US Airways’ absolutely ridiculous holiday promotion

I’m embarrassed not to have written about this yet, but for some reason I keep forgetting. Anyway, for those of you that haven’t heard already, there’s an opportunity to basically buy US Airways miles for 0.7 cents per mile. That’s right, less than a cent a mile. At that rate you’re paying under $1,000 for a first class ticket to almost anywhere in the world. Ridiculous, isn’t it?

Anyway, no point in rehashing something that has already been covered as well as possible, so I suggest checking out Gary’s posts on the subject over at View from the Wing:
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Now that US Airways has revealed their new award chart I feel a bit more comfortable participating in this promotion. While the award chart is being changed for the worse, it really isn’t that bad, especially with this deal. Still, I don’t feel 100% comfortable with the offer. Something about US Airways and partner promotions leaves me a bit uneasy. Although as long as you do everything correctly (make sure first four partner activities post first), I don’t see there being any real issues….

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  1. TrackItBack posts quickly. Once TrackItBack posts my advice is to do a whole bunch of small shopping transactions to be 100% sure that 4 other merchants post. I don’t trust US Airways either but the rules here ARE clear (enough) and the offer IS fantastic. I’m in for about a million miles.

  2. Lucky —

    I’m really curious — are you doing this offer? I know you say it’s great, but are you participating?

    FWIW — I agree with you, this is US. Nuff said.

  3. Holy cow, you guys are hardcore!

    @ hobo13 — I actually don’t think I’ll take advantage of this offer. I’m a college student so I don’t really have $10,000 sitting around to blow on miles, as much as I’d like to. Besides, I have a redeemable mileage balance in the seven digits right now between all programs, so I’m set for a little while, I think.

  4. After donating the track it back packages to non-profits, my cost per mile is ~ half a cent.

    I have a hefty 7-figure balance but miles go more quickly than i’d like.

    $5000 for a million miles is just too good to pass up. And 1/3rd of the total will go to 2 award tickets for the in-laws…

  5. Which charity did you donate the packages too? And what was the process. I obviously have no use for those services, so it would be nice if someone could.

  6. @Gary – how exactly did you get to 1,000,000 with $5,000. By my estimates (haven’t jumped in yet), $6,000 would net about 840,000 miles.

    Per Dividend Miles Acct :

    6x $500 for TIB = 420,000 ($3,000)
    4x other transactions = <$50

    So, for my wife and I, we could get 840K miles for $6K. Please tell me how you were able to get over 1,000,000, especially for $5K!!!

    @Gene – How were you able to swing 1,500,000 between two accounts?


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