US Airways offering up to 100% bonus on purchased miles through April 15, 2012

US Airways just announced that through April 15, 2012, they’re offering a 50% bonus on the purchase of Dividend Miles. If you join during the offer period or are already an existing member with a registered US Airways account you earn an additional 50% bonus, for a total of a 100% bonus. While the original 50% points bonus posts at the time you make the purchase, the 50% bonus for being a member will post by June 5, 2012.

In one form or another this promotion seems to be running almost every month. In January they offered a 50% discount on the purchase of miles (essentially the same thing, except you could only earn half as many miles in the end), while in February they offered a 50% discount for those with the Dividend Miles Mastercard.

The cost to purchase miles through this promotion is 1.87 cents each inclusive of the federal excise tax, which is a very good deal with US Airways’ current award chart. You can purchase up to 50,000 miles, in addition to the 25,000 mile bonus that posts now and the 25,000 mile bonus that will post by June 5.

As usual I’d take advantage of this offer if you have a short term use for these miles. Given how often they run this promotion it’s not worth stocking up on miles now if you don’t have a use, as you can almost certainly buy them later.

Now, call me cynical, but the US Airways award chart is just itching to be devalued. Am I the only one that wouldn’t be surprised if it happens between now and June 5? They couldn’t possibly be that sleazy… could they?

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  1. @ John — You can do one way awards, though there’s no discount over the cost of a roundtrip.

  2. Just purchased the deal. I’m now 500 miles short for having 1 million miles…

    Too bad I don’t have the credit card…

    I hope they won’t change the chart !!

  3. I dont know why no one mentions this but its also a great deal if your trying to reach your min spend on any new credit cards you have… aka my 75k MR points for 10k spend in three months with amex gold biz.

  4. I’ve been trying to plan a trip to Asia, this sounds like a good opportunity to top up my miles and upgrade from economy to business class!

  5. @ Chris — Asia is a great deal, especially North Asia, which is only 90,000 miles. Good luck!

  6. US Airways is definitely sleazy. I’m still trying to understand why they were allowed into the * Alliance.

  7. I just set up a new dividend miles account and tried to use this but it was not allowed. Do I have to already have miles in my account? Thanks.

  8. Hahaha, love the comments… I so feel that they will devalue their chart… but I don’t see many long haul items that need to be devalued… lets see!

  9. I somehow have a feeling, USAir gives out this promo definitely with almost no strings attached in the months when people get 3 paychecks! This is like the 2nd or 3rd time it is happening …

  10. @ Sol — Sorry, should have clarified. Your account needs to be open for at least 12 days to take advantage of the offer.

    @ Apu — I would say they’ll substantially devalue Australia and North Asia, as the costs are lower than the competition.

  11. Lucky, do you know if the purchase will qualify for 3X MR using the Amex PR card like buying Delta Skypesos does or does the purchase go through Or at least will US Airways Mastercard holders get 2X miles if they use that card?

  12. I think pointing out where they are a better value and predicting a devaluation is a bad idea. Maybe you should also point out where they are a bad value, and make it clear the program’s strengths are the reason it is worth promoting, and you wouldn’t do so in the future if those strengths are take away.

  13. Lucky, if I book one adult ticket and one infant (in adult’s lap) ticket, how will they charge the tax? I know UA charges 10% of ticket fee. However, I plan to book a very exotic route with the US miles. thanks.

  14. @ Chin — You would be charged 10% of the revenue fare, which can be pretty pricey for a first or business class ticket.

  15. It cost me 2000$ instead of 1200$ to save on a 50$ taxi fare. I booked PHL-FRA-EWR instead of PHL-FRA-PHL as EWR was available for the return. The closer return cost me 800$ extra at the airport for a lap child. Same miles. I would have been better off getting a extra mileage ticket perhaps – 1500% for 100k miles.

  16. After further review, $1870 for 100,000 miles is a lukewarm deal. If you use it for international J/C awards maybe it is good, but if you use it for domestic travel you need 4 trips worth over $470, which can easily be done.

    I guess if I need to meet the spend on my AMEX 75k, Ill consider it later

  17. This could be the financing LCC is looking for to buy AA, hoping enough people will bite.
    Or Due to a not so warm response to their promos lately

  18. Not as good as when US was selling miles for 2.5cnets/mile, but still decent as a top up if you have a specific reward redemption in mind.

  19. @Chin You are in for a hard time, because when I’ve done complex routing with 5-6 airlines I had to contact each one separately to get the infant ticket, and it’s usually 10% of the standard business fare which makes it a pretty average deal in the end.

  20. @ AMRivlin — Right, and I think it’s definitely true that this is only a good deal if redeeming for international first or business class. Otherwise there’s no point. But if you’re going to North Asia via Europe, for example, that’s only 90,000 miles in business class. At this purchase rate, that’s under $1,700 for business class, which is probably around the same as a coach ticket would usually be.

    @ Jamison — I promise one is coming very, very soon. Just embarking on my Aeroplan round the world award tomorrow, so I can promise there’s plenty of fun stuff on the way!

  21. Envoy class to Europe and S. America is only 55k off peak for branded credit card holders, 60k otherwise, so this is just about 2 tickets. Not a bad value.

  22. Lucky-

    “Right, and I think it’s definitely true that this is only a good deal if redeeming for international first or business class.”

    My rebuttal:

    60,000 miles (so $1120+taxes and fees, let’s call it $20, so around $1300-1350) for:

    SFO-HKG(destination)-SIN-FRA(stop)-JFK on SQ
    JFK-FRA on UA p.s. (so all E+)

    SQ’s coach product isn’t all that bad, so you’ve just got a coach RTW trip for $1350 or so. It’s hard to get Europe by itself for less than $500-800K without arcane tricks like fuel-dumping and so on. You could also add segments to this for positioning to/from the longhaul segments.

    I could totally see a college student doing this (unlike you, who’s been spoiled by Krug and lie-flat seats :p) to do a vacation trip RTW to Asia and Europe., and hen use Asian LCCs or what have you for destinations in Asia, trains and European LCCs for Europe.

    US allowing RTW routing on USA-origin trips is, IMO (sssshhhhh! :p) the source of much of it’s value as a mileage plan.

  23. @eponymous_coward UA allows such routings do (or least PMCO did, which presumably means the new UA does). I did SFO-JFK-FRA-SIN(destination)-HKG(stop)-NRT-YVR-SFO in C in January

  24. Is there any chance that the bonus post much sooner than June 5, say, in the next week instead? Or will it be closer to June 5?

  25. The additional bonus that will post by June 5th,do I have to wait for that long or do they often post this right after you purchased?

  26. @ Ela — I’d say it’ll probably be after the promo is over but before June 5. But that’s a wild guess. It could be any time.

    @ Silkclass — So far I haven’t seen any reports of them posting yet.

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