100% Bonus On Purchased Hilton HHonors Points

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Through June 17, 2015, Hilton HHonors is offering a 100% bonus on purchased points.

The cost to purchase points with HHonors is ordinarily one cent per point (including tax), so through this promotion you can purchase Hilton points for 0.5 cents each. This is actually the lowest rate at which I’ve ever seen Hilton sell points.


You can purchase a maximum of 80,000 HHonors points before any bonuses per account per calendar year, meaning the highest number of points you can pick up through this promotion is 160,000 at a cost of $800.


I value Hilton HHonors points at ~0.4 cents each, though there are certainly instances where you can get more value out of Hilton points than that.

To put that price into context, here are Hilton’s award categories (as you can see there’s quite a bit of variance in each category — HHonors is the closest to being a revenue based hotel program):


A Category 1 property is 5,000 points per night, and Hilton offers elite members a fifth night free, bringing down the average cost to 4,000 points per night. At 0.5 cents per point, that’s like paying $20 per night:


Meanwhile Category 2 properties go for 10,000 points per night, so with a fifth night free that’s an average cost of 8,000 points per night. At 0.5 cents per point, that’s like paying $40 per night:



As you can see, in all cases these represent huge savings over the paid rates. In many cases the numbers work out quite favorably as well for higher end hotels.

So if you’re going to buy Hilton points, this is the promotion under which to do so.

Here are the full terms of the promotion:

Points purchased do not count towards elite tier qualification. Points.com and Hilton HHonors reserve the right to terminate bonus promotions at any time. All purchases must be made through the Purchase page on HHonors.com. The 100% bonus is available for purchases made between May 20, 2015, at 12:01am ET and June 17, 2015, at 11:59pm ET. All purchases are non-refundable. Offer is subject to change. Offer cannot be combined with any other offer. Points will be posted to the recipients Hilton HHonors account within 24 hours of the completed transaction. Buy transactions are final and non-refundable.All Hilton HHonors program terms and conditions apply. Hilton HHonors™ membership, earning of Points and Miles™ and redemption of Points are subject to HHonors Terms and Conditions.

* Email address is required and will only be used for transaction and marketing communications related to this purchase.Price includes all applicable fees. GST/HST will be charged to Canadian residents.

As you can see, purchased points should post within 24 hours, and purchases are processed by points.com, meaning they don’t qualify as hotel spend for the purposes of your credit card.

Bottom line 

In general I’m not for speculatively buying points when they’re being sold at around the same cost as I value them. That being said, that’s the beauty of non-revenue based points currencies — the way in which people value them vary wildly. I know people that value Hilton points at 0.3 cents each, and I know people that value them at 1.0 cent each.

But this is this is the first time I’ve seen Hilton HHonors sell points at a rate that I’d consider reasonably attractive.

Do you plan on buying Hilton HHonors points for 0.5 cents each?

(Tip of the hat to LoyaltyLobby)

  1. All three links lead to an old promotion….

    Points can be purchased once logged in into Hhonors -> earn points -> purchase points.

  2. not a speculative points buyer by any stretch of the imagination. but $800 is relatively cheap for an arsenal of HHonors points should I ever be priced out of a last minute hotel option in an emergency. i’m taking it.

  3. 0.5 cent is my ‘goal’ for redeeming HH points, so no way I am buying at 0.5 without a specific redemption already lined up.

  4. Hilton? Oh, no tks!!! A garden view room at the Grand Wailea goes for 188,000 points for 1 night. Hilton completely lost their mind.

  5. Ben,
    I’m thinking of planning a trip with my wife to Maldives for an anniversary trip.
    Conrad comes to mind as in the hotel of choice.. 95k points per night for the beach villa.. 5 nights will be 380k (5th night free). I already have 322k HH points… and I think I can easily get over 1 cent per point in redemption at Conrad Maldives… so i was going to top it off for this award…

    But can I upgrade from the beach to over the water with points? or is it just cash only for the upgrade? if I could do it with points, I would buy the max points allowed.


  6. i’m doing hyatt (primary), spg, ihg rewards and marriott rewards programs.
    one program i won’t do is HH.

  7. it’s kind of odd that the daily getaways hilton deal was selling HH points for 1 cent each, and the packages sold out pretty quick.
    if it was that popular then, why would hilton sell them for a half the cost now?
    were there some manipulations going on during the daily getaways sale like manufactured purchasing of the packages?

  8. @steven k

    Points sold through Daily Getaways were _0.5 cents per point_, not “1 cent each”, so there werde no “manipulations” necessary to sell those packages.

  9. I was searching for hotels on Koh Samui and rates on the Conrad are north of U$950. As I already have some HH points, I´d be able to book it for about U$ 350. It seems like a no-brainer to me.

  10. Lucky, you should have a look at this.

    His Excellency is essentially blackmailing the Dutch government.
    In a press conference he warned that Dutch companies should not expect a lot of commercial contracts from the government of Qatar if the Dutch government continues to halt granting additional slots to gulf carriers.

    Link to the article:

    Link to a video:

  11. Hilton points are so easy to get with a few CC and then rinse and repeat if your balance is low. no need to waste money on this program

  12. This is a horrible deal. I value hilton points at around $0.02. Most rooms costing $100 requires 50k points or more.
    A decent deal would be 400% bonus.

  13. I value HHonors points at 0.5 cents each, and already have enough for tactical use (thanks to Daily Getaways). I might buy them to help meet credit card minimum spend, but not otherwise.

  14. I think the best value for points use is in Asia. (Singapore and Hong Kong notwithstanding)

    I was genuinely looking at the Hilton in Kuala Lumpur 5 minutes before reading this post for a stay this November. rooms were costing approx $125 per night for a non-refundable rate. $160 for a refundable rate.

    I just purchased 10,000 points (plus 10,000 bonus) for $100 and as soon as they post I will book 2 nights saving at least $150 with the bonus of cancellation.

    I find the same to be true of using CC points in Asia. Often get city centre hotels in the lowest few categories meaning making them great value.

    Just my perspective.

  15. At least in the Middle East where I am currently based, I do really enjoy HH program (and many quality Cat 1 hotels even with exec lounge) and point redemption value is excellent most of time. Hilton Diamond treatment is superb and I love HH program at least in this region (don’t get me wrong, I am hyatt dia, SPG plat, marriott plat, IHG plat too enjoying their redemption here). This is the value that I am def. interested in purchasing.

  16. I usually think Hilton points are a waste, however, I have a wedding coming up that has a group rate for $265 a night. I was able to buy the 40K points needed for the room at a price of $200. I think this deal makes sense on a case by case basis if you have something planned, but won’t be purchasing just to add points.

  17. @ Mark — Unfortunately no hotel spend bonus since it’s not processed by Hilton directly, but rather by points.com.

  18. @ dwondermeant — Did you log into your Hilton account on that page? Shouldn’t be targeted, even if the landing page says otherwise.

  19. @ Juno — Maybe someone else can chime in with more experience, but I don’t believe you can upgrade room types at a reasonable rate with points, without doing the “dynamic pricing” award. So cash would be the best way to upgrade, I believe.

  20. @ David — If you actually sign into the account with the offer you’ll see the promo.

  21. @Lucky sez: “I value Hilton HHonors points at ~0.4 cents each, though there are certainly instances where you can get more value out of Hilton points than that.”

    This needs to be understood properly because with, e.g., SPG points being valued at 2.2 cents each, it implies that starpoints are worth 2.2/0.4 = 5.5 times HHonors points, which is ridiculous, of course, because that comparison does not account for the fact that one earns about 6 times (actually, exactly 5.5x; see proof below) more HH points than one earns starpoints FOR THE SAME SPEND.

    In the real world, Hilton points are worth 0.4 cent each as HILTON CURRENCY but they are worth:

    0.4×3 = 1.2 cents as Hyatt GP points (vs. the bloggers’ estimate of 1.4 cents)
    0.4×6 = 2.4 cents as SPG points (vs. 2.2 cents by bloggers)
    0.4×1.5 = 0.6 as IHG points (vs. 0.7 cent by bloggers)

    because one earns 3 times, 6 times or 1.5 times more as HHonors point a clip than one earns Hyatt GP, SPG starpoints or IHG points, respectively.

    In other words, the various hotel loyalty points are worth exactly the same (considering the uncertainty in valuing them), when they are adjusted for the relative abilities to earn them.

    One way to understand this is to consider the relative abilities to earn starpoints on the SPG AMEX and HHonors points on the HH AMEX Surpass.

    SPG AMEX earns:
    2 points/$ for on-property purchases (i.e., for stays at SPG properties)
    1 point/$ on everything else.
    Mean: (2+1)/2 = 1.5 points/$

    HH AMEX Surpass earns:
    12 points/$ for on-property spend
    6 points/$ for restaurant, gas, surpermarket purchases
    3 points/$ on everything else.

    To match SPG AMEX’s 2 categories, let’s take the mean of the latter two HH categories: (6 + 3)/2 = 4.5 points/$ for everything else.

    Overall mean for HH AMEX Surpass: (12 + 4.5)/2 = 8.25 points/$

    So that (Mean HH/$)/(Mean SPG/$) = 8.25/1.5 = 5.5

    It means that more exactly, I earn 5.5x more HHonors than I do starpoints for the same spend.

    Therefore, if I go to a bar, purchase two identical drinks @ $1 each and pay for one with the SPG AMEX and for the other with the HH AMEX Surpass, I will earn 1 starpoint and 5.5 HHonors points.

    If each starpoint is worth 2.2 cents, then each HHonors points is worth 0.4 * 5.5 = 2.2 cents IN TERMS OF SPG points.

    See? The values are IDENTICAL when the math is done rigorously and the points adjusted for the relative ability to earn them (i.e. they are put on the same scale so they are comparable). Starpoints, GP points, HH points, IHG points, etc, are worth exactly the same and that is not by accident. Similar items usually cost about the same in real currency. It makes sense that they would cost the about same in loyalty currency.

    So, @Lucky, it is fine to use your valuations within one currency. That has some meaning. On the other hand, valuations are meaningful when used to compare different currencies, unless adjusted for the relative abilities to earn the points being compared.

    The superfluous valuations aside, I agree with you that this is the best deal that Hilton has offered on the sale of their points.

  22. Oops, garbled sentence! Try again: “On the other hand, valuations are NOT meaningful when used to compare different currencies, unless adjusted for the relative abilities to earn the points being compared.”

  23. @Juno… You can almost certainly upgrade I believe for cash at the Conrad, but you may not want to. I have been to the Conrad Rangali 4 times and headed there once again on points.

    It is by far MY most favorite hotel and indeed spot on the planet. If you are still engaging on this comment forum…let me know, I’ll fill you in. Depending on what type of person, this promo is exactly the best way to redeem points. Even post devaluation. I just bought at the same rate during the cheap deals last month, to add to points I had from the last stay (spend points) so I could go back for 9 days at an average of $260 out of pocket per night. For 3 of us and with an awesome breakfast included for Golds, that’s a bargain for the one hotel where I have been that I would actually say it IS worth it’s heady room rate. Any questions from people, I’d be glad to give my take and/or explain my last unbelievable claim ($1000-3000 a night!)

  24. The HHonors max purchase points a year is 40000 points?
    How come it is 80000 points now?

    I purchased 40000 points earlier this year, so sucks to me, but can I purchase another 40000(+40000 bonus) now?

    I just check HHonors T&C and…
    “Members may purchase up to 40,000 HHonors Bonus Points per calendar year. Points must be purchased in 1,000 point increments”

    Still 40k annually.

    Hmmmm… Lucky can you advise?

  25. @Lantean sez: “they must be desperate!”

    Yup, they are so desperate that they are making record profits, occupancy is way up, HHonors is vibrant, and they are currently the fastest growing hospitality company:

    “Hilton Worldwide Continues to Lead Industry as World’s Largest and Fastest-growing Hospitality Company in 2014” [http://finance.yahoo.com/news/hilton-worldwide-continues-lead-industry-110000980.html ]

  26. MCLEAN, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– [http://finance.yahoo.com/news/hilton-worldwide-continues-lead-industry-110000980.html ]

    In its first full year after completing one of the most successful initial public offerings in history, Hilton Worldwide announced today that it enters 2015 as the unmatched global hospitality leader by continuing to be[1]:

    Number 1 in rooms in supply
    Number 1 in rooms under construction
    Number 1 in development pipeline

    Hilton Worldwide also continues to lead the industry in net unit growth excluding portfolio acquisitions2, with the addition of more than 36,000 rooms in 28 countries and territories in 2014 net of removals. This represents 6 percent growth of overall managed and franchised supply.

    [1] Smith Travel Research, Global New Development Pipeline, December 2014; STR, Global Census, January 2015

  27. @DCS: Your math seems sound enough to me but it only holds true if you’re working both sides of the equation, i.e., earning and spending.

    If you’re only working one side, it doesn’t work. One such example is choosing whether to get the Visa or the Amex $90 Hilton card; another would be whether to transfer Amex points to Hilton or some other program.

  28. @Tom – if you incorporate spending, my hunch is that hh will beat spg out of the water. Divide all redemptions by 5.5 for hh, and then compare to spg levels. Hh redemptions would start from less than 1k, and go up to approx 17k in spend. Spg starts at 3k, and goes up to 35k (I think) in spend.

    @DCS – real eye opener calculations. Great post buddy.

  29. @KP — You are absolutely right. It is why SPG is, by far, the most expensive program at the very top end hotels.

    @Tom — That is precisely the point. Both sides of the mile/point equation, i.e., the earning side and redemption side, must be accounted for in comparing the “value” or relative worth of loyalty points. Looking at just one side is a meaningful as comparing apple and oranges.

  30. i think there are flaws to the above calulations/conclusions. Here are few:

    1. The SPG point value comes not from their own Hotel stays but rather the flexibility of 25% bonus to various Airline programs. There is no way HH to match that. SPG C/P options will be lot more value as well.
    2. 5th night free or or getting breakfast for being HH Gold is not part of the calc (it is very subjective). I stayed at HH where 5 of us got $30 breakfast for days but I am not going to value HH points that much more because of that since it is not repeatable everywhere (the USA HH hotels at lower redemptions are close to dumps).
    3. If HH are so easy to get, “why would anyone buy them?” Just get few VA cards and transfer them at 1.5x and save those $800 for B&B or other options..

    Lastly, i don’t trust HH. The way they devalued their program overnight is unheard off. SPG hasn’t done that.

  31. @ flyingfish — They recently raised the annual limit from 40,000 points to 80,000 points.

  32. @ff_lover — There are no “flaws” in my math. I modeled the general case. What you’d like to do is to introduce a whole bunch a special cases. But even then, the picture won’t change much because I aso modeled all those special cases. HH has as many airline transfer partners as SPG, but with HH points being a lot easier to earn than SPG points, the purported advantage of the 20% bonus with transfer of 20K points disappears. If I want airline miles, I would not get them through spend on a hotel credit card or through transfer of hotel points. I would get miles through mile-earning cards or through flying. In fact, just this past week, I showed that I would do much better with my UA Explorer visa in getting UA miles and using them for award travel on UA and all 26 *A carriers, than one would do by transferring starpoints in 20K increment + the associated bonus. I dig up the post if you care to see it.

    But what this is really about is encapsulated this statement: “Lastly, i don’t trust HH. The way they devalued their program overnight is unheard off. SPG hasn’t done that”. However, that statement too completely wrong and misguided. You should study my long comment above until you understand it because what you just stated shows that you did not get it. The purported cataclysmic “devaluation” of HHonors points is a myth because HH awards were and remain as competitively-priced as any in the business.

    This example will prove the point conclusively:

    Awards for very top category Hyatt hotels cost 30K points/night
    Awards for very top category Hilton hotels cost 95K points/night

    The basic point earning ability for a Hyatt GP Diamond is: 6.5 points/$
    The basic point earning ability for a Hilton HH Diamond is: 20 points/$

    Relative earnings: 20/6.5 = 3.1 [this ratio stays about the same regardless of elite level or source of points]

    The meaning of that ratio is that a HH Diamond earns 3.1 times more HH points a clip than a GP Diamond earns GP points. Thus, adjusting the award rate of the top cat HH hotels for the relative earning abilities, we get:

    95K/3.1 = 30.6K points.

    which is the same as the 30K GP points that one would pay for an awards at top cat Hyatt hotels. Because 95K HH ~= 30K GP, award rates for top category Hilton and Hyatt properties COST EXACTLY THE SAME, when adjusted for the relative abilities to earn their respective points. Where is the purported HHonors “devaluation”? Q.E.D.

    You should, therefore, be consistent and also say: “i don’t trust HYATT GP. The way they devalued their program overnight is unheard off” !!! 😉

    BTW, when the equivalence among the loyalty points does not hold is when you know that awards are either extremely expensive or extremely cheap. SPG did not devalue their points, you say? For your edification, based on what I just about what happens when the equivalence points does not hold, SPG is the costliest program in the business because awards for top-tier hotels are, by light-year, the most expensive… 😉


  33. The HH 95K top category is a myth too. HH hotels got for 265K/night due to high season! SPG doesn’t have blackouts if a std room is avail..
    Also, if you take out the Surpass 6pts/$1 but stay with the regular 3pts/$1 (no category bonus), the value of HH drops by half..

  34. @ff_lover — Stay out of the mile/point game because you know neither how it is played nor nor the rules of the game. You could easily get hurt!

    Do you know the difference between ‘standard’ and ‘premium’ awards? [Hint: This very blog post has has at the very beginning a chart of HHonors ‘standard’ awards, which are seasonal. Do you see awards in any of the categories that cost more than 95K?]

    BTW, I earn the majority of my HH points not thru CC spend but thru revenue stays @ 32 points/$, minimum. In April, due to stacked promos, I earned HH points @ 55 points/$ a clip. So 3 or 6 points/$ earned on the HH AMEX are meaningless to me. I use my HH AMEX Surpass ONLY to reserve and pay for revenue stays (for additional 12 points/$ on top of base), from which I will haul in between 700,000 and 1,000,000 points this year.


  35. @@ff_lover — If you really want to see why SPG is not the rewarding program that you seem to think it is, check out glossy Chart #3 and its legend at this link:


    It shows that one needs to spend 2-3 times more in hard money to earn a free night at a top-tier SPG hotel than at any of the other programs. Hilton, Marriott, and Hyatt have similarly-price awards that are much cheaper than SPG’s. The next to the lowest-priced awards IHG’s and the absolute cheapest awards are Club Carlson’s. Take a look…

  36. @ff_lover – You are comparing apples to oranges. You are talking about “alternate” uses of spg points versus hh points.The comparative calculation that DCS was referring to was for using points for hotel stays. As DCS mentioned, the awards at 265k/nt are premium awards (akin to anytime awards on air tkts). You cannot compare that level to normal spg award levels.

    The lesson learned here (for me) is not to write off the HH program as rubbish.

  37. I think I see where DCS is coming from. He earns points primarily through hotel stays, and I agree that SPG would be a poor choice for him.

    But I earn points primarily through credit card spend. The metric I use is “how much credit card spend does it take to earn a free night?” For me, SPG is usually the best program. Here’s the analysis for stays at good, but not aspirational, hotels in big cities such as New York and London.

    SPG – 12,000 points/night – takes $12,000 in un-bonused CC spend to earn a free night (with 5th night free)
    Club Carlson (post-deval) – 70,000 points/night – takes $14,000 in un-bonused CC spend to earn a free night.
    HHonors – 60,000 points/night – takes $20,000 in un-bonused CC spend to earn a free night (with 5th night free).
    Hyatt – 20,000 points/night – takes $20,000 in un-bonused CC spend (or $10,000 in CSP spend on travel) to earn a free night.
    IHG, Marriott – worse

    So, for me, the different programs do NOT provide similar value. The value proposition is very different, favoring SPG for my spending and stay patterns.

  38. @UAPhil — How did you choose the award levels or categories at which to calculated the un-bonused CC spend needed to earn a free night?

    Because the relative earning abilities are the same regardless of the sources of points (CC spend only, revenue+on-property CC spend), my analysis should hold across the board…

  39. @Andy.

    Thanks for your insight. Conrad Rangalis is definitely our goal.. now just to have to find someone who can watch the kids for a week! 🙂

  40. DCS – I chose categories (Cat 5 for SPG, 70,000 points for Club Carlson, 60,000 points for HHonors, Cat 5 for Hyatt) based on what is actually available for award stays in reasonably central locations in New York City and London. (Of these, the HHonors properties are mostly Hampton Inns, a big step down from the SPG or Club Carlson properties in these cities.) So, for me, in these cities, there’s no question HHonors is not competitive with SPG or CC. (

  41. (I do get value out of HHonors in some tactical situations, but it is definitely not attractive enough to be one of my mainstream programs.)

  42. Lucky,
    I see no availability for redemptions in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bharu for the whole July/August. Since this offer implies some value for me I have planned to buy and redeem some points in these months in Asia.
    Is it normal that there is no availability at all or have I done something wrong?

  43. @ Jan — Hmmm, that shouldn’t be the case. I’m seeing availability in those cities over those dates. Any particular dates you were looking at?

  44. @ DCS,
    Again u are all over the place with your argument. Step back and see what you are saying.
    Regular HH CC spend (no category) is 3pts/$1 gives only 0.4×3=1.2 pts value for HH vs. SPG having 2.2-2.4 value (1pt/$1). Not everybody can shell out $$ to earn pts.
    Why would same Hotel room go from 95K->265K based on the time of the year (i.e. Christmas)? SPG top Hotels don’t go from 30K->70K based on the time of the year.
    So, clear your head and think!

  45. @UAPhil — If this is your baseline “SPG – 12,000 points/night – takes $12,000 in un-bonused CC spend to earn a free night (with 5th night free)”, then the scenario is that you spent $12K on the SPG AMEX and earned 12K points @ 1point/$.

    The for the HHonors case, this was your scenario: “HHonors – 60,000 points/night – takes $20,000 in un-bonused CC spend to earn a free night (with 5th night free).”

    But that is not a good comparison. The question to ask is how many HHonors points would I earn from $12K in un-bonused spend on my HH AMEX Surpass, in comparison to your $12K spend on the SPG AMEX?

    I can easily spend $12K (un-bonused) on my HH AMEX Surpass by doing only restaurant, gas and supermarket purchases at 6 points/$. This means I would earn: $12K * 6 points/$ = 72K points.

    If a free night requires 60K HH points, then a $12K spend would be a lot more than I need to spend to earn it. To be exact, I would need to spend 60K points/6points/$ = $10K, which is $2K less than you would need for a free night at a SPG property…

    The 6:1 ratio for HH:SPG relative earning abilities holds pretty well regardless of the source of points or elite status…

    My modeling/math up-thread is therefore pretty general.

  46. DCS – on the Amex Surpass, 6x is for specific bonused categories. You only earn 3x on everything else. My comparison is correct for “baseline” (lowest) earning rates on the various credit cards.

  47. @UAPhil — I see what you mean by “un-bonused” but it makes little sense. I thought “un-bonused” was meant to differentiate between spend associated with hotel stays, where the CC spend earns a “bonus” on top of the points from the room charges, and all non-hotel CC spend!

    Any other definition of “unbonused” is purely arbitrary. You and I go to the same restaurant, order exactly the same items from the menu so that our bills are identical, and then I pay with my HH AMEX Surpass and you pay with your SPG AMEX. Why call my spend “bonused” and yours “un-bonused”?

    The 6:1 spend ratio on average between HH:SPG spend is what needs to be used, and not some narrow definition based on the fact that the SPG AMEX is extremely stingy and has only two categories!!!

    Like I said, I could easily spend $12K on the AMEX Surpass with only restaurant, gas, and surpermarket purchases, which are, in fact, my only non-hotel purchases on this card, and earns points @ 6/$. Why “penalize” me because the SPG AMEX offers less for the same purchases? Apples are no longer equal to apples now?

    See my problem with yet another arbitrarily-defined travel blogosphere concept?


  48. DCS – fair enough. Your Surpass card is giving you good rewards on restaurant, gasoline, and supermarket purchases – about the same return I’m getting from my Ultimate Rewards and SPG cards.

    How do you handle spend on travel and other categories where Surpass only gives 3 points/dollar?

  49. @UAPhil — My every-day card is the UA Explorer until I hit $25k in spend and collect 10K bonus miles, then I switch to the United club card. Other than that I have a card for every occasion, e.g., when I must stay at SPG, Hyatt, Marriott properties I pay for the stays with my SPG AMEX, Chase Hyatt visa, Chase Marriott visa because it is how I maximize my points. Almost invariably, however, I will book revenue stays at Hilton properties and rake in as a Diamond with options optimized to earn the most points with each stay…

    I accumulate UA miles by flying and by using UA cards for redeeming on 26+1 Star Alliance airlines; and I accumulate hotels points primarily through revenue stays at Hilton properties for which I pay with co-branded cards to maximize my earnings.

    There is not much more to my game plan than that….

  50. so i can buy these, get my partner to buy and end up with 320k in one account for US$2,000? (800+800+400 to transfer?)

    and it’s 376k points to redeem for 5 nights at conrad maldives?

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