Singapore Airlines now releasing up two saver Suites Class award seats on select routes

Back in November Singapore Airlines began making Suites Class available using KrisFlyer miles at the saver level. Previously this cabin was more or less off limits using miles, given that a roundtrip Suites Class ticket would set you back about a million miles. Back in November they began opening up saver space on a few routes, though within a week or so began opening up space on routes to the US, which weren’t initially available.

Unfortunately up until recently they had only released one Suites Class saver award seat per flight, meaning you had to get creative if you wanted to snag two award seats. I had some suggestions for getting creative to secure two seats in this post.

Anyway, per this FlyerTalk thread, it appears as if Singapore Airlines has started releasing two saver Suites Class award seats per flight on select routes. Per the thread it seems like some flights between Singapore and London, Melbourne, Paris, Sydney, and Zurich have two saver Suites Class award seats.

For example, here are two flights between Singapore and London that have two saver Suites Class award seats:

And here’s a flight between Melbourne and Singapore with one saver Suites Class award seat:

I’m fairly certain this is intentional on the part of Singapore, as they gradually ease up on their Suites Class capacity controls, given that the cabins are usually going out with several empty seats. I wouldn’t be surprised to see more routes with multiple saver Suites Class award seats in the near future, and will monitor the situation.

This is great news for those of us with American Express Membership Rewards points and KrisFlyer miles!

(Tip of the hat to Nate)

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  1. Hi Lucky, I’ve a paid biz trip coming up from NY to Ams and I was thinking of doing SQ “D” class to FRA and using Amex MR x Krisflyer to upgrade. Anything I need to worry about? It seems all biz fares cost 75k x 0.85 to Upgrd RT to Suites.
    TATL fares are same for all *A carriers, so am I missing any better options with cheaper Upgrades? I’ve done LH and LX F before. Thanks

  2. As you point out, if you “protect” the front cabin from the hordes of miles, as demand falls you only lose more. They would be better off releasing much more and getting something at least. They must be suffering more and more with competition from Gulf carriers.

  3. @ffi

    i agree with your statement. and it’s not just Singapore. i never understand why Lufthansa shuffles air between continents as their first class is constantly empty… they clearly don’t have enough premier members to upgrade so why not just open more seats for rewards? it’d be a win-win.

  4. @Stargoldua – is it really worthwhile on such a quick flight to upgrade to suites? Unless you have a ton of KF points sitting around. Why not just use the miles to book a C class award instead?

  5. @ RakSiam , the biz class is already being paid by my Company. I thought it would be a great opportunity to enjoy something that I typically won’t pay for ie F class

  6. i understand that SQ doesn’t want their Star partner mileage millionaires to snatch up all their seats and leave none to their own members. But again, a seat redeemed for award is better than one you KNOW will go out empty.

    I think they should adopt LH’s model and only release it to star partners within 7 or 14 days. Then at least we have some chance to grabbing it, and they can book some award-derived revenue instead of flying blank seats around (although, all that Dom they serve you isn’t cheap either).

    Too many airlines have Suites-like First cabins already – the novelty has worn off, and more people are willing to accept the alternatives. SQ needs to up their game.

  7. I note you say in your post above ” this s great news for those of s with membership rewards……”

    Surely it’s also good news for those with amex spg?

  8. @ Marcus — Definitely, it’s just as a relative matter I find it a better use of Membership Rewards points given that I find Starpoints to be a bit more valuable.

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