US Airways offering a 50% bonus on shared miles through April 30, 2013

US Airways is almost always offering a bonus of some sort on the purchase or transfer of miles. Historically the most common promotion is a 100% bonus on the purchase of miles, making them about 1.87 cents each after taxes. The best bonus they’ve offered in the past year was back in October, when they offered a 100% bonus on shared miles. Sharing miles costs a penny a piece, plus a $30 transaction fee and 7.5% tax, for a total of 1.14 cents per mile. That was an amazing offer, and unfortunately the only time in the past year we’ve seen something like it.

Well, it appears as if for the month of April US Airways is offering a 50% bonus on shared miles, up to 25,000 bonus miles.

So maxing our this promotion you’d pay $567.50 to transfer 50,000 miles, which would generate a bonus of 25,000 miles, or 2.27 cents per mile. That’s certainly not a rate at which I’d proactively purchase miles, though if you’re looking to consolidate miles it’s not a half bad deal either, if it brings your mileage balances up to a usable amount.

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  1. I’m disappointed as I had hope that they would repeat the 100% share bonus this month. I agree it is a good deal if you are trying to consolidate miles among friends or family member accounts.

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