Buying Access To Air France’s La Premiere Lounge Now Costs €500

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Air France has the best first class ground experience in the world, in my opinion, and you can even buy access to it if not flying first class. However, the price has recently increased.

What makes Air France’s La Premiere Lounge so great

Based on my rankings, Air France offers one of the world’s best first class experiences.

Air France’s 777-300ER first class is the world’s second best first class product in my opinion, after Emirates’ new 777-300ER first class.

Air France’s 777-300ER first class

Not only that, but Air France also offers the world’s best first class ground experience at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, with their spectacular La Premiere Lounge.

If you’re connecting in Paris they’ll pick you up from your arriving flight and bring you to the lounge, and then when your connecting flight is ready to depart, you’ll be driven to that plane as well.

Air France La Premiere tarmac transfer

The food in the Air France La Premiere Lounge is the best of any lounge I’ve experienced. There’s also a spa, where you can receive a complimentary treatment. Perhaps best of all, the entire experience is performed with such French confidence, which I can’t help but love.

Air France La Premiere Lounge Paris

The Air France first class ground experience is available to those traveling in Air France first class, but there has been another cool way to get access to this lounge.

Air France sells access to the La Premiere First Class Lounge

For years Air France has sold the first class ground experience to select passengers, and this is something I took advantage of in early 2016, prior to an Air France business class flight to Toronto.

Air France’s 777 business class

Historically there have been two types of packages you could buy:

  • You could buy an arrival service, where you would be picked up plane side and fast tracked through immigration
  • You could buy a departure or connecting service, where you would receive access to the La Premiere Lounge, as well as all transfers between flights

Ideally you’d want the departure or connecting service, since the arrival service just gets you a fast track through immigration, and doesn’t get you access to the lounge.

Air France La Premiere Lounge Paris

In the past these services cost:

  • 150EUR or 20,000 Flying Blue miles for arrival services
  • 300EUR or 40,000 Flying Blue miles for departure or connecting flight services

I’m not sure when exactly this happened, but it looks like the cost of these services has been increased. Air France now charges:

  • 200EUR or 30,000 Flying Blue miles for arrival services
  • 500EUR or 75,000 Flying Blue miles for departure or connecting flight services

It’s my understanding that this has sold quite well, and it’s even selling quite well at the 500EUR per person price tag.

Incredible dining in Air France La Premiere Lounge

Restrictions to buying La Premiere ground service

Even at the 500EUR price tag, there are some other conditions that have to be met in order to buy the experience:

  • You must be flying on a long haul Air France flight in business class
  • The flight must be operated by a plane without a first class cabin
  • Your ticket must be issued by Air France, regardless of whether it’s a revenue or award ticket
  • There are capacity controls, so during periods of high demand they may not sell access to the lounge

On top of that, in late 2017 Air France added a further restriction. This still isn’t in the published rules, though it’s my understanding that it still applies. Specifically, you can only buy the Air France La Premiere ground experience if you’ve flown Air France La Premiere in the past 12 months.

Bottom line

500EUR is a lot to spend on lounge access. At the same time:

  • I don’t blame Air France for wanting to maintain the exclusivity of the lounge; after all, if you start offering all kinds of ancillary options to get parts of the first class experience, it takes away from the overall value proposition
  • At least this is the world’s best first class ground experience, and it’s my understanding that people are still buying access at this price

I suspect Air France will sell more La Premiere ground experiences at 500EUR a pop than American will sell Flagship First Dining access for $150 a pop.

(Tip of the hat to Oleg)

  1. Correct me if I am wrong but this is 500 EUR per flight? I think I might just stick to slumming it with the schmucks in the J class lounge.

  2. Jack

    You are right of course, but there are some small minds around who will see this excess as a wannabee moment. Just for a brief and expensive moment, they are a big shot.

    Then they wake up and it’s time for their shift at burger King 🙂

  3. I don’t see any value in that 500 EUR access fee with this article except for just knowing it now.
    Many airlines offer spa and dining in their first class lounge, like Singapore’s Private Room, Etihad lounge, etc. Why is Air France is the best? I don’t understand from any point of view in this article!

  4. €500 is still good value for this experience, in my view, if the transit is over a few hours.
    I spend around €400, incl taxes in Shippol VIP service sometimes. This service was provided when Garuda had F class to AMS. After that Ive bought access a couple of times. Same pick up and delivery service, own security, immigration comes to you, private lounge, but not close to Air Frances level of food and drinks.

    The $150 access to Flagship dining though… thats a waist of money.

  5. It is a good option to have. Yet, aa only offer the $150 usd offer to keys and Ep traveling on premium flights. You can’t buy it just for flying business and not having a status. So, it is more exclusive to its elite members.

  6. I’ve gone through the experience a few times when I flew Premiere and it was quite nice. But I would not even think of spending €500 on it. Even for €250 I would let it pass.

    We don’t need to think about the $150 ‘AA flagship dining’. US food is not known for quality or being healthy. Add the AA component here and I would not go in if it was free. Last thing I need before a long flight is being bulked up with artificially processed and genetically manipulated food and feel full and gassy all the way

  7. I hope the food and service to the lounge (pictured) is good, because their decor is pretty ordinary. I would expect high end design for 500 euro to enjoy the entire experience. Having said that, no, for me at least, 500 euros can be better spent.

  8. I think that this isn’t aimed at people who normally fly business but are looking to upgrade their lounge experience. It appears that this is for people who normally fly La Premiere but are on a flight that doesn’t have a La Premiere cabin. In that case they get the same ground service they are used to for a fraction of the price difference between business and first.

  9. There must be a vanishingly small group of people who

    * Have flown La Premiere in the last 12 months
    * Are flying business class on a flight without first class
    * Are willing to pay €500 for this

    It almost sounds like the policy was written for one individual or company who is regularly on a flight without first class?!

  10. No one else has mentioned it, but the AF A350 does not have a La Premiere Cabin. Once the A350 takes on more routes, this is an ok addition to the folks who fly La Premiere more regularly . 500 eur is a drop in the bucket, considering J vs F cash fares.

    To the plebs saying this is a waste of money: this lounge access does not concern you; you’re not the target customer ‾\_(ツ)_/‾

  11. Great if the company will allow it on expenses , but many companies will see it as extravagant

  12. Tom

    You must have missed the part about the 12 month prior travel requirement in La Premiere.

    What was that about small minds, again?

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