with you @Lucky in wondering how they will do familiarisation with only short haul routes available and how they have the plane already and haven’t started selling tickets. Id love to experience the Air Tanzania service and I’ll be looking out for ticket sales to begin

  4. Best looking airplane by miles, yes that animal on the tail is a standout. I have flown several times with their other turbos. Pilots were Tanzanians. Flights were smooth.

    There are zero fatal accidents with the airline thus far and personally I feel much safer in an airline with a smaller fleet to manage as that would mean more attention to details to make sure a few planes get quality service. Oh and must Their flight attendants are very nice. Tanzanian should be very proud today.

  5. I have flown their prop planes to Kigoma more than once. It was unremarkable. Dar’s airport is probably what Hollywood bases are all their depictions of African airports on.

    TZ is worth a visit, it is quite beautiful. Safaris are better there than in South Africa.

  6. I wonder if this dreamliner would eventually become the President’s on-demand transportation. I know Tanzania is not Zimbabwe, but this is certainly a huge risk strictly business speaking. I feel more positive about Rwandair’s business case than this one.

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