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I was flying Thai Airways business class from Bangkok to Europe shortly after midnight, and ended up getting to the airport at 5PM. I figured this would be a good opportunity to review a few different lounges, and also to get some work done.

I’ve reviewed Thai Airways’ first class several times before, including their spectacular first class lounge in Bangkok, which is on my list of the world’s top first class lounges. This time I was curious to see what their flagship business class lounge was like.

When arriving at the main terminal at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport, Thai’s premium check-in is right as you drive up to the terminal, at sections A & B.

Bangkok Airport check-in

The check-in area was nice, though I already had my mobile boarding pass, so headed straight to the premium security checkpoint, which led right to immigration. There was no wait at either checkpoint, which sure is in contrast to what the arrivals experience is usually like.

Once through immigration there’s an escalator immediately to the right leading to Thai’s lounges at the airport.

Escalator to Thai Airways Lounge Bangkok

The Royal Silk Lounge is Thai Airways’ flagship business class lounge, and it’s accessible by Star Alliance business class passengers as well as Star Alliance Gold members. The lounge is open daily from 5AM until 2AM.

When you first arrive at the bottom of the escalator it’s a bit confusing because you’re already in the lounge, though the reception desk is ahead and to the left (even though part of the lounge is to the right).

Thai Airways Business Lounge Bangkok entrance

Thai Airways Business Lounge Bangkok seating

When I entered the lounge I was told that I could go to the spa for a free treatment, which I ended up doing. However, first I explored the lounge a bit.

This lounge is, in my opinion, rather lame. It basically consists of one main walkway with some seating along the side of it. While there are plenty of seats, the lounge lacks natural light, and was also really crowded. I know it might not look that crowded based on the pictures, but I tried to strategically take pictures in each section when it was emptiest.

The seating arrangements are fairly consistent throughout, with leather chairs and side tables.

Thai Airways Business Lounge Bangkok seating

Thai Airways Business Lounge Bangkok seating

Thai Airways Business Lounge Bangkok seating

Thai Airways Business Lounge Bangkok seating

Thai Airways Business Lounge Bangkok seating

I found the lack of variety in terms of seating to be boring, and wish they had mixed it up at least a little bit with dining tables, day beds, etc.

The lounge did have a business center where I ended up spending a couple of hours. Almost all of the stations had computers, though (personally I prefer an empty workstation where I can easily set up my laptop).

Thai Airways Royal Silk Lounge Bangkok business center

Thai Airways Royal Silk Lounge Bangkok business center

There was also a small play area for kids.

Thai Airways Business Class Lounge Bangkok play area

The food selection wasn’t much more exciting than the seating. There were a few different food displays. One buffet had soft drinks, coffee, a few types of finger sandwiches, sweets and a few types of quiche.

Thai Airways Business Class Lounge Bangkok buffet

Thai Airways Business Class Lounge Bangkok buffet

Thai Airways Business Class Lounge Bangkok buffet

Thai Airways Business Class Lounge Bangkok buffet

Thai Airways Business Class Lounge Bangkok buffet

Thai Airways Business Class Lounge Bangkok buffet

Thai Airways Business Class Lounge Bangkok buffet

Thai Airways Business Class Lounge Bangkok buffet

There was a hot buffet area too, though it was consistently really crowded, given that there were a lot of people in the lounge, and it was the only part of the lounge with “real” food.

Thai Airways Business Class Lounge Bangkok buffet

Then there were a few drink and light snack stations throughout the lounge.

Thai Airways Business Class Lounge Bangkok drinks

Thai Airways Business Class Lounge Bangkok buffet

Thai Airways Business Class Lounge Bangkok buffet

Thai Airways Business Class Lounge Bangkok buffet

Best I could tell, the only part of the lounge with liquor was at the very far end right by the entrance. It almost seemed hidden, as if they were trying to minimize the odds of people finding it.

Thai Airways Business Class Lounge Bangkok bar

There was also a little popcorn setup there.

Thai Airways Business Class Lounge Bangkok popcorn

The only other things I’d note about the lounge is that they have an annoying Wi-Fi system. While Wi-Fi is reasonably fast you have to get Wi-Fi tickets at reception, and they seem to cut out after 90 minutes or so, so you have to get a new one at that point.

Eventually I decided to head over to the Royal Orchid Spa. The entrance to this is located at the far end of the lounge, down a long hallway.

Thai Airways Business Lounge Bangkok walkway

There’s a second entrance to the Royal Silk Lounge here.

Thai Airways Royal Silk Lounge Bangkok entrance

When you exit the lounge you’ll see the Royal Orchid Spa right across the way.

Thai Airways Royal Orchid Spa Bangkok

While first class passengers receive hour-long full body massages, international Thai Airways business class passengers have their choice of either a 30 minute neck & shoulder massage, or a 30 minute foot massage.

I inquired about availability at reception, and was pleasantly surprised to find out I could reserve a treatment in about 30 minutes.

Thai Airways Royal Orchid Spa Bangkok

So I headed back into the lounge, and returned at my appointment time. At that point I was brought to the waiting room, where I was brought a towel and some tea.

Thai Airways Royal Orchid Spa Bangkok

Thai Airways Royal Orchid Spa Bangkok

There are about a half dozen chairs with ottomans set up in one room, with partitions between each seat. I went with the neck & shoulder massage, and it was excellent. I would note that in reality the treatment was under 25 minutes rather than 30 minutes, but I’m hardly going to complain, given that no other airline offers such a generous massage treatment in business class.

Thai Airways Royal Orchid Spa Bangkok

Thai Airways Royal Silk Lounge Bangkok bottom line

Unfortunately Thai Airways’ flagship lounge isn’t much to get excited about. It’s crowded, it lacks natural light, and I find the decor to be bland, without many choices in terms of what kind of a seating arrangement you’d like.

On the plus side, the bathrooms were clean and the lounge has showers. The real highlight of the lounge is the complimentary massage treatments.

So personally I’d visit this lounge for the massage treatments, but otherwise would rather spend time in a different lounge. This lounge sure is a stark contrast to Thai’s exceptional first class lounge right next door.

If you’ve visited Thai’s business class lounge Bangkok, what was your experience like?

  1. I just visited for the first time in July and have the exact same opinion as you. Pretty meh. I opted for the foot massage which was also excellent and loved the tea and towels before after plus the waiting area had ramp views. Didn’t have much time but I think in future i’ll stick to the BR and SQ lounges at BKK although did not try the TK one.

  2. Good assessment. I am in and out of BLK often and find the TG lounges really lacking. Most of the furniture is beat up and food is as you describe.

    No reason to show up at BKK early for a lounge.

  3. BR and SQ lounges remain the best at BKK for star alliance. It’s a shame we don’t get to brag about our awesome cuisine in the national airline’s flagship lounge. The service could also be terrible. I asked to use the showe once and got a huge sigh and eye roll from the house keeper.

  4. Would have been nice to show the hot food instead of a photo of closed shafing dishes from the distance. Didn’t look very crowded when you took the photo. To heck with the little sandwiches, I wanted to see if they had any HOT THAI FOOD, afterall, it is Thailand not the US.

  5. The priority pass Miracle First Class lounge is leaps and bounds ahead. Much more pleasant ambience and great food selection

  6. TG lounge is quite dated. I don’t think renovated even once since they open over 10 years ago. I actually like their satellite lounge a bit better, fewer people and the main lounge can take forever to reach the gates.

    SQ lounge doesn’t have showers and closed for late night EU flights. Go for BR if SQ is closed.

    The only issue with SQ and BR is they are quite far from TG gates, consider that too if it’s worth walking.

  7. I always find the main lounge to be overcrowded, so i usually go to the lounges near the C or E gates. Generally a bit quieter there.

  8. What is the policy to get the free massage – is it only Thai Airways business passengers? What about star alliance gold members or people travelling on SQ business?

  9. Priority Pass gets you into AF’s lounge, TK’s lounge, and Bangkok Airways’ lounge (and more) at Suvarnabhumi (BKK). AF’s lounge should be on your bucket list for BKK!

  10. @TravelinWilly – you said it all……I have been using this lounge for 10 years (most recently, mid-July) and find the place to be thoroughly depressing (dark tones, monolithic layout, little natural light, rubbish food selection). The trouble is that distances between piers/gates makes it a challenge if you are ticketed TG, to use any other lounge.

  11. Used it many times, it’s ‘meh’ at best. Fortunately, the new Royal Orchid Lounge should be open by the end of this year. It’s located in Concourse D. After passport control, head downstairs and look right. It’s right next to the current D Royal Silk Lounge.

  12. Agree with @souths70: the more distant lounges are the better choice. Most passengers use this main lounge as it’s the first one they come across, immediately after immigration. The checkin staff don’t bother to tell people about the other lounges, even when they might be in close proximity to the gate.
    Hot food in the TG lounges is relatively recent: more than 5 or 7 years ago it didn’t exist, so maybe that’s an improvement ( although the lurid/radioactive looking , and vile tasting, vegetarian options offered make me question the benefit).

  13. The Eva Air lounge in BKK is the best star lounge IMHO. I usually head straight for a massage at the Thai lounge and then shoot off to the Eva Air lounge. The only problem is, most of the Thai flights seem to depart from C & D gates and the Eva lounge is by the F gates. The terminal is mahooooosive and it’s quite a trek.

  14. Looks the same as it did when first opened, September 2006.
    Same furniture, same buffet, same showers, same everything.
    And they still force you to walk half way to Chang Mai to a departure gate,
    only to be put on a crowded coach to an aircraft just footsteps from empty gates practically next to the lounge.
    Stick with Qatar Air to/from BKK.

  15. Indeed booring. Just like a Priority Pass lounge enywhere in the world. Been there too many times.
    I think the only good lounge in BKK is the Qatar lounge, but its for Qatar premium class only. Last time from BKK i flew Malaysian J and tried Chatay Pacific lounge. Better than the Thai one, but still not impressed.

  16. Your review is spot on. The lounge is tired and really needs an overhall to bring it up to a good standard. As other travelers have mentioned for travel to Australia using the Thai lounge close to the gate is the go.Food decor etc is the same but no crowds.If there is a redeeming feature flying Thai through Bangkok it is the checkin !!!
    Going through a dedicated Thai security and immigration is fantastic at an airport where big crowds are the norm !!!

  17. I use Thai business lounge Bankok ,showers,meals ,staff are great and it is comfortable, it has a bed that I have used and found it suitable. I also use the partner lounge at Melbourne and find the new renovation to be sterile, not comfortable and food has gone down hill, they have taken all of the comforts away ,I wouldn’t like to try and sleep there as it’s so bright
    My partner travels with Thai every month and finds the lounges at Bangkok good, he has done this for years, his normal stop over is 8hrs and find Bangkok good ,as he can sleep in a chair if he wants it’s not to bright and is comfortable

  18. Same sentiments as you. The Thai lounge feels outdated and is really lacking an update of some sort. If I’m flying out of Bangkok or transiting through I would usually go to the Singapore Airlines or King Power lounge instead of the Thai one. Great review and looking forward to your other reviews!

  19. Hi Ben. V bored in lockdown so reading your reviews to cheer me up.
    Nov 2019 – the new Thai Business Class Lounge (as a previous poster said is on Concourse D and I won’t argue with that as I can’t remember) is great so I would advise anyone to search that out.
    It has a full bar with stools and a proper cocktail person (with extensive menu of cocktails to ask to be made for you), an open kitchen with chefs who cook to your order and a spacious dining area. Buffet choices are varied and interesting, beautifully presented with good quality crockery, with a Thai section (last chance for some spicy food) and international food including an artisan ice cream fridge and lovely desserts. Partitions between sections make it feel less crowded when busy as they give armchairs a lhint of privacy.
    The bathrooms are super clean of course but unexciting. Unfortunately there is not a Spa near/attached.
    The staff were absolutely lovely and, although understandably the chefs did not speak much English, between them and the attendants they explained all the food offerings to me.
    Like you say, the lounge may not be convenient for many departures as BKK is sooooo spread out and it is a long walk between concourses. (I was on Swiss). However, similarly lacking in natural light and you cannot really see the planes, which many of us really find frustrating! And it is long and narrow, so often quite a long walk from your chosen chair back to the bar for a refill.

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