Review: Miracle First Class Lounge Bangkok Airport

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Continuing my tour of Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport lounges, I decided to next check out the Miracle First Class Lounge, located in Concourse D.

Bangkok Airport has at least nine(!!!) Miracle Lounges — some are technically “first class” lounges while others are “business class” lounges, though they all belong to Priority Pass. So I’m not sure what the distinction really is, though I know that various airlines also use these as contract lounges for their passengers.

The Miracle Lounge was located between the Thai Lounge and Turkish Lounge, with the entrance being near gate D6.

Bangkok Airport terminal

Bangkok Airport terminal

What’s interesting is that there are actually two Miracle Lounges right next to one another, including a first class and business class one. Best I could tell they looked very similar.

At the entrance I was promptly admitted to the 24/7 lounge with my Priority Pass card and boarding pass.

Miracle First Class Lounge Bangkok entrance

While nothing to get too excited about, I thought the lounge was significantly nicer than the Thai Airways Lounge. The lounge was bright and empty, which is more than I can say about the other one.

Miracle First Class Lounge Bangkok seating

Inside the entrance and to the left was a variety of seating, including chairs in rows facing one another.

Miracle First Class Lounge Bangkok seating

Further into the lounge was a self serve drink selection, a buffet, and more seating.

Miracle First Class Lounge Bangkok seating

Miracle First Class Lounge Bangkok seating

Miracle First Class Lounge Bangkok seating

In the back corner of the lounge was a business center (or something) with dining tables and some communal tables.

Miracle First Class Lounge Bangkok seating

Inside the entrance and in the other direction was more seating, as well as a dining area.

Miracle Lounge Bangkok seating

Miracle First Class Lounge Bangkok dining area

Miracle Lounge Bangkok dining area

Miracle Lounge Bangkok dining area

There were several food and drink areas throughout the lounge. On one side of the lounge was a display with about a dozen types of liquor.

Miracle First Class Lounge Bangkok liquor selection

Miracle First Class Lounge Bangkok liquor selection

Miracle First Class Lounge Bangkok liquor selection

Then there was a coffee machine, a fridge with soft drinks and beer, and some light snacks, including sweets.

Miracle First Class Lounge Bangkok buffet

Miracle First Class Lounge Bangkok buffet

Miracle First Class Lounge Bangkok buffet

Miracle First Class Lounge Bangkok snacks

Miracle First Class Lounge Bangkok coffee & tea

Miracle First Class Lounge Bangkok drinks

The main dining area was at the far right of the lounge. There was a fridge with a ton of drinks, including beer, wine, soft drinks, and water.

Miracle Lounge Bangkok drinks

Then there were a variety of cold options, including fruits, veggies, cold cuts, and more.

Miracle Lounge Bangkok food

Miracle Lounge Bangkok food

There was also toast and packaged finger sandwiches.

Miracle Lounge Bangkok buffet

Miracle Lounge Bangkok buffet

Then at the very far end of the lounge was an open kitchen. Interestingly on the other side of the kitchen was the business class section of the lounge, so I guess the food & drink selection (and decor) is similar.

Miracle Lounge Bangkok food selection

There were several dishes you could order here, including roasted red pork with steamed rice, roasted duck with steamed rice, and noodle soup with shredded chicken.

Miracle Lounge Bangkok food selection

The lounge’s showers and bathrooms were in good condition, and Wi-Fi in the lounge was fast enough.

Miracle Lounge Bangkok bottom line

While I’m not sure this lounge lives up to its “miracle” name, it’s pretty good nonetheless. The lounge is spacious, wasn’t crowded, had modern enough seating, and was bright. Personally I significantly preferred this to the Thai Airways Lounge.

I’d guess that the other Miracle Lounges are roughly comparable to this one, though with a total of nine lounges it’s tough to know for sure. In general I think the Oman Air and Turkish Airline lounges would still be preferred, though.

If you’ve visited a Miracle Lounge in Bangkok, what was your experience like?

  1. Wow – I’m so impressed you’re able to review so many lounges in just 1 day. Personally we enjoyed the Cathay Pacific lounge in bkk the most. Have you been?

  2. @Lucky

    Did you hit all the PP lounge in BKK?
    That would be an interesting collection of reviews. Then maybe rank them?

  3. Was in this lounge earlier this year and thought it was good. Visited early in the evening and it was not crowded at all. The shower suites were nice and clean with good amenities, comfortable seating options with lots of plugs, and food was more than adequate.

  4. @luxurytraveler. Why do you persist in adding comments that have nothing to do with the blog article? This is a lounge review for Bkk, nothing to do with the city itself or swimming pools?!

  5. this is very timely. i’m transiting BKK next week and trying to figure out which PP lounge to visit. Leaning towards Turkish. Appreciate any insight anyone might have.. I heard the AF and Oman Air lounges are decent too. But was thinking of skipping oman b/c my flight is at 2pm and I think they have one at 2:35, so thought it would be too crowded.

  6. Lucky you need to check out the Qatar lounge it’s brand new and it reminds me of a mini Al Safwa lounge . You need to be on a Oneworld Business class and above ticket.

    It’s mostly empty luxurious and better than the Qantas , Emirates and Cathay lounges.

    Love your work.

  7. Ok so based on your reviews and my experience, the plan for Bangkok airport when flying Thai should be:

    1) first head to Thai airways lounge for a massage.

    2) then head to SQ lounge for food

    3) then head to miracle lounge to relax and have a drink

    All on concourse D so should be easy to move between.

  8. @Tom

    Easy yes, time wise not easy. Concourse D is very long in length. Depend on what gate you arrive and depart, you can look at 20-30 mins walking just for lounge hopping.

    And wow, 13 PP lounge in BKK. Probably take a half day just to visit them all.

  9. If the QR lounge isn’t open when I’m at BKK, this is my go to lounge. It is NEVER crowded. The business side does get crowded.

  10. keep sleeping on the Eva infinity lounge in BKk :). Honestly my favorite star alliance J lounge at BKK. When there’s not an Eva flight, super empty and awesome food, beverages, ice cream, and bathrooms. And a funky neon design doesn’t hurt either

  11. @Jen

    Just ignore @theluxurywanker. Someone said he was a troll, but I think he’s genuinely tone-deaf about when and where to make comments about his ‘luxury’ travels. That said, he favours those oh-so-luxurious twins: Iberia and British Airways(!) Enough said about his ‘taste’ in airlines.


    Thanks for the reviews. It’s good to get contemporaneous report on BKK lounges from a single visit to that airport. But what I’m really interested in is your opinion of the airport as a whole and where it stacks up against KUL and SIN? I personally dislike BKK a great deal, but am interested in others’ opinions.

  12. Lucky ,you missed blue ribbon club lounge which is located between SQ lounge and miracle lounge. This lounge can be accessed by pp card holder. It is very quiet because alcoholic choices are limited. But I prefer this lounge when I need quiet place. Most food and beverage are mainly destined for Asian passengers.

  13. @David. Why wouldnt the QR lounge be open? Its open 3 hours before every QR flight and its only for actual QR premium class passengers.
    But yes, its the only good lounge at BKK. Chatay is the 2nd best out of the ones ive tried at BKK.

  14. When I used to fly on United when it has Global First and your outbound would be on Thai First on the 380 or747, you could use the Thai First Class lounge where you’d get a private room and an endless menu of freshly prepared meals. But as for the Miracle Lounges, they also take Diners Club. Once you stop at one, you just show the little receipt from the machine at the next lounge and you don’t have to keep checking in. I like the soup at the Miracle Lounges.

  15. I visited the Miracle first and the Miracle business lounge in concourse D a few weeks ago. IMO some of the better contract lounges. The biz and first lounges are very similar although the first lounge had JW Black Label in addition to red label(pretty odd), while the biz lounge only had red label. I only see red label

    One of the two lounges used to provide access to an outdoor bamboo garden although it was closed during my last visit.

  16. @bob – The made to order food in the miracle lounge is free. The plates are quite small but you can order several.

    The Thai lounge offers foot massage for biz passengers and full massage for first class on Thai. I don’t think any massage is avail for star gold or biz travellers on other start alliance partners.

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