Upgrading To The New World Of Hyatt Credit Card

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A few days ago we saw the introduction of the new The World of Hyatt Credit Card, which is a fantastic product. The card has a $95 annual fee, and offers all kinds of great perks, including, up to two anniversary free night certificates per year, and a great opportunity to earn status through credit card spend, all the way up to Globalist status.

For those with the old $75 annual fee Hyatt Credit Card (which is no longer open to new applicants), I wanted to take a look at your options for acquiring the new card in this post.

Will those with the old Hyatt Credit Card automatically be upgraded to the new card?

No. Those with the old Hyatt Credit Card have the choice of keeping that old card. The annual fee is $20 lower and it will continue to come with an anniversary free night certificate. However, you don’t get many of the same benefits that you receive with the new The World of Hyatt Credit Card.

Can you have both Hyatt Credit Cards?

You’re unfortunately only able to have one Hyatt Credit Card or the other. The application terms of the new The World of Hyatt Credit Card state the following:

The product is not available to either (i) current Cardmembers of any Hyatt Credit Card, or (ii) previous Cardmembers of any Hyatt Credit Card who received a new Cardmember bonus within the last 24 months.

In other words, you’re not eligible to apply for the new World of Hyatt Credit Card if you currently have the old Hyatt Credit Card, and/or if you’ve received a new cardmember bonus on the old card in the past 24 months. You can, however, upgrade to the new card.

How can you upgrade to the new World of Hyatt Credit Card?

Eventually it should be possible to upgrade to the new The World of Hyatt Credit Card online (they have a dedicated webpage for it). However, that’s not possible yet, and as of now the only way to upgrade is to make the request by phone. You can call 800-436-7941 to start the upgrade process.

While you won’t be eligible for any welcome bonus, you will be given 2,000 World of Hyatt points for upgrading. That’s not much of an upgrade offer, though in this case we have a card you upgrade to for the perks it offers, and not for the bonus as such.

Should you upgrade to the new World of Hyatt Credit Card?

As with everything in life, “it depends.” I think my general advice is as follows:

  • If you have the old Hyatt Credit Card, don’t put any spend on it, aren’t going for Explorist or Globalist status, and use it exclusively for the anniversary free night certificate, then you should keep that card since it has an annual fee that’s $20 lower
  • Under almost all other circumstances it makes sense to get the new The World of Hyatt Credit Card, given that it gets you five elite qualifying nights towards status annually, and with spend you can earn an additional free night certificate, and more nights towards status

Bottom line

The new The World of Hyatt Credit Card is extremely compelling, especially for those going for status with Hyatt. If you have the old Hyatt Credit Card then your only option for acquiring this card is to upgrade to it. Alternatively, the card is open to those who don’t currently have the old Hyatt Credit Card, and who haven’t received a new cardmember bonus on it in the past 24 months.

Do you plan on upgrading to the new World of Hyatt Credit Card, or what’s your strategy?

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  1. Lucky – I’ve had the old card for over 5 years. Any chance you think I can cancel it now and sign up for the new one in a month or so to get the new bonus?

  2. Will upgrading to the new card reset the 24 month bonus clock for those of us who opened the old Hyatt card less than 24 months ago?

  3. So will I get my anniversary free night in January like before (my card anniversary is JAN 10th) or will I get screwed when upgrading the card now and I won’t get anything until next June?

    Chase CS is useless the CSR didn’t know anything.

  4. If the card is not subject to 5/24 and you’ve had it for more than two years, it seems to me that the best approach would be to cancel the existing card and then apply for the new one as a new product. That way, you’d get all the advantages of having the card plus the sign-up bonus.

    And yet, the blogs I’ve seen so far recommend missing out on the bonus by upgrading the card, and don’t even mention canceling and re-applying.

    Is there something I’m missing about this? Or are those bloggers prohibited by their contracts with Chase from mentioning the more-costly-to-the-bank option of canceling and re-applying?

  5. One question:
    I will get the annual certificate at the end of Aug, so should I wait until I get it then upgrade it?
    Or IF I upgrade now, the annivesery date will be reset? so I will get the certificate next June?


  6. I called the # on the back of my old Hyatt card to upgrade. They upgraded no problem, but CSR could not see any 2000 points for the upgrade offer. She said she could not see any incentives for the upgrade and asked me where I got that idea from.
    I know 2000 points is a minor thing, and I just proceeded with the upgrade, but I am still curious – is this 2000 points bonus official or anecdotal?

  7. @ jim — It’s my understanding that Hyatt is maintaining the same anniversary date because of the situation you describe, so I don’t think it should make a difference one way or another.

  8. @ JJ @ Jimmy — Sorry, that’s something I don’t know the answer to. Maybe someone else can chime in.

  9. @ DP81 — Per the terms that would be possible. As long as you don’t have the card when you applied and haven’t received a new cardmember bonus in the past 24 months, you should be eligible.

  10. I’m staying with the old card. The changes are hardly ‘compelling’ for me. Yes, the new card has better benefits than the old one but they’re not all that great for my case. And I’m not going to upgrade for a measly 2k points…

  11. @Frank @Lucky , when I upgraded my card I was informed my anniversary date will change. She sounded like she was reading it from a script so I’m pretty sure that’s accurate.

  12. @mark thanks for that vital info.

    If so that’s a bunch of horseshit if I may say so as I’m already 6+ months into my year. Essentially a scam. I’ll wait until years end to see how it looks with my Globalist requalification. Otherwise I’ll wait till it (free night) hits in early JAN. Then move my credit line to another card and cancel the Hyatt one. Maybe apply new to get the 60k in case it’s still around.

  13. Math question! 😉
    It takes 10 nights to be a discoverist, 30 nights to be an explorist. The new card gives me 5 qualifying nights. So given the card starts me at discoverist does that mean I have the 10 nights to make discoverist plus the five qualifying nights for a total of 15, so only need 15 more to make explorist, or do I start at zero, get the five and need 25 more?

  14. I’m keeping my old card; however, I might have my wife sign up for the new card. Even as an AU on my card, she should be good for the sign up bonus right?

  15. If you cancel your present Hyatt card, you will need to wait 30 days before applying for the new one. I know this because I cancelled my card, immediately applied for the new one and was not approved right away. I called the reconsideration line and was told that although credit card was cancelled, account is not closed for 30 days due to possible pending charges, balances, and other administrative details. I was told that they hadn’t done a credit pull on me as it showed I was ineligible because I had an account. I was told to wait 30 days and apply again. Although there is no guarantee I will be approved. I guess the bottom line is that you are taking a chance if you cancel and re-apply versus being guaranteed the new card if you switch and accept just the 2,000 points. I’ll have to wait a month to see if I made the right decision. Good luck to all!

  16. Upgraded on Friday. I only got my old card on June 12. I had already hit the bonus bu prepaying my son’s daycare for a couple of months. The manager at customer service put in a request for me to get the additional 20,000 points by completing the additional spend, which would be a piece of cake since I have a 9 night hyatt stay coming up in August. Will let you know if I was successful. If it doesn’t work might try again though Chase Private Client.

  17. If I get the new Hyatt card now, will the 5 elite qualifying nights count for this year’s cycle to help me earn status for next year (2019)?

  18. Will my qualifying nights, base points, and current point balance clear to zero if and when I upgrade my card?
    I’m currently an Explorist and have had the current Hyatt card for 5 years. It says I’m valid through February 2020. For 2000 points, it doesn’t seem like much of an offer if I end up losing the points I’ve already earned since February of this year.

  19. @ Cass — You wouldn’t lose your qualifying nights, base points, or current points balance if you upgrade.

  20. I talked with CS about upgrading vs cancelling card and reapplying in 30 days. Ultimately, I decided to do neither. Here’s why:

    1.My anniversary date is 10/1. The agent stated that, although he believes i would receive my free night in October, he couldn’t guarantee it based on written policy. Were I to upgrade this month, my new anniversary will eventually move to August. So I coul;d be out 10 months.

    2. If I close my account, I lose all earnings for this year one anything I cant cash out on or transfer to my World of Hyatt program before I cancel the card. At the very least, that is the anniversary free day, built also might be spending/points earned toward Elite status. it is true that your application for the new card may not be accepted. I have a lot of Chase cards and the CS thought I was at Card 4 of the 5/24 rule, but they can deny it for other reasons.

  21. Just wanted to give a data point. My 30 days since cancelling old Hyatt card was up last Saturday. On Sunday I applied for the new card and was instantly approved. I am over 5/24 so I had been worried.

  22. Lucky,

    I upgraded my Hyatt card to the WOH Card a couple of days after it launched in Juen. I did so in part to get the 5 tier nights as we are extremely close to globalist and with these 5 extra nights, it would for sure put us over the edge. They hadn’t hit my account, so I called Chase who informed me that you don’t get the 5 nights until after Jan 1. That is not how it is outlined in their disclosures per se…. it says the first 5 will post to your account within 8 weeks and subsequent years will be 8 weeks from Jan 1.

    Can you confirm or have any additional information on this?

    Thanks so much!

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