OMG: A Leak Of Singapore’s New A380 Suites Class?!?!

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As we’ve known since early September, Singapore Airlines will be revealing the cabins that will be found on their newly delivered A380s in a couple of days, on November 2. This new A380 will be flying between Singapore and Sydney starting December 18, so we’re two days from seeing mock-ups of these new cabins, and less than two months from seeing these new cabins in service.

Perhaps most exciting of all, Singapore Airlines will be revealing all new Suites Class and business class cabins. Singapore is known for being an innovator in the industry, so I’m indescribably excited to see what they’ve come up with, as I’m sure it will set a new industry standard.

The current Singapore Suites “double bed”

With Singapore Airlines’ media event revealing the new products just a couple of days away, I’m sure I’m not the only one who is surprised there haven’t been any leaks. I’m sure that’s Singapore Airlines’ goal, but with the number of people involved in the project, I imagine this is a hard secret to keep.

That’s especially true given that there are presumably now mock-ups of the new Singapore Airlines cabins in Singapore (for the media event happening in two days), meaning that more people have access to them.

Well, FlyerTalk member Jaffar shares what s/he claims are pictures of the new Suites Class mock-up. You can follow this link to see the two pictures of what’s supposedly Singapore’s new Suites Class.

Meanwhile SQTalk has pictures of what’s supposedly the “double bed” option for those traveling together.


That actually looks incredible. These are no longer first class suites, but quite literally private bedrooms on a plane. It looks almost like the Etihad Residence.

The Etihad Residence bedroom

While I don’t have any inside knowledge as to whether or not this is actually the new Suites Class, I’d give it greater than 50% odds that this is it. It’s clear that the pictures are of a mock-up (rather than an artist rendering), and on top of that, space-wise this sort of makes sense.

We know that Suites Class is going to be on the upper deck, and that Singapore Airlines will have six Suites Class seats in the same area where Etihad has nine First Class Apartments plus the Residence. So the cabin will be significantly more spacious, which is saying a lot.

Etihad’s A380 first class cabin, where Singapore’s new Suites Class cabin will be

We’ll have to wait another two days to know for sure, though my money is on this being the new Suites Class.

Do you think this is Singapore’s new Suites Class product, and if so, what do you make of it?

  1. Looks like an advanced and thoroughly polished version of the Lufthansa seat + bed first on the B747-4. Why did LH discontinue that. Really liked it.

  2. OMG that really put a smile on a my face. Presumably they may also be have a double one where there is 3 windows… I hope!

  3. Looks like a nightmare for couples travelling together! Haha! Seriously though, you could literally make a spare bed on the floor there’s so much space! I wonder where the IFE will be though.

  4. It definitely looks like a nice space and good amount of square footage i.e. it’s bedroom-class not suites class.

    That being said I’m not crazy about the look or layout. Something about it seems underwhelming and just doesn’t speak to me. I think maybe the room as a whole looks too clinical for my taste; it’s like it is the extreme opposite of the bling on emirates or luxury appearance of Etihad or the currrent Suites Class. Also, the actual seat looks a bit small, not crazy comfortable or plush, and in a bit of an awkward position/alignment.

    Of course that’s all very nit-picky. The area looks huge and I’d jump at the chance to enjoy a flight in what amounts to this bedroom.

  5. @ Sam

    I agree, I thought LH’s 744 first was the best out there.

    @ Lucky just out of curiosity on your list of best first class’s where would you have put LH’s 744 bed and seat first class?

  6. It is a little bit disappointing me as this suite seems not to be an innovation as the previous products, although the finishes are polished and fresh. Previously I remember that Lufthansa once introduced 1-bed-1-seat but without an ensuite design on their first class in 747, but eventually got retired by the current first class.

  7. So insane… Who actually books F with money and not with miles? It’s disheartening to see the F spaces getting bigger, while airline after airline is moving to 10 abreast in the 777 and/or started with 9 in the 787 (while still keeping 31 inch pitch). I’d love to see a world where flying was based solely on purchased tickets, leading to more seats per plane (since F and J would have less demand), making the industry much greener as a result of less planes in the sky.

    But lastly — I will admit, that does look nice.

  8. The pic seem to be of different suites – the top one has a to screen on the wall to the right, the bottom doesn’t. Though maybe there’s some disappearing wall panel thing.

    Anyway, I like it. A lot. Looks like the 1st class version of the Qsuite. Though maybe the new SQ business class will be even better than that.

  9. Interesting concept, but i think the main problem is the colors they used, grey is so bland and dull. That’s why it looks a little bit disappointing. Warmer colors would have bene a better choice.

  10. @Mark – I am booked on loads of paid F flights ex-CMB on EY and SQ.
    Believe it or not some people are not poor and have money to spend 🙂

  11. Overall I quite like it. I wonder if the chair swivels. As an Avgeek I always love gazing out the window especially during takeoff/landing. Since there’s only one chair, I wonder how they’ll handle meal service when 2 passengers want to eat together.
    Also, I am rather curious how SQ will design the 2 large lavatories in the upper deck of the A380.

  12. The pictures were taken in an office building with fluorescent lighting. Thats why it looks like a clinic/dentist office.

  13. The space aspect of the room/suite is revolutionary from an F standpoint (notwithstanding the Residence), but like others have commented, it appears a bit sterile. Reminds me of a day room at a transit hotel.

  14. It looks nice, but how often are they going to be able to sell this at a price that makes incremental profit vs existing F or more J seats?

    This is basically like six mini-residences in one plane

  15. Awesome…

    So 4 standard “bedrooms” for 3A, 1B, 2B, and 3B. These have the 2 windows centered.

    Then 1A and 2A can be a huge 2 person bedroom with 4 windows. Or with the partition up they become single bedrooms with 2 windows (just not centered like the other bedrooms)… hence the window configurations on the leaked a380 exterior.

    I personally love it. A 2 person bedroom suite on the window side with 4 windows sounds awesome. As do the other ones traveling solo.

  16. I like the look overall, and on the actual plane guess it will not look so sterile…

    For those asking about space dedication on the 380s, please remember this is not a plane that makes much money for SQ – they were the first airline to start returning their A380s and have made it crystal clear they don’t want to expand their fleet of this type. Their moneymakers are the 777s, 359s and the 787-10s that are on the way. Presumably, they treat this as more of a marketing exercise for the airline since they don’t need the max capacity for this type.

  17. While I love the privacy and spaciousness of this, I agree it looks quite bland. I’m also concerned that the chair will face the same issues that the EY and old LH 744 seat have, which is limited recline. The seat also appears rather narrow.

  18. My strategy now is to stock up on every currency that transfers to Krisflyer and book a grand vacation when they start to release these suites for saver level awards!

  19. Lol @ Varun. Poor-shames others and brags about having money and flying paid first class …out of the airport notorious for discounted premium tickets.

    Clearly money doesn’t buy class.

  20. I wonder if the divider near the bed can come down to join the rooms?

    Maybe fresh flowers would make the aesthetic look a little livelier.

    @Joey, ditto on the chair swiveling so you can look out your windows!

  21. That looks amazing. Kicking myself for not preemptively booking those Singapore Sydney flights. Is asking for a shower too much to ask for now?!

  22. @Justin
    You beat me to it haha. And you’re absolutely right , I did a search for his name on Google. Reading his posts on Google+ and Quora gave me a much needed laugh.

  23. @Varun, obviously you are not that rich to own a private plane. I pity the FAs on commercial planes having to serve customers like you.

  24. Am I the only one that feels underwhelmed by this? There’s so much wasted space. The chair looks rigid and uncomfortable compared to the soft, inviting appearance of the current Suites. I feel like with all that space they could have put in a Residence-style loveseat so two people could sit together to eat. I’m curious to see if these are intentional leaks to throw us off the scent of the actual product.

  25. @scott disick

    They launched the A380 First Class as Suites, and then proceeded to market it as “a class beyond First”. But for all intents and purposes it is the same as First.

    Now I don’t mean to be a pessimist, but is it just me wondering where the windows went??

  26. @Chris Jensen
    Perhaps with standard awards for one or both seats it would be possible and judging by the product on offer, it seems like it’s worth the points.
    And FWIW, SQ first fares to many long haul destinations are several thousand cheaper out of KUL even towards EOS. Might be worth paying for to avoid the hassle of looking for award space.

  27. With that gross chair, it looks like a posh hospital. Nothing more.
    I would not want to be sleeping that close to another person with the partition up for the cost of an SQ first class ticket.

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