Top 10 Helsinki finalists — vote here on who should win!

Last week I launched a giveaway for a trip to Helsinki in July. American is covering business class tickets on their seasonal Chicago to Helsinki route, and I’m covering hotels and other incidentals. After all, you’ll be stuck with me for two days.

I simply asked you guys to tell me why you should win, so thanks to the hundreds of you that participated. It was really tough to narrow it down to 10 finalists, and I actually couldn’t make a decision on my own, so I narrowed it down to about 20 and then left it to some friends to decide what the top 10 entries were. In the end, the top 10 entries are below.

Now it’s up to you guys to decide who wins. Now through Thursday, June 6th at 11:59PM Pacific you can vote below on who you think should win. Whoever gets the most votes wins, it’s that simple. The polls can be found underneath each individual entry, and all you have to do is vote on which entries you think are best. You can actually vote for as many entries as you’d like, since each is set up as an individual poll, though obviously voting for every entry is the same as not voting at all.

Here are the top 10, in no particular order:


Should Chris win the trip to Helsinki?


AAwesome! Here’s my entry:

Should Sam win the trip to Helsinki?

Sweet Brown:

Well I woke up to check me some email and then I thought somebody was blogging. I said oh lord Jesus it’s a contest. Then I ran out, I didn’t grab no shoes or nothin’ Jesus, I ran for my life. And then reality got me. Fly to Helsinki? Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Should Sweet Brown win the trip to Helsinki?


This trip sounds great, and I’d like to go!

If I go with you, for the whole trip I will wear a black suit and dark glasses, and I’ll stick a coiled wire into my ear. That way, it’ll look like you have a bodyguard. Of course, I’m sure Finland is quite safe, and I don’t have any bodyguarding skills to speak of. But I AM tall and willing to throw nearby objects at menacing strangers, if necessary.

I can even stand outside the door to guard while you’re using the lavatory on the airplane, thereby creating a more unique experience than the shower in the sky you keep talking about.

The best part: bragging rights. You could say that you went to Finland with your own personal bodyguard.

Good luck choosing, and if it’s not me, have a great trip!

Should Ryan win the trip to Helsinki?


Pick me Ben!

Here’s my entry:

Should Deanna win the trip to Helsinki?


Had a little fun with the banner of your blog…I know the viking helmet is a bit of a stretch, but I felt like I had to include it!

As an added bonus, I work in the IT field, so you can feel free to pick my brain on any computer questions during the trip!

Should Tommy win the trip to Helsinki?



This is going to be an amazing trip! My entry may have slightly higher information density than your reindeer/igloo masterpiece, although you are in another league when it comes to artistic merit

Disclaimer: Yes, that’s a UA seat. It was a flatter fit for the image…

See you on board,


(Full size image here)

Should Steve win the trip to Helsinki?


To the tune of Call Me Maybe

I think that traveling is swell
And I love adventures as well
My status is on SkyTeam
So American is new to me

Flying across the ocean
In a forward cabin
There’s so many places to explore
And Finland’s new to me

Hangin’ out with American
Celebratin’ the Helsinki addition
The best part is getting there
I’ll sing pop songs like this all flight buddy

Hey I love flying
And airplanes are AAwesome,
So lets join American Airlines
In Helsinki maybe?

On the flight they’ll be some sweet meals
And some pretzel bread would be crazy
I love ice cream at altitude
So Helsinki maybe?

A ramekin of warm nuts
And a diet coke beverage
I hope they have limes,
So Helsinki maybe?

Hey Ben, your blog is awesome
And our times in Finland would be crazy,
Let’s have an AAdventure
So Helsinki maybe?

Should Steve win the trip to Helsinki?


Years ago in a land far, far away, my husband (while serving in the military) was invited to a Finnish Army Post to partake in an authentic Finnish Sauna. At the end of the festivities, he was awarded a Finnish Sauna Diploma documenting that he had shown “Extraordinary strength and character (Sisu) and survived all the burning heat and searing atmosphere of a real finnish sauna.” He has lauded this over me our entire marriage as if he were the World’s foremost authority on Finnish sauna… Don’t even get me started on the World Championship of Sauna. By going to Finland and obtaining my very own Finnish Sauna Diploma, I would FINALLY be able to but an end to this nightmare. You are my only hope…

Diploma and official documents available upon request… It’s just a matter of pulling these valuable documents off of the wall in our study without detection.

Should Heather win the trip to Helsinki?

Andrew B:

You suggested memes, and I got a little carried away. So, here’s why I’d love to be considered for this prize.

First, I’m here because this sounds like the most interesting contest in the world.

Second, I know Lucky doesn’t take BS from anyone.

Third, Lucky lives up to his nickname:

Fourth, I recognize the value of this method of transport:

Fifth, I feel that I can handle some of the heartbreaking obstacles we may encounter on the journey:

Sixth, I’ve heard that the Finnish are easy on the eyes:

Seventh, I try not to pay any mind to all the haters:

Should Andrew B win the trip to Helsinki?

Thanks to everyone that participated, and good luck to the top 10!

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  1. @Andrew, minus points for not knowing that Finland is NOT part of Scandinavia.
    @Tommy, minus points for including a Viking helmet. There were never any Finish Vikings. There were Swedish Vikings going to Finland. Vikings are associated with Denmark, Norway and Sweden…… those Scandinavian countries.

  2. *blows whistle on Andrew B*

    Incorrect use of Condescending Wonka meme! 10 yard penalty!

  3. Deanna’s proposal is thoughtful beyond belief. But I also have a soft spot for Grumpy Cat.

  4. Thanks again Lucky for having this awesome contest!!!

    I vote for the one who put the most time into their entry

  5. So conflicted! Both Andrew B and Sweet Brown were great and deserve the spot but had to go with Andrew B for the dedication. Final answer.

  6. You’re a hater for not picking me, but Andrew B. is how it’s gotta be. See that rhymed. Now you can pick me for the runner up spot.

  7. Bummed out my video wasn’t chosen for the top 10. Maybe only I thought it was funny. LOL. I guess jetlag will do that. 🙂

    Nonetheless, congrats to whoever wins!

  8. Thanks for those that voted! Hanging out with Ben would be so much fun. Too bad I can’t come up with a super cool meme… I just knew I shouldn’t have deleted my collection of grumpy cat pictures 😛

  9. Deanna I just voted for you! Do you sell your macarons? I just saw your website and OMG I’ve always wanted to try a coca cola macaron and durian macaron!!! The sans rival looks gerat too. wow!

  10. I voted in error, but it won’t make any difference. I hope you guys have a grand time!

  11. “One does not simply walk from ORD to HEL” … hilarious. Does that “B” stand for “Boromir”, Andrew?

  12. Love these, so funny! Thanks Eric for your vote. I thought it was funny too…but these are funnier;-)

  13. Haha, thanks to the people who voted for me and/or wrote nice/funny things in the comments.

    And good luck to the other awesome entries too (even though I totally want to win!). Whatever happens, this was a really fun contest!

  14. Hmm, no offense, but the IT guy’s votes seem quite high for what it is… I assume Ben has some solid anti-stacking measures

  15. IT guy here – I just emailed Ben…a few folks here in my office took it upon themselves to find a trick to get around the normal ballot-stuffing preventions. Jig is right, my vote count is way higher than it should be. I’ve asked Ben to clear out my vote count, and I completely agree that Andrew B’s entry was absolutely hysterical.

  16. Heather gets my vote as she’s the only one that is targeting getting a Sauna in Finland. To Finns, it’s almost/is a spiritual experience. Her husband knows and now she should be given the same opportunity —

  17. I’m pretty amazed my entry got 182 votes so far, but it looks like it’ll lose out to Andrew B (whose entry was indeed great). If Andrew does go, be sure to make him wear the bodyguard getup anyhow, just to be “safe”!

    Have a good trip, both of you!

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