1. Expired at 10am PDT. Was trying to find valid dates and then the Tware expired. Easy come, easy go!

  2. @ Chris — I think that’s the very nature of “Twares.” They’re trying to create some buzz without too much opportunity for people to take advantage of it.

    @ Nick — I don’t think they typically do more than one a day, but I might be wrong.

    @ SAN Greg — Yeppers, that was a quick one.

  3. I got in on this, along with three co-workers. It’s gonna be a heck of a party in LIH!

  4. LUCKY,

    I gotta give credit to you for posting this, what a great opportunity for people who need vacation with tight budget but need a weekend getaway.
    I will pass the words around about this promo,thanks!


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