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After visiting the rather underwhelming Thai Airways Lounge, I figured it was time to check out the Turkish Airlines Lounge, which just recently opened.

I had access to this lounge on account of my Star Alliance business class ticket, though the lounge also belongs to Priority Pass, so it’s a great option for anyone who doesn’t have lounge access through their ticket.

The Turkish Airlines Lounge Bangkok is open 24/7, and is located near gate D8, about a 10 minute walk from the Thai Airways Lounge.

Turkish Airlines Lounge Bangkok exterior

At reception I was promptly admitted upon presenting my boarding pass.

Turkish Airlines Lounge Bangkok entryway

I saw a sign on the reception desk indicating that they offer complimentary 15 minute massages between 3PM and 11PM. This is even available to those traveling on partner airlines, as well as Priority Pass members, so that’s pretty awesome. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to get a massage, as I had a call I had to make.

Turkish Airlines Lounge Bangkok complimentary massage

The Turkish Lounge consists of one main room and is quite nice, with decor that’s pretty consistent for their lounges. Turkish has incredibly consistent lounge decor, and this lounge was no exception.

Inside the entrance and to the left was one of the main sitting areas, with dozens of leather seats, mostly arranged in rows facing one another.

Turkish Airlines Lounge Bangkok seating

Turkish Airlines Lounge Bangkok seating

Turkish Airlines Lounge Bangkok seating

Turkish Airlines Lounge Bangkok seating

Deeper into the lounge was a bar area, with several high-top seats.

Turkish Airlines Lounge Bangkok bar

Behind that was a bar area, with a couple of dozen dining tables.

Turkish Airlines Lounge Bangkok dining area

Turkish Airlines Lounge Bangkok dining area

Then the very back of the lounge had some more seating, though not nearly as many seats as the other side of the lounge.

Turkish Airlines Lounge Bangkok seating

Turkish Airlines Lounge Bangkok seating

Inside the entrance and to the left, the lounge had a business center with a communal table and some office chairs.

Turkish Airlines Lounge Bangkok business center

Then inside the lounge and to the right was a quiet room, which was dark and had some chairs with ottomans.

Turkish Airlines Lounge Bangkok nap area

The lounge’s buffet was towards the center of the lounge.

Turkish Airlines Lounge Bangkok buffet

There was a pretty decent food selection, including fresh fruit, sweets, salad, soup, and three hot dishes.

Turkish Airlines Lounge Bangkok buffet

Turkish Airlines Lounge Bangkok buffet

Turkish Airlines Lounge Bangkok buffet

Turkish Airlines Lounge Bangkok buffet

Turkish Airlines Lounge Bangkok hot food

Turkish Airlines Lounge Bangkok hot food

Turkish Airlines Lounge Bangkok hot food

Turkish Airlines Lounge Bangkok hot food

The lounge also had a live cooking station, though the selection was limited when I was there. I’d guess that they put out a lot more stuff before a Turkish Airlines flight.

Turkish Airlines Lounge Bangkok food

The lounge also had a self serve drink selection, including coffee, tea, water, and soft drinks. The alcoholic drinks were located behind the bar, though.

Turkish Airlines Lounge Bangkok drink selection

One thing I love about other Turkish Airlines lounges, like the one in Istanbul and Nairobi, is that they have barista made coffee drinks. Unfortunately this lounge doesn’t, best I can tell.

The lounge’s bathrooms were clean, and there were also a couple of shower rooms.

Turkish Airlines Lounge Bangkok bathrooms

Wifi in the lounge was fast, and I ended up spending about 30 minutes there before continuing my lounge tour.

Turkish Lounge Bangkok bottom line

The Turkish Airlines Lounge Bangkok is a solid option, regardless of whether you’re a Star Alliance business class passenger or Priority Pass member. The fact that this lounge offers free 15 minute massages is pretty awesome as well.

Personally I’d rather hang out in this lounge than the Thai Lounge, especially given how much quieter this lounge was. Admittedly I suspect the lounge gets much busier prior to Turkish Airlines flights, but otherwise it seems to be fairly empty.

If you’ve visited the Turkish Lounge Bangkok, what was your experience like?

  1. I hung out in this lounge overnight when I had a long enough layover to need to kill a bunch of time, but not long enough to justify going out and getting a hotel. There’s no food overnight, but there are plenty of soft drinks so you’re not going to go thirsty. The shower stall was great, especially because I was in desperate need of freshening up.

    Of the Star Alliance lounges at BKK, the SQ lounge definitely had the best food. The TK lounge had the best hours. The TG lounge had the most attentive service. It isn’t a bad airport to have a long layover in, honestly. The international to international transfer is smooth and easy, too.

  2. I went there in the beginning of July. It was quite nice and I loved the massage for Priority Pass. It was a fun 35 minutes before I had to leave and walk to the exact other end of the airport for my flight.

  3. The caterer for both, the TG and the TK lounge at BKK is the same. Often you will find the exact same food options in both lounges.

  4. For a new lounge, and that too Turkish, it feels very cheap – poor finishings, cramped seating, unappetizing (and not great quality) food

  5. I did a lounge tour of BKK ten days ago. The TK lounge is definitely better than any of TG’s offerings (which are dire for a home airport), but it was rather bland. The alcohol options behind the bar were very limited and there wasn’t a bartender (a wait staff went and made a drink to order but took a long time). It’s more spacious than their lounge at Dulles (the only other one I’ve tried) but for refreshments I prefer IAD.

    The SQ lounge is overall the best with the nightclub (sorry EVA lounge) a very close second. As for the PP lounges I’d say ambience wise TK is better than Air France/KLM but has a poorer food and drink selection than AF/KL and Oman Air.

  6. Routine when on TG Business Class
    Go to Royal Orchid Spa for massage.
    Go to SQ Silverkris Lounge for food.
    Go to TK Lounge for relaxing.

    Do not go to any outskirt TG lounge (Royal Orchid Lounge) as almost every credit card holders in Thailand have access to when flying TG Y. (heck even visa platinum with no annual fee has access)

  7. I think it is decent for an outstaion lounge. Overall, I’d rank it slightly ahead of their lounge at IAD.

  8. Why in the world does TK have a lounge in Bangkok? They have a single flight you IST? Is operating a lounge profitable that they are making this investment?

  9. I recently visited this lounge and had high expectations (maybe too high!), turned out to be an underwhelming experience.
    Yes, it seems to be much less frequented than the TG or SQ lounges, but for a new lounge I found the food and everything else to be meeeh.
    Spent 15min, then went over to the SQ lounge, which is by far my favorite choice when flying Star Alliance out of BKK.

  10. @ Eddie….
    No. If there were, this article would be called “comments on Norwegian 787 falling debris”,

  11. Lucky, is there sparkling wine in the Turkish lounge? Eva is my usual favourite but none of the other Star Alliance – Thai, SQ – have sparkling.

  12. @John:

    The Turkish Airlines lounge in BKK does not serve sparkling wine. The only PP lounge I’ve been to in BKK that does is the Oman Air, and sometimes, Air France / KLM lounge.

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