My EasyJet Flight Cost How Much?!?

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I had an incredible review trip trying all kinds of amazing business class products. Suffice to say that this portion of the trip ended on a low note. I actually reviewed EasyJet last year as I flew them between Milan and Santorini, though this time around wasn’t quite as pleasant. Let me share why.

Booking EasyJet to Mykonos

As a reminder, with this whole crazy review trip I needed to still be in Mykonos by August 10, as I was meeting Ford there. I sort of planned this review trip segment-by-segment. When it came to the last portion of the trip, I found award availability from Bangkok to Milan on Thai’s new A350, which I thought was awesome.

Then there was even an EasyJet flight from Milan to Mykonos just a few hours after I was scheduled to land, which seemed ideal.

It’s not like flying most airlines within Europe is glamorous, so I might as well go for a low cost flight on EasyJet, right? Well, wrong.

Obviously I understand airline pricing is complex and varies greatly, and airlines will try to charge as much as they can when they only have a few seats left. However, my jaw dropped when I saw how much my EasyJet ticket would cost.

The one-way ticket for the roughly two hour flight from Milan to Mykonos cost an outrageous €520.96. About €480 of that was the base fare, while the remaining was for one checked bag and a basic seat assignment.

I didn’t realize EasyJet tickets get that expensive, but wow.

When I saw the price I figured I had to find another way to get to Mykonos, because paying that much for an EasyJet ticket just feels wrong.

Unfortunately the more research I did, the more I decided this was in fact still the best option, crazy as it was. I could fly through Athens and save €200, though that would cost me about four hours, and also flights between Athens and Mykonos are consistently pretty awful. And I would still be in economy, so that didn’t exactly seem like a prize.

Heck, I even found something through Geneva on Swiss, but that would have required an overnight, which would have wiped out most of the savings.

So as painful as it was, I ended up booking that EasyJet ticket, because I figured after factoring everything in it was still the best option.

I will say that one of the most annoying things is that even a ticket this expensive didn’t come with Speedy Boarding, which lets you bring a carry-on. The only economical way to get that is by paying for an extra legroom or upfront seat. Those aren’t expensive, but they were all taken.

So the only way I could have paid for a carry-on is to book a FLEXI ticket, which would have been an extra €200. At that point I’ll just check my bag.

My (not so fun) EasyJet experience

I had about four hours in Milan Malpensa Airport. I had to get from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2. The good news is that there’s a free bus, as the terminals are over 5km apart. The bad news is that it was nearly impossible to find.

The terminal was still pretty empty, so the check-in process and security were fast.

Unfortunately that’s where the good news ends. I had about three hours to kill, and:

  • EasyJet’s terminal in Milan is absolutely awful, with a lack of seating options; the terminal is so overcrowded, and the terminal is downright disgusting
  • I couldn’t get the Wi-Fi in the terminal to work, so I had to tether; this was a bit of an issue for me since I was hoping to download entertainment for the flight, but I guess I didn’t plan far enough in advance there (that’s on me)

Last time I flew EasyJet I thought the experience was actually kind of pleasant. Ford and I were in the exit row, we had an empty middle seat, and we could take carry-ons.

This flight was a slightly different story.

I’ve gotta be honest, this flight made me grateful for how comfortably I usually travel. This was my first time in years being on a mainline jet with 29″ of pitch, and OMG it’s tight. My knees were wedged into the seat in front.

Every seat on the plane was taken, and we also had an air traffic control delay of nearly an hour, so in the end I spent nearly four hours on the plane.

It’s one thing if I had been able to download TV shows in advance, but unfortunately the lack of Wi-Fi in Milan (and my lack of planning prior to that) made that impossible.

I wish I could have worked on my laptop, but the legroom was so limited that there’s no way I could have opened my computer screen.

So instead I had the most boring and uncomfortable 3.5 hours I’ve had in a long time. I listened to Shawn Mendes’ “Senorita” about 50 times.

I didn’t buy anything to eat or drink, because opening the tray table just seemed unpleasant. However, I couldn’t help but notice this time how darn inefficient EasyJet’s onboard service was. They don’t seem to have enough of everything they’re selling, so the flight attendants are constantly yelling back and forth to one another to see if another crewmember has anything.

Despite them having a buy on board service, the crew spent almost the entire flight selling food and drinks.

Fortunately I made it to Mykonos soon enough, and about seven vodka sodas later, memory of my EasyJet experience was wiped out.

Bottom line

This EasyJet ticket was painful to purchase, given the price. However, after much consideration I decided it was still the best option in terms of not wasting that much time to get to my destination. After all, taking that flight meant I could take the rest of the review trip pretty seamlessly.

Unfortunately this EasyJet flight was in stark contrast to my previous flight on them. EasyJet in an exit row with an empty middle seat, with a carry-on, and with limited time in the terminal, isn’t so bad.

EasyJet in a regular seat without an empty middle, while having to check a bag, while enduring an air traffic control delay, while (stupidly) not having downloaded entertainment, and while paying an arm and a leg, was much less pleasant.

But more than anything it made me grateful for how comfortably I usually get to travel.

  1. So the bottom line is that you learned that even “low cost” airlines are good at maximizing revenue during periods of high demand (August in Greece is super peak) and that people will pay for it (hence they charge the price) and that coach travel can suck. Ok

  2. @lucky

    The other thing with EasyJet is that they have checking/boarding times that are much earlier than traditional airlines.

    Directly to your point… EasyJet has some real crap facilities (AMS, TXL come to mind) but I fly them because they let me book an exit row with no headache (just need a credit card, hah) but they often fly routes that other airlines don’t, so there’s a scheduling convenience.

    Love ’em or hate ’em, sometimes they really are the best choice from getting between Point A and Point B. At least they’re honest about what they do.

  3. I took a flight with them from Luton to Tel Aviv, 4.5 hours and was on an emergency exit seat next to my mother and her friend. The legroom was great. The hole experience was very comfortable, though not very exciting.
    I would recommend it for my friend considering the price was right.

  4. Lucky, usually I liked your posts, but you should have known better than buying a flight at last minute is very expensive, have you tried to check the return price? sometimes it’s cheaper than the one way

  5. I always have a season or two of something downloaded on the iPad just in case something like this happens. You should too.

  6. Malpensa terminal 1 is an EasyJet only wasteland.
    And agree on the difficulty finding the stop for the inter-terminal bus.

  7. Also, how far in advance did you buy your ticket? Easyjet flights can get very expensive when bought last minute…

  8. As with any low-cost airline, you expect nothing and you get nothing.
    They take you from point A to point B without all the fancy stuff you find in first or business class but in the end you’ll arrive at your destination in any case. Have you ever taken the bus? Well that’s pretty much the same experience, except that you’re in the air.

    I’m not a fan of LCC’s but since they operate flights that mainline carriers don’t they can be very useful, and mostly they’re pretty cheap so I fly them one in a while and always survived. After all, my real passion is being in an airplane and while I love flatbeds, I still enjoy flying economy or LCC’s.

    And guess what? I survived all these flights 😉

  9. I too got shafted by planning different parts of a trip without checking pricing on everything all at once. Needed EDI to LHR to catch a long haul at the end of my trip back to the states and figured I’d be able to book it on BA points or cheaply on cash close in. One month before departure and BA wanted 800 eur+ per person for coach with zero award space open. Managed to hidden city ticket my way to a 600 eur business class ticket x2 (for a 1 hour flight hooray), but that experience still haunts me.

  10. I fly easyjet alot and the experience is always great. Recently flew them MUC-LGW and that was honestly one of the best crew i’ve had in a long time. They were exceptionally friendly and efficient.

    Those prices don’t surprise me. They still get to fill their planes pretty well. Easyjet these days isn’t much cheaper than BA from London airports – esp Gatwick.

    Now, the Easyjet terminal at MXP has to be one of the worst! A truly horrible experience.

  11. I think we all need to fly this way sometimes, to remind ourselves how lucky we are to be in a premium cabin. But OMG not at that price.

  12. Great review Ben ! Everything is about perspective, now at least you will enjoy the Krug even more next time

  13. Did you consider flying to Athens then taking a ferry? You’ll lose out somewhat on time, but it’s almost always cheaper and certainly more pleasant!

  14. You flew to *Mykonos* in peak season, on late booked ticket. Like,,,, what did you expect would happen

  15. Easyjet reminds me of Southwest in that they rarely seem to have insanely low fares anymore, whereas Ryanair (like F9 and NK) seem to have plenty. Easyjet have a lot of fans in Europe, like WN does in the US, so people are willing to pay.

    On another note though, Lucky, try one of F9 or NK’s 28” “slimline” prereclined hard plastic seats with just the little tiny “tray shelf” and you’ll be yearning for that Easyjet seat by comparison.

  16. I flew EasyJet once, RT London to ZRH. It competes for crapification with Ryanair and Spirit. Perfectly awful.

    I suppose if I was in Ben’s position, I’d have no choice. But given a choice a few weeks out, NEVER.

  17. Ben- I think what you do is great but when you have a flight like this, you might try reading a book. Even an electronic one.

  18. What a load of garbage! Probably the most whingy, least objective and least fair ‘review’ I have ever read!
    Easyjet does not own the terminal and is not responsible for its facilities or if the Wi-Fi sucks, and Easyjet is certainly not responsible for one of its passengers having failed to take along their own entertainment. And what price do you think you should have had to pay for possibly the last seat on a full plane? Does the law of supply and demand not apply where you come from?
    Re “Despite them having a buy onboard service, the crew spent almost the entire flight selling food and drinks.”: WTF else would the crew be doing, other than selling the available food and drinks to a full planeload of passengers?

  19. My problem with EasyJet is that they often fly out of difficult airports…not the standard ones… were lucky to get a flight out of Malpensa and not have to taxi it to some remote airport!!!

  20. This is a prime example of when to use the “Flexi Fare Trick” on easyJet… book the cheapest Flexi fare that falls between 1 week before and 3 weeks after your planned travel date. 24 hours after booking, you can move to your desired travel date with no fees or fare differences – even comes with speedy boarding and decent baggage allowance. Saved tons doing this on an expensive MXP-CPH trip last year.

  21. You could just carry a real book. Made of paper. For situations like these. I’ve found they help pass the time and I feel way more engaged and drawn into the story than I ever have felt from staring vapidly at a screen. I know it’s a radical idea but maybe try it. I guarantee it’ll occupy your time.

  22. @PK~ Did you consider travelling Edinburgh to LHR by train? Although British Rail fares are outrageous, it may have been a better option for you if you had the time.

  23. Ben you flew to MYKONOS in AUGUST on a last minute plane ticket. OF COURSE it’s gonna be crowded and incredibly expensive hahah.

    I try to avoid Europe during August at all costs. Way too crowded too expensive and too hot.

  24. There is a cafe upstairs in MXP T2 BEFORE the duty free shop, I usually find this is quieter as most people just walk through there first. Their San Pellegrino is also super cheap, so grab one to take on board.

    Funnily enough we just took pretty much this exact itinerary but to Zakynthos and it was great, but we did have row 1 DEF (E empty) and we had pre ordered our food and drinks. The crew were lovely and it was on par with BA CE . Booked as soon as they went on sale for €50 base fare 🙂

  25. I love a reality check now and then.

    Loved your experience. Am taking a few intra-China flights in September provided we get through HKG on the way to Shanghai on CX so imagine your description may be relevant.

    I always carry a KOBO for airport and in flight experiences backup entertainment.

    Did you know you can borrow books free from your electronic library and if they are about to expire you can just set the Kobo calendar back a month or so to prevent the book from expiring. Been so busy lately my Kobo is still in 2018 😉

  26. I think the Germán surgir doesnt know theres a huge gay clubbing event in MYK starting tomorrow (xlsior) and theres reallyhuge demand from BCN, IBZ, and Italy (other gay events and country gets empty)
    Never that price on EZ. If required Id have gone to ATH , go to Piraeus port and MYK ferry. It can be done in 6 hours. Many credit cards but no idea of destination is something to get improved…

  27. I always have more enjoyment reading the reviews of terrible flights than the ones where everything is perfect.

  28. I’m surprised a normally savvy traveler like you would be flying to Mykonos in AUGUST! (When crowds, and the meltemi, are at their worst.)

    Nevertheless, your easyJet flight was a long overdue reality check. You spend so much of your life in premium aircraft cabins and luxurious airport lounges that it was healthy for you to see what flying is like for most people.

    And as others have suggested, try traveling with a good book; a godsend on an otherwise miserable flight.

  29. I always choose an airline that has built-in TVs. Not having to remember to download stuff, have everything charged up, dealing with where to place the phone, trying to make things out on the tiny phone screen and so on is worth a bit more money for me. I do understand that you don’t have a choice in Europe, but am grateful that Delta flies to my home city

  30. If you fly from any midwestern city to NYC with just a day out you easily pay twice the money and the service wont be that much different…

  31. Wow you are such a complainer for no reason! If you book Easyjet last minute (unless I missed something)…its going to cost you. I book Easyjet tickets 2-3 days before departure all the time when in Europe and always pay between 100-200 Euros. I accept that I miss out on those 20eu tickets. IF you do not get Speedy boarding you will be in a regular Y seat (again something you are not use to) but is it really worth the complaint?.

    I’ve flown on Easyjet about a dozen times in and out of MXP and I find the terminal to be just fine. Not everyone needs wifi all the time ;-). Talk to your travel partner or listen to music. Read a book. Absorb the world around you!

    Yes 500 Euros might be outrageously expensive for what it is, but you were dashing to Mykonos last minute during peak time (a trip that regular people have saved all year for btw). PLUS, please do not complain about high ticket prices when you’ve enjoyed MILLIONS of dollars of free/luxury travel. Perspective before complaining!.

    Said with love.

  32. Welcome to the real world Lucky. Most of us have to travel on schedules related to our business, not when we can get the best fare or upgrade. Most of us have to travel in the back of the bus on business, at least for shorter flights. As has been noted, nothing like a magazine or preloaded entertainment to while away the hours. It’s a bit like child birth – you know it eventually ends and most people survive.

  33. Sleazy Jet, absolutely disgusting and the air hostesses, both male and female are animals. They couldn’t pay me to fly with them. RyanAir the same. Animals.

  34. Hahahaha. I always plan my trip at least six to eight months before hand so I can avoid these kind of crazy expensive last minute price gauge wit a crappy airlines. Maybe try to plan your trip further in advance next time?

    I’m kind confused as to why you keep going to these tourist traps during the most inopportune time….. First it was Venice and now Mykonos. Next, we are going to be reading you complaining about crazy airport crowd day before thanksgiving?! Given how often you travel and how savvy you are with points, I’m surprised you are making these rookie mistakes!

  35. Flew Easy Jet Milan Linate to Paris Orly in May and next month fly Venice to Paris on Easy Jet. Our tickets were cheap, even when I picked better seats but I booked them months ago.

  36. Well, when you base an opinion of an airline on one flight, it can skew your perspective on it…granted, you probably didn’t have a glowing review of EasyJet even in your last review of it, but still. Some airlines need more than one flight to get a better assessment of it’s overall quality.

    For example, would you have enjoyed Thai business class so much had it been on a different plane with older business class seats? Probably not, but it would be interesting to see you compare the two to see how much difference there is.

  37. @Paolo: For your information, Qatar Airways flies to this apparently ‘70s’ place, and it is a very popular summer destination for it. Also for Lucky’s benefit: if you ever want to visit Mykonos again, you can fly the world’s best short-haul product there (as you have routinely called QR’s A320s).

  38. Welcome to the true SqueezyJet experience: not so-low-cost and anything but enjoyable. I’d have taken my chances on flying via Athens or Geneva…

  39. First of all
    You reached Mykonos!
    In the past month‘s i monitored the airfares between Vienna and the Greek Islands. The only really low fare destination in August was with OE Laudamotion (i call them Ryanmotion) about 20€-40€ per OneWay for each departure date in August if u have placed the booking in May/June.
    I wondered why and find the only answer, the incredible high accommodation prices starting with 120€ for the cheapest no star private guesthouse.
    On other islands like Rhodes, Korfu accommodations starting about 25-40€ in high season.
    Anyway, next time try to find availability from Bergamo BGY which is 2hrs far from milano by train. There might me a lot of low fare destinations. I find 10€ fares between bergamo and vienna/berlin ect.
    Aegean Airlines/Olympic Airways service often ATH-JMK with A320‘s. In Greece Flight isnt that bad.

    I hope you enjoyed greece, which i have visited more then 25th times.

  40. Admittedly, none of this surprises me terribly. Last minute fares on low-cost European airlines any time of year can be a mint. Add the fact that it is August, with most of Europe on holiday (meaning everything is booked), and you get your experience. Where EasyJet is concerned, I have generally heard two things – its really good, or its *really* bad. Sounds like you got the latter.

    Curious, though – why not fly to Athens and catch a ferry? Yes you lose a little time, but much cheaper, and I suspect much more laid back too. I understand you didnt want to lose 4 hours flying via Athens – was the time saved worth the money spent?

  41. How do you still rely on Wi-Fi and not have an international high speed plan?

    And like others said. Mykonos in August. Last minute.. lol

    You probably sat next to a person who paid €20 with advanced booking.

  42. People slate Ryanair consistently and yet their seat pitch is better than easyJet’s – 30 inches.

    If you really want to experience low cost hell, try Iberia Express LOL.

  43. I have only flown Easyjet once and it was Mykonos to MXP last summer. One way ticket in July at $600 pp I think at least we got to sit up front. Flight was 2.5 hours. Loved the fact you could buy a half bottle of champagne for 28 pounds and tasty snacks. The last time I flew to Greece was with TWA into the old Helenikon airport so even though I know Athens now has a new airport reliability ATH-JMK is never great. Lucky I still think saving the 4 hours was worth it. And in any case the MXP terminal used by Easyjet is 10x better than the JMK airport which is truly atrocious now and for the past 20 years I have flown in. I would just be happy that TG was onetime and that you didn’t miss your Easyjet flight! Mykonos is still so much fun and getting there not via ATH is worth a little pain!

  44. I am a frequent and experienced traveller. I always use easyJet, for a low cost airline they are amazing. If you have had to experience Ryanair then you will know. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, however I do believe you have made various points that as a frequent traveller you should know better about.
    Even though easyJet operate and have a base in Milan they just pay to be there, they do not own it, therefore taking pictures of the airport lounge seats is nothing to do with easyJet. Following that moaning about air traffic control and that you had to spend longer there is also outside easyJet control, an experienced traveller would know that.
    As I fly so often I know how to move between the airport and attending the airport 3 hours before a flight is ludicrous, if I am going short distances and it’s a quiet airport, I arrive an hour and 10 minutes before the flight and I have managed to get on hundreds of flights like that, wanting to get to the airport that early is your own choice not easyJet, they close check in 40 minutes before the flight, like most other airlines too, unless not flying locally.

    Also as a frequent traveller you should also know that summer periods are busy and more expensive, that’s a fact. I don’t agree with summer seasons being charged over the odds for flights but that isn’t easyJet, that’s the airline industry in general. It’s a business at the end of the day. So as a frequent traveller you would know you avoid those periods if you can, or book in advance.

    You stated you had other options, but the best option was easyJet, so from a business perspective they know they are the best option too and know they can charge that amount of money because you still took that option, it’s smart. If you really wanted to count the penny’s you would have taken a different option.

    I don’t follow football but there was a huge match in Madrid I believe not to long ago and a friend wanted to go, the flights across all airlines were around €600 euros one way, this was on easyJets site plus all other airlines as they know people will pay it. If you are booking so late then of course they will use their business strategy.

    Summer periods do need to change across the board, as it is unfair to everyone but it isn’t just easyJet so don’t hammer that company specifically you should be tackling the industry.

    I have always found easyJet to have enough room on the flight, also they have a in flight magazine that changes each month, its really good and informative, you could have spent your time reading that, you don’t get that on other airlines.

  45. So you blame no Wi-fi no seating in airport broken seats at airport on EasyJet.
    Wise up man what kind of travel blogger are you.

  46. I fly EasyJet a lot. I’m not saying they’re amazing or anything, but it is basically fine most of the time. My alternative is BA, which in short haul economy is essentially the same as EasyJet anyway (i.e. no free food/drink or anything). The EasyJet planes are mostly nice and new at least. Of course, when you end up with a really expensive ticket it isn’t much fun…

    By the way, I’m not sure about how much baggage you had, but in general everyone is entitled to one carryon bag. On most flights they’ll say that the cabin is full so they’ll check the bag at the gate, but that is free of charge. The problem is that that one bag is all you’re allowed to take (unless you have speedy boarding) so if you have a small second bag it can be problematic. I see a lot of people with two bags who then immediately volunteer to check their large bag at the gate so that no one complains about the second small one – not really within the rules I guess but loads of people seem to get away with it.

    The other possibilities for bags are:

    1) “hands free” (I think only at selected airports?) where you pay a small fee to check your cabin bag (I think less than 10€). You can remove a small item to take on board with you, but I guess they won’t check if you already had a second small item with you to start with.

    2) pay for an EasyJet plus membership. Only worth it if you’re going to fly with them quite a bit, but it gives you speedy boarding, seat selection, and the extra cabin bag on every flight. I think it’s around 200€ per year.

    By the way, as you’re interested in invitation only elite tiers, you might like to know that easyJet has one called flight club. It doesn’t have many benefits, but does give you fee free changes to tickets which I have used. I’m sure you’ll be aiming to qualify for that next year….

  47. easyJet is no longer a cheap or low cost airline, at least not what would traditionally expect in the way of Southwest or Ryanair. They often fly to mainline airports and have successfully targeted business travellers – in fact I would say in there is little differentiation between them and the likes of BA in economy and they are still cheaper, and have less surly staff.

  48. Here is some perspective. You had it much better than travellers did in the days of the old Roman Empire.

  49. No way I’d pay that price, just by a matter of principle. I’d rater taken a detour via the moon than flown easyjet/ryanair with that fare.

  50. @Lucky, i do miss a bit of context? how long in advance di you book the ticket? where there competitors on the route etc etc?

    i mean it is a welcome to europe and the real world where Wifi is a rarity and luxury.
    But TBH Easy is not bad at all a carrier, as long as you dont expect a J experience. i also miss some perspective and honestness. is easy responsible for a terminal? does easy care or even provide ife? is flying during europe’s high-season a great idea, and one which someone can expect low fars? NO! so lets get on with the good stuff you normally do and a safe landing back to reality 🙂

  51. Congrats, you just hit the European holiday season. One doesn’t travel in Europe during August unless it’s a must.

    But Mykonos? What’s with Mykonos and all the non-Europeans? I’ve never heard any European go there but it seems to be a magical place for people outside of Europe.

  52. My company booked me on LGW-JMK for a meeting — £595!!! I almost fell out of my desk chair when I got the confirmation and saw the price. (And it was every bit as awful as you described!)

  53. @Lucky, one thing that absolutely baffles me is the fact that you didn’t have any entertainment downloaded before you even started the trip. Isn’t that pretty basic for someone who travels so often? If you’re stuck on a plane (*cough* AA *cough*) with no PTVs, if the WiFi is down or unavailable, or if the entertainment options just suck, you should have at least 1 ebook or 1 video on your phone, tablet, or laptop.

  54. Lucky, this is such an unfair report. You booked a last minute ticket, hence the high price. Easyjet from Milan to Mykonos in September would cost you €29 – a bargain! Thousands of people use this airline every year receiving excellent service at cheap prices. I’m afraid your first class and business class lifestyle does not make you the best person to comment on budget airlines.

  55. BTW. You can actually have one carry on with ANY easyjet seat. With the upgraded seats you get an extra smaller one‍♀️

  56. To be fair, the only problem with easyJet is that they’re no longer low cost. From LGW they pretty much cost the same as BA on routes they both offer.

    Ryanair are genuinely cheap.

  57. I am not adverse to a budget airline within Europe, like you say, flights within Europe hardly scream luxury. I often fly with both Easy Jet and Ryan Air as they offer direct connections.

    I agree the prices can be crazily unstable, I once found both Ryan Air and Easyjet were £300 (ish) from London STN/LTN to Edinburgh – a short 1 hour domestic flight – although I was trying to book the flight just 30 hours before takeoff.

    It was cheaper to buy an “on the day” first class train ticket for the same journey which at least comes with food, drink and a comfortable seat.

    FYI. I have found an airline far worse than Easyjet & Ryan Air which was a KLM codeshare the other half booked… Transavia. They make Ryan Air and Easyjet seem luxurious relatively speaking.

  58. The price is to be expected in the high season in Europe when not booking in good time.

    I am more pissed about when I at short notice have to pay 700 euro for a short haul flight on a full service carrier within Europe and basically earn no points/miles and still have to pay to check in my luggage.

  59. This doesn’t seem like very balanced reporting to me.

    It’s just a question of supply and demand… Should the headline of this article have been “My poor planning resulted in a high airfare during peak travel times?”. Or did you book this well in advance?

    I travelled a lot with easyjet through work and whilst yes they do board on the early side , an investment in speedy boarding or easyJet plus can overcome that. Their staff are generally friendly and efficient and family friendly for pre boarding for children under the age of 5…….

  60. I think easy jet is great , I’m in their club which includes seat up front speedy boarding and after a few flights the cost of the club is paid for. Food &coffee excellent and hot coffee not like Ba .cabin crew are very nice and human and friendly abd professional .I booked a flt recently about 10 days before departure Gibraltar ti lgw £21 one wat plenty od good fares even during peak times available .I live east jet like I live qatar business class

  61. FYI: the maximum prices in the Easyjet and BA short-haul algorithms seem to be about EUR800.
    London-Madrid and London-Berlin have both shown these for peak days in the last year.

    You could have got Speedy Boarding by buying a year of Easyjetplus membership – only EUR199!

    Er, why do you not permanently carry say 100 hours of reading material on an electronic device?

    @Jay: Works on most routes at some times, but very short term the Flexi price is often extortionate.
    I think that’s a result of how bookings go, not something Easyjet sets.
    On MXP-JMK for the next month it does not work.

  62. It depends on when you bought your Easyjet ticket ,Ben and also on the 2 airports’ taxes (each airport in Europe has different taxes)
    In November 2018 i bought an Easyjet flight from Cracow Poland to Paris France and it costed about 150 Euros with 1 check in luggage/23kg and a handluggage with unlimited weigh (as long as it fits into the Easyjet size standards) but it was for an August 2019 flight….
    I hear that you get good deals if you book last minute but for flights during the busy Summer Season i doubt it.

  63. I’m flying constantly from London to Tlv and I see it always that EasyJet is more expensive then BA and Elal etc.
    Stop flying EasyJet they are an expensive airline that doesn’t give you anything.

  64. Thank you for these reviews.
    A long shot, but in your position I might have considered a boat (from an island with a cheaper fare or from Athens, if time)? Maybe wouldn’t have worked out though.

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